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    THOMAS TUCHEL’S CHELSEA... The One Thing That will Make CHELSEA UNTOUCHABLE Under Tuchel. After Chelsea 0-0 Wolves in the Premier League, Thomas Tuchel’s interviews have interested me greatly. Tuchel’s charisma and the statement ‘We will build a team that nobody wants to play against.’ Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea were praised last night despite only managing Chelsea 0-0 Wolves in the Premier League fixture at Stamford Bridge! Let me know your thoughts on Thomas Tuchel’s first few Chelsea interviews in the comments below!
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    1. Dean Willis

      Hope Tuchel is a success at Chelsea and we get a stable gaffer in charge right now i like Tuchel movement on the touchline COYB


      I think the New Ghaffer has nice Charisma and He is also a likable guy.

    3. Donna Clarke

      Yh it was I think we will win games now we need 2

    4. Donna Clarke

      He will do well for us at Chelsea he really will love our new manager Chelsea fans out there yh your right there he can find a way trust me he can and will

    5. Donna Clarke

      Come on u Chelsea tomorrow we need this win tomz I do love our new manager we r

    6. Donna Clarke

      Hes amazing I love him hes fantastic

    7. John Ruskin

      Tuchel has sounded so positive since coming in I enjoyed observing even his first training session and been awhile since thats happened, you could see his inter-action with the players, also the wolves game was one which I watched and never had that nagging feeling that oh no here we go again, so on an old 70 year it felt as though watching me ol team again

    8. Samuel Lopes

      Man Tuchel's passion reminded of the times of Conte and Mourinho. Tuchel could be our very own Klopp. Hopefully the club gives him time and backing.

    9. Krum Angelov

      10:10 it's actually 8 mins now

    10. Rich Shackleton

      I fancy another 0-0 but Tuchel will be good!

    11. Xlive2magicX

      Be sack at Christmas

    12. Edgardo Martinez

      How long are you going to stay in Bali?

    13. Andrew Amos

      When he said Lampard called him to wish him luck I cried

    14. Warren Henderson

      Great video

    15. Kuristofa G

      This video was so blurry, I honestly felt liked I needed to get my eyes checked

    16. paa yaw osafo

      Please don’t start this BS again . Let’s just watch man !! Damn

    17. Emmanuel Udobong

      We already getting attached to Tuchel already

    18. Anthony Lim

      Yes I can feel the difference vs wolves.. only 48 hrs Thomas Tuchel !

    19. Rudra Mehta

      do you live on an island?😳

    20. Trilla NY

      Most people think the premier league is competitive because the teams are good but it’s the opposite..15 of the 20 teams are not stable..


      I love players that shots outside the box and I think Mason mount does that..he should be on our Chelsea starting xi💙

    22. Richard Mclaughlin

      Thanks George, you're living the dream over there. Yes, he comes across very well and just needs a couple of wins under his belt. Looks like the players are backing him and seems excited to play for the shirt again. Up the chels

    23. Marcoassensio Keylornavas

      His the best for a team like this

    24. Akeel Hussain

      7:47 I Gree

      1. Akeel Hussain


    25. TIDARAGU

      Pep + klop = tuchel

    26. Dirty Sanchez

      I am going to build a team that no-one wants to play against.

    27. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

      I bet a lot of you don't know that Kai Havertz was the fastest Midfielder in the bundesliga last season (2019/2020)😉 Alphonso Davies who was the fastest clocked a top speed of 36.51Km/h Kai Havertz clocked a top speed of 35.02Km/h. We saw what he did against Wolves.

    28. Dibz Freedom

      Nice walk around

    29. Eamonn Kerrigan

      I'm really worried for Mason Mount. If he goes with the 3421 he will likely go with kante, havertz and pulisic consistently. That leaves one position available. I'm afraid he will become a victim of the system like Juan Mata under Jose

    30. Mosamin

      what a cracking view

    31. Swati Karmakar

      Had a chance to stay for a few days in Ubud last year! Its beautiful! If you get a chance visit Jungle Fish!

    32. Mihailo Radovanovic

      although i believe lampard got sacked too early, he needs years of experience and failure to learn from in order to become a top manager. tuchel already has this, maybe one day in the future lampard will be a class manager, but he simply isnt good enough rn. however, tuchel is!

