Uefa Champions League Final: CHELSEA vs MANCHESTER CITY... THE PREVIEW w/

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    Uefa Champions League Final: CHELSEA vs MANCHESTER CITY... THE PREVIEW w/ @Younes Talks Football. YES GUYS! Welcome to the first Uefa Champions League: Chelsea vs Manchester City Preview here on GBFC. I called up Younes to discuss our memories of previous Chelsea FC Champions League finals and how we think the Tuchel vs Guardiola battle is going to pan out in Porto, Portugal this Saturday night. Chelsea vs Manchester City is another all English Champions League final. Younes gives his Champions League Final predictions! LETS GO!

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    1. Younes Talks Football

      Yes lad!!! Thank you for having me on bro! Let's bring it home on Saturday!!!!!! COME ON!!! lol

      1. Mo Awil

        يونس انت يهودي؟

      2. Pionel Pessi

        Hi my name is Pionel Pessi and Im finished. I can only statpad vs teams like Eibar and Huesca. I disappear vs big teams. Imo, I should get relegated with VARca. I need Suarez. We are bottlers.

      3. Mike Royce

        Chelsea are going to win it and our fans will be singing "Champions of Europe, you'll never sing that" to the Man City fans!

      4. Himanku Das

        It's coming home ! It's coming home ! Football's coming home !!

      5. justin white

        a win for chelsea no doubts

    2. Hi Daßer

      WE DID IT

    3. Cadman Sackey

      Big Benson please am waiting for after champions league collaboration with Big Younes right here. Thanks 💙💙💙💙💙💙🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    4. Oscar

      Yo we just won

    5. Rob B

      Could you possibly please somehow put more commercials in.....wtf

    6. beastgamer004

      Hakim ZIyech - Needs to start this game. He's insane on champions league nights...

    7. the quest

      give me the night

    8. Calvin Musaika

      What a collaboration💪💪💪

    9. Deadgaming 11

      I want the starting 11 vs Real Madrid.

    10. John Lavvas

      The thankful multimedia metabolically try because wool thankfully soak within a low brochure. muddled, voiceless ferry

    11. Nero Pasta

      10:08 whats the doggo doing? xD

    12. Emyli Ava

      The fretful custard substantively test because television immunocytochemically press despite a wrathful james. cute, wanting bulb

    13. Jimmy Camp

      Let’s go

    14. Frank Herlan

      Question : Which life is better. the lefthand side or on the righthand side

    15. Paa Kwesi Banafo

      I watched the 2008 final, and you know what, I don't remember it at all. That's how time heals.

    16. FredChelseaFan

      Two of the best Chelsea SEpromrs together! That is what we need before the final! Thank you guys 👏👏👏

    17. True Blue

      I much prefer George and Younes to that flip-flopping clown, Rory.

    18. Neo Ren Jie

      I actually felt confident we were going to win it in 2008 because we have been dominating the game and have several shots the posts. 2012 I didn't have any expectation at all because I was fully convinced that we would get knocked out by Napoli, then Barca, then Bayern.

    19. Kadeem Lewis

      Chelsea 3 City 0

    20. Kadeem Lewis

      Some one need to have Timo watch this before the match.

    21. Brako

      If he doesnt start kante, Chilwell and ziyech chelsea are in trouble !!!

    22. Kwabena Adika Francis

      Bring Declan Rice Home

    23. Serge Zam

      In 2012 i was living in Copenhagen. After the game has ended, that night I rode my bike around the city shouting Chelsea! Chelsea! accompanied by a danish friend. I don´t remember how we ended that night :-)

    24. Matt Smith

      Chelsea have a real problem on their hands next season. They only signed Tuchel for a year and there is going to be intense competition for his services. I don't see him staying with Chelsea. Someone is going to offer him the moon.

    25. Mary Kathike

      10:13 that puppy is cute

    26. LEVI's View.

      The problem with this finals is that We dont have any character in our Team..🥺😭😭😨,Am getting sick.i cant sleep ,this final will hurt so much if we dont win..dont even know how I will survive if we dont. Am scared.

    27. Mmm Kkk


    28. Melissa Ng

      Don’t want to feel a heartbreak this final 🙏, pray that Chelsea will bring the trophy 🏆 home 💙🙏🙏🙏 Come on Chelsea 💙💙💙

    29. Ozue Joseph

      This going to look funny but Chelsea are going to win 3-1.

