Why Tammy Abraham Has to LEAVE Chelsea... NEW €85Million STRIKER on CHELSEA TRANSFER RADAR

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    Why Tammy Abraham Has to LEAVE Chelsea... NEW €85Million STRIKER on CHELSEA TRANSFER RADAR. Welcome back to a New Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News video, I discuss the future of Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham, as well as addressing the links to 27 Year old Italian, Torino striker Andrea Belotti who Chelsea are reportedly interested in for an €85Million fee this summer transfer window. Let me know your thoughts on Tammy Abraham's Chelsea future in the comments below!
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    1. sandeep sharma

      Tammy and girud should leave

    2. Triva Gravia

      Timo Wenerr is a flop already

    3. Sean Eisenhower


    4. Wahab Razak

      Please we don’t need Bellotti

    5. Mark Cawfield

      A striker is there to score goals therefore i would keep tammy over werner all day long

    6. RideOrDie398

      I want to see tammy and werner as a 2 man striker partnership with mason behind them, just one game I’d love to see how that would work

    7. Steve Northall

      Tammy will never play for another top 6 club , Tammy is a Southampton , Coventry or Brighton player at best

    8. Alie Sinneh Kargbo

      For me Tammy doesn't have to leave because he is our feature and he is one of us

    9. erik javel

      Always thought that it would be good to sell tammy. The problem with him is that he is at his best. And will not get better. But could be a good PL striker for Aston villa or some other team

    10. h i

      I really don't like Tammy. Terrible hold up play, weak, no aerial threat being 6'5ft and can't dribble. He should leave on loan to a smaller team cuz his level is playing against smaller teams. Not ready for playing top side teams yet

    11. Moty Grusman

      George, if you listen to Tuchel, he said number of times, that Tammy is injured. He actually tried to play him while Tammy was injured, and he got injured even worse. He is in the squad for Porto, so why don't we just wait a bit before judging

    12. Mohd zaidy Abdul aziz

      Maybe tt dont likr tammy that why he never gave tammy a chance to play even do werner is flop

    13. I.k I

      I think Chelsea was thinking of the Porto game

    14. zeal1914

      Timo has to be on the bench and give Tammy a chance

    15. Melvyn Mathews

      You are just blatantly letting our top scorer in both seasons leave just like that ?

    16. some man

      I'd rather see lingard come from west ham or even Adam taoire from wolves then some big named player come in from another league unless its haaland.

    17. ken wanjala

      Tammy is usually unfairly judged. Imagine if it was Tammy missing the chances Werner is missing. He will be killed in social media. Tammy is our top scorer in EPL despite missing so many games. Tammy needs to be given the same opportunity as Timo so that we know who is a better number 9 for Chelsea

      1. Abz Da

        @ken wanjala bro listen to me the lukaku situation was different it was all on mourinho but at the time you couldn’t blame him because everyone was pissed and lost faith when he missed that important penalty but if you actually look at lukaku stats at 19 he was scoring like 18 goals in the premier and he was on loan to a shit team not one that has good players like we do and he was carrying them Tammy scores hatricks in lower option games he really belong in the championship

      2. ken wanjala

        Personally I believe if we sell Tammy we will regret big time in future. just like we did lukaku, salah, debruyne, Rice, etc...if it was up to me I would get Aguero to the club and let Tammy learn a thing or two from him as he develops

      3. Abz Da

        @ken wanjala bro I think they are both shit I’m not one of them timo guys but you can’t judge him on less than a season if it was up to me I would sell tammy and destroy timo career by loaning him out to a Turkish team for 8 years 😂😂 idgaf about both these guys

      4. ken wanjala

        And he delivered top 4 and 15 EPL goals without a single penalty. What has Werner done again to deserve all those starts?

      5. Abz Da

        He was given that last season wtf

    18. Sam Gambino

      Tammy Abraham is garbage. He isn’t even a top 4 club striker. I still don’t understand why he is at Chelsea. He isn’t good enough and is an average player. Yes he has scored some goals but he’s pretty average and there has been soo many games where he hasn’t contributed a thing and half the time he can’t ever header the ball properly when crosses come in. We definitely need another striker to replace him and giroud who will be obviously getting older and moving on soon.

