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    TUCHEL DREAM CHELSEA FRONT 3 TO DESTROY BIELSA | LEEDS vs CHELSEA MATCH PREVIEW. Leeds vs Chelsea is the Saturday Premier League early kick-off this weekend. Chelsea are unbeaten under Thomas Tuchel and beat Leeds at Stamford Bridge 3-1 in the Premier League earlier this season. Bielsa's Leeds are looking for a Top half Premier League finish in their first season back in the Premier League. Chelsea will be looking forward to Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid Champions League second leg on Wednesday night. Let me know your Leeds vs Chelsea score predictions below and make sure you get signed up and submit your answers to the 10 questions over on the GBFC Selects web app linked below!
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    1. George Benson Football

      YES GUYS! Big game tomorrow against Leeds, Make sure you've submitted your answers to the ten easy questions on GBFC Selects to be in with a chance of winning the £1000. It is up for grabs every single game! GOOD LUCK! Enjoy the video!

      1. jamie slack

        I thought you was going to destroy us? 1 of your players are worth more than our whole team and you couldn’t beat our championship players 😂

      2. Prateek Chauhan

        @George Benson Football I am from from India .. I am unable to sign up because tha OTP doesn't come which is required for verification

      3. Alfred nana yaw Obodai

        George i cant confirmed my Email

      4. Aaron Reed

        Jorginho misses the atletico game via suspension so I think he will start ahead of kovacic

      5. SHAMAN TV

        In Africa we are not able to take part in answering gbfcselect question because the website keep saying your country is blocked.. I really wanted to take part in that, but. Anyway Chelsea win 4-0🔥🔥

    2. Random Chop2

      Where is the live stream

    3. usertiger

      How has he got almost all correct in the wrong formation from 3 back to 4 back

    4. Alhassan Shiraz

      Good morning George, we will one day hand over to you the managership of Chelsea fc to you to also this your brilliant ideas and Annalises in to practice , I like your Annalises you are always perfect in it

    5. achyut tripathi

      This aged well!

    6. usertiger

      When he said 5-1 I was like what it's 3-1 then realized what he meant

    7. Ross Mason

      Our meeting with Leeds at Ellen Road was in December 2012 George.

    8. steve10 the striker

      kepa, zouma, silva, Azcul, Odoi, Alonso, jorginho, kovich , verner, Giroud, and havrt

    9. Truth Always Wins

      You can’t drop TIMO, yes he has not been scoring, but he pulls the defenders out of position, Pulisic is a big risk he hasn’t been doing it at the moment

      1. Thomas Bazemore

        True but Pulisic hasn’t been given any playing time. He only gets to play the end of matches when he has to defend and cannot attack.

    10. Michael Plane

      Codswallop, now there's a blast from the past. Good vid, as always. I thought Mr "T", would play CHO as wingback for his pace. The front three look awesome. COYB. 4-1

    11. Jako Jackson

      I would love to see James in the middle with Kante. I think he will bring even more physicality, better ball carrying, final pass and we all know James has a great shot on him. Real fans know he played in midfield for Wigan on loan and won player of the year.

    12. Sylvester Appiagyei

      The gbfcselects isn't working in Ghana apparently

    13. shubham wagh

      From where are u shooting this video ? It looks soo beautiful 🤩

    14. Anucha kanyakamin

      Wow what an beautiful surroundings home george..seem like you living your dream rgt..anyway my predictions for Chelsea against Leeds is simple 2-0 win..without conceding a goal yet again.

    15. jackyboy yt

      I have a feeling Gilmour will start against athletico or leeds

    16. Kai Lobb

      I don’t know why George isn’t featured on the CFC channel he should have his own section coyb💙🔵

    17. Barnabas Muhanda

      Mount and Jogihno will be suspended during Athletic after getting 2 consecutive yellow cards therefore Leeds match we usr them as UCL we need a fully fit Kante and Kovacic

    18. Alexander the Great

      5-0 blues!

