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    'THOMAS TUCHEL and HIS Chelsea FC LINE-UP | CHELSEA vs WOLVES PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Wolves in the premier league as Thomas Tuchel takes charge of Chelsea FC for the first time. Tuchel joined Chelsea yesterday and has had 24 hours to work with his players before Chelsea face Wolves today. Chelsea vs Wolves in the reverse fixture saw Wolves win the game in injury time. What is your prediction for Chelsea vs Wolves today as Tuchel takes charge for the very first time?
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    1. seabe Raesima

      Start a Chelsea fan Channel with viper sport nunodaman and the boys

    2. justin bergmans

      If there’s any coach that can jumpstart pulisic, it’s tuchel. Their history at Dortmund should help

    3. J. Carlos Ayaviri

      Número dos jaja, para cuando un video en español o subtitulado ☻

    4. Charlie Croker

      Please don't become like Arsenal FanTV. Frank didn't have the job on merit, was found wanting. Good luck luck to him, am sure he will come back to the game all the stronger for. Good luck Thomas. KTBFFH!

    5. john tang

      Your lineup is much better than Tuchel's

    6. Alan Delerue

      What a shit show!

    7. Notorious 26

      y'all demand too much from everyone be patient every COACH NEEDS TIME. It's like going to your first work and don't know what will happen and expect big things.

    8. chelseacharger

      Those who berate Mount are so clueless, it defies belief. Anyone who watches real football, not your fantasy Playstation nonsense can see which players are not delivering. No more midfield pairing of the Chuckle Brothers, Jorginho and Kovacic, Thomas.

    9. Alim Meralli

      Your prediction was sooo wrong haha

    10. Lewis Leiper

      that lineup couldn’t be more wrong😭

    11. TrionNemesis 7

      Chelsea 0-0 Wolves

    12. Bergan K

      You got everything wrong this time😂❤️

    13. Remi YAZIGI

      That moment when you realize that you only got 3 out of 11 right 🤣 anw i love you line up better than the one that ended up being used

    14. Richard Ribbans

      Its so perfect. We playjng like the conte system. That's why he's playing the ones who know this 5-2-2-1 formation. Everyone is playing to their strongest attributes. That's also why Haaland would be a perfect replacement to giroud and to replicate the role of Diego Costa 😍😍😍

    15. TRRSuperstar9

      Wow... you were so wrong😂

    16. Reinier Klunder

      Looks like a 3-4-2-1 with Ziyech and Havertz as a double nr10. Tuchel seems to give the attacking midfielders a lot of freedom to play and switch positions. Could work well for both Ziyech and Havertz.

    17. Steve Northall

      Get Rudiger off that pitch

    18. Michael Finck

      The Question is not will Tuchel get out the best of the players, the question is will Tuchel get out the best of Abramowitsch and weird Marina Granovskaia. She is completely overrated, spends a lot of money, but has no idea of football. Tuchel hates people who always want to have a say but have no idea. Therefore he had to go in Dortmund and Paris

    19. Roham 11

      Tuchel thinks otherwise lol

    20. zee

      You look like Shane Mcmahon

    21. Mark Williams

      I can't wait until I hear what you have to say after the match!

    22. ScoobyFermentation

      I don’t think you have ever predicted a line up as off as this one.Hopefully Thomas knows what he is doing.

    23. yaswan aziz

      If you're really not holding back...lets have a Marina out video! The more we find out about what's gone on behind the scenes the clearer it is that there are systemic issues with the hierarchy and that's where we need to start trimming the fat! 😡 I mean Cech training with the team to be the eyes and ears!??! WTF!?!?!? 🤬

      1. James

        Source about Cech?

    24. Jaiye Jaiye

      lol only 4 of the players you predicted are starting it’s funny i hope we win tho

    25. Austin Latta

      I think a mount/kante midfield 2 would be a disaster. They both like pressing high and being expansive. We need someone to sit a little deeper like billy would. Kante doesn’t like holding as much as a lot of people think. He runs around and gets out of position when his job is a midfield shield

    26. Albert

      All the stabers are in

    27. Karthick Saran

      And jorginio and rudiger start😳, and Billy Gilmour is not even on the bench😐 I think probably tuchel is trying to bring up fresh energy as he put an almost completely different team from the weekend Come on blues ⚽

    28. giovanni Libonati

      I support Tuchel but this lineup is horrendous

    29. TheoStr

      hahaha, mate 7 wrongs on the starting 11, and the formation. Billy not even in the squad quite weird if you ask me. Based on the lineup he wants the majority of players to have a lot of experience, no other logical explanation.

