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    Today We Will See THOMAS TUCHEL'S CHELSEA | CHELSEA vs BURNLEY PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Burnley is the Saturday Premier League early kick off at Stamford Bridge. Thomas Tuchel's second game in charge as Chelsea manager. After Chelsea 0-0 Wolves, Tuchel will be looking for all three points in his second game as Chelsea manager. Burnley are currently in very good form. What formation will Tuchel line up with for Chelsea today? Let me know your thoughts on my Chelsea vs Burnley starting XI in the comments below as well as your Chelsea vs Burnley score prediction!
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    1. David Elie


    2. Ethan M

      I don’t know what people are saying. Mount is competing with ziyech not havertz. Havertz is competing with Werner. Depends if we play two forwards or two numbers 10s

    3. Robert Andretta

      🐐⚽️⚽️, George. The score will be 3-0‼️‼️

    4. akeem bender

      Well this age well😂😂

    5. Gulaknikov

      @GBF I wanna say something maybe you can change this?! Mason mount fixed his hair about 99 times during the game and i was getting frustrated he was focussing on his hair.......OMG do you guys dont see this? And please some one tell Werner is absolute german sausage terrible performance for 90min zero input omg

    6. Desmond Olayinka

      Todays analysis please

    7. Stephen Ajibola

      Watching the game now Chelsea need to practice their shooting skills outside the box it will be a big advantage for us.

    8. Kevin Holt

      Trade Pulisic if he is being wasted on bench. What the f!??? Trade him. He's too good to be treated like a bench player. Trade him

    9. Luka Tomažič

      Alonso is back....

      1. Trunks

        OH YES!!!!

    10. Hayden Fitch


    11. Dmitri Ptrenko

      It's weird seeing the actual squad selection compared to this

      1. Hayden Fitch

        I honestly trust Marcos tho to do his job 🙏

    12. michael collins

      Im expecting nothing less from tuchels side but 3 points...i dont underestimate burnley but 3 points is a must to prepare for the upcoming spuds

    13. Jakub Švábik

      Kante only 110% usually? This lad gives 125 atleast 😂

    14. tony behan

      Agreed george Ithink this will be a tight game however I hope we get 3 points , we are still not too far off top 4 , I hope thomas considers bringing barkley back from his loan as I think he always has a goal in him

    15. Miles A

      Whats up with rudiger ?

    16. Pa Bis

      I thought CHO had an ok game but he gave the ball away 5 times in a row and he didn’t get passed a defender till he switched to the left in the second half. Not sure how he was the best player when kovacic was almost perfect driving and feeding. I also thought pulisic, mount and Kai were all better than CHO. That’s with watching the game twice.

    17. Gustave Sem

      Rüdiger is way better than Zouma!

      1. Mister Man

        crack is better then weed

    18. Shahid Willie

      He's so excited

    19. Ina xaaji

      Zouma over rudiger all day everyday

    20. football21

      Worst players in Chelsea mount, james and abraham. I can't se i the line upp.

    21. Oscar Valov

      I thing Ruddiger is much better than Zooma. Both make mistakes, but Zooma is just not technical enough. Not that Ruddiger is perfect, like Silva, just better.

      1. Mister Man

        rudiger has the worst decision making in our whole squad,, headless hustle merchant

    22. Robert Andretta

      Good line up, George. Now let’s see it work. Caveat: Do some subbing at 60-65 minutes so new legs know where to run.

    23. watchinvideos22

      this lineup i love! i really hope we get a chance to see it.

    24. Al Dan

      Like your line up.. Chelsea board want rudiger and kia in the line up.. the coach come in to get the best out of Werner, Kia and rudiger

    25. 19MAPOL34 Melvynn Pathaw

      Havertz against wolves was not good enough, but he was better.. He looked like the Havertz before he got Covid... But can't say he's back in form,i mean, with all due respect, he lost possession couple of times with incomplete passes.... His positioning looked good, but he needs more confidence

    26. Omar C

      I almost never agree with George’s idea for the starting 11. I think he’s a bit biased sometimes but eh. I think tuchel will do something even he doesn’t expect.

