Why Chelsea Signing ERLING HAALAND will FINALLY Replace Eden Hazard

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    Why Chelsea Signing ERLING HAALAND will FINALLY Replace Eden Hazard. Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea Video. In today's Chelsea FC video, I discuss how and why Chelsea signing Erling Haaland will finally replace Eden Hazard who has been a big void to fill at Chelsea Football Club ever since his departure to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. Will Chelsea end up signing Erling Haaland this summer or will he end up signing for one of Chelsea's rivals? Let me know your thoughts in the coments below AND... make sure you've submitted your picks for GBFC SELECTS Chelsea vs Everton £1000 GAME... LINKED BELOW:
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    1. Allen Minter

      He will struggle at Chelsea,

      1. Allen Minter

        @Charskull our style of play at the moment isnt creating goals, Werner and Havertz scored goals in Germany, but they cant score here and the same goes for Ziyech, great player but cant fit in at Chelsea

      2. Charskull


    2. Ernesto Gueverra

      You keep the children in the closet on the left or the right?

    3. Sepanta Shahsavari 1r

      idc how many attachers we buy, we need Donnaruma so we won't have to put 6 players in front of our goaly

      1. Charskull

        Mate mendy is quality

    4. Sam Lewis Year 7

      Haaland or nothing, we don't need another striker but Haaland is essential is available

    5. Eldridge Coutinho

      I woudn't mind us exploring Havertz as a striker either

    6. Eiru7senpai

      A replacement for Drogba and Costa to be precise

    7. The Philosophy Club

      Not gonna happen hahahahahaha

    8. Patrick Portsmore

      Signing Harland will ruin us and him. I absolutely love him but he wont fit in because we can’t bench mount havertz or Werner and haalAND DOESNT DESERVE OUR FAN BASE

    9. Richie Rifle

      Delusion, he's going to City he was literally in a Norwegian facebook fan club for City up until a year ago. His father and Agent was a Man City Captain, Man City have the best project to win trophies and he would face no real competition for the ST spot.

      1. Charskull

        @Richie Rifle well no. Because of add ons the hazard deal cost way more than it did originally

      2. Richie Rifle

        @Charskull Dude you just lie and make up shit. Hazard and morata were sold for 150 mil in total and that was in 2019 2 years ago. I'm not replying anymore as you are deluded.

      3. Charskull

        @Richie Rifle we also sold hazard and morata for a total of 200mil and have accumulated theast 2 seasons money on top of that lad.

      4. Richie Rifle

        @Charskull So Man City sold Sane for 45 million with add ons and bought ake and Dias for 90 million wow a spend of 45 million. While Chelsea spent 292 million on Havertz, Werner, Chilwell, Ziyech, Mendy. Please stop digging yourself a deeper hole.

      5. Charskull

        @Richie Rifle yeah just ignore the 100 odd mill city spent on ake and dias

    10. KingArtoriusTV

      If rumors are true? Sorry, I don't want Haaland at Chelsea.. The guy thinks we're beneath him..

      1. Charskull

        I mean he doesn't

    11. Eduardo Mendy

      I will finally have to stop carrying🥳

    12. Dayslikedis

      Hazard cannot be replaced unfortunately he will always be in our hearts COYB🔵🔵

    13. Bryan Oruene

      Salah isn't going anywhere. Barça cant even pay for their own kits. Bayern have Lewandowski. Man city STILL have Aguero. Man united are not serious contenders for world class players who have ambitions but for some reason the media keeps putting them in serious discussion when they're a joke of a football club currently.

    14. Rono Inc

      Hey George. Why is GBFCselects blocked in my country....?

    15. AK tv

      Messi can't replace hazard at Chelsea

    16. Kwabena Owusu

      it's kinda annoying hearing halaand here and there. why bvb lost to bayern? its all because of defence and midfield that win trophies. Drogba and co did not score 30+ goals per season but shows up in big games. our midfield and defence was mean. that is what we should concentrate now. getting the best out of kai havertz is a priority( kdb and bruno fernandez in one body).Mount and andreas stepping up will be an inspiration for tammy to follow suit.If Giroud leaves then we should get Duvan Zapata from Atalanta show suit our style(Drogba and Anelka in one body) for a fraction of the halaand price. Once again, Liverpool are thrash cos their engine is broken( defence and midfield) although thier so called scary front three are fully fit.