    30. Isaiah Chikayanga

      Even me am happy for man united lost 😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Mr Scott polishcoinboost

      Hope we bring the big guns 🔫 💪 🙏 on Saturday chelsea 💙

    32. DiA_Manting

      I am a black magic player I can see short future Man city is the champions of ucl2021

    33. Shoji Castillo

      It was early morning, i was still in australia for uni. My arm was around my friend's shoulder, and i was literally sobbing even before drogba kicked as he walked towards the ball. when drogbas shot hit the net, i was screaming and crying so much. I didnt care about the neighbors even if it was so early in the morning 💙 what a night in munich

    34. Philippe Hunt

      Kind of hope for Chelsea to win it just so the fun arguing with City fans and pointing out they haven’t won the CL continues

    35. Spxced

      If Chelsea win I dare you to jump in the pool for the celebration 😂😂

    36. Merv De-Poet

      Oooh 2012, the moment when Thomas Muller scored that goal I gave up. But I told my self I have to soldier on and watch the game till the end, but we scored and man it was magic Drogba's classic goal unforgettable. What Away to blow out.

    37. Mikaiyel Miah

      Kante is the player that will make the biggest.


      Chelsea 3 -1 to take it, with Timo getting a double


      The lack of experienced campaigners upfront is the problem. Tactics will be the difference.

    40. Solomon Kakuwa

      I just love you guys 🇧🇼

    41. Mukelabai Stanley

      Younes doesn't look confident, i dont why!Gbfc looks positive ,we are wining guys.

    42. Yazan Bakerman

      ive been waiting for this collaboration for so long !!!! i want to see more of it

    43. Goldmind International

      Reminiscing 2012 gave me goosebumps.when Drogba turned in the corner, I grabbed a bucket of water and poured it all on me, my anti-football mom yelled, are you crazy?? Such beautiful memories

    44. Tom Simpson99


    45. Tonnie Wisdom

      I promise,,,, if we lose that final, I will stay a month off social media,, and that includes youtube and even GB football,, which is my best

    46. Patrick Donat

      My two favourite guys. Keep the videos coming

    47. Gatuso Dacxa

      Dam that nyt was the worst nyt for me ever💔

    48. izwan jamal

      When younes said about mase, pulisic, ziyech and havertz, before that i said in my mind, timo, please mention timo. Timo timo timo! And younes keeps talking and talking and somehow, younes said timo! And yes, that’s how well we Chelsea fans knows timo

    49. Immanho jr

      This two guys are incredible

    50. Lachlan Gould Sport

      Younes your predictions have gotta be better then the Irish Guy.

    51. Guillaume Koffi

      Honestly I’m confident but also a little bit scared because we tend to give « first time » for a lot of teams

      1. Guillaume Koffi

        But, if we are aggressive enough like the previous games, we can definitely win

    52. Notorious DKL

      It’s ngolo Kante

    53. Chelz Med

      Love you mate

    54. Adrish Nandi

      Timo Timo Timo!!! Will he score? Will he win us the final?

    55. Prakhar Trivedi

      small dog.

    56. edd edward

      If Kante has another MOTM performance, we’re winning this game

    57. hammed babalola

      Tammy is going to come good for any club he goes, to imagine we are willing to pay for Lukaku after letting him go and also picking morata over him , I’m out of words

    58. Random Chop2

      Make as many videos as you can for as long as you can mate we love them! From Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺 Go the bluess 💙💙

    59. Dammyj Ade

      Chelsea FC would win except Man City score early goals because they would want to attack from the first blow of the whistle.

      1. Dammyj Ade

        I said itttttt...up Blues

    60. Benny Gaweseb

      Please No drama no last minute goals no penalty shoot outs. Let's Finnish this in 90minutes. My nerves are killing me.

    61. cucurijo gaming

      George you still in Bali?

    62. cucurijo gaming

      Please take Donaruma Chelsea..

    63. Nigga Bhai

      Leicester first time fa cup champion Villarreal first time uel champion I'm scare

    64. Kervin Lopez vevo

      A win in Jesus name Amen 🙏🔵💙

    65. Ousman Chatty

      Anytime when you guys do video together Chelsea will lose

    66. NagaBi Lo

      George you promised us you'll be doing everything you can to go to Istanbul if Chelsea qualify for the final. Will be disappointed if you aren't going for the fake promise.

    67. Arjun Bharadwaj

      George we need a collab with Yan!!!!

    68. MAX

      Imagine it’s the first game we score 3+ with tuchel

    69. Excelsior

      As much as I hate to admit it FT is 2:0 or 3:1 for Man City. It will be a hard blow but it will go through and Chelsea should be stronger next season

    70. tysoon363636

      Am I the only one more nervous now than in 2012? Please recommend me some pills for anti nervous.

    71. Anthony Lim

      Timo and kante is the key players.