    33. Sebastian Bush

      You gotta go to sidemen

    34. Emilio Herath

      He's clever & articulate. Develops young players and tactically aware. Let's see what he does. Beating spuds would help big time!

    35. lisa martins

      he has acheived sfa. listen to harry red

    36. lisa martins

      2 points dropped =tuchel

    37. lisa martins

      havertz is kepa2

    38. Lurifixxx

      Stop it George. Dont be a lampard fanboy please. I say it again have you Ever seen us press as a team under lampard??? No. Huge positives from just 1 hour training session.

    39. Eria Paul Mubeezi.T.

      Mourinho said the same words at his second appointment

    40. Seyi Adekola

      the football wasnt atrocious bro, we played better than we have in weeks under lampard

    41. charles egbunike

      How can u say that game against wolves was boring?? That game was more exciting than anything Lampard has come up with this season, and it just came from a days training, the tactics was the difference, we controlled the game from start to finish and that is a good start, teams will start to fear us again and our confidence will grow, since u r such a Lampard fan, u can follow him wherever he goes next, I’m more than happy with the professor!!

    42. Godspeed 1

      Bruh I don't have any faith since Chelsea will sack him anyway if he doesn't win all his matches. I don't get why they sack every manager in 2 years

    43. Alfred David

      Am i the only one that saw a lot of positives from that game? I actually liked what I saw.

    44. MARK WYATT

      Great backyard. I had no idea that West London was so green this time of year. Global warming ain't all bad.

    45. J Ra

      George-Ive been following for a while. Think this is one of my first comments..I used to live in Bali, my dad still does...While your in Ubud...Please go to my mates place..Wayan S Warung... Regarding Tuchal, he will do a great job. BUT he has a pretty strong personality, I just hope he can stay on the good side of the board and big boss.

    46. Foday Ceesay

      Leave the sentiments an support Chelsea football club. The club is way more than an individual...

    47. geoffrey

      if you don't back the manager and team, you're not a Chelsea fan :)

    48. Erikali26

      I used to watch Dortmund a lot in '16, '17, so I'm quite familiar with Tuchel. I'm confident we will win hardware with this coach! He's a Go-Getter and the squad will become as such.

    49. Nolan Skiles

      Feeling irrational concern over Pulisic’s role. As a USA/Chelsea fan I am probably overly invested in his success (much like many Chelsea fans are with CHO) Hope he regains his form soon.

    50. Sonata Ch.


    51. Mason De Beer

      Thanks for the video!!! Appreciated . I have faith in our new coach

    52. mary dexter

      I have been impressed with TT. I hope he has great success, and wins many trophies.

    53. Marty Silva

      I really liked how Tuchel paid respects to Frank and Frank wishing Tuchel the best. Any sport its 10% physical, 90% mental and hearing Tuchel talk about the mentality of our players and Chelsea being a team no one wants to play was music to my hears

    54. Thierry Fotso

      He has a lot of positivity in his talks. We can see confidence he seems to be very happy to be here like if he was waiting for long. I saw a lot of good things for his 1st match I’m sure that he will bring something he looks so passionate...

    55. Alex Hawkins

      rip nan ;P

    56. Red Mist

      Tuchel is serious about this job hes got passion come on tuch💙

    57. Cooper Kittleson

      I love how positive you are when as a fan it can be so easy to get down and frustrated with the club right now watching your videos makes me feel positive and confident in our club's ability going forward

    58. Michael Raheem

      As Chelsea fc fan, now I can listen and enjoy your channel. Lampard though, a good player during his time with us, but I will say it again, he is a liability of a coach. He would excel, if he had tarry a while and ganer some experiences before coaching Chelsea fc a global brand but chose to jumped gun. Let him go back to league one, and starts his rehabilitation from there. Tuchel, God will help him and he will deliver for us. We have lost so many matches that before, we would have recorded the points for our team. Even, when our former coach was at city I don't remember when we lost to Raneri. All of a sudden, things just changed. Imagined Arsenal beaten us anytime there is something at stake? Abomination! So, God bless Roman and the entire management who acted in time to salvaged the Club before Frank Lampard drives us to pheri pheri of professional football league. Thomas will surely revive our team, and can make changes without unnecessary sentiment of Lampard.

    59. David R

      He has elements of Klopp, Wenger & Mourinho - he's animated, determined & a great communicator in 3 languages. He likes working with the youth and knows how to get fans excited. 😍

    60. Zak

      Miss the live games...

