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    WELCOME TO CHELSEA FC THOMAS TUCHEL... GOODBYE SUPER FRANK 💙. Chelsea FC appoint former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel as their new manager. Tuchel takes over from Frank Lampard after Lampard was sacked by Chelsea Football Club. Tuchel has signed an 18 month contract to take over as Chelsea manager and will be in the dugout for the first time TONIGHT as Chelsea host Wolves in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge.
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    1. Hadi Alabed

      Yes guys the best intro ever I love it, it always makes me better feeling better after hearing that

      1. Alwin Alves

        So am i the only person that wanted lampard sack????🥴

      2. Joshua King

        @cristiano ronaldo surely

      3. cristiano ronaldo

        you legit just stole the pieface comments

    2. chan nghia tran thi

      The chilly perfume prospectively record because dirt alternatively trick behind a uncovered rabbit. violet, unsightly dahlia

    3. Aaron H

      Happy for Tuchel. Brings in fresh excitement and a chance for a restart. His language skills and German history could help settle some nerves. I’m stoked

    4. sol porter

      Everyone a week ago was saying Frank out now they're sobbing he's gone. Great player, not a very good manager, get him as a midfield coach though definitely.

      1. sol porter

        Or youth development/scouting he's got a good eye for a player just not good tactics

    5. Gulaknikov

      Frank wasnt that SUPER THO

    6. SoSaJE

      will miss Lampard but Tuchel is a great choice.

    7. TheOGPlayer

      Goerge you can say 4 triple 2 instead of 4222

    8. Rory Drew

      Why did Thomas Tuchel bunk off school and smoke weed? Because he's Tuchel for school.

    9. patrick segura

      make your videos shorter

    10. Omar Walters

      Yes, Guys! Just watched the match between us and Wolves. And Gorghino shouldn't be on the side. Too many back passing, I don't believe he has an ounce of creativity Also, I cannot forgive him for missing those penalty kicks which would have made a difference in 3 of the games we lost or drew

    11. Chuks Obiora

      Yes guys! Chelsea currently playing draw with Wolves. Our attack not just sharp enough. Tuchel has a ton of work to do with this Chelsea Team. Maybe dropping Mount ain't such a great way to start. Gilmour way better than Jorginho.

    12. Kelvin Hassan Alshabaiby

      Lets agree its tuchel and not tuchel 😂😂😂😂i know you read that differently. But if we dont read Chelsea as kelsea so even tuchel shouldn't sound tekel 😂😂

    13. Geo

      Your club is always the same and will never change they sack managers too soon and don’t believe in a process look at a manager like Jurgen Klopp he built a team at Liverpool and only just started winning trophies so it takes time for top managers to build their team to challenge for titles, have no idea why a top manager would take the Chelsea job unless they only want a job for a couple seasons and then move on.

    14. Martin Yeboah

      Lampard's inexperience was obvious though i wish him all the best in future endeavours. Welcome to CFC Tuchel and i hope you will be a success for us

    15. Andrew Andreas

      why is the world around lampard . hes great player agree .. but hes not penniless .what he earns in one week is probably a average person wages in a year . he won't be on a job queue .

    16. Sastri Sankar

      Honestly if it was against Burnley I could hv see us getting the win but it's against wolves which is tricky so tuchel gotta be wary for sure...

    17. Kevin

      I feel precisely as you: I am devastated. Frank is my favorite player, and so when he became a manager I looked forward to his return. I was reasonably confident he would be given every opportunity to develop his managerial acumen. For example, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was hired by ManU in December 2018. Fans have been screaming for his head ever since. Now, ManU sits at #2 in the table. Frank deserved better.

    18. Bikash Shrestha

      in man utd they give chance to him and now the result is coming for them...but why just can't Chelsea give a chance to a coach like Lampard for what he did last year with no players.. so sad to see this happening in our club only in Chelsea club. we must change our management who handling such issues sitting in the office.. not punishing players and coach...;

    19. MakkroHero

      We all need to remember that it wasn’t Tuchel’s fault that Lampard got sacked. So we must back him!