    72. richard grace

      Younes: if there is one player that can make a difference is werner.... yeah they guy has scored two goals since November in all competitions.... I find It funny how people keep on laying the praise on werner and mount and havertz and ziyech yet keep using pulisic as a scape goat... think on this one... in last 15 appearance pulisic has more G/A than mount or werner or havertz or ziyech also he has had a G or A in 3 of out last 4 champions league matches

    73. Richy Talks Chelsea

      2-0 Timo double

    74. Richy Talks Chelsea

      Man I'm so psyched it's hours baby!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Richy Talks Chelsea

      Pulisic sits havertz starts

      1. MAX

        I’d say pulisic should come on at half time if we need a different approach shouldn’t wait till 70th min

    76. dwayne gross

      3-2 Chelsea win..... remember this GB

    77. Abdallah.mmmasri Abdallah.mmmasri

      Tiago Silva will score

    78. Melissa Menéndez

      I was 14 on that lost final, it was the first year I was watching european football at all, and my heart just went out for the losers... started watching premier league afterwards and obviously, got my reward in 2012

    79. 不惑:cogent

      Play Havertz and Werner up-front in a 352 formation.

    80. dalmar campbell

      Chelsea dominated city in the last two games they played like really .Chelsea scraped pass Citeh twice.

      1. MAX

        Jorginho does very well against city for some reason

    81. Nuel Nuel. O.

      You guys are wrong and right at the same time. Wrong - Timo Werner is not the critical aspect for this final. The 2 players that need to have the right mentality for Chelsea to win are Tony Rudiger and Mason Mount. Rudiger has to have the same mentality as he had during the Athletico game. Mason Mount has to play the way he played against Madrid. You are right about Chelsea hurting Man City if the midfield dominates the game . Man city gets confused when they don't have the ball. If you allow city keep the ball, no matter what team you are, you Will concede goals. So since Chelsea cannot score easily, they must try to keep the ball and not easily loose it for KDB to score from long range effort. Foden as well as the rest of the Man city players will be looking for revenge since Chelsea have beat them twice already. So Chelsea players must be up to the task, otherwise the game is lost already

    82. Ahmed Ali

      YAAAAAAS Screw United..I hate them more than anything in my life..I can't stand United fans even....I hope next season they drop to the Championship ..ManU is a disgrace on football world..it is a team that they only win big games whining to refs for penalties..their fat Ferguson used to win games on 95th min of the game with penalties not just once (it is like 8-12 times a season)

    83. عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques

      Both teams are incredible players and are the same chance for winnig the game. The Better head coach betwin tuchel or GUARDIOLA will won the final cup

    84. Mr Emeng


    85. Fei Gamer

      For me is we Chelsea Score first we gonna win for Surely’

    86. David R

      When Timo is our designated match winner..........🦄

    87. Deniz Ozen

      a collab with a man city fan channel could be fun and interesting too

    88. Mike Royce

      Just a thought. Our leading goal scorer might be a match winner from the penalty spot, after Werner wins a penalty.

    89. Mike Royce

      This game could be Werner's Torres moment.

    90. Don Monda

      cant wait for lads kill their morale and bring back the trophy home

    91. sophia Isabella

      The truth is 80% would really want man city to win rather than Chelsea... Cos they wanna make fun of Chelsea

    92. victor ajayi

      This legit got me a little emotional. Those memories are still very fresh. George and Younes you guys are flipping legends. True Chelsea fans. The very best Chelsea Collab I've watched. Thanks guys. COYB!!!

    93. Daniel Ochoa

      My lineup for the final Mendy Azpi Thiago Rudiger James kante jorgi Chitwell Havertz Mount Werner Subs to help: Kova for Jorgi (we're gonna need the passes , the time, the creativity of jorgi) and for the end of the game we need Kova's physique, speed and recovery of the ball helping Kante Pulisic/Ziyech for Havertz to help have more the ball and counterattacks Zouma for Thiago/Azpi to help the defense at the end Let me know what you think 🙌🏻🔵

    94. Josh Atkins

      Is it just me or does younes look like Matt Hancock?

    95. Annual Leopard

      Younes is absolutely right when he says Man City are vulnerable when they don't have the ball. We need to dominate the game and to do that, Kante needs to perform. He will be the difference for me.

    96. Jason Peters

      I see TT doing something different. Watch him put Mount into the pivot and play 3 attackers... wild guess

    97. 2dany5

      Best colab ever.

    98. James fresh

      My two favourite football SEpromr i love you both so much Two good friends

    99. Hodan A

      younes:the player can be the different is me:kante younes:timo me:😱😭😂

      1. MAX

        Kantimo be the difference?

    100. Legend Rayquaza

      I bantered Utd the hello out. Confidence of CHELSEA