    61. UNC0 [Under Construction]

      I think you were thinking of “there was no fruit to our labour”

    62. Jensen Hart

      George stop hyping our managers up too early I love u man but it’s too soon bro

    63. MJOTD !

      Good analysis George, I think of a younger Klopp, to be sure...

    64. Cian McCormack

      Benson when are you coming back to England ?

    65. rosei10

      I like his confidence, it will rub off on the players. His touch line energy reminds me of Bill Cowher, the type of coach players will die on the field for.

    66. bleu19 innit

      I love Tuchels confidence in both himself and the players

    67. Joe dirt

      Top 4,FA cup and we beat Athletico Madrid

    68. Rajarshi Roy

      This man's loaded it's almost a year he's in Bali. Yo that's all SEprom moneh?

    69. zeal1914

      Tuchel,s first interview surely will make Liverpool and Man city to tremble because Tuchel is of the same caliber of those coaches and so now I truly believe that competition is gonna be high because Tuchel knows the coaches in the top six and he will like to beat top six teams no matter what so as to put his blue print on the premier league 🙏🏽

    70. Khakalethu Mbixane

      Yes guys

    71. Jonas Kohr

      Tuchel does not fear Liverpool or City! He looks on our team not on the others (like Sarri or Lampard who always spoken about the big gap between us and the others). Tuchel tries to take out the best of our team and does not care about the others! This is the mentality what our boys need! No player wanna hear that the other teams are better than us. Tuchel gives his players that confidence that u need to grow about yourself! I am sure we will be doing well!

    72. Martin Yeboah

      Am excited about the future with Tuchel at the helm very positive and realistic interview. I really like him hope he will be a success for us

    73. Graham Ash

      I watched the Wolves game. Our new manager is in for a long hard season if we continue with playing like this. We could have kept Sarri as manager and not brought our legend in to this managerial graveyard. Are they trying to bore the opposition into submission?

    74. Johnson Johnson

      The reason why chelsea can make progress is that most fans of the club is stupid ... just like ben.... if you are sincere with yourself, you do accept that Lampard is shit

    75. Edson Mataruse

      I think l like the boldness, clarity of ideas, thought and purpose. I think it's interesting times ahead.

    76. Without The Mask

      Talk is cheap. Show me the action.


      Is it just me who didn’t think the match was boring? Regardless unlike Lampard touchel had the players playing through the middle instead of always spamming crosses

    78. Mohammed Abdullah

      Watching Tuchel speak, I can tell you one thing, he can speak better English than Harry Kane

    79. Aditya Patel

      Everything you said.. Spot on.. I agree totally. Thing about his words what stuck with me was everything else and when he said "the club told me that it's not my fault....." Just thinking how the conversation happened, if you know what I mean.

    80. Mohamed Khalid's

      Ama Barça fan buy gotta respect the raw Chelsea emotion


      Agree With You 💯🔥

    82. William Clervoyant

      Now that Tuchel has taken the reigns from Lampard, what do you think that means for the futures of the players already out on loan like Tomoi, Barkley and RLC. Can either of them fit in Tuchel’s team and his style of play, or should he be looking to sell them?

      1. William Clervoyant

        And Conor Gallagher as well


      You are back to being objective now not that lampard cry you had on your last two vids

    84. Benjamin Gabriel

      Is there a chelsea fan on the planet that thought lampard would have beaten athleti in the champions league lol. tuchel is a manager who can realistically win us the champions league this season I believe this 100%

    85. Mumuni Mubarik

      I told you GEORGE

    86. arvi jeffery

      Great video and analysis GB

    87. sam_chelseafc

      A noticeable difference will be the average time spent by a player on the ball. Also playing through the middle.

    88. ClipSpek Vik

      stream your reaction during the matchdays I am searching for a good Chelsea FC Streamer

    89. NagaBi Lo

      The Video quality and audio quality isn't up to mark. Nice content though as always.

    90. Rob J.

      Havertz had a decent game and others around the lad should get their heads up and pass when he is asking for it!! The team that finished should start against Burnley ,possibly Werner / Pulsic

    91. shadi982

      You shouldn't expect a good football against a teams who came to stamfordbridg to defend with 10 players on their own boxe..come on its common sense..

