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    TUCHEL'S MOST UNPREDICTABLE CHELSEA LINE-UP SO FAR... | CHELSEA vs NEWCASTLE MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Newcastle in the Premier League is the Monday Night Football 20:00 (UK) kick off in the Premier League. Thomas Tuchel is still unbeaten as Chelsea manager and he faces Steve Bruce's Newcastle who are just one place above the relegation zone. Chelsea vs Newcastle might see a return for Kai Havertz, with Timo Werner expected to start after missing Chelsea's 1-0 win at Barnsley in the FA Cup with a dead leg. Let me know your Chelsea FC Starting XI for Newcastle at Stamford Bridge in the comments below!
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    1. Sam

      When are we going to meet your missus

    2. Christopher McDonald

      Half this was eerily correct and the other half was terribly wrong

    3. Yann Bonada

      george where is your guitar?!?!?

    4. ghulam gulzar

      Who’s here after line ups...

    5. Timothy Hickey


    6. unk12

      Kepa Starts!

    7. MMA Nutter

      No love for Abraham. I hope he actually gets a start, he arguably should've won two pens against Barnsley. And of course scored alongside the goal line header. I hope he at least is subbed on

    8. Sheev Palpatine

      Chelsea vs Newcastle (A) was the first match where Timo started missing sitters maybe Chelsea vs Newcastle (H) will mark his return with an outstanding performance

    9. Mr StrangeResidue

      What about chilly lcb and marcos lwb

    10. Jaimzofficial

      Interesting lineup, I actually really like it and I can see alot of potential if CHO and Werner can be flexible but disciplined enough to perhaps drift into them wide areas and let mount make the forward runs.. something that i think is being shaped up for Havertz

      1. Jaimzofficial

        Perhaps we may end up seeing mount move into jorginhos position.. because l hope we can all see that a manager could put mount anywhere he wants on the pitch and he's probably gonna be a minimum 7 out of 10 in every game

    11. Carlos Rivera

      The problem with winning while playing bad is that our luck will run out soon if we dont get it going

    12. Keith Schultz

      Bring the monster known as sule

    13. Ranj Jabar

      George do Chelsea collaboration videos

    14. Cameron Hendrickson

      People are so stuck on playing good football it doesn’t matter if you win games look at united they played 3 good games all season and are top 3

    15. Rami Tucks

      George isn't andreas injured

    16. Rami Tucks

      Before or while playing us

    17. Toby Hutchins94

      If Newcastle are in form, then it’s good that we’re playing them at home. Because despite our victory away to them, our form there isn’t the best in recent years which is why tonight will be perfect to do the double over them with a home and away victory against the magpies. 💙

    18. Will Robinson

      Why no zouma

    19. Jake Bendall

      Havertz false 9 out of nowhere ;)

    20. Jonathan Feyibunmi

      He forgot we have 9 players on the bench, I reckon Kante and Giroud there also. Giroud to grab second in a 2-0 win hopefully

    21. Archie long

      Caught the sun abit lad 😂

    22. Gmajage Nahnwensj

      Personally I think chilwell is starting


      Havertz should start 😞

    24. Patrick Nand

      Chelsea 2-1

    25. MMD

      I think we should play more attacking football. Chelsea’s recent games have been a snooze fest. Playing like that will not work when we play better teams.

    26. fa elger

      George...I normally don't do this telling SEpromrs these things. BUT in your case, I just have to cause...I like you :). YOU HOPEFULLY DO UNDERSTAND that THIS (your GF entering for ....A CHARGER) is if not PLANNED by you..an OBVIOUS PLOY/TRY to well...you know??? BE PART of your...THIS. :) And slowly encroach on you until she feels strong enough to say. :) JUST a friendly advice from another man plagued by the PLIGHT of the woman...shes probably wondering why she's not your....whatever...scripter or camera holder or...ANYTHING. And BELIEVE ME, shell probably DENY the entire thing the moment you ask and shutter in fear that you might not like it... I'm speaking out of a deep deep well of knowledge about such things here -.- and it saddens me. but hopefully, you see this...cause it will help your relationship tremendously. Believe me...you picking up on these things.