    20. Kartik Malladi

      Love your channel but I will have to disagree a little bit with you here. Chelsea is the project, not Lampard. IMO Chelsea is a project because of the squad and not because of the coach and it remains a project no matter who the coach is. I think Lampard lost his job because the club didn't feel he was making any progress. We can disagree on this and that's completely fine by me but I don't think the nature of the Chelsea project changes regardless. This is not a team of late 20, early 30's players who are ready to win premier leagues and champions leagues like Manchester City or Liverpool. Cheers mate! Looking forward to more excellent content from you.

    21. Shady Nation

      No he deserves the same amount a respect you gave Frank as a manager I don’t get you proper chels fans. Do you support Chelsea or do you support Lampard bc am confuse it like you guys want Tuchel to fail

    22. Jonathan Hunter

      The stuff about the players seems really fishy to me but if true, Kepa has to be the most toxic person in Football

    23. Insight 123

      If we win this match, Tuchel is the way

    24. chelseacharger

      Welcome and Good Luck to Tuchel. But we all know how this ends. It's inevitable. Just hope there's some good times in -between.

    25. Shahid Willie

      The don

    26. Liikemies

      Great video George!

    27. Adebayo Makanju

      George, please be consistent.

    28. TheFILIPOSSS

      Excuse me but who are these big stars in the club? The likes of jorginho,rudiger,alonso etc are delusional if they think they are good enough for Chelsea..they are maybe good enough to be benchwarmers in China superleague..

    29. Marie Purtill

      Sorry George I'm still COVID POSITIVE and I feel bad about Frank. If the players were so appreciative of Frank's coaching etc why did that not transfer to their playing style & the lack thereof of passion, focus, fighting for the Club. We all know stuff happens behind the scenes but the players have to be bigger & get their asses moving ir this man Tuchel will not be bothered with u if u don't show u deserve ti be playing. Let's give him a go he's here, Frank's not we have to move on. COYB KTBFFH MARIE

    30. Marc Okeke

      Every little thing we do affect people. This is not the first time chelsea has been sacking coaches, why must this bring a lot of controversy. Had it been he won the FA cup or super cup. He would have been given more time till end of the season. In comparison, he is the only coach that was given enough time unlike others. He has lowest winning rate to compare to other Chelsea managers. If i were him, i would have recruited an experience tactical coach to join his crew. Everyone knows he has no experience, hence no one will critise him for taking such step. It would been a point he will use to show he has a clear path to recovering the team form.

    31. sam covington

      Is it goodbye Super Frank or is it see you soon because I don't think we've seen the last of Frank Lampard in the Chelsea dugout

    32. james jervier

      I think this might be good for the team right now everyone is on the same level so now all sports are up for grabs so players will need to play for their sport

    33. aamir

      get out

    34. Ethan Mcgreevy

      well put George agree with all of ur points today

    35. Vinay Datta

      He's a very good manager,flexible with formations maintains good relationships with his star players as well,he's very smart as well ,but the only downside is his attitude with hierarchy and sometime does overthink as well.But he's a good signing

    36. bird man

      Big Up Yan! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Unless there is a massive massive turn around in the club that includes titles this season then sacking Lamps was a hasty and stupid decision. 🤷🏾‍♂️ The anger I feel is justified because Man U stuck to a manager that is basically a C tech Mourinho on a good run of form! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Really wishing the best for TT but I'm really angry with the board and only titles. An stoke my anger. 💯 COYB!!! 🔵🦁🔵🦁🔵

    37. Karol Golden

      It's Tuchel, like Tu-HELL.

    38. JOHN KIRWA

      Tuchelsea is the name.

    39. Curtis Moore

      What do you think Frank would have done differently if he had known how this was going to end?

    40. Ronny Backman

      -----------Werner----Abraham---------- Pulisic--Gilmour-Havertz--Ziyech Chilwell---Zouma---Silva---James --------------------Mendy--------------------

    41. Sbongiseni Zuma

      He needs to win by 4-0 tonight and go on to beat all before at the rate Roman understands football. Maybe someone needs to tell him its not Russia where everything is done .....wink wink

    42. Siim Tõkke

      I would say this is a bit harsh against Tuchel if you start to nitpick every flaw. It's going from one end to another. As you said you were holding back with Lampard but won't hold back with Tuchel. If you want manager to succeed then the first thing shouldn't be "win of gtfu".