    27. Cal Arresz

      Anyone else think we need a Havertz+Werner two up top?

    28. Rebaone P

      I think we'll see the 3-4-3 with 3 changes; Mount & Havertz behind Tammy + Kante for J5

    29. Jonas

      Id say we need ziyech creativity more than pulisic atm.. and im pretty sure touchel favors his german players so imo havertz is starting instead of either tammy or timo

    30. Michael Sapinski

      Chilwell has been horrific lately

    31. Top 4 Football

      3-4-3 (kepa-Azpilicueta-Silva-Rudiguer-CHA-Kante-Mount-Chilwell-Havertz-Tammy-Werner)

    32. Top 4 Football

      We are all excited about the game but...Burnley is going to be a very tough game !!! Come on Chelsea 🔵🔵🔵

    33. OutOfSpite

      Me who's in the same timezone (GMT 8) looking at the tittle and seeing 19 hours ago: 👁👄👁

    34. hudsonthecozy

      Chillwell is overrated. He's not much of a defender and he's dreadful as a wingback. He lacks instincts and technique in attack. I'd opt for three in the back (Zouma, James, Silva) with Mount and Gilmour holding.

    35. T 4

      He'll go with 3 at the back again, we all know this. Whats the point of a vid which team you'd pick when you know that it will never happen. James will not play, Mount will prob not play.

    36. King K

      Line-up is always baised on the meaning fore every person but I am happy that you are not the coach every person have his favorite

    37. PhantomOfManyTopics


    38. Kevin Lax

      Nice lineup George. I wouldn't might seeing Timo sidelined for now, with Pulisic taking his spot, and then Ziyech used as winger...will be an interesting and exciting match!

    39. pat


    40. Rysslass

      So, Kanté is 29, Messi is 33, Ronaldo is 35 and Zlatan is 39, see anything in that picture?

    41. Robert Martin

      Is it just me,or does anyone else feel, even though we all wanted Frank to succeed and be Chelsea boss for a long time, that we have a proper manager now.Frank did a great job but did anyone really believe in a fairytale ending.

    42. Acha M

      Don’t think Hakim Ziyech should be other players floats in those passes it’ll be important against this side Last time against Burnley he tore them up...I expect so again

    43. Rysslass

      T O M R R O W !!!

    44. patrick segura

      make your videos a little bit shorter

    45. henry boxer

      if he plays rudiger and jorginho again we are doomed for the rest of the season.

      1. Michael Henry

        And kova

    46. Bryan Oruene

      No offense to their form, but we're gonna fuck burnley up. And that's me being realistic, not optimistic. Comeback here and thank me for this spoiler when it happens....

    47. TTV_Lasakau

      George I know your elicited about Tuchel and how we will play but u did get the wrong day 🤣COYB

    48. Ashton Gordon

      You make it feel like tuchel being at chelsea long bro stop stop stop and hit ur refresh botton .its tuchel time now benson lampatd is gone .u sound like ur continuing on lampard journey bro.pls refresh ur mind sit back and relax .change ur ideas on plays and do ur predictions and leave things alone feeling good about tuchel game tactics to come bro. Big up maaaad.... go chelsea

      1. Michael Henry

        I wish I had your enthusiasm but we’re terrible v a poor wolves

    49. Ashton Gordon

      Yow bro stop being a sofa coach u should be optimistic and feeling great to see his lineup.its about who can play his game on the field bro no man is aure yet bro so stop speculating and be optimistic.

    50. Leyton The Don

      Nah you guys hate rudiger for no reason

    51. Thomas Tuchel

      Lineup is close, but not quite...

    52. Jose Guzman

      lool, but i needed some chelsea this saturday, thank you!

    53. 名探偵木村

      Pulisic will be lile Neymar. Trust our number 10.

    54. Kibrom Eyob

      No doubt 2-0

    55. Erikali26

      C'mon Georgy! You can't be doing Chelsea videos and pronouncing the coaches names wrong! It's 'Tukel,' not 'Toushel,' get that shit right. It's degrading when you don't. Get it right Mr. Parley in Bali

    56. Danny Arrobo

      in bali, its already sunday, hence why he is saying “today.”

