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    TUCHEL'S CHELSEA'S BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS MOURINHO | TOTTENHAM vs CHELSEA PREVIEW. Tottenham vs Chelsea tonight in the Premier League see's Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea face Jose Mourinho's Tottenham. Mourinho's Spurs have struggled recently in the Premier League and Tuchel's Chelsea have 4 points from 6 with two premier league clean sheets in a row. Let me know your Chelsea Starting XI for Tottenham vs Chelsea tonight in the Premier League.
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    1. Jonathan Ntutu

      I keep telling you. Have a live stream and we can do this together. Coz you picking the team make you sound clueless

    2. Daniel

      Chelsea just needed more Germans!

    3. Daniel Curtis

      Didn’t realise you live in Bali 😴

    4. Shahid Willie

      Chelsea won👏👏

    5. Jonathan Ntutu

      Also you are biased in your team picking.

    6. Jonathan Ntutu

      I like you George, but come on. Ur team previews Suck. Rather have a live stream and let us help you pick a team. You picking rubbish

    7. james jervier

      we going to win 3 - 1 timo and Tomas going to shine

    8. Tafadzwa Mupita

      Bro these formations you have being playing for weeks are not what the coach is doing ....Please just play the part

    9. Tafadzwa Mupita

      There is no way Rudiger is dropping

    10. Christopher

      I have been saying for a while now that Pulisic's best position or highest ceiling position is more central as a traditional number 10. So I think False 9 will be good for him too, where he has the freedom to go outwide or stay inside kinda like Messi. I noticed that recently opposing teams were starting to send multiple defenders at him and Pulisic had been less likely to attack his defender out on the wings because there was always a second defender waiting for him. Toward the end of Frank's tenure as manager we saw Pulisic start playing more central throughout the game because when Pulisic is in the middle with a striker in front of him and wingers out wide all he really has to do is beat his first defender with a quick turn and then his teammates make runs to draw other defenders away and Pulisic has way more options going forward. He is a great winger, but I think his potential playing more central is a lot higher. Pulisic has even stated in interviews while he was at dortmond that he has played in the middle a lot through out his career and feels comfortable their. The only reason he has been put outwide is becasue his pace and Dortmond/Chelsea had solid more proven midfielders already. Anyways sorry for this long post haha, i'm just excited to see if Pulisic will actually get solid minutes playing more central

    11. Liam Sam Rashid

      so you are planning to stay in Bali and never go back to London?

    12. JaBoi

      3-1 chels

    13. Timothy Hickey


    14. Bobb Bill


    15. Bryan Morris

      What’s everyone’s opinion on Ben Chilwell? Since Alonso might have found his form in this wing back position, chilwell is sitting on the bench after being bought for a hefty price tag

      1. Bryan Morris

        That is if Tuchel keeps using this formation and doesn’t go back to 4 at the back

    16. Giannis MP96

      Zouma is injured

    17. 名探偵木村


    18. Tariq Al-Bakri

      Havertz will start in pulisic place. He will thrive in this position he will get back his confidence. Lets go BLUES!

    19. myque ousoh

      Heard a rumour that Frank Lampard is being wanted by Bournemouth. Can someone confirm this plz?

    20. perhaps maybe

      In my opinion havertz as a 10, werner Striker and pulisic 2nd 10 or false 9 would be crazy good and also about callum he needs to play RWB but with a more attacking role without crosses.

    21. cosmos smith

      You literally think Jorginho would be drop? Jokes on you mate! Btw it’s your opinion

    22. Dave Buckner

      George YOU nailed the lineup except Rudiger instead of Zouma as Rudiger can provide better deep wing passes over the top as a second attacking option. This formation is genius because it will quicken our play and allow for Pulisic, Werner, and Havertz to run freely all over the place combining and setting up through ball attacks. If this lineup and formation happens then it’s Chelsea 3, Tottenham 1, and Mourinho sacked.

    23. KING


    24. Guillermo Corro Zárate

      come on!!! We are gonna win! I think it could be at front kai, pull and timo; I know is quite strange but it could happen

    25. Dan Skinner

      There's a chance that all the summer signings except Silva won't be a part of Tuchels first team ?