    17. Star 9ine

      were not getting Haaland just stfu about it now

    18. domineu7

      Haaland will not leave Dortmund this year. Economic reasons: His price would be (in normal times) above 140 mio € (compared with Dembele of Barcelona). Next year his price will be the fixed 75 mio € - so Haaland and Raiola can take the difference money of 65-70 mio € in their own pocket. Also in the following year the prices are getting higher again to pre-corona-depression level, so they will do economically in every way better. Football reasons: Haaland is still super young - he does not lose a year. In the Bundesliga he can develop perfectly, especially when he trains one year under Marco Rose, the charismatic former Klopp player with his positive football- and man-managing style. Emotional reasons: Next season there will be the opening for the fans again. Haaland would have his experience of the yellow wall, and he could walk out of the front-door of Borussia Dortmund, having been and being forever a true part of the yellow family. Conclusion: It is most likely that Haaland will leave Dortmund next year.

      1. domineu7

        ​ @Charskull Hey mate, if the player doesn't want to leave this year, the club has no power to force him to do so. His price is 150mil, but the question is: who gets the 75mil difference, Dortmund or the player? When the player says - this is my money - then what possibility is left for the club?

      2. Charskull

        Mate he has a release clause next year. Meaning that he would go for only 75mil. Whereas this year they could get him for 150mil. They will sell this year. They have too

    19. Jacob Payne

      The potential of our Chelsea team is probably the best in the league. Even Mount hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet let alone Kai, Werner, CHO etc. WHEN Tuchel gets this Squad in top gear it will be SCARY. We’ve only seen crumbs of what’s to come so far

    20. Hamdi Abdi

      Best players in the world rn (Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland)

    21. Adam Roberts

      wow as much hope and excitment as there was about signing Havertz

    22. V B

      We wasted 130M for havertz and chilwell just because lampard wants them. We should've buy sergio reguillon for 25M instead, which mean that 105M could have been reserved to go all out on Haaland. Thank you for nothing, Lamps.

    23. AJAY AJ

      With rudiger and cristenson Chelsea will never be a European powerhouse. How can u call a good defender when u can't play at back four... To prone to errors.

    24. charles Okali

      He definitely is my dream signing


      Not receiving confirmation code

    26. R G

      haaland will go to man city or real madrid .i am 100% sure....

    27. AJ Football

      Can't wait for this guy

    28. Evan Rogers

      I’m calling it now, haaland will sign 2 weeks into the transfer window for Chelsea. But Chelsea have to pay him a crazy amount of money

    29. zTripi

      I hope you do no he has said that he doesn’t want to join Chelsea lmao

    30. # TOP

      Dream on guys ! If the price is right, Sancho will leave the club this summer, but Haaland will stay for at least one more season. Only if someone is offering a ridiculous amount of money (like 200 million € or something like that) it could be a conceivable scenario, that he will go. Heja BVB !!! By the way, great channel Mr Benson.

    31. Leonard Bungurubwenge

      We definitely need E Haaland 100%

    32. Topaz Berlin

      Erling Haaland to Chelsea ... can't wait.

    33. Philip Gehde

      With the numbers he is putting up beating out the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, Haaland is the best prospect in world football today. In fact, he is more than a prospect, but already a goal scoring machine with no cap on future potential. We should pull out ALL STOPS to sign him. I am talking record signing. If you justify +70mill for Havertz, surely Chelsea should make all efforts to pull this off at an even bigger budget.

    34. Linda Jones

      Didn't Haaland say he only wanted to go to one of 5 teams and Chelsea didn't make his list.

    35. The One

      Do a video based of what you want the Chelsea team to look like next season

    36. Ohiorenua Igbarumah

      The only player that can try to be like hazard would be Sancho

    37. Ohiorenua Igbarumah

      For halaand to be the next hazard it means he would be both the creator and goal scorer, but he is a striker, our midfielders don't give more chances to strikers to score goals since we sold fabregas to Monaco until we solve that situation having a creator in midfield, a halaand will suffer alot

    38. yave

      I think that hazard as a left wing brough us more than a ’sole’ stricker. But a sick stricker could be exactly w we need because rn there is a need for a dedicated finnisher

    39. Ankush Banasure

      If we sign Halland nd ofc we r going to do that then we find our new Drogba for sure!💪💙⚽💯 As a club we r going to dominate the BPL nd Europe for the next 5-6 years nd more if we perform on a consistent basis!COYB👍💙💯🤘

    40. LOVE YOURz

      we can also sign Zapata at Atalanta Top Striker he can do it ALL.