    19. Chiza Shungu

      He can't help himself,he takes too long to be matured Rashford he is so much better.

    20. Maani Norowzian


    21. 19MAPOL34 Melvynn Pathaw

      Tammy is a much better Striker than Timo.... His hold up play is better, he may lack in his pace, but his positioning is amazing... He's incredible in the air... Yes he's still learning, but with the form of Timo Werner, I think Tammy deserves a chance

    22. Stephen Baak

      i dont know that we necessarily need to get rid of tammy, and as much as i love giroud, one of them probably has to go. it's either that or we dont give timo time develop in the PL. I support timo starting over tammy, because he does more off the ball. yes, he misses opportunities that he should score, but he makes runs, he makes passes, he's a dynamic player. it seems like every time ive seen tammy in the squad this season, he doesn't really make incisive runs or have the play flow through him, its always 1 or 2 touches, followed by a rushed shot that misses the target. his physical attributes are amazing with his height and pace, i just think he needs to improve in his off the ball play and overall playmaking, because we have so many options up top, we dont necessarily need a striker scoring every game, but if they dont score, they need to contribute in other ways

    23. Tosh Khanga

      Werner out

    24. Tosh Khanga

      To be honest Tammy isn't a Chelsea class he cant be even in starting x1 for Everton

    25. Tash MATUNGA

      Tammy in my opinion isn’t good enough He has no linkup play He misses too much He’s not so quick too Timo at least has pace

    26. Stephen Moore

      Tammy is not good enough

    27. Lucho Futbol

      Belotti was a one season wonder, not worth the money. Abraham is an average player, people just like him cause he's an academy kid. The guy is lazy, clumsy and inconsistent. Sell him and get Haaland. No brainier

    28. Kevoh Blessoh

      My take is the depth of the squad we have at Stamford bridge we don't need even to sign....all we need is just f*** focus as city does and get our shit in hand ......our Tammy is far better than haaland.

    29. Darcy Mullin

      If you flush baby wipes it blocks the drain bro... I don’t know if that’s good or bad in this situation lol

    30. qwerty30013

      Yeah anyone else get mildly depressed whenever Chelsea lose 😂

    31. Jude Ake

      I’ll send out Tammy on loan, and start Giroud cause Werner isn’t performing

    32. Adeoya Kolade

      We should look at weghourst at wolfsburg,,, he’s a big lad great finish and good in the air

    33. Paul Saah

      tammy has been injured

    34. Donald Coff

      We're out of top 4 guys.. 😔😔 congratulations jorginho

      1. Abz Da

        @Donald Coff the real person to blame is Thiago and that’s a fact we was up by a goal why 2 foot somebody even if he scored so what let’s leave with a draw

      2. Sensei Lion

        @Donald Coff sure but he was class every other game except this one so..m

      3. Donald Coff

        Hey how?? Did you watch the game?? Who caused all our problems?? Even tuchel said it

      4. Sensei Lion

        Not to mention without him we wouldn't have gotten in the top 4 in the first place

      5. Sensei Lion

        You can't blame 5 goals against west brom on 1 guy.

    35. Ali Bhamjee

      I’ve been calling for belotti for years now. The guy is strong with both feet. Fucking strong, athletic and a leader. I’d love him in the squad

      1. Tapiwanashe Nhanga

        85 million for someone who isn't even proven in the Premier League? If we could get him on loan with an option to buy maybe.

    36. John Capo

      TAMMY scores when things are perfect (spoon fed assist) he cannot fight to hold his position against a bigger opponent, he either falls, slips or misses the play all together Tuchel "the strangler" is the reason chelsea cant score (poor offensive coaching)

    37. Donald Baker

      Mistakes were made by the Manager for sure during this game, I don’t think Ziyech should have been taken off, when we went down to 10 men WBA were always going to pose us problems, all the more reason to have some creativity on the field which Ziyech has. Tuchel will not have that same team out on Wednesday he will make changes. Ruddiger back for sure, Ziyech to have more minutes on the field and Havertz to play from start v Porto. Kante is a big miss.