    92. Ross Mason

      I like his ambitions George. He makes some good statements. He is kind of funny like Mr. Mourinho.

    93. James Dyson

      Im all for tuchel,think he is gna do good things with our squad...but wich clown thinks it's a good idea putting that banner outside Stamford bridge?at what point is that gna bring good vibes? Bellends

    94. Marcus Lee

      If an experienced manager with a track record and that charisma can't make it happen then I don't know who will. If that turns out to be the case, it will be egg on the board and owner's face for sacking Lampard and not seeing his project through. But we shall see. That's Tuchel's problem. He has to turn the fortunes around of our great club that no longer has any soul left and lives off of the premise of money as a business. Here are some facts to be pointed out. We’ve managed to collect about three to four hundred million quids worth of footballers that are absolutely no use to us and that nobody else is interested in. Bakayoko, Batshuayi and Drinkwater stand us in very close to over a hundred million and by the looks of it we can’t even give them away. We had broken the world-record fee for a goalkeeper that lets in every shot he faces and given him a 7 year deal. Literally no club in the world would give us 25% of our money back there. Chilwell was brought in for big money and started well but we’ve already got two left backs that do nothing except generate rumours about where they might be going, on loan obviously because nobody would actually pay money for either of them. That midfield last nght needs investigating by the fraud squad. By my reckoning £162 million for those three mentioned last night contributed to our glorious new record of 466 passes in 45 minutes of football I didn’t see a single forward pass by any of them that could be remotely described as creative. Jorginho is literally stealing a living at Chelsea, the best we could hope for there is loaning him to Sarri to use as his gardener till the end of the season. We’ve got 5 CB’s but it’s hard to say which of em is our best option, at least Zouma chips in with a few goals but I can’t see a single one of them at a club challenging for the league in England. We were told when we signed Havertz that he has ice in his veins but I’m thinking it might be cannabis cos he makes so little effort, another fraud on what we’ve seen so far. I had honestly thought these two wingers were gonna fire us towards a title challenge but Pulisic has been almost constantly injured or playing within himself for fear of picking up another one and all I know about Ziyech is that he has a wand of a left foot. Apparently. Either way, nowhere near the creativity required from either of them, no beating players or any end product. We’ve got three forwards that all do different things well but nobody has worked out which one to play in which system and with which combination of players to get the best out of them. It does look though unless he gets a sudden surge of confidence that our new one is going to continue the curse of the big money striker flops at Chelsea. Anyway, I know this sounds pessimistic and I’ve seen a lot of people moaning about negativity but that performance last night was completely pathetic, and the supposed value of the squad just makes that even more of an insult. The commentators spent much of the second half talking about the weather conditions.

    95. john tang

      I'd say talk is cheap. We'll see what Tuchel is made of by the end of the season. But of coz I hope he'll be a success!

    96. Vincent Hathway

      George, this show was your best in a very long time. I agreed with everything you said.

    97. Valkyrim

      You want your fairytale dynasty, George? How’s this sound: Lampard, a manager with completely inadequate experience, inherits Chelsea sans Hazard and with a transfer ban. Integrates some academy players, gets some exciting new signings, then leaves Chelsea in the capable hands of Touchel, who builds up a team feared by everyone in Europe. A few years of experience later, Lampard comes back as manager and reaps the rewards. Call it the “Lampard-Tuchel Chelsea,” because the players were introduced by Lampard, brought up by Tuchel, and finally seen out by Lampard. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

    98. Dripstar4444

      Welcome TUCHELsea! I'm actually excited, he brings me the vibes of a manager who manages a team in their prime era, and I'm confident tuchel will bring that on to this Chelsea club, so we will be at our prime for our second time! He's the piece of the puzzle we needed for years, I feel like with tuchel we could definitely win the prem, and be back on top to city and liverpool's level again. Maybe win the UCL again too? His attitude towards the club is infectious, people need to stop crying about lampard, we need to be realistic. Yes lampard was my childhood hero too, but he's not my cup of tea for a manager! Come on tuchel! We're becoming professional again! COYB🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

    99. DGB

      Under Lampard I wouldn’t feel confident in beating Atletico Madrid. But with Tuchel I’m starting to believe we can beat them.

    100. justin white

      with the team he has and his mentality and energy we will be where we always wanted to be i just have that feeling but we as fans and the board must support him fully especially in the transfers