    26. welium

      Mount further forward imo, he's better as an 8 not a 6

    27. Gabriel Barros Uccelli

      George, a Lil thing to ask. We all love your vids, it have the balance between informative and entertainment, and now u are a big part of the Chelsea community. That being said, shine a little light on the women in blue too. Yesterday we score six on a domestic cup semifinal, Hayes is doing a amazing job, and they deserve more recognition of the community, and you being a big part of it, could be of help. As for the game today, is being said that Havertz and Zouma could be out bcs of injuries. I think that this game could bring back the conte era of Kanté, with a good partnership and the freedom that he needs to play his best football, which a back three can offer. Keep up with the good work. KTBFFH

    28. Seeker_Reaper

      Rudiger will play because tuchel like a passing cb and rudiger can play that pass better than Zuma

    29. Marcus Lee

      I don’t think we’re going to be troubled much by Tottenham. Mourinho has never found a way to be effective without Kane unlike Pochettino who did. Also I think Mourinho will set up very similarly like last season and maybe a slight tweak. Tuchel will perhaps go with just one up top similarly as he did against Burnley and because Jose will play in a medium block he’ll push both wing backs to support Jorginho (yes i hate to say it but he will stick with him) while pushing Mount forward to join Pulisic and Werner to create a 6 v 5 in central midfield areas to open up the passing lanes to offer more options both to attack and support Giroud/Abraham up top as the lone striker and also aggressively win the ball back higher up quickly when we lose the ball. Tottenham will lose the midfield battles and I’ll be surprised if they even get barely more than a shot on target. The second half will see Mourinho tweak it as he did last season to counter it and overload the central areas with another player but unlike last season they won’t start regaining possession as comfortably in the second half aa they did then with Son till he got sent off and I believe we’ll have already taken the lead in the first half and the only team likely to get the next goal will be us. Clean sheet and a 1 or 2 goal win for us.COYB!

    30. 6ixpOffical TV

      I think TT talked about Zouma been talking off with little issue.

    31. 6ixpOffical TV

      Knowing how to deal with those Media is something Tuchel kw. I like how he deal with it👍👍

    32. Kacper Borkowski

      CHE 1-0 SPUR

    33. Christopher Johnson

      I think chilly needs to be back instead of alonso. He did score a good goal but overall game wasn't as good as chilly

    34. V B

      Wouldn't bother watching the game if frank lampard still managing chelsea. Looking forward to watch tuchel's tactic tonight. Realistically we could lose, but it will be a tight game. Not a 3-0 demolition hapless performance like we've seeen under lampard.

    35. njn brl:re

      Playing against Burnley and spurs is totally different Hope Tuchel knows this

    36. njn brl:re

      CHO playing at RWB Just doesn't feel right

    37. Jacob Couldridge

      Zouma and Kai are doubts aswell

    38. Jacob Couldridge

      U silly man the LCB is suppose to sit back with T Silva. That’s what happened with conte as Dave is suited to overlap. Cahil played LCB and he never overlapped😂

    39. Stefan Mitrovic

      Marcos alonso striker ngl😂😂

    40. Nathan Kington

      I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it

    41. Mika K.

      who else thought that the entire video there was a bird outside your window?

    42. KIN0_0P _

      House tour

    43. Daniel Augustin

      1-3 Chelsea

    44. 217 Legacy

      Gilmour > Jorginho

    45. Daniel Augustin

      This season In the "big" games, Chelsea have failed to deliver at every opportunity . Fingers crossed for Tuchel. A comfortable victory will go a long way to burying the ghost of Lampard.

    46. Omoyede Richy

      My boy odoi gonna kill suprs 🙌🙌

    47. yave

      legit line up bro!

    48. yave

      zouma might be injured right?

      1. yave

        but yeah hope he plays too

    49. yave

      0-2 we win!

    50. yave

      feeling relaxed today huh?

    51. vileicht

      In the last press conference, Tuchel said that Zouma won't start...

    52. TheNIM

      Pulisic will start at CAM/CF.

    53. Luca robinson

      when are the main chancel videos coming back

    54. bob fredricks

      Honestly Reece James at wing back and odoi and pullisic I’m the central role would be brilliant if we want to be more creative thru the middle


      Am optimistic, am going with totenham 1_2Chelsea

    56. Thomas Morales

      mount in the double pivot??? Don't think george has fully understood Tuchel's philosophy.

    57. ilo diallo

      Why not play Azpi as left CB and put James at right CB

    58. Abdul Khalid

      I think tomori would fit perfect over rudiger on lcb

    59. Kibrom Eyob


    60. damion fletcher

      Yo I think the formation is gonna change today just a thought

    61. Somak Madhab Basu

      I think Chelsea will lose today sadly

    62. Harrison Reddin


    63. Tarik

      Shittttyyyy and bias Lineup !!!! hopefully we dont see it !!

