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    This Is Our PREMIER LEAGUE FINAL | CHELSEA vs LEICESTER MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Leicester Premier League Match Preview. Chelsea are in need of a win tonight to go up to third place in the Premier League table. Leicester, off the back of winning the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday will be looking to confirm their place in the Champions League for next season. Let me know your thoughts on Chelsea vs Leicester tonight in the Premier League and whether you think Chelsea will make it into 2021/22 Uefa Champions League.

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    1. OCFootball_29

      Was just watching the other video when this popped up - love the content George!

      1. Play Station

        I hope he will soon release a video with the title "Tuchel out Lampard in"

      2. Chimdiie

        Same here 😅

    2. Joe Needham

      Gotta name the puppy Stamford!

    3. chelseacharger

      George, George, George !!!. Munich was 19th May 2012. Blimey mate, it's easy to remember and iconic as it follows the year of the club's foundation, 1905.

    4. A D

      when are the tony bloody rudiger t shirts dropping?

    5. Edward Davies

      Yes Jorghino out Kovacic in

    6. Finley Taylor

      Dog name should be named Terry after captain leader legend

    7. Edward Davies

      Dogs name should be Hutch

    8. Jack

      Ngl I love Reece and I completely agree he should start but he did cost us that goal with a bad pass x but I love him great rb cmon u blues

    9. Hussam Quraan


    10. Stacy S

      Your front 3 is asinine. You say best players on the pitch, Pulisic needs to be in the lineup. CHO struggles against tough opponents.

    11. FlyHi 808

      Puli only having 20 minutes was part of the problem in the last match

    12. john smith's cousin

      Cho shouldn’t start it 100% needs to be puli

    13. Ayoss official

      pls call him didier

    14. Stephen Baak

      Its the end of the season... its not the time to build players confidence (CHO), its time to get results. Pulisic has been our best player despite poor results lately, so not starting him is an actual crime

    15. Adam G

      Please don't play Kepa every time he plays, we loose!

    16. David Milai


    17. Dalwhat

      Great lineup but zero chance TT will use it. Giroud will never start another game for us. Similarly, St Jorginho will never be dropped.

    18. Kevoh Blessoh

      I agree.....only that we can rest Mount and have pulisic on that Oliver plays btw Odoi n pulisic and have Abram as sub....

    19. A B

      Mendy azpi silva rudiger chilwell James kante mount pulisic havertz cho is my team

    20. Katongo Chisenga Art

      Having Kova back will be nice! If Odoi/Giroud starts I will be shocked😨

    21. Tobi Hochi

      Munich 2012 was on the 19.05 ... Chelsea was found in 1905.. thats my trick to remember the date

    22. Odane Williams

      Christensen has to start

    23. Aspiring Striker


    24. Jesse James

      Of course you start CHO over Pulisic.😅

    25. Jamie Hancox

      Where Tammy

    26. Ryder Lowery

      George, all the sun has got to your head. I’m good with Giroud up top with Mount and Pulisic behind him. I know some don’t like to hear this but Giroud and Pulisic are the only proven goal scorers. Tammy is next but if he doesn’t get the perfect cross he doesn’t score. He can’t drop deep to pick up a pass or dribble in traffic but if not Giroud then I’d start Tammy. CHO not a chance.

    27. hmanbatman

      It’s been the problem for the last 2 years really need someone to put the ball in the net

    28. Youssef Lambaraa

      I like your team but where is Ziyech. He gave beautiful balls to Werner but Werner did not give the ball to Ziyech in 2 big chances to score for Ziyech who was in a beautiful situation to score. Ziyech gives you opportunities to score. I see him better than Odoi.

    29. Timothy Hickey

      Top 4 a formality, Chelsea optimized

    30. Jeremie Olo

      I think you should name him Chelsea 💙 Chelsea is a beautiful name overall not just for a football club

    31. nkululeko mfono

      Anyone over Werner to start!Why can’t that guy come in on the last 10-30 minutes of a game!?Why must he always start if there’s a rotation policy in place?

    32. Jason Peters

      Ugh. CHO was terrible Saturday against this team... terrible choice.. Pulisic or Havertz.... no way Cho starts this...

    33. Adamin

      Didier dalmation? or Di Matteo?

    34. PS Mitchell-jt

      I think the puppy has got to be called drogba if it arrives on the day we won the UCL

    35. Bhavishya Yadav

      If we loose another match, it will be old vibes again. Going on a great run of form and then falling under pure gravity without any resistance.