    41. Mubashirul Izlam


    42. Reflections And Resonance

      If I was Erling Haaland and wanted to win the Ballon D'or to the levels Messi and Ronaldo have then I would go to a club that offers consistency in coaching. I can't see how it would benefit his development toward becoming the best to be having to adapt to the demands of a new manager every season and a half.

    43. Mani H

      Haaland is NOT happening, the more you push this agenda, the more im inclined to skip your click-baits

    44. Owolabi segun

      Chelsea will hinder his progress. He should go to City

    45. Christopher

      I think he'll go to Man City

    46. Ross Mason

      I think Costa was a bigger loss than Hazard. He won games for us in the 2016/27 season.


      I have been following you and i have never miss your video...I live in Belgium so why can't i play the GBFC select 🤷 is not working here in Belgium

    48. Chelsea Ibe

      Why are we so confident that Erling is gonna come to Chelsea? I hope he does though.

    49. Chuks Obiora

      Break the bank get Erling Braut Haaland! COYB 💙

    50. Alhassan Shiraz

      Haaland is all the only one we need we Chelsea doesn't need any defender anymore we got ever type of players now but let's go all out for haaland I rate haaland as world best now

    51. abhinav sekar

      Let's please change this mentality. We would finally be solving our striker problem and let's leave it at that. Let's stop comparing our current or future singings to Hazard. Let's just not do that. I know we all want a messiah who can save us every time, but I would rather take a well trained and talented team that can simply decimate all oppositions, regardless of individual excellence. I don't want Chelsea to be a team centred around one player.

    52. Brent Patterson

      I'm a Chelsea fan, I love Chelsea and I am certain that Haaland will not come to Chelsea any time soon. He can have his pick of any club in the World. He will go to City, Barca or Real. Come back to this comment when/if he does leave Dortmund.

    53. Ikechukwu Luis-Bruce

      I want to face reality cos Real Madrid are pulling the string to sign harland...we are kinda better off with lukaku if harland opt for Real ...his agent would want him to go to Madrid instead of Chelsea

    54. Lachlan Austine

      Again your website won't work brov???? Kinda annoying as I like to play these even if I don't win same as on the chelsea app. Little disappointed :( always tuning in to your vids and dropping likes on all content !!!

    55. Joe Naka

      Its more like Drogba/Costa replacement .. no one can replace Hazard, need a lot of responsibility to be like him

    56. Zenn Labs

      Weve been battling and batting for top 4 for 3 fooking years... this ends today.

    57. Anonymous Person

      Håland for 60million is a steal. But he wants to move to Leeds for obvious reasons but if Chelsea get him and he takes off then Chelsea will be frightening next season. With time Pulisic can be what Hazard was to Chelsea as we saw last season before the hamstring vs Arsenal in the FA Cup. The future should look something like this: Gk. Mendy (Kepa will come good) CBS. Christensen & Zouma/Rice Rb. James Lb. Chilwell CMs. Kanté & Mount RW. Pulisic LW. Werner Cam. Havertz St. Håland

    58. Og Paw

      Replace Diego Costa more like it.

    59. Anthony Evans

      Eden Hazard is/was generational player. Pulisic has the ability to come close. And yes I am a total 100% on Haaland, but Eden is my man

    60. Nowayout

      Nonesense haland excluded chelsea from clubs he is interested in

    61. Martin Yeboah

      I think he will rather replace Costa or Drogba instead

    62. Karan Kulwal

      Realistically Haaland is more of a dream than possibility, all the big clubs want him and we cant compete with city

    63. Sam Thomas

      We need to support Mason Mount to be our wonder player.

    64. Arif Ikmal

      Haaland's signing is between Chelsea and City. If Chelsea can get Top 4 or higher, we will sign him! 💙

    65. Juan Carlos

      Could we one day see a 4-2-2-2 of Timo Halaand Mount Havertz Billy Kova Chilly Sarr Christensen Reece Mendy ?

    66. Junior bakayoko

      I don't think chelsea would find a player like hazard

    67. hitsugaya yuuto

      Jude Soonsup Bell is better!!💪💪

    68. tadiwanashe wutawunashe

      You are spreading bad rumours

    69. CARD Creation

      I could see tuchel stick with 3 4 3 next season with addition of Haaland and another CB with Another no. 6 but it means quite end for player like Abraham Giroud Pulisic Ziyech and even Havertz with Zouma also in danger lose place in club next season

    70. tadiwanashe wutawunashe

      First of all , noone will ever replace hazard

    71. Beau Bridger

      He's a lone striker. No Timo/Håland partnership gonna happen.

