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    WE NEED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE | LEICESTER vs CHELSEA MATCH PREVIEW. Leicester vs Chelsea in the Premier League at the King Power Stadium. Frank Lampard's Chelsea are currently 7th in the Premier League with Brendan Rodgers Leicester sat in 3rd place ahead of Premier league champions Liverpoool. Chelsea have won their last two games and need another 3 points today to move closer to the Champions League places. Leicester vs Chelsea match preview - let me know your Chelsea FC starting XI in the comments below!
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    1. Timothy Hickey


    2. Wesley Coulter

      We are not getting cl football next season with lampard in charge 😕 hes clueless there's no plan B with him he struggles against teams than play counter attack football

    3. nkoonkukoo

      Yes guys, Chelsea lost, so "6 things we learnt" will be coming out in 3 days instead

    4. K Green

      Champions league!!! Europa cup is the best we can look forward too. I don’t suppose we’ll see GB til tomorrow then🤫

    5. Mike M

      Arsenal going to put the Blue into 10th. Two months ago you were top of table? 200 million for soft bois

    6. Andy Shakur

      No guys!!!! George will be mad after the Leicester loss!!!

    7. Natalia L.


    8. Natalia L.


    9. James Dyson

      Shower of fukin shit yet again! Fukin getting me down this now.

    10. Seun mustapha

      Chelsea vs Leicester match was a disaster.. complete waist of time. The only memory we have is wing play.. why on earth didnt Gilmour play? LAMPARD should be relieved on his job... He is showing to be too naive!!!

    11. Seun mustapha

      Please just tell me FRANK LAMPARD has been sacked... he is out of his depth!

    12. Sarah Cooper

      Did G.B. paint the fence behind himself deliberately in Chelsea colours as a suitable background to the video?

    13. lucasz_09

      i can’t watch chelsea anymore man ffs our football is boring asf 🤬

    14. TrionNemesis 7

      Leicester 2-0 Chelsea

    15. erdelipeter

      This is so frustrating, 2-0 down 20 to go and we passing it around the back with no pace, no intention, absolutely clueless. Could easily been 4-0 Leicester now

    16. TrionNemesis 7

      Lampard might get sacked

    17. erdelipeter

      Another crap performance, same tactics surprise not working yet again Lampard might as well pack his bags

    18. Nivin Syju

      While I'm writing this Leicester is manhandling Chelsea

    19. Andre Otshudi

      Thanks God Chelsea lost because Benson is really hypocrites always praising British players you can see what the right back and left back doing in Leicester game useless

      1. boiled milksteak to go

        cant really blame George mate, the whole of England hype their own too much its probably the media

    20. muhammed

      2 nil

    21. Steve Silk

      Played Havertz again and again he cannot hack it. Frank needs these players to turn up. !!!!

    22. Omar Walters

      Lampard is a legend but he ain't shit as Chelsea's coach!!

    23. Gulaknikov

      I just wanna see Ziyech put in work, he got praised way to much in those 2-3 games vs lower tier teams, now he is just chilling on the pitch! I wanna see Havertz redeem himself and show he is worth his money instead keeping the bench warm Hakim comes off! I wanna see Giroud start because he is stronger and smarter than Tammy as a striker, better shooter better header I wanna see Kovacic to be a leader on the midfield instead of hiding in Kantes shadows I do not wanna see Werner att all for atleast 3 games, let him think about the good old times @ Leipzig

    24. Kysely

      Love watching these 15 mins before kickoff

    25. Trey Frazier

      George I love you but I do believe in being able to criticize the ppl I love. I’m not sure why you wanna keep giving Timo the start when he’s not in his right mind. I know he will only get out of it by scoring, but I don’t think we can give him special treatment and chances at the expense of the team’s effectiveness on goal. I just think he has to earn his way back in like Callum has and that’s the only fair thing. That being said, I still respect your opinion and right to pick whoever you want

      1. willeangblom

        Timo was thee only player along pulisic who actually did something

    26. Ryan Brooks

      Giroud not even active... don't be shocked if he's sold soon. Now would be the time to get max value from him especially if they're serious about Haaland.

    27. Richard Grace

      I want cho to go on the left and pulisic on thenright and then watch fans rip cho apart for "not doing shit" when mount does what he does and abandons the left side and hangs chillwell and cho out to dry like he does to the left side every time he starts in order to run around aimlessly out of postion

    28. Nnaemeka Nzenwata

      You got kova at the DM 😋

    29. Aron- G

      I totally agree with this lineup let’s get these 3 points COYBBBBB 💙💙💙💙

    30. Timo Werner

      I think 2-0 or 2-1 or 3-1 to chelsea

    31. Canary Austria

      Start Abraham

    32. Jamal moez5

      Ziyech is being not noticed he needs to be played in cam

    33. Canary Austria

      i found logic on your line up very logical keep it up

    34. Nathan Lavender

      Come on Chelsea

    35. Steve Northall

      Personally I believe Kante is one of our biggest problems he needs 3-4 touches in order to pass forward his only one touch is backwards two touches to go sideways . His slow transition is a huge problem Gilmour all day long Kante good squad player to give Gilmour a rest .