    43. Samuel Lopes

      George hopefully you never color your hair blue, because of that results went bad, Lampard gets sacked and it could be your fault.

    44. Pradyumna Sripada

      Timo -Tammy -Reece starting based on the training video

    45. Thabo Xaba

      Tuchel never had problems with the players at PSG, he had issues with the sporting director , so he wasn’t fired because he’s a bad coach , he was fired because they just never got along upstairs

    46. Lucas Copplestone

      please do a video with Rory Jennings I think that would make me cry with happiness

    47. Richard Ellwood

      Lanpard to Newcastle

    48. alex akuffo

      Lampard was called a traitor for joining Man City. Allow a proper coach to do his job. Haters already.

    49. Will

      Welcome Tuchelsea! 🔵

    50. Mark White

      the one thing thomas tuchel said that isnt good for chelsea is that he likes tottenham hotspur 😂😂😂

    51. Emmanuel Xzel

      I love Lampard but he had to go!

    52. John Hadlow

      So the Lampard project is over, abandoned after 5 bad results. You have no idea the implications this has on Chelsea football club. So we go back to the instant gratification of trophy hunting with buying top players from the Chelsea board. Who in their right mind would want to come and manage Chelsea in the future? 18 months or 5 bad results is now the benchmark. God help us. The Liverpool model was the way to go when Klopp and Liverpool finished 8th in their first year. So plastic supporters enjoy the moment. It will not last, history has told us that. I supported Chelsea when we were in the second division and would do so again. You Chelsea children need to grow up. Frank will always be a Chelsea legend, not so sure about the board.

    53. X_blaze6 akande inioluwa

      Idk how some fans want the club to progress, because your fav lampard got sacked now most of them want tuchel to fail😞😞😞

    54. Roger Galindo

      I can totally relate with the break up thing!! I was telling my gf I was devastated 😂😂 but indeed time to look forward!

    55. Waylander

      I refuse to see Lampards time here as a failure. He built a really good squad. Had a great first season which allowed us to improve the squad further. Great player, good manager. I hope he returns one day with a lot more experience.

    56. H

      Thomas Toocool??

    57. Nick Ortiz

      Why does everyone think that Tuchel is only results. He an amazing manager and tactician who focuses on youth aswel and could be a great long term manager if relations stay good

    58. nishikant sharma

      I hope fans give all the respect and support to Tuchel. It is not his fault that Frank was sacked. I am sure Frank will be back to top of coaching scene in a few years once he has more experience. I just hope he will once again answer our call when time comes.

    59. Tim Berge

      George well done mate look forward to the team you put together I fancy 2 striker timo and tammy tonight

    60. Kai Dawkings

      Very concerned about mason’s future. Thoughts George ?

    61. Tim Berge

      2 striker tonight 100per

    62. Tim Berge

      Plus again Fulham went Fulham had 10 man and went wait till the 70 minute to make a substitute this way very bad it should have been done in the 46 minute

    63. Tim Berge

      Frank did not no his best 11 players this is the reason why he got sack

    64. glory tazi

      it’s not you babe it’s me 🤣

    65. Tim Berge

      Yes one day super Frank will come back to Chelsea maybe 5 year time ⚽️⚽️⚽️💪

    66. Lewis Scorer

      Is Tuchel a better manager than Lampard? Yes. Is he going to instantly solve all our problems if he isn’t given time? No.

    67. Tim Berge

      100pe George we got to move forward super Frank will allway be top man for me right Thomas can get this team winning 100per and will get the best out of timo and kai and Mason Reece James and tammy 3-0

    68. Jack Tindal

      Super frank

    69. mubarik mohamoud

      At this moment let's fly again together as Chelsea fans wherever we live. I am always a Chelsea fan forever.

    70. Surfaras KK

      Nice t shirt

    71. Matt Hepp

      Is George living there permanently?