    38. zeal1914

      Oh yes it all has been flux into the toilet like baby diaper for sure and I think Tuchel has to play without Jorginho absolutely

    39. zeal1914

      We loose this March because Tuchel wasn’t balanced in rotation, why would he insist of using Warner all the time while Tammy hasn’t got his chance to prove himself, it hurt but am glad we loose that March but in all Tuchel is a great tactician but why ignore our top goal scorer? Tuchel has to reflect well in the way he treat the forward line at this time, Tammy is not leaving as long as Abrahamovice is the owner because Tammy will challenge even Harland if Chelsea sign him, Tammy like competing with any striker

    40. Leyton The Don

      lol ur funny u pick timo wener over tammy he cant shoot at all like if he was standing in front of me with a gun from 5 3 meters out I dare him to shot me lol 6 in 20 games plus he won 3 goals if he was the pk taker everyone would rate him

    41. Eamonn Kerrigan

      TIMO AND HAVERTZ have got more opportunities because of their price tags. Tammy is the best striker at the club. I'm not sure he's answer long term, but timo has had so many opportunities. I really wish George would put his werner/havsrt bias to side. The reality is that both players have flopped this season. DONT @ ME

    42. Ewan Eastland

      Sorry 85 million is so overpriced for a likely typical chealsea number 9. In for 2 seasons and is underwhelming.

    43. Clyde Sandry

      And..... I'm afraid I won't find it easy to forget West Brom, til we get another 3/4 wins 😥

    44. Clyde Sandry

      I love Tammy. I hope he stays and grows with the club. I think he is potentially a great player and he seems to have a great attitude and influence on players around him. 👍

    45. 5thDawg

      His rubbish. Bang on average player. Misses alot of chances. Needs 20 chances to score 1 goal. Not a world class striker. Championship striker at very least. Get rid of him. Waste of space.

    46. mJordan

      If Tammy is leaving, then Werner should go with him cause he’s not any better. Werner has been our WORST player this season. Both Tammy and Abraham are very painful to watch.

    47. Seedou Jatta

      Tammy is a very good striker and he have long way to go so let him stay and let tuchel give him playing time he can do it.

    48. An Observer

      Last season Tammy defied all expectations until he picked up an injury...Its funny how others get so much chances while Tammy seems to be crucified SMH

    49. mduduzi ndlovu

      Tammy is miles ahead of the flop And overrated Werner. So many games but he is always running and missing simple tap-ins. Werner should just get injured and that will save Chelsea big time.

    50. Martin Yeboah

      I can see Tammy leaving this summer

    51. Kesar Singh

      Why should Abraham should leave Chelsea ? He has scored so many goals for Chelsea . What is the problem coach has with successful striker . Kanti, Giroud, Rudigar, Azilpketa, Kovachic, Mount, Haverts like players must stay at Chelsea .

    52. gaganjot singh

      We shouldn't buy any Italian players they don't have the capability to be successful in pl

    53. Canary Austria

      If Thomas Tuche play Timo werner for the game against Porto Chelsea wil suffer from scoring goal

    54. Diamond

      I hope the potential Belotti fee is not higher than 50M euros

    55. tony behan

      I am fed up of waiting for Werner to come good , give Tammy a chance

      1. Abz Da

        @S Khan I’m not a timo guy if it was up to me I would sell Tammy and loan out Werner to some Turkish team and ruin his career that what he deserves and Tammy need to be top scorer in the championship they are waiting for him

      2. S Khan

        @Abz Da he’s had nearly 50% more matches and is still a goal behind Tammy this season

      3. Abz Da

        Wtf Tammy had a whole season something you lot don’t want to give Werner

    56. MessieFizzle23

      I think we need more then 2 cfs in are squad I think we need Tammy I’m the 1st to say he is a bit of a fairy on the ball but I think we need him and there know saying the new cf will hit the ground running either unless they have played here befor .so if we could get haaland or Lukaku I think they could help Tammy used his strength I think oil will go in the summer and I think with 3 cfs we would be versatile enough to Challenge

    57. Joshua Thomas

      once mount plays we will beat porto we shouldnt be relying on mount but its true

    58. RasenRendan

      You didn't mention that the last two times Tammy started he got pulled at halftime.

      1. ATK .17

        Probably because he wasn’t fully fit and Werner was in bad form before🙂

    59. Joe Turner

      Haaland - Kane - Auguero - Lukaku no one else plz

    60. Oran Darcy

      Why are u not verifyin

    61. Ross Mason

      I don’t like Tammy as he cost us the Super Cup by missing that final penalty.