    30. jqhx

      ohh u were well off

    31. Kuristofa G

      My my, how wrong you were 😏

    32. Martin Van Tol

      We all knew that Frank is inexperienced and only speaks English, but other things that aided his downfall: * too many new players all in at the same time * that difficulty compounded by Covid * a problematic run of injury and illness that meant he was never able to get consistency, and players lost form * too many players! Strangely, the last point may have been the most challenging. I always thought Jose’s approach of wanting no more than two players for each position made sense...you can’t have loads of top international players kicking their heels, with scarcely a hope of being a substitute, without it having negative impacts for the team. Our Tom seems to be a passionate fellow, so should be interesting second half of the season!

    33. SámuelB06

      I have just seen the line up and i’m furious

    34. Andrew

      Everyone needs to realize that Mount's father is no longer the manager and you shouldn't be surprised if he is no longer undroppable. Scary times for Mount.

    35. Marie Musengya

      I don't think he will put those midfielders there!!!!

    36. Martin Van Tol

      Video of training last night suggests the Tom has already injected a commitment to very pacy football. I was most impressed with how quickly he was actively involved with and connecting to the players, he also has been doing his homework as he was calling out the players names very confidently. Can’t wait!

    37. Christopher Jay Richardson-Davies

      Don't know why but I have a feeling he will use a 343 formation RUDI SILVA ZOUMA AZPI KOVA JORGI CHILLY ZIYECH WERNER PULISIC

    38. Abheet Menghani

      I am very excited for today's match. Come on you blues

    39. Abheet Menghani

      I think it should be Havertz and Werner in front

    40. Peace

      Why should Lampard have a free pass?

    41. Jon-Emil Steine

      mate could you tone down the ads please?

    42. John Gallaher

      I think Gilmour and Kovačić might work as a pivot behind a front four.

    43. Jonathan

      1st comment here on GBS hello mates from South Florida USA! I wanna see 4-2-2-2 with Mendy, James, Zouma, Silva, Chilwell, Mount, Kovachich, Havertz, Z, Pulisic, Werner

    44. mm sm


    45. Immi Deuce

      Your hair is back, we'll win

    46. Aiden McEwan

      . Werner Pulisic ziyech Chilwell mount havertz callum Zouma silva rüdiger Mendy

    47. John Gallaher

      uh oh! The gloves are off! Good luck!

    48. Raguenes Nasr

      You mistake, for me Pulisic is out.

    49. Charlie DeKlerk

      I fear the youth will be neglected! I predict Chelsea 0 - 2 Wolves.

    50. cherif lamachi

      CHI deserves to be starting over Ziyech. Seriously? On what basis? Nationality?

    51. Aliyu Madaki

      Lampard has been part of the player’s power at Chelsea as a player so how ironic if he was ousted by it.

    52. Pete Simba Shava

      We definitely not starting this line up

    53. Zeid Bitar

      I really hope Tuchel goes with this formation considering the strikers and attacking talent we have. That's the thing that infuriated me about lampards lineups

    54. Jamie Louise

      Given that he's only got 18 months, where does that leave long term planning/bringing the youth forward like Frank did? I'm suspecting Mr Abramovich wants a trophy this season bare minimum, and knowing Mr A's track record I hope Tuchel knows this or he could be another Scolari/Villas Boas....

    55. Richie's Hour

      Mendy Chilwell Silva Zouma James Gilmour Mount Havertz Pulisic Abarham Ziyech

    56. Nrip Shrestha

      cho above puli

    57. Jayster CFC

      I think Rudiger should start and then play as much as possible...so we can raise his resale value this summer. We sell him to raise Upamecano money and start fresh. It's a business after all, right Rudi?

    58. kenny jordis iracaniye


    59. jude kenechukwu

      GBFC your line up sucks. D line up should b 433 with Werner as point man. Abraham should come in later

    60. Austin Mboijana

      What if we played kai havertz at striker in a two striker formation with Werner. He played CF at leverkusen and it might get him going.

    61. Bailey Taylor-Rogers

      Would it be a little sus if Werner and Havertz start blasting goals and assists? Don’t get me wrong it would be amazing and we’d be winning games but.... from Werner having 0% threat to doing a full U turn in a few games seems a little strange. I hope I’m wrong. 🤷‍♂️

    62. Gary Martin

      Arm round the shoulder !!! They are all on £150,000 a week . They owe the supporters . They need to get off there backsides and show us

    63. Ayden Williams

      Lampard is still a young manager. I could definitely see him coming back in 10 years or so when he is a better and more experienced manager.

    64. Vp Football

      A loss is expected , draw would be nice , a win would be excellent

    65. simo faouzi

      CHO over puli

    66. Callum Tanner

      "Predicted lineup" The fucking exact same team..

    67. Pallav B. P. Gohain

      Please do stick to Pulisic, CHO, Gilmore, Callagher, Anjorin, Soonchup Bell, lewish Bate, Loftous Check, James, Ampadu... These Are the future of Chelsea.

