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    TONIGHT WE SEE 'TUCHEL'S LONG TERM CHELSEA...' | BARNSLEY vs CHELSEA FA CUP PREVIEW. Barnsley vs Chelsea tonight in the FA Cup 5th round gives us the opportunity to see Thomas Tuchel change up his Chelsea tactics as Chelsea face lower league FA Cup opposition. I believe Chelsea will revert to a 4-3-3 for tonight's FA Cup tie against Barnsley away. Tuchel has already confirmed that Kepa, Kante both start! Let me know your Chelsea FC Starting XI for tonight's FA Cup 5th round tie against Barnsley in the comments below!
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    1. Dennis Mwangi

      If that was our long term Chelsea. Our future is dull. We rather stick with "our short-term Chelsea"

    2. Lucas Franck

      I absolutely love George, but his lineup predictions with Tuchel as coach might be the farthest thing from the actual lineup for every game lmaooooo


      Yh we won

    4. azubike okoroafor

      What I like about Tuchel is that even in victory he sees the big problem his team has. He will succeed in this club

    5. Complete Fighter Podcast

      YES GUYS!!!!!!!

    6. irf36

      man r u walking down motorcycle lane or something?

    7. Philip Gehde

      I actually enjoy seeing Pulisic on the bench. He is, in my opinion, our best player, and the last weeks should have really given him an opportunity to reach his full fitness. I trust that Tuchel has big plans with him and is managing him accordingly. Excited to see him start again in the league! :)

    8. Benji fanai

      holy cow!!!

    9. Jeff Hall

      I find it impossible to imagine Gilmour not playing just because he apparently decided to stay and surely he was promised cup time (I say this before looking so hopefully no egg on my face). I'm curious to see Gilmour/Kante in a two because (correct me if I'm wrong) we haven't seen that yet and I think Gilmour's positional discipline could really cover for Kante's tendency to roam all over the place.

    10. PhantomOfManyTopics

      EMERSON needs a chance to show TUCHEL his prowess.

    11. Stormtossed Sailor

      Still not convinced by Chilwell, to much passing back and across

    12. grunge xiv

      Bro really got the whole team right mad 🤣🤣🔥

    13. Matt Mathai

      Did you say 'cow is it going'? Please tell me you did!

    14. Teddy Donahue

      pulisic needs to start. seems as if some people are writing him off, stop forgetting how good he is! top 3 player in this side

    15. Zeid Bitar

      Not too keen with mount in that position. I think he should be given a rest with Billy coming in

    16. Richard Grace

      Everyone get ready for hella crosses woth the "never cut inside and barely run at defenders" Hudson adoi and the mediocre dribbler and cross machine ziyech on the wings 🤣🤣🤣

    17. Ayios Georgios

      Not seeing a back 4 vs. Barnsley

    18. ezechukwu augustine

      George you don't cement your position against do that against Man City or Bayern

    19. Alhadji Wambara

      I never see you with women George... Nice one.. Blues for life...

    20. Edwin Maana

      The cow's part made me like the video...😁

    21. Fredrik Schultz

      can you stop with the walking

    22. Mason De Beer

      thanks man!!

    23. Pongthera

      Are you on bali? Well, enjoy your holiday

    24. Raheem Boothe

      Mount needs a rest bro

    25. Nick Mogielnicki

      Love your channel George, but... why in the world switch the formation when it’s been working? Granted we’ve hardly been banging in goals, but if it’s it working why change it? For me Chilwell has been a major disappointment and why is Pullisic continually relegated to the bench?

    26. 8 Ball Gameplay&Footage

      “The team that I’ve picked for Thomas Tuchel tonight” That cracked me up more than it probably should’ve 😂😂

    27. Ewa Drerrie

      I can't believe hakim ziyech came to the point that he needs to prove him self in a FA cup match. Sooooooo sick. It's the world upside down

    28. Benjamen Iiyambo

      I really don't fan that 3 at the back formation 🚮🚮

    29. Ralph Ridyard

      George benson best in the scene

    30. elyud saleh

      for the first time I agree with every word you said!!

    31. John Gestwicki

      I want billy gilmour to get involved too

    32. Chris Chelsea Fan

      I dont agree with the sentiments about a long term team. Football is not like that, unless its an exclusive club. Unless someone is Messi he has to perform to remain on the team period.