    36. keeper22

      This is a good side. But how are u going to say we need attackers that can take players 1v1 and get forward then not pick pulisic

    37. L H

      Pulisic needs to start. TT has been subbing him in too late, especially in the FA final when Leicester scored and then sat back to defend.

    38. Nader Ghazal

      I would call it didier

    39. Brian siara

      Benson had to sit down for this

    40. Banie Van Der Walt

      Call the Puppy Didier. Have to Honour the man who won Chelsea the Champions League final.🏆

    41. abdilahi adan

      Chelsea are shit mate...I can't wait 👏 for Leicester to do the double on yaaaaa...

    42. Alex Lockhart

      Absolutely spot on, giroud always steps up so I totally agree 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    43. eye espea

      Mount havertz and odoi rather. Use giroud like pulisic.

    44. jimmi hendrix hendrix

      Chelsea to win 4-0

    45. huhu fullاثنان

      name the puppy sunny cuz he came to illuminate the road of Chelsea🐕💙💙

    46. TheNIM

      If you want the best players to start this game then why the hell are you starting Callum? Not a chance.

    47. Cactus Jack

      Wait did George say 21st of May 2021 was 9 years since we won the UCL? Even tho it was the 19th of May 2012 lol so he’s 2 days off lmao

    48. jimmi hendrix hendrix

      Name the puppy georgy junior

    49. Polar Vortex

      Please Tuchel, do not play Jordingo anywhere, and Limp Wrists in goal. Pleeeeease.

    50. Rey Oviedo

      George congrats on the puppy mate, my suggestion for the pup has to be Didier

    51. Clutch1h

      I dont like when people call American bias against Puli because Bens doesnt select him. Its not fair to him and I think its stupid to not call it as you see it. With all that being said Puli should be starting the final 3 games. Puli is our most dangerous attacker and we cant use players like Giroud or CHO in these important games. Neither of them have played many games. This game is too important. I think CHO has potential but he not what a lot of fans think he is. This team needs to figure out its talismans for the future and start to play them. The chopping and changing needs to stop. No more guessing who is going to be the rotation. Players need time together to get chemistry. Mase ,Puli and Kai for me. I would say Giroud but we cant rely on a player who is out the door and 34 yrs old.

    52. Eden Hazard

      name your puppy didier!

    53. Matt Velasquez

      George you completely contradicted yourself by not starting pulisic when he’s the only one that does what you want chelsea to do

    54. Robert Kubis

      Never put Reece at CB again. He gifted Leicester a goal. His pass was everything what's wrong with a bad school book passing as a CB. They intercepted the pass, or he passed to a Leicester player, a ball to Thielemans and we lost that tie. Our attack doesn't help as well and does not give full confidence.

    55. cfc frank

      wait until the 29th to name him. if we win, name him porto

    56. Fan Law

      Chelsea need coech titles

    57. けいあいさか

      Pulisic needs to start !!!!!!!!!

    58. Jake Buck

      Just double checking...chelse won the champions league on the 19th may 9 years and 2 days....won it 19/05 and founded in 1905 (remember that being my oman back then).

    59. Ahmed Abbas

      There is no way Tuchel will select the same front 3.

    60. Joe Turner

      Dog names - has to be Rami - Torres - Didi - Frank

    61. Hobbsy

      I’m gonna be honest odoi ain’t that good I don’t get his position or what he does yeh he might make options but he ain’t good enough for us

    62. Sebastian Berthelsen

      Havertz has to play

    63. Henry Williams

      the puppy has to be called didier. no question about it

    64. Lawrence Chivimbo

      Tammy Abraham needs to start he will surprise us

    65. elthamo

      You just know he is going to start Werner or Havertz up top AGAIN. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

      1. elthamo

        What did I tell you, starting Werner 😞

    66. James C

      Sorry man, I cant hope on board with Gouird. The last 3 games he’s come on, he looks so tired, lost, and unmotivated. Cant risk it.