    27. Kai Havertz

      Subs are 9 not 7 Mr. George

    28. shumirai madzorera

      Little bit of an echo there bruv

    29. Kainich

      Efficient Interchangeability

    30. Laugh Out

      George, you dont have a central midfielder on the bench. what do we do if Kova and Jorginho run out of steam. Where is Kante and Gilmour😄

    31. United States of Chelsea

      Ever since Chillwell lost his head against Leicester, he hasn’t seemed right...I hope Tuchel can help him regain some confidence

    32. Tony's World21*

      Same line-up as Younes Talks Football! 3 Points! COYB!

    33. Roman Sorin

      It's so hard to accept that flipping ~150m Kepa and Havertz are sitting on the bench...

    34. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Soomali🇸🇴🇸🇴 fanes chelsea

    35. Sdfghjklñ Asdfghjklñ


    36. Rishad mahmud

      I prefer fingerstyle guitar covers

    37. Chaza True blue

      We’ve played poor football??

    38. that guy shane

      Zouma played v well against Barnsley y not him?

    39. Aditya Patel

      Just came to comment about Alonso. I mean I like the guy and the first game for TT he defended so well which was never seen before. The last game was back to usual of course, horrible defending. If TT keeps using him against big teams a lose is on the cards boss. The thing is.. I forgot which game but Chilly didn't play too well either but I hope we use him more than Alonso.

    40. Robert Andretta

      Line up looks good for a 3-0 win. Regrettable that there is so much HIGH TALENT on the bench.

    41. dechdrg d

      George is a United man

    42. Tom Stainer

      Yess guys I like your team only swap I'll do is playing zouma Up the blues let's get 4th😜💙💙 is kante injured?


      4 in the morning... I can understand that george.... Love from india

    44. X_blaze6 akande inioluwa

      Blues 💙💙💙 let’s give our best to win We need 3points so important no draw

    45. Kalpak Seal

      But Chelsea cant afford to destroy Chilwell and Zouma. Especially Zouma.

    46. Intreme Jobby

      don’t know if it’s just me but christensen is so shit but who else can we play there

    47. infinteuniverse

      Part of managing a team is keeping all the players happy. Chelsea does not have a Neymar, Messi, or Ronaldo in the team, he will rotate as much as he needs.

    48. DJ T-Mak

      1- couple more good performances from Kepa to regain his confidence means we have a nice competition for goalies (its healthy) 2- I predict the following lineup vs Newcastle Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudi Odoi Jovacic Chilli Mount Pulisic Werner Subs: Ziyech for Puli Kante for Kova James for Odoi

    49. Brendan Giddens

      interesting line up prediction george, would like to see how this system would go. If we eliminate the silly mistakes at the back, a comfortable 2 - 0 win will make me happy, hoping werner gets on the scoresheet too

    50. MJOTD !

      2-0 Chelsea - yet to concede (not counting own goals)

    51. Tarik Tarik

      Poor lineup draw result anyway.but with ziyach i think the team will have more possibilitise to score more than 1 goal

      1. Tarik Tarik

        @Mo shahtar Messi or Ronaldo the best players in the world they will do nothing in that patate field

      2. Mo shahtar

        He himself was poor against championship barnsley than what you can expect 😂

    52. Alhadji Wambara

      Happy seeing your girlfriend lol

    53. Sammy Rehman

      I don’t understand why we can’t play pulisic at the left-wing back position because the main purpose of that position is to provide attacking ability and strength and of course to track back. Pulisic is quicker than Alonso and provides more for the attack than him and I feel like he can do that role better

    54. Stephen Leigh

      Do you know that Yan & Younness have both picked the identical line up as you. Great minds think alike. Come on you blues.

    55. K-vaughn Peters

      Why is Christensen staring over zouma I can’t get that🤷🏽‍♂️

    56. Ibrahima BA

      I think Kanté will play

    57. Truth Always Wins

      Totally agree with your line up, we do well against Newcastle, positive forward thinking attack, none of this lethargic play like against Barnsley


      you younes and yarn have the same line up I would play Kante and Kovacic as he just needs game time


      Yes Ethan all the way we have guys we bought from Baecelona and Nice


      Where is Zuma?