    19. joseph odhiambo

      I love your front 3 prediction

    20. joseph odhiambo

      I think the midfield combination is going to be Jorgi and Kante

    21. fiasko Dollari

      That bench is dangerous

    22. Giorgos Chatzakis

      2012/2013 EFL Cup

    23. Denzel Shaju

      I think since mount and jorginho won't play against athleti both will start today

    24. Kago Rabasoma

      J5 and M19 are definitely starting and playing 90 minutes, if not for their excellence, but for the fact that they're not playing midweek.

    25. Keshav Girdhari

      I think kepa should start this one

    26. Bishal Kabashi

      Keeping the Atleti game in mind Chilly won't be in the squad for sure. Jorginho will come instead of kova and Marcos Alonso will be there in the final squad.

    27. Rootikal

      Silva injured

    28. Agboola Taiwo Seun

      I just want the pulisic of last season come out again. And this game is perfect for him..90min for pulisic pls. I did want Mendy rested, let Kepa come up, for his confidence and assurance to stick around. Prediction, Chelsea wins 4 goals to 1 leads..

    29. CLIP GOD

      Didnt get a notification george

    30. Julius Tetteh

      Mendy , azpi, christiansen, rudy Chilwell, Jorginho, mount, Hudson-odoi Havertz,Giroud, Pulisic

    31. Brent Robinson

      Mount and jorginho will start because they suspended for the champions league so ot starting jorginho makes no sense because wednesdayhe not available... i believe odoi would beright wing and werner on the bench for kai and puli to be up top. Also tammy and silva injured

    32. mubarik mohamoud

      I think Jorginho and Mount must get first-team due to their suspension of the champion and the rest will be great. Chelsea 4 Leeds 0 come on CFC.

    33. Viwe Mji

      Hey George!!! Are congratulations in order there mate? I see a ring on your finger... 😅😅.... Any way brilliant preview... But 4 changes... Alonso, jorg kante in the middle, giroud, mount and ziyech up front... My lineup... Cheers

    34. Eiru7senpai

      Idk why but i got this little feeling that Tuchel will start Kepa.

    35. will shepherd

      up the chels, big win tomorrow!

    36. NVV 7

      Kante out and Hudson odoi in front

    37. Martin Yeboah

      We need to win and Pulisic deserves some game time. Nice lineup, George

    38. Blue Bridge Travel & Sportz

      Exactly my prediction too...!! 1-3.. Lets gooooooooooo Blues....!!!!!

    39. Hussam Fauzi

      Kai - Giroud - Mout Alonso - kova - Jorgi - CHO Rudi - Andreas - Azpi Mendy 4-0 wins. Come on you blues

    40. Hussam Fauzi

      Tactically challanging and physically difficult. This game will be fire 🔥🔥🔥

    41. Christopher Williams

      Why this dude take so long to get to the dam point

    42. M G

      Noticed when we play without a striker, our wing backs are clueless most of the time and a lot of crosses go wasted. So we do need a striker up front. Would go with Werner instead of Pulisic and Jorginho instead of Kovacic (Jorginho is suspended for the Atletico game btw)

    43. LUFC RHYS

      Leeds in good form 😅 mate I'm a Leeds fan and even I know we are not in good form please check ya stats regarding this in future mate 😂

    44. Danial Azfar

      George just a heads up. I think we’ve all been playing 343 all these while. At least on paper 😅


      Nice background for a Benson video... except for that Eiffel Tower! 🤣

    46. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Daria is beautiful.

    47. Chevaughn Garrick

      We need to Start Christian Pulisic tomorrow

    48. Chevaughn Garrick

      I think Chelasea will win 4-0

    49. Mutapa Kadare

      That front three would be so exciting to see🔥🔥

    50. Jesse Hitchcock

      Chelsea 3-1 Leeds Havertz scores again, Odoi gets back in on the action and Werner finally gets a convincing goal.

    51. Doggo Dude

      I think that Pulisic is going to start and grab a goal for us ⚽️💙

    52. acl

      Giroud needs to play vs Athletico. He is our best finisher and he dominated Spanish teams this season.