    64. Jack Hayman


    65. Gdog

      very exciting prediction for the lineup, pulisic in a false 9 (almost a cam/cf role) could be a great move

    66. Magnus Støver

      When are you moving back to England?

    67. Thuba

      Give us a house tour George

    68. Eddie Ryan

      I care about where you live x

    69. Don john

      A draw for sure.

    70. Lawrence Nana Gyan

      Hey bruv, I also give my views on the game tomorrow. I always look up to your vids mate. You and Yan. It would be an honour if you tell me what you think about my channel George. This extends to all my fellow Chelsea brothers and sisters. Much love💙 Blue is the colour

    71. David Wright

      George u ain't been at that bali sheeba have ya ur eyes are telling a different story 👀

    72. 8 Ball Gameplay&Footage

      Everything in this video is wrong. Zouma or Werner aren’t gonna start. Jorginho or Rudiger don’t deserve to get dropped, it feels like you almost have an hatred against these players who have done their job when needed since tuchel has taken over. Spurs will park their usual bus today so using Giroud would be more tactical play. him as the target man and poacher that he is, take use of that extra width to get that perfect cross in for him.

    73. EnkPlayz

      I'm thinking 3-1

    74. Patrick Gill

      Your videos used to have content, and not just ramblings

    75. Ollie Taylor

      . 3-0 Blues Pulisic Werner Ziyech Alonso Mount Kova Cho Rudiger Silva Reece Mendy

    76. Luxurydog

      The amount of new vocabulary words I learn in this channel is massive

    77. fchsean

      I think we have to try and go for the win in this game. Can you imagine the confidence boost an away win against Spurs would do for the players especially considering that we've still got to go up against one of the best Atletico Madrid teams we've seen for years in the UCL knockout stages.

    78. Luke 56

      Can’t wait to sing Willian’s song oh wait nevermind

    79. Kelley Rawlings

      Would love to see Puli as a false 9.

    80. Dirty Sanchez

      Shitty editing

    81. Anirudh Kalikiri

      Zouma's not gonna play cause he got injured in training So did havertz

    82. Nader Nation_91

      I say 2-1 CFC I think we can find the way to steal the game @ Spurs. Team had enough time to get a full training with Tuchel. I have faith win or lose CFC4Life

    83. Harry Brown


    84. NagaBi Lo

      0-1 to Chelsea. Zeyich and Pulisic behind Werner.. COYB

    85. kittenallie

      Zouma is questionable...so may not be available

    86. Thulani Mazibuko

      Congrats about ur new crib bro

    87. Blxnk

      Kante is kit to play why not him

    88. Jonathan Ntutu

      Not sure if u ignorant or something. Zouma not gna come in. Back 3 will not change now. Stop hating on Toni.

    89. Salsa Salsa

      3:1 for Chelsea ❤️❤️❤️

    90. Nick Ortiz

      R u ever moving back to London?

    91. james belove

      I’m gonna go with Chelsea W 2 -0 I’m having a feeling that if Werner starts he will score one goal..... I’m saying this from U.S

    92. Adamin

      Think the lineup will be: Mendy James Rudiger Silva Chilwell Kante Mount Havertz Hudson-Odoi Pulisic Werner

    93. Sam BK

      Rudiger isn’t meant to overlap that is just Azpi role


      London is blue 😄😄

    95. Leyton The Don

      you say aspi is verey confident going forward where as rudiger is not so what does dropping ruidger for zuma help us.

    96. Andrew White

      Great video Thomas tuchel have Chelsea up for tonight game so want timo to get on score sheet my score prediction Chelsea 2 1 win

    97. Leyton The Don

      you actually hate on rudiger for no reason

    98. Al Dan

      Can't believe you predict a draw last time you predict a draw Chelsea lose.. 2-1 Chelsea win is the best prediction..

    99. Isak Larsson

      Tammy will probably not see the light of day again at Chelsea unfortunately, I could sense Tuchel was really annoyed with Tammy's first half performance and taking him off at half time after being manager for such a short time is a big statement. Tammy is probably a championship quality striker and Tuchel knows this, he doesn't make smart runs, can't hold up the ball, he's surprisingly bad in the air for someone of his height and I can see him being consistently on the bench from now on unless he makes drastic changes to his game and how he plays.

    100. Gabriel Okei

      Feels like it’s been ages Georgie 😭😭