    62. JIM J

      The two competing for the centre forward are Ollie G and Tammy , time has not performed in front of goal all season my view is he is only playing because the powers above TT are making decisions Tammy and Ollie are our best options

    63. Gary South

      Bellotti is the Italian Werner,nowhere near good enough

    64. Sunil Umoh

      George knows tammy’s still injured from the burnley match right?

    65. Mikey Reacti0n

      Tammy needs to stay ffs

    66. Unknown Man

      Tammy hasn’t adapted like Mount has after being a Frank favourite

      1. Tapiwanashe Nhanga

        @Mikey Reacti0n What?????? Tammy did not score 43 goals wtf

      2. Mikey Reacti0n

        Tammy last season 48 games 43 goals , he deserves to stay at Chelsea

    67. Ross Mackenzie

      Isn’t the reason for him not starting is his ancle injury?

    68. Alex Byrne

      Bring him back to villa where he's appreciated 🦁

    69. izzul rosyaidi

      i hope mendy never wear the orange kit again

    70. ProdiNova Official

      Money doesn’t grow on trees. Imagine we get Haaland and he flops😂 just look at how embarrassed you all would be

    71. Nick Matv

      George, you put Tuchel red box last video for his decision to sub Pulisic. But it turned out Pulisic was injured and Tuchel intented to take off the pitch Werner. Would be nice if you have mentioned it in this video

      1. yddub bud

        could do with a correction as many pundits called the substitution a mistake without having all the info

    72. MYSTERY life

      No to belotti. He’s basically like a muscular morata

    73. Robert Andretta

      Does Belotti want Chelsea? For me, that would put him ahead of Haaland. Tired of Tammy drama.

    74. Mitch Goetz

      I don’t think Tammy is a terrible striker, but he’s not good enough to be the starter For Chelsea FC. I’d rather see him go to a lower side and show what he can do, if he can. Plus I cannot stand his attitude on the pitch sometimes, another reason I think he shouldn’t start

    75. Feroz Slimshady

      He will start against porto

    76. Angie Wiedenkeller

      They totally fell apart after the red card , not the way pros at this level should respond. They have the knowledge and it's like everything totally flew out the window. Bayern went down to 10 when Davis got red and they got mad and won 4- 0 . That's the mentality and drive Chelsea needs .

    77. KING

      I hope we start giroud tammy or havertz (false 9) werner need his confidence back and just isn't clinical enough right now

    78. peanutbutterchocolatecake

      It’s funny how Werner has played doubles the minutes yet Tammy still has more goals than him. Even Mount and Jorginho have more goals than Werner.

      1. Abz Da

        @Kian Pitt yes because he’s doing mounts job for him while he just runs around

      2. Kian Pitt

        But Werner still has the best goal+assist tally in the entire squad

      3. RAVN3N 123

        @Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael How do you think we have gotten the goals m8?

      4. Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael

        @5thDawg We need goals, not off the ball movement

      5. 5thDawg

        Werner has more assists creates chances. Has better off the ball movement than tammy.

    79. tammy kolu

      Abraham is bad only stat pad against mid table teams never steps up against the big teams


      Werner needs to sit out the next game.. PLZ

    81. V B

      The only reason people suddenly talk about tammy abraham are just because we loose after 14 games! Next you'll be discussing why emerson doesn't play, why billy gilmour wasn't in the squad when 13 games ago there was no complaints whatsoever. The only reason we lose was the red card! Embarrassed my ass. We were whooped by Man City and Leicester under lampard and you still back that man up.

    82. Ryan Cheshire

      High 5-2 you

    83. milo george

      Just sell him, the dude cant play!!!

    84. U

      just a heads up. haaland wants 750 k a week. chelsea don’t like paying high wages but will for him. also. 150 M transfer. think of this. tomori gets sold for his 36 M. and we can easily sell tammy for 50,60 M. for academy products you need to realise it is quite literally free money. the way i see it is marina is about to bag haaland at half price.