    72. Football God Goat

      In the training video you can see Tuchel doing a drill using Tammy and Timo as a strike duo, I believe he will play a 2 striker formation

    73. .

      he has to bring in youth it's in his contract

    74. Ikhwan Hafizi

      Tuchel please made werner and harvetz on the too form back

    75. Cris Crisler

      The advantage of bringing in a new, strongly experienced manager is each player in the current squad gets a fresh look. Each player can put his talents forward, have their abilities weighed, and perhaps be offered fresh opportunities. Seems a good time to send the non-productive, and counter-productive players away. Probably we will see many of the same starters played in new formations. Those we haven’t seen playing, we probably still won’t see. Talent and enthusiasm and commitment are unmistakable qualities, no matter which professional, experienced, world-class manager is evaluating the squad.

    76. Alex Wilson

      George has a new gf oft

    77. Sedou Doumbouya

      Angry rantman next

    78. My Angels

      Probability odds of chelsea succeeding under tuchel is very high. Sometimes our emotions don't let us accept reality. This team can be ruthless. Last season bayern won the final but Neuer had a big say. Lepzig was rolled over by psg. Now it is gonna be fun to face big teams we will be so much better on counter attacks. City and liecster made our mockery even flipping arsenal screwed us. Frank as player legend but as a manager he is crap. Still need to learn a lot. Promote young player is good but trying to make team on them is ridiculous. Especially mount he is not that special for now.

    79. lucario123

      New manager new start let's hope for top4 we can do it we are the BLUES !!!

    80. Mike Royce

      Black is the colour - Money is the game!

    81. Haopu Haokip

      This channel should be name lampard fc🤪🤪

    82. Adam Parsons

      Im more excited with Tuchel coming in Let’s hopefully get ready for Tuchel Ball 🔵

    83. Gally Dillon

      Tuchel seems alright. Obviously couldn’t perform with PSG in the ucl but neither could many others such as ancelloti. Have to have a positive mindset as hard as it is losing super frank

      1. .

        got to the final g

    84. Mashrur Muhammed

      The only other manager that will give me the same feeling as a fan that Lampard did, is no one other than Mr Chelsea himself, the captain, the leader, the legend. JT💙 one for the future

    85. JT

      Won't be surprised when in 18 months, Tuchel's gone and Lampard is in. We should call ourselves the 2 year manager club. No long term plan.

    86. Albert

      We dont just get over it, when we get back in the ground we will vent our feelings Tuchel and Rudiger out!

    87. Wingless Mecha

      Welcome TuChelsea boss 💙

    88. Little Lukey11

      Did you guys not here Thomas tuchel shouting in PSG and saying you guys are not lazy shouting

      1. Little Lukey11

        So funny

    89. Little Lukey11

      Mason mount needs to dedicate his next goal to frankLampard 💙⚽️💙

    90. Ry Lane

      And tiago Silva used to play for him

    91. Feroz Slimshady

      Waited for this video

    92. George Mumo


    93. ILYAS Kala

      The fuck

    94. Ry Lane

      I feel like this could be a blessing in disguise for us

      1. chelseacharger

        @Ry Lane I'd be just grateful if Werner could shoot straight for starters. That's nothing to do with tactics.

      2. Ry Lane

        Also I feel like timo Werner and havertz might improve possibly frank was telling them to play wrong

    95. Harald Brinkmann Thorsen


    96. Travis Warren

      Tuchel out

    97. Shane Doyle

      If tuchel gets sacked at some point Benson needs to apply for the job

    98. Ina xaaji

      Werner and Havertz will still be shit sorry to say my friends but our best players are zouma silva reece james tammy abraham cullum hudson odoi mason mount kante pulisic ziyech azpilicueta mendy Chilwell and I'm pissed of that tamori is send on loan that arw the player that I trust and will play for the badge KTBFFH

      1. Ina xaaji

        @Ryan if you can't read or you stupid don't come to the comment section mate

      2. Ryan

        What are u talking about

    99. SB_23

      I feel like the board were planing on letting lampard do his plan but , even tho I was lampard in I don’t think the board thought he was the one but who knows tuchel may be long term manager

    100. Eddy Sylverstin

      Move on! Lampard is history now. Thanks Mr Abramovich & Marina for signing a real football coach. At last we have a tactic now. And thanks for sacking Lampard! Those who pro Lampard stop crying, move on! He is sacked but he is alive. Chill up!