    57. Crypto Shaw

      The lampard effect is still in you 😁😁😆🤣🤦‍♂️🤣 such a messy line up dominated by English boys

      1. Michael Henry

        Well kova and Jorge ain’t good enough for Chelsea and Chelsea are a English club so should build around its foundation your local African club you would not expect English players

    58. Daniel Stephenson

      Bless u, George, u look tired fella, it will be a good watch I'm sure.

    59. Jeff Donhauser

      Switch kova and mount sides.

    60. Andrew White

      So impressed with Thomas tuchel how he comes across score prediction Chelsea 2 nil great video

    61. P Major

      George have not yet recovered from lampard sacking.... For him to miss the time....don't worry we all all in this together..... All the same good luck to tuchel.....wining all the way

    62. CFC DapZ

      brooo its tomorrow hahhahaah

    63. Alexander José Ovie Caselis

      I know it's been mention before, but, Today?!?!

    64. Creemz Yt

      ugh rumours of Jorginho extension

    65. Si

      Lucky you didn't hike to the bridge hey 🤔🤔😂😂👍

    66. Si

      Yeah I had too check 🤔🤔😂😂👍

    67. Zach Testa

      Rediculous how arsenal let Arteta get out of 15th and Chelsea board rid frank after going ninth

    68. Nur Dadone

      I think George is time traveler

    69. Ivan Lazarov

      Chillwell should be dropped

    70. Kai Havertz

      I’m not getting benched 😤

    71. linda magwete

      Reece needs to wake-up defensively.

      1. Michael Henry

        Kova needs to improve

    72. Ladyboy Thailand

      لن يتغير شيء

    73. Otty 1910

      He doesn't really follow Chelsea! He doesn't even know when they play!

    74. Md Nafiz

      havertz gonna start tomorrow

    75. Temosho Makgakga

      He is Twokul, not Twoshell

    76. Red Mist

      Benson so excited he will get to see the match before us 😂

    77. Red Mist


    78. Big Boss

      You mean tomorrow.

    79. CARD Creation

      Some change in George lineup ,I would choose Ziyech over Pulisic for the need of creativity

    80. Abdullah Obada

      the games today ??

    81. Noel Bwanakaya

      Sunday George, Sunday!!!

    82. Joshua Thomas

      tmr is the game George😭😂😂

    83. Rami Tucks

      Not bashing but toni isn't Chelsea material

    84. Kwesi A

      idk why but I can't wait to see chelsea play under tuchel again

    85. Mohit Mathers

      bruh whats this hole in the midfield ?

    86. Dave Buckner

      I’m going to piss of some folks now. Reece James and chilwell are too slow. Sorry. Plus, they are only of value when a teams offense is lacking and demands assistance from the defense. This mindset is killing us. At left and right back we only need 2 things, pace and intelligence. Also, Go watch how Liverpool dismantled Tottenham. Off the ball runs and one touch combining in the final third. Every single final third pass had the passer make an attacking run into space. We are lazy and have to emulate this sense of urgency and when a player makes a run they deserve the pass so make it.

    87. Christopher Williams

      This guy can never have giroud in his made up 11

    88. Aziz Fella

      Don't even talk about football no more mate

    89. Kaihavertz29


    90. PvssyCat

      Meow george ! Check the diary

    91. Gazimbo

      Fun drinking game. Every time George says today you take a drink 🤣

    92. S I

      Does he not know the match is on Sunday?

    93. ilias bahri

      Rule N°1: never bench hakim

    94. Francis Shaqiry

      And I wondered why the preview was this early..... Coz it usually drops on the match day

    95. james longevity

      Never gonna happen you got it completely wrong

    96. Chumbers

      I wish they were playing today!

    97. Martin Nyarko

      Is it already Sunday at your place? It's Saturday here and the match is on Sunday.

    98. Mark White

      upamencano isnt an improvement he isnt any better than what zouma is christensen an rudiger need to go cause we need room flr the great talent we have in marc guehi ampadu and tomori

    99. Derron Fowler

      Chelsea 2-1 burnley

    100. Derron Fowler

      Havertz should start after that game against wolves.