      1. knut krekling

        Have u seen sancho and haaland pal timo mostly play as a winger anyway

    72. Resaldi Ramadhan Putra

      Please do Donnarumma agenda too george. ✌🏻

    73. Darshan Dhamala

      We need him in blue 💙

    74. Kassim Adam

      The link did not work for me🤔

    75. harry lyon

      Why do we need haaland we have mount Werner and havertz

      1. Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop

        Do they score a lot of goals?

    76. TheDevastatorDk

      Would love to get Haaland.. Please Chelsea go get him!

    77. Ashley Bullock

      I'd rather us sign Haaland alone then 2-3 "average" players. Should put everything we have in for him. He's a Chelsea style player that would suit our system.

    78. Sam Harding

      I think haaland will be difficult if we can’t get him we should get lukaku he’s an amazing player who is used to playing with another up front so perfect with Werner but also he can play solo striker and on the right wing he scored and assists a lot so he would be a great option if we can’t get the 21 year old

    79. Reeves Ryan

      Its either Haaland comes to Chelsea, or he goes to some other league. I dont want us to face him twice every year

    80. Jelani Evelyn

      My dream signing is still Declan 😪😪the quality he haves and his mindset is needed, that aggression the leadership would be a great edition

      1. Jelani Evelyn

        @Guy Sanani how doesn't he fits TT profile he is jus as technical yu do know he comes from our academy it's in his blood and and to believe it r not we don't have no natural cdm in my opinion. Kova is more of a box to box mid j5 isn't the best as a lone 6

      2. Guy Sanani

        Neither Rice plays in double pivot nor he fits TT profile. TT double pivot he played at at PSG( verraiti , Marquinhos...) were technical players like Jorghino and a quick pace partner like Kova or Kante.?really don’t see where Rice fits here?

    81. Notorious DKL

      I just can’t believe it till it happens

    82. Guy Davis

      why are we hyping ourselves so much he's gonna go to city sadly

    83. Wilson Osemene

      It depends on two things.... if he fits in Tuchel’s style of play and if Abramovich is ready to sign the cheque. It’s always the wish of the fans to get the best.

    84. Paweł Szelągowski

      There is only one way to replace Eden and its name is Jack Grealish

    85. Ervira Rosiana

      Haaland won’t going to Chelsea if we don’t make it top 4. That lad wanna play for UCL too. We should’ve just focus on top 4. It really made me nervous for the remaining game. The southampton draw was really loss for us.

    86. Blue Army SW6

      Lets get Erling haaland move to Chelsea agenda at this channel 💙💙💙

    87. Alex Lockhart

      I’d love this to happen but keep seeing so much about him not wanting the move 😬

    88. Kadox YT

      Did you guys not hear? Erling Haaland rejected Chelsea because he wanted to move to a "top club". He also rejected Bayern but idk y he did.

    89. Poras Srivastava

      I think I'm the only one who wants harry kane ?? Ik I'm just validate me

      1. Ikechukwu Luis-Bruce

        Kane is so injury prone and we can pay premium for a player that would have at least one-week of injury every season

    90. DaveelyK

      The Gbfc selects won't send me a verification code so I can't sign up

    91. Uchenna Nze

      We really need him

    92. Tobi Alatise

      Hey George, as regards gbfc selects, no code is sent to my mobile number for confirmation.

    93. was1407

      Lukaku if we can’t get Haaland.....premiership proven player, loves Chelsea, big and strong and has attributes of Drogba and Costa 💙💙💙

    94. R K

      Bro if we get Haaland ..we will sure beat any team in Europe with alaba and Tuchel wil bring one or two midfielder to chelsea .. chelsea must Signed we need attacking goal scorer in our team

    95. Jayster CFC

      We can get Haaland at a very high price...if we sell some players/deadwood to help balance out the books and avoid FFP scutiny.

    96. Sascha _GER

      If dortmund reaches the ucl he will stay one more year and then probably joins bayern. If they dont reach the ucl chelsea needs to buy him this year anfalso reach the ucl. He is worth more than 100mio

    97. Jake Bendall

      They considered it a goal drought when he hadn't scored for the past 2 games...

    98. Abdiqafar Booby

      Earling halaand was my dream singing last summer but upcoming summer it must be done

    99. Rocco Starbuck

      Tooting and Mitcham want him as well.

    100. YTN

      Haaland, Skriniar, and one creative midfielder will be a great summer window for me