    33. Mark White

      shame caballero isn’t getting a game

    34. Salsa Salsa

      What a good feeling to feel Chelsea in the Tropics ! Your video is powerful bro 👍👍👍💪💪💪 keep feeding us with your good spirit 🍀🍀🍀🍀🕺💃

    35. PoISoN x BRUIN

      Pulisic has to get his first start under Tuchel

    36. Erion Mehmeti

      Chelsea are going to win 6-0

    37. Tapiwa James

      I would go with a back three with a back 3 of chris zouma azpi mid of kante gilmour james emerson three of Pulisic tammy an ziyech

    38. Alfred David

      Can’t complain about the schedule, love the 3pm kickoffs

    39. Bepo Raymond

      kai havertz massive fans please hit the like button

    40. Christopher

      I want Pulisic to start, he always seems to play well after not getting a lot of minutes.

    41. Jason Yap

      same here in Singapore, 4am again -)

    42. Carlos Pickling

      Did you forget about Pulisic? We wouldn't be playing in the Champions League if he didn't have his run after the restart. Show the man some respect.

    43. Ollie The Drummer

      Come on Kepa, I believe in you

    44. Rzza

      Havi is injured that’s why he hasn’t been playing guys

    45. Jasper Tiso

      Chilwell hasn't done much ever since Thomas era.

    46. pat

      Exactly George over here the games are at 3:00 pm and I don’t have time for that it’s so annoying

    47. Mark Jenko

      I’d like to see a new shape and a plan B! But I think he’ll be going 343

    48. Owen Davies

      Kurt hasn’t done anything to lose his place in the squad, Chelsea had a blip in form 4 the whole of December and kurt should be starting every game possible

    49. Alexander David

      I can feel you man as an Indonesian we always need to suffer first for watching football because that early morning time haha..

    50. Happy Maluleke

      My Starting Line-Up is a 4-3-3 GK:Kepa LB: Emerson CB: Zouma CB: Christensen RB: James MF: Kante MF: Gilmour MF: Kovacic WF: Pulisic CF: Tammy WF: Ziyech

    51. custard

      ngl Benson don't seem to know everythin goin on at chels he keeps putting injured players in the team

    52. Is that a Foul

      Zouma is injured

    53. ihsanhusainy

      tough love george. this is what the asian fans have to endure..

    54. kool

      emerson should start

    55. Rami Tucks

      I think a rest for mason is good n fill billy in

    56. UKDrillPosts

      sad when the only thing we can really win this year is the fa cup😩

    57. Peter A

      Good luck today Chelsea

    58. charlie g

      This Should be the team tonight!! Kepa James Christensen Zouma Chilwell Kante Gilmour Pulisic Ziyech Hudson Odi Werner

    59. Povilas Kašauskas

      Wasn’t Zouma just injured during the last few games and that’s why he hasn’t been playing under Tuchel?

    60. Марк Яровой


    61. Thomas Morales

      Zouma & Christensen in a flat back four?!? This was the partnership we had major concerns over earlier in the season. In a back 3, perhaps. Mount in the double pivot??!! Again, George's starting XI reveal how, out of all the Chelsea youtubers, he is the most tactically naive

    62. kbab3333

      I'd put Gilmour for Mount for this game.

    63. Arif Ikmal

      Asian vibes. Waking up in the midnight until early morning feels so tired. That shows we are loyal Chelsea & football fans! 💙

    64. Tim Berge

      Billy gilmour going to play mate

    65. Hommie Dela Cos

      We hv been winning with our last season squared so probably this today's lineup will be the strongest since chlwel ziyech haverts kante pulisic everyone knows what am saying😋😋another clean sheet for Chelsea 4-0

    66. Tim Berge

      0-2 super blues army tonight

    67. V B

      Prefer pulisic & gilmour rather than callum and mount.

    68. Paul Pattaya

      Kepa in goal means we will concede at least one. 1-3 my prediction. Same here george 3am kick off here in thailand ruining my sleep pattern. 😁