    68. Matthew S

      for some reason i was just thinking a 3-0 for chelsea

    69. deepak moharil

      Dont know what the line up os going to be.. but i believe this lineup would have saved lampards job Mendy Azpiliqueta Zouma Silva Chillwell Kante jorginho Ziyech havertz pulusic Werner 4 2 3 1 Subs Mount for pulisic Hudson odoi for ziyech

    70. Antoine Nguyen

      Your line-up looks like a wish from your side... Don't see enough defensive guarantee in your line-up as we commonly know a block of 7 is needed (neither Pullisic or Ziyech does that...) I would guess rather a safe but promising 3-5-2, so that Tuchel will try first to not loose but we will have some attacking opportunities in this setup: Kepa Zouma-Silva-Rüdiger Chilwell-Kovacic-Jorginho-James Havertz Abraham-Werner

    71. Kai Parkinson

      Mount and Gilmore in the middle will not work at all sorry

    72. Elmain Essadiq

      Yes ziyech yes game lol. I guess injuries affected his performance. He's going back on the track hopefully

    73. alexisnotgreen

      George that t-shirt is bloody lovely!

    74. littlediablo

      Lampard is not the greatest ever Chelsea player, what about Terry, Drogba, Cole, Czech. Please use the right words.

    75. Yordano Garc

      Lampard out

    76. Alfie Einchcomb

      Can you do a watch along tonight?

    77. Banele Mngadi

      the quality of the video looks so nice brilliant 😍

    78. Robert Morgan

      Bet the team performs much better without clueless lampard at the helm. We will have direction now

    79. KWD TrendZ Movies

      I'll prefer 4-1-4-1... 4 attack midfielder.. Ziyech and Werner at wing.. Kovacic and Mason/Harvetz as CAM and CM (BOX TO BOX).. Jorgi/Billy/Kante as DM.. back 4 as usual and MENDY in goal

    80. Alhagie Sedia Fofana

      I love Chelsea FC. And I love individuals gave me more passion for the club our Legends like Frank, JT, Peter Cech, Drogba and more. But still am seeing a legend in making that's Mason Mount 🔝💙. Love you GB Yes Guys.

    81. Ryan Brooks

      Jorginho could very easily start to play again as Tuchel's 6. I wouldn't be surprsied at all if we see Havertz up top and playing more of a false 9.. maybe not today though if the rumors of a 3back line are true. What I want to see and what I think we'll see are 2 different things though. I want to see Silva, Zouma and Rudiger as the back 3 and Silva playing sort of the 6 role. James and Chilwell as the wingers w/ probably Kovacic and Mount in the middle. CP and Werner up top w/ Havertz playing either as a false 9 striker in the 343 or as the CAM in a 352.... but it'll probably be CP, Werner and Ziyech up top in the 343.

    82. Marek Lindner

      You know that 4-2-4 is basically 4-4-2 with some pointless steps that works only in FIFA xD

    83. Mango Girl

      One thing that I saw/heard was Tuchel took the time to meet with every chelsea player in the squad and talk with them. No matter their age, or how much they have been playing. I think going forward this will be crucial, making everyone feel like they r a part of the same team


      Am going with Chelsea 4_1Wolves

    85. Markus Ionescu

      Bro fuck playing Abraham

    86. SB_23

      I’m predicting Chelsea 2-0 Portugal. All our players will be trying their hardest trying to impress the new manager so hopefully we can find our form again especially with Portugal being on a bad spell

    87. Shady Nation

      Stop being a Lampard fanboy and support Chelsea okay ....Support the manager like you would any other manager

    88. Martin Yeboah

      Hopefully Tuchel can get the best out of the team

    89. Precious Aniakor

      If you're talking about who deserves to start, Pulisic doesn't deserve to start and Ziyech doesn't deserve to be axed either. Odoi on the left Ziyech on the right, and we'll know peace.

    90. Sean Piegore

      Tuchel is going to show passion on the sideline and that alone will protect him from this Wolves game, unless we get decimated

    91. O J

      I'm sorry but you can't keep trying to make "yes guys" a thing, everyone says it

      1. O J

        Basically like trying to trademark "alright mate"

    92. Samuel Musandirire

      Mendy, Azpi, Rudiger, Silva, Chilly, Kova, Mount, Ziyech (10), Pulisic, odoi and Timo

    93. prasiddha bhattarai

      insted of pulisic i would start callum hudson

    94. Samuel Musandirire

      I don't think Billy plays

    95. MAX

      Rumoured 3 back today

    96. Samuel Musandirire

      I think Azpi will actually start


      I dont like rudiger

    98. Amadou Ceesay

      Well come To Gbfc like and subscribe 👇 and comments to support the channels

    99. Luca Cataldo

      Jheeze george you haven’t even put Jorginho on the bench

    100. raywonchino

      No strength in mid field..