    53. Dustin Spencer

      @georgebenson where is that spot? 😳

    54. Jude Stooke

      I don’t think Chelsea need to buy a CB until Silva is gone.

    55. Malte Helgogaard

      Bot Silva net play time too the Madrid game in cl

    56. Ibrahima BA

      Thiago won't be plzying the match tomorrow!

    57. BigD

      Can’t lie this match scars me we really need to win these next 4 games and we’re lacking in goals I know we’re winning but we should be scoring more I can see a complete different squad tomorrow with Kepa in goal and Tammy upfront

    58. Conor Turbitt

      That team is flames🔥🔥

    59. meeno drizzy

      George, you look like you lost some weight mate. You been stressed? Take it easy, okay. ❤ love you work brother

    60. Md Fadzli Izzat

      Tuchel also must be remember this mid week blues meet atm..give some players who can play ucl to rest..like jorginho n mount cant play this mid week,so give them play meet leeds

    61. kabi raj Adhikari

      If you think this is bloody spectacular, come to pokhara Nepal.

    62. Aliu Mohammed

      Can't visit GBFC selects from Ghana

    63. Guwop784 We crippin

      It was 2012

    64. Rysslass

      Don't believe in 1-3, think it's rather 0-3, With Havertz, Mount and Pulisic up front it should be three. But, think it's gonna be NG and Jorginho, as with Aspi, routine and leadership is gonna be key, Kova is getting there but not quite yet.

    65. Money Hiest Bella Ciaw

      I think Kante will be rested. Its Jorginho and kova in the middle partnership

    66. Áron Rődel

      Lets get this W come on u chels

    67. Hugh M.

      the only thing pulisic and werner have in common is that they are both not producing. but pulisic had the summer under his belt, and has been injured.

    68. X_blaze6 akande inioluwa

      I will rather go with Kante and Jorginho, cos jorginho won’t play against ATM so will rest kova for this

    69. Anthony Evans

      I am totally in agreement on your front 3 (I am a huge Pulisic fan) as well as the 3-1 scoreline

    70. pk styll

      im excited to see mount especially this game, as he is suspended for the atletico game, hes going to give 110%

    71. Fatai Ajani

      I have a bad feeling about this game...I hope we overcome it

    72. David David

      2012 to be precise

    73. M S

      I REALLY hope Tuchel gives Kai several games at the Striker/False 9 position just to see if he is the answer at striker for Chelsea. He was on fire in the Bundesliga at the Flase 9. I would hate to see Chelsea buy another striker and never really see what Havertz can do there. Giroud is likely leaving; the timing could be perfect for everyone. Even Tammy might want to stay as things would be less crowded.

    74. Kevoh Blessoh

      Hi George , my opinion on this would be defensively bring Zouma Silva and Chilwel resting Christensen, Azpi and rudiger, in the midfield we combine Mount(since he will miss the EUFA) with Kante to rest jorginho and Kovacic, attacking we have Abram and Khai while the wingers would be pulisic, and Alonso.

    75. Owen Lynch

      I think Thiago needs to get back in the lineup give christensen rest for champions league, also people would be calling me stupid if i said this in november.

    76. archiewall15

      We are going to get a lot of opportunities, so id probably bench Werner and bring in Mount for him and keep Havertz up front.

    77. KTBFFH1

      He won't play Kova and Kante together in case one gets injured and we are already without Jorginho for atletico.