    36. Mae doeseb

      At the moment Hudson Odi is better then ziyech and pulisic

    37. Smhbrucey

      i’d start gilmour over kova tbh

    38. Arpan Jacob Thapa

      I can asure that this line up will never happen ...

    39. Unaaaagi

      Can Azpi play left back? I like Chillwell but I feel like he needs rest.

    40. Zzixy

      If werner aye we loose 100%. He can't score goals!!!! Giroud must start!!! Lampard Out of we loose and expect a sacking tommorow if we loose.

    41. Anesthesia Intensive care

      Zyiech Tammy Abraham

    42. Jules Dina

      Perfect lineup

    43. Connor Sara

      Benson and insects 😂😂 Greatest combo

    44. Jakob Foster

      Mendy Azpi rudiger silva James. Chilwell Mount kovacic Havertz Pulisic Giroud

    45. Marco FIFA player

      I would have Hudson on The left pulisic on The bench Ziyech on right and Havertz in The middle

    46. Average Joe

      I don’t have any confidence starting Werner anymore. It seems like he messes up every chance he gets.

    47. Andrew Andreas

      lets us just hope all the players play good . and give 100 percent otherwise where going to be dumped if they don't .and we know how well leicester are playing

    48. Sadiq Williams

      No way are we gonna beat Leicester. And the the prize is that Lampard goes. I’m on my knees praying.

    49. Madhav Raj

      My Lineup Tammy CHO Ziyech Mount Kovacic Jorginho Chillwell Tomori Silva James Mendy Score predictions 👇🏽

    50. Wezzelslss1

      I think instead of zyech, Havertz should play aswell as tammy in striker and possibly Gilmour playing

    51. Benjamin Parker

      I reckon you match up with Leicester for the midfield battle. Chelsea number 6 v Leicester number 10 (Maddison) Chelsea number 8 v Leicester number 8 (Tielemans) Chelsea number 10 v Leicester number 6 (Ndidi) I reckon Gilmour is the best option to deal with Maddison, mount will battle tielemans and I reckon havertz should be given the go to battle ndidi.

    52. mubarik mohamoud

      I disagree with this line-up.

    53. Afshin somani

      Looks like you are no longer interested or nervous , that team would lose again... We don't see your usual full energy... Yes guys

    54. Hiren

      That tree branch on the left corner gave me chills man... I thought my screen had a scratch or something 😵

    55. Top 4 Football

      GB: it’s suicidal to play 4-3-3 against LC...they will pick us apart. We should play 4-2-3-1 or have 5 defend when LC are on the attack...let’s go Chelsea 🔵

    56. Gabriel Fraga

      Open your eyes. Kovacic is bloody awful.

    57. Viewer

      What does blue box mean

    58. 名探偵木村

      Your so clever I love ZIYECH RCM!!!

    59. WaiFuzion Records

      Why would we give kova a chance to do cdm when we do have Gilmore that actually can play the role.........gilmore as done nothing but showed us that he can play the role.

    60. andrew o' brien

      Werner has nearly played every game this season whether it be from the start or the bench. Why not take him out of the spotlight don't think playing him the whole time is helping his confidence when he's under pressure to score prem goals.

    61. oli skips

      this line prediction hella weird 💔👀

    62. Sam

      Hey, Fulham defeated Leicester. Maybe they'll have an off day. Although truth be told, Chelsea would still not look good, and I'll still be disappointed

    63. L. Sun

      Yes, guys! It's a massive game! Chels should believe in ourselves and play to our strength: the combination of size and quickness.

    64. Rami Tucks

      Not bashing him but

    65. Rami Tucks

      This would be perfect without timo sigh

    66. Syrgak Omuraliev

      If George won’t drop next video then he was bitten by the snake

    67. Ryan Dewey

      That tree in the background made me think my screen was cracked 🤣

    68. kittenallie

      Wow you are the first one to put Ziyech on that role. It's actually where I have in ln FIFA manager career mode.