    61. Stay Paid

      Why don’t you want zouma to start?


      hey George lets see your gf introduce her to your channels fans you got the best channel n background here on you tube

    63. Stanley Uzera

      Chelsea 4 v Newcastle 1

    64. yeri dennimmus

      that T-shirt is bloody big

    65. Soo

      Spoilers dnag

    66. Russ Coleman

      Tuchel has to be conservative....

    67. Cory Gee G

      Who in this squad can you look to for goals......the answer......nobody knows!

    68. Alan Delerue

      Suppose Tuchel is so good that our competitors decided to drop points. 🙄

    69. KlemMeds

      Your team selection is always wrong 😄😄😄 Try predicting who will score first goal, possession, number of corner kicks etc

    70. Andrey Gladchuk

      Brother, what are the chances of having Hazard back at Chelsea?

    71. Paul Bridges

      That’s looks a good team George but do we need to be so defensive against Newcastle. Maybe 1 number 6 then we can have Giroud on the end of crosses from James and Alonso.

    72. Viet Dinh

      did you get sunburned

    73. Hue G. rection

      When your hair and shirt matches

    74. KIN0_0P _

      I think Chelsea should always use 2 strikers

    75. Mike Royce

      Twice Champions of Europe, will we ever sing that? Anyone think we can win the Champions League this season?

    76. Ryan Talley

      How do players get out of slumps if they don’t play

    77. Martin Yeboah

      A win for us tomorrow hopefully and top four on track

    78. Jidu Hamad

      Tammy will start up front

    79. Kristian Bate

      No one: Absolutely no one: Still absolutely no one: George: My girlfriend does exist!!

    80. Emma Igbotic07

      When are you doing giveaway to ur fans

    81. Bepo Raymond


    82. Zerv Hesh


    83. yave

      ok im in love w the lineup!! lezzgo

    84. L. Sun

      One strategic move for Tuchel is to make our lineup unpredictable. He may use another formation against Newcastle.

    85. yave


    86. yave


    87. yave

      my valentine's day was working only with referencing my academic paper.. finally free

    88. Ewa Drerrie

      Ziyech bruh.?

    89. Abdullah Bimani

      Mendy James zouma rudiger chilly Kovacic kante Ziyech mount CHO Werner 4-2-3-1

    90. Ibrahim Korkis vux Vuxelev

      very good formation I am totaly agree with you

    91. Nathan Jerome

      I’ve always hated the 3 back as a long term system as u don’t create enough and we still look like we can’t create we r just tighter at the back

    92. K Nanda gopal

      Why no Zoumaaa ??

    93. Rasa Romco

      I will come back to watch your videos after the losses start piling up on Chelsea. I even doubt they can beat New Castle to start with. Champions league? lol. Not a chance.

    94. Adam Loune

      So Pulusic and Zayech are only going to play in shity games from now on till summer transfer??

    95. Andrew Andreas

      correct me if iam wrong when morrino first came to chelsea we won alot of games at 1..0 . i think we won the league

    96. Mugalasi Melvin

      George please show us ur miss 😂😉😂😂

    97. Insight 123

      It seems everyone has forgotten about Havertz

      1. Carl Olofsson

        He is injured, he is not forgotten I think that Tuchel has to play both Havertz and Werner to not be fired lol

    98. Wes W

      Having seen the 4 at the back system worked in the last 45 minutes of last match ie we controlled the pace of the match much better and started creating chances, I see no reason we should stick to the back 3 so called 'the norm'. If we started with a 3 at the back, I guarantee we will struggle to get the ball to their half again. I can already imagine wingbacks standing high up waiting for the ball and getting frustrated when suddenly needed to defend.willblockvulnerable

    99. Insight 123

      Having a girlfriend is overrated ):

    100. Calteck10

      Anyone notice the camera shadow on his shirt