      1. U

        @Abz Da hearing a lot of shit no facts bud

      2. Abz Da

        @U Chelsea are in a battle for top 4 while leave a club that is battling for top 4 for another one and also I think in the last 5 years Dortmund have a better champion league record than us I remember when Roman wanted to sign neymar and he took him to dinner and everything and he was ready to sign then pele rang him and told him not to sign for Chelsea

      3. U

        @Abz Da everyone watches his interviews dumbass. and you still don’t get it. haaland won’t play with BVB if they don’t get top 4 which they probably won’t. And in that case he’d want to move for his “ambition” as you say. actually because it makes common sense and a world class player should never play in euorpa league. so that leaves the most likely scenario is that he moves this summer, to a club that CAN AFFORD HIM. only clubs that can are Chelsea, and maybe real madrid but they won’t be able to have a bidding war at all. they know that. barca are broke as everyone knows. and man city can’t risk the ffp. BE LOGICAL chelsea is a very strong candidate in this haaland race.

      4. Abz Da

        @U no I watch his interviews i am actually i fan of his even though I support Chelsea i think this guy is the next lewdolski he just needs to find a stable top club that is always challenging and the issue is his transfer fee not his wages if halaand was smart he would just run out his contract and leave on a free to Barca or real and they will pay his wages

      5. U

        @Abz Da simple fact mate. even if man city is haalands childhood dream club. if they don’t pay. the don’t get. that’s simple rules of the game. dortmund won’t sell for under 150M and i think everyone agrees that man city won’t fork out that much. (they never have based on history). Cry all you want bud, if city don’t pay he’s not going

    85. Michael Woodburn

      Tactical error cost us that game to Westbrom. We should immediately switch to a back 4. And use a 441 formation.

    86. Michael Woodburn

      Some players that can go out permanently or go on loan --- Emerson, Giroud, Tammy, Pulisic, Gilmor. Those 5 for now

      1. Tunde Jones

        If Giroud wants to stay as a third striker, I would say we have to keep him for another year. I love Pulisic but I am starting to think we have to sell him because of his many injuries.

    87. Michael Woodburn

      Chelsea need at least 3 new signings this summer...1. Center back 2. Creative midfielder and 3. We need a deadly striker.

    88. Michael Woodburn

      New subscriber here... Chelsea all the way

    89. Shane coots

      Bambi on ice Mr only pass backwards james have been dog shit this season Mason mount and odi have done very well but think we see clearly why Frank got the boot watch out tuchel time is not on your side

    90. James Felix

      Can Chelsea Fans allow the Coach do chose his selection as he think after being familiar with players at his disposal. The fact that fans 're use to individual players doesn't mean it's the same with the Coach. Surely this time crying for Zouma 'll stop after his messe came in the open against W brom. Tammy who can't dribble pass a single defender is the one u 're crying for. Chelsea shouldn't even talk about the Italian stricker, after his one season shine who is hearing about him again?. If it's not Haaland it should be Lukaku final.

    91. Tim Berge

      We move on just a bad day at the office

    92. Shane coots

      Do we care if bambi on ice leaves wouldn't even notice 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Seun Faturiyele

      Guy, 4th might not even be enough if Liverpool wins the champions League.

    94. Edward Davies

      I've never praised Tammy,he's no Giraud,couldn't hold his boo

    95. Edward Davies

      Newcastle saved us

    96. Tarik

      How about: "Why Timo Werner HAS to LEAVE Chelsea" !!!! this sounds better and more realistic since Timo has been a disaster for the team and his teammates specially for 50-60 mill that we paid for !!!! Tammy surely cant be as bad if giving the chances, time and patience shown to Timo since he signed. I have never see soo much support for a guy playing so bad, the only thing left is to hold his hand and empty the goal area so MAYBE he can score. Enough Bias BS !!!! He needs to be bench for a long period until he gets his SHIT together or leave my club !!!!

    97. andrew hayes

      Mendy Reece apzi Christensen Toni chilly j5 kova mount Tammy Werner

    98. Anthony Guto

      Werner missing every chances after putting hopes in him as a new incoming striker to bolster the attack 😢. Tammy/Giroud are better than him.Left attacking position prefers Timo not 9.

    99. Jaleel Robinson

      I always wanted Belotti at Chelsea since Diego Costa left

      1. Tapiwanashe Nhanga

        what does he even offer

    100. Yohance Anderson

      Tammy should have started saturday Warner was awful during the international break for Germany and he was also awful saturday