    78. aldo moro

      A common criticism of Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech is that he “loses the ball too often”, or “he tries too many risky passes”. That’s like criticizing the sun for being hot, or a kangaroo for jumping; it is expected. Chance creation is about trying risky passes. There’s a reason passes in the final third have less completion rates than passes in the defensive third. Chance creation involves risky plays and risky passing. What this means is that many of those risky passes will not reach their intended target, some will come close, but some will find their intended target. Creating chances is often about catching defenses out, making the pass at the exact time the defense is asleep. The most creative players lose the ball the most, because they take the most risks. Of course they’re not the most creative just because they take the most risks, but with their advanced passing and ball striking skills they can be very effective with taking a lot of risk. Ziyech’s style of play is centered around catching the opposition out. Quickly. As a result he doesn’t dally on the ball and looks to release it quickly. He’s very direct so he often looks to get the ball to a player as close to goal as possible. Ziyech would often attempt a pass to a player running towards goals behind the opposition defense, rather than just pass it to the nearest man and keep play going, though he can do that too. You only need one player like Ziyech on your team, or on the pitch. Ziyech’s knack for trying riskier passes are justified too, because he has shown that if he spots a runner, he can pick him out. His chance creation numbers indicate an excellent decision maker in the final third. He created the most big chances in the Eredivisie for the past three years. Creating more than 20 big chances consistently for three seasons. If you’re not impressed by that you can look at his Champions League numbers, as in the two seasons he’s been in before the current one, he has created 0.71 big chances per game. One of those seasons included a semi-final run where he played against Juventus, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, knocking out the former two. In that same frame of time, Kevin De Bruyne created 0.67 big chances per game and Trent Alexander-Arnold created 0.56 per game. De Bruyne’s also included two quarterfinals and Alexander-Arnold’s includes a Champions League victory. At Chelsea, Ziyech seems to be making safer passes and trying a lot less risky balls. Are these changes good for the Blues or him in the long run? His crosses attempted per game and long balls attempted per game have reduced significantly. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. It could be that his managers (Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel) have told him to reduce the number of risks he takes. If anything Tuchel is more likely to give him this instruction because he places high value on possession of the ball. If this is tactical, then the drop in risk taking is understandable. The question then is: is it In Chelsea’s best interest for Ziyech to take less risks on the ball? Does the club want him to focus solely on creating chances or to just be another player in the system working super hard to keep possession? Many fans have lost patience with the Moroccan because he’s not putting up the numbers that they’ve come to expect. He created four big chances in his first two league starts, and has created none since then. It is worth noting, that Ziyech has averaged less touches and less passes per game for Chelsea than he did in any season for Ajax. Why Chelsea doesn’t get him more involved in plays is near baffling. Is it because he loses the ball often? Because he has reduced that too. Ziyech averaged 28.2 possession losses per game at Ajax across his last three seasons. That’s high, yes. But at Chelsea he has averaged 13.6 possession losses per game this season. That is one stat that shows he’s consciously playing safer passes. He has also completed 3% more passes this season 78% this season compared to 75% on average over the past three seasons at Ajax. He attempted 8.8 crosses per game on average through his time at Ajax, completing an average of 28% of them, which is quite impressive. In that period of time Trent Alexander-Arnold averaged 22% crossing accuracy and Kevin De Bruyne averaged 24%. Related Story: The recent emergence of Kai Havertz at Chelsea is no surprise Compared to 8.8 crosses attempted per game at Ajax, this season Ziyech has attempted 3.5 crosses per game, completing 20% of them. This is another indication that he’s a lot less direct than he was at Ajax, though it could also because he simply has a lot less of the ball now. He averaged 6.7 long balls attempted per game with a completion average of 59% throughout his time at Ajax . This season he has attempted 2.8, with a 51% completion rate. Scrutiny would show that 12% of his attempted passes at Ajax were long passes, now it’s only 8%. He’s a very good passer of the ball, so if he’s attempting less long balls, it might be tactical. His average of 26.5 passes per game this season is a major drop to the 41.1 passes per game he averaged for Ajax. For whatever reason, Chelsea is not getting him as involved they should be. He created 0.88 but chances per game for Ajax, over a three season period and recorded 0.48 assists per game in that same period. For Chelsea he has 0.29 big chances per game and has averaged 0.21 assists per game. These numbers suggest that the more involved Ziyech is and the more risks he takes, the more benefits Chelsea stand to gain from having him in the side. An important ingredient for chance creation that must be mentioned, is player movement. This means the team you’re playing is just as important as, if not more important than, the opposition you’re playing against. Ziyech was able to create as many chances as he did at Ajax because they have superb movement off-the-ball. Chelsea’s movement in the final third is improving and it’d be an essential ingredient for chance creation whether or not Ziyech is on the pitch. Kevin De Bruyne has attempted 6.5 crosses per game over the past three seasons (excluding current), attempted 4.6 long balls per game at a 68% completion rate and 8% of his attempted passes have been long balls. In that time he has created 0.69 big chances per game and has 0.42 assists per game. This season he has attempted 5.8 crosses, 3.5 attempted long balls at 71% accuracy and 7% of his attempted passes have been long balls. This has yielded 0.7 big chances created per game and 0.48 assists per game. Bruno Fernandes has attempted 6.1 long balls per game at 66% accuracy this season, 4.6 crosses per game and about 11% of his attempted passes have been long balls. This has produced 0.61 big chances created per game and 0.36 assists per game for the Portuguese. Speaking of possession loss, Fernandes has averaged a possession loss of 20.2 per game this season (22.3 over the last four seasons including current) while De Bruyne has averaged 17.9 possession losses per game this season (18.4 over the last four seasons including current). These players don’t lose the ball as much as Ziyech, but they also don’t take as many risks as Ziyech and have also not created as much as the Moroccan in that time. The point being that you can’t create chances without taking risks and losing the ball more than a few times, the reward is always worth the risk though. This is why the question should be asked if Chelsea fans or even Tuchel wants Ziyech to play his usual style, or if they want him to be more possession oriented. If they want the former Ajax man to create a lot of chances, he has to be more involved in the game and take more risks, that’s the best way to maximize his abilities.