    69. Jimmy Striker

      This predicted line up will give me nightmares, we need some solidity as a defensive unit, that midfield would get completely bypassed 🙈

    70. alfrankmonk

      It's a very attacking team you have picked George ...I can't see them starting without Jorginho in the holding position...I think he will go with Mount and Kovacic ahead of him....Ziyech on the right and Pulisic left with probably Giroud or Abraham center forward. I would like to see Rudiger keep his place with Silva. Leicester are gonna be very organised but if Chelsea can get back to being solid and keep them down to one goal then they can score ... our fortunes have to change so I'm going,,,,, Leicester 1 Chelsea 3

    71. Sam Thomas

      The biggest game for Frank yet

    72. Ben Rees

      We definitely won’t line up this way. But I’d love to see it

    73. Joseph mutale

      At this point I think George Benson has something against Jorginho when a games not going out way we bring in Jorginho to control the game and his proven himself but anyway that’s just my opinion, like the lineup predictions though I would start with Giroud and maybe Werner from the bench

    74. Ogunleye Tope

      This your formation is the best I only fear about kovacic playing dm

    75. AJAY AJ

      Chilwell is our best player against every small team.. He goes missing against big 6

    76. T Spot

      I think George's lineup is very good. It gets CP, CHO and Ziyech on the pitch at the same time, which I think is massive. I would rather see Tammy or Giroud as the striker though. And I would also be fine seeing Havertz play center mid. Or Gilmour as CM.

    77. Macro Max

      Chelsea game play is very very slow and very predictable . They don't have that edge that combination passes etc.. nothing jut simply pass the ball to another near by player so that he doesn't loose the ball it show that lack of willingness and creativity & confidence . These are just a few problems at CFC . As a manager frank lampard (oh S***) i don't even wana talk about it.

    78. K Green

      This game worries me, especially having been trounced by Arsenal recently. Leicester are in good form and have a definite style to their play and I might say better than Arsenal. On the bright side whenever I feel this worried the boys in blue tend to come up with something different. Hoping that’s still the case.

    79. Mr StrangeResidue

      i reckon we keep tammy because oli isnt the youngest so even if we get haaland we should keep tammy

    80. SIMEON

      Abit nervous for this one tbf, Jamie Vardy has had many parties when it comes to Chelsea, but I I’ll still think Chelsea will edge it, I’m saying a close 3-2 win to the blues. The foxes will be hard to catch but lions go for the throat 😂🦊🦁

    81. Fred Crowther

      I’d drop ziyech, play mount Gilmour and havertz. Tammy up top. Sorry, Werner needs a break.

      1. Fred Crowther

        Rlly don’t think kovacic is good enough at defending to start him CDM

    82. Truth Always Wins

      I will be absolutely be amazed if Lampard chooses your selection, this might sound dramatic but if Lampard does not start with Hudson-Odoi then Lampard needs sacking, CHO and Mount are the only creative players we have at the moment, only chance we have of beating Leicester

    83. Seth Kondegri

      Kova is poor ,billy is should play

    84. Seth Kondegri

      Kova is poor ,billy is should play

    85. siyanda sokhela

      I like the idea of playing James, Ziyech, and Odoi

    86. Joshua Fernandes

      MM is so underrated imo from an arsenal fan

    87. Lewis Scorer

      Don’t want to see Werner playing unless it’s in a 442.

    88. Gavriel Davis

      Very solid team it’s a must win for Chelsea tonight

    89. Joshua Fernandes

      imo chels fans gassed up mendy too much and put loads of pressure on him for keeping clean sheets against Sheffield United and now he’s lost his confidence

    90. Schadrak epoto

      1th half 0-0 and second half 0-1 favour for Chelsea. But will need a good start for our sentar

    91. YensElRojo

      Really like your vids man! Chill vibes, but interesting topics at hand, good mix! Feels like I'm listening to the boys on Discord lol hopefully we get the W today

    92. David and Sara Schlanger

      Spot on shifting Ziyech to the midfield to get CHO, Ziyech and Pulisic in the starting lineup. Those are three players that need to all be on the pitch.

    93. Ayman Ismail

      Kovacic can play cdm, when he was at real Madrid he played as cdm.(casemiro's backup)

    94. eeedrisable

      hahahahah this man says he doesnt trust Mendy like the beginning, makes him look like he was at fault for the crap azpli did. then says i want to give werner a chance lol hahahahahaha. I am one of your huge fans but nah not today on this video. Bless brother

    95. Nelson Ainomugisha

      Would go with same back 5. Midfield i would go with Mount, Kova & Havertz. Then a front 3 of CHO, Abraham & Ziyech. We can then bring Pulisic off the bench because CHO is really in the mood and we need to keep it going.

    96. Ray Salameh

      kovasic used to play as cdm at madrid

    97. Karim SK

      If ziyech midfielder and c.h.o right pulisic left werner striker chelsea wil be very very good team.

    98. Bellonaires Fc FC

      This is the exactly line up , I always wish for , except for Kova , I think Gimour will be better , you can’t trust in that position he will attempt to dribble and lose the ball in a dangerous position , then the game will be over even before it started , check Chelsea vs Bayern first leg you will understand what I’m talking about or arsenal fa cup last season

    99. CARD Creation

      Maybe 4 2 3 1 could still happen, pivot of Gilmour Kovacic with Mount in no. 10 with ziyech and hudson and Abraham

    100. Roshen Eapen

      Werner can absolutely not start today. It doesn't make sense. He needs some time off and shouldn't be rewarded in these important games with the ways he's played recently. He'll eventually have his time to become our #1 though.