    69. John Cheech

      INSUFFERABLE ENGLISH PUNDITS HAVE HAD A MASON MOUNT AGENDA FOR 20 months and now THEY HAVE FULL PRESS ON TO PROPAGANDA AND IF THEY SAY HES BEEN GREAT ENOUGH YOU BELIEVE AND HES BEEN JUST OK AND IF HES PICKED TO PLAY AS A STARTER BY TUCHEL THEN ITS PREMIERSHIP THATS GOING TO BE HURT BECAUSE HES OBVIOUSLY FEELING PRESSURE OFF THIS EXTREMELY PREJUDICE COUNTRY AND THIS IS CROSSROADS OF THE NEW WORLD OF STREAMING AND THATS WHY MONEY IS BEING SPENT SO MUCH NOWADAYS/ NO LONGER DOES THE OLD WAY MATTER BECAUSE WHATEVER LEAGUE BECOMES MOST DIVERSE AT THE TOP CLUBS ACROSS TO THE LOWER AND NOW WITH BREXIT ITS GONNA CAUSE MORE ISSUES AND I PROMISE YOU Mason mount is a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with English Premier league because the English Premier league is only supposed to host it’s not an English league look it up that’s how Strong to be the best competition of all the players from across the world they were supposed to rival the champions league mason mount is not good enough the team has actually some of the biggest talents and he’s not one of them

    70. xxxtentacles

      Christensen has been amazing in his last 2 games, really upped his game and making minimal errors compared to under Lampard. hopefully he can keep improving!

    71. 0.16

      Emerson > Chilwell Pulisic > Cho Gilmour > Mount

    72. CARD Creation

      All correct except Mount and Hudson out with gilmour and Pulisic start

    73. ImJustKish

      I want mount to get a rest and Gilmore to start next to Kante

    74. Matthew-Lee Benjamin

      Rudiger has been solid this whole season and nobody praises him and then when Christensen has 1.5 good games now everyone is gassed and excited, this is a new season stop comparing the rudiger from last season this is a new season, it's unfair, stupid and immature

    75. Anthony Evans

      NO do not change the start time. We get them at 3pm here in Canada so sweet for us. I do understand though George as I lived in Asia for 20 years

    76. Ps Manda

      Gilmour and Pulisic will start

    77. kittenallie

      Pulisic needs to start.

    78. CWE

      Let’s win this cup!💙💙💙💙💙

    79. Ted Walker

      Would love to see a bit of Gilmour and Pulisic George but your lineup is good, also I feel emerson will play as otherwise I cant see him getting game time from now onwards

    80. Zain Kamran

      Is zouma not injured?

    81. Afolabi Blessing

      Where is pulisic, billy, and emerson, i want to see callum but we shouldn't throw pulisic out🙄

    82. Dan Graham

      Long term? You do realise this is Chelsea?

    83. giovanni Libonati

      Hello George! Watching during school today in the US, keep up the great work and keep the blue flag flying high! Let’s grab a W in the cup today!!!

    84. Casey Marcinkowski

      This will be Chelsea tonight *shows cows*

    85. JS Gaming

      Hey George, love the videos, please think about being a guest on one of Thogdens predictions videos, would love to see it COYB 🙌💙

    86. Joe Thompson

      Havertz hasn't been back in training and CHO and Mount has played a lot recently and TT has said there will be rotation so I reckon they'll be out. Billy has been hinted to start as well so not sure your team is quite accurate on this one George. Aside from that Emerson may get a start as he hasn't played under TT yet and Bate is rumoured to be on the bench.

    87. Fin Berry

      Scottish iniesta 🤞

    88. Blinding Aura

      He does realize that Zouma was missing games recently due to a small injury right? Not sure if he still is injured now, but it did keep him out for a couple games.

    89. pk styll

      Zouma lost his place in the starting line up for absolutely no reason lol

      1. Hommie Dela Cos

        Zouma is underated player but he always wins back his place wait and see

    90. Mo Behta

      8:58..George:hello guys Cows:.nod what's up

    91. Jack Bauer

      Not a huge fan of this walking around and filming but.okay :)

    92. Tim Benson

      This lineup gave me flashbacks to Lampard. Easily could have been the starting 11 and wouldn’t have thought twice. Now it’s the B squad...

    93. Joffrey 23

      havertz injured

    94. MB Nobody

      Show all what you can do Kepa. You have the talents for number 1 goalkeeper. Show 100%

      1. MB Nobody

        Told them all ;)

    95. Melvin Porkey

      How come no audio for us that is watching it on SEprom?

    96. Abbiso Pul

      Pulisic is gonna start I think over cho

    97. Eamonn Dunne

      Can billy gilmour get a chance please

    98. Yusuf I

      George still walking after his house move

    99. Ina xaaji

      We winning the cup double this year guy believe BELIEVE that bro

    100. Og Paw

      Kai I think is doing separate training, wait and see guys. Yes