    67. James Treacy611

      Call your dog ngolo kante

    68. Salaam Soud

      If we go with Giroud upfront am telling u we will win all 3 remaining games. Facts: Giroud is a serial winner

    69. Noah Chadick


    70. K B

      GB, very sad with you cozying up the other day n inviting Jennings the most toxic opportunistic divisive click baiting guy around

    71. Aditya Gad

      Havertz, Odoi, mount will start in my opinion

    72. Tatsuya SIGH

      Tbh it's a bit unfair to compare our performance against Real to Leicester. Real's midfield could be bypassed, and their defence got caught easily with balls in behind. Leicester sits a bit deeper, and their midfield is very solid. They're also especially dangerous on the break. We need a calm and controlled performance, not throwing the kitchen sink at them

    73. Darragh Moloney

      This game is vital Cmon Blues I bloody love ye😍🔵

    74. Tatsuya SIGH

      Ofc we didn't do enough to win the FA cup, but let's not over-react and try to change to much. Leicester was NOT the better team, far from it. The worst thing that can happen tonight is going all-out attacking and getting caught on the break. We just need to replicate that 1st half, BUT WITH BETTER DECISION-MAKING WHEN WE GET INTO GOOD SITUATIONS

    75. A-M SLB

      The problem with Chelsea they keep changing the players that’s why they will lose the games. Look at Liverpool / lister / ...

    76. Angie Wiedenkeller

      I would play Pulisic and Mount with Kai up front. Giroud is too slow for the whole game maybe bring him on later if needed .

    77. Rob B

      Wtf u talking about? Starting two people up fron that barely played the last 2 months? How about starting mount and 2 of pulisic, havertz, know the guys that were all starting when we went on our long undefeated run....not two cold guys off the bench. We don’t need anything different. We need to do what we were doing when winning... last game we started havertz and ziyech and Alonzo, and James as a Cb and AZ as a right back...that was different and lost.

      1. Rob B

        Well looks like I was right and tuchel is over his brain fart. Pulisic, Mount, Werner starting like it should of been last game! But knowing Tuchel we will win and look good then champions final he will bench pulisic again! Lmao.

    78. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Since his arrival equals the championship, maybe call him CHAMP ? 🐕🐅🐆

    79. chelsea7fan

      Dog name: Didier Its a sign that its exactly 9 years ago that Chelsea won the famous trophy thanks to Drogba so it can be nothing else

    80. Cooper Gibbs

      You just know Werner is starting 😒

    81. Alex

      No pulisic or havertz? We want to win not lose

    82. archiewall16

      CHO I agree with, but Giroud can’t play under any circumstances. Havertz up top for me.

    83. Ronny Morts

      Puppy name: Didier Dogba

    84. Danny Boy

      We never know if TT is going to start Pulisic or inject him when the game needs it.. either way as long as it gets us the win!

    85. Kgalema Mngadi

      I understand George's choices for the front 3 but I don't think TT will go with it. It'll be a very big surprise for me if he chooses this front 3 for tonight.

    86. Paulson Samuel

      i would play reece james instead of azpilicueta at that right CB postition and play pulisic RM and hudson Right wing back

    87. ashutosh banasure

      I'm telling u that we have to win this game anyhow to get back our revenge for the FA Cup loss against Leicester! ⚽💪👍💙💯 On Sunday our ladies lost against the unbeatable Barcelona side in UEFA champions league finals too in just the first half nd never came back from that 4-0!🙁☹️😕😥 Nd now every hater nd troller nd even the Espn pundits r like Chelshit won't be making the top 4 nd might be not able to win the UEFA champions league finals too!! So our boys need to pull up their socks nd play with passion and charisma for sure to make the haters shut their mouths nd to make our fans nd supporters proud in the end!! COYB 💙👍💯💪🔥🤐⚽🏆

    88. Luis Montesinos

      I think its going to be Havertz and Pulisic up front Chelsea win 2-1

    89. Crap Head

      GB... Why are you moaning your team lost their last matches for whatever reason get over it... Win tonight if you can.. Regards Tony

    90. S A

      It's so obvious that Werner will start

    91. Maryam

      CHO is amazing

    92. Maryam

      I love this even tho its not time for a change

    93. MacImages

      George, you're over thinking this just like TT did last game. CHO in the starting lineup?!?!

    94. Munish Khanduja

      Not starting Pulisic will be a stupid idea. He needs to start period

    95. youngKobe

      Theres no way i’m starting Giroud and CHO. It’s Mount / Havertz & Pulisic

    96. Londius YT

      Call your puppy Stamford :)

    97. Zeid Bitar

      This game will decide if we will make the top 4. If we lose or draw there is a very low chance

    98. edgaragu123

      I think I agree with your starting XI. Chelsea need a different approach to this vital 1st of the final games of PL. I hope Chelsea score first.

    99. Zeo

      Pulisic, Mount, Havertz up front and we're winning it

    100. Max Hristov

      Ffs George we don’t play with 2 strikers why do your videos always have us set up in a 3-5-2???