      1. Utsav Basu

        Oh my god🤯🤯😱😷

      2. aldo moro

        @Olutimilehin Timi. Molokwu why damn what do u mean

      3. Olutimilehin Timi. Molokwu

        Damn dude

    79. oxford gerald

      YES GUYS!

    80. aldo moro

      Related Story: The recent emergence of Kai Havertz at Chelsea is no surprise

    81. Joshua Thomas

      kova will be rested for athleti rem jorginho is suspended

    82. Mr Emeng


    83. Turboguy99

      Was it the game we took ages to get going and went 1-0 down and mata scored also?

    84. Kath Turner

      We actually went there in 2012

    85. Al Dan

      Can't imagine a Chelsea line up without Werner.. we need the pace and play the balls in behind

    86. Aaron H

      wth is that toaster brand, denpoo? 😂

    87. Ahmad

      Should be Jorginho-Kova or Jorginho-Kante Likely Jorginho-Kova, keeping Kante fresh for Atletico. Jorginho is suspended for the 2nd leg, it would make no sense to not start him in this game. Aside from that should be pretty spot on with starting XI prediction. Tuchel will probably go with Chilwell to start vs Leeds and Alonso to start v Atletico

    88. D H

      Really like your blue ring Mr Benson 👍

    89. linda magwete

      Giroud needs practice for Atleti

    90. Who is Delta

      Pulisic won’t start mark my words

    91. TheDA97

      Jorginho will start, he suspended in the game against Atleti so Kante/Kova gonna be rested

    92. Andrew Napthali

      Yes George we r up against my younger brothers side (Leeds) he thinks Leeds all the way, reality wise Chelsea 3 Leeds 0.

    93. NappyHeadNews

      nice preview george keep making great videos!

    94. Richard Mensah

      Lovely guy

    95. Why Fhy

      2-0 Chelsea

    96. Mugalasi Melvin

      But the end tho

    97. Mally Brxwnn

      “Kings throne, Drogba’s coming around soon”😂😂😂

    98. Why Fhy

      Your views are stunning but if seeing that your loving life in Bali is supposed to cheer me up it really doesn't. It makes me think how much I need a holiday. Lol. Only joking mate. Loving the content. COYB🔵🔵

    99. doctorbird41


    100. Norman Batees

      He shouldn't play mount and jorghino, at least not full time. The Atleti Boys need to get used to each other. Atleti shouldn't be the first game for the "new" line up.