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    This Is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE | CHELSEA vs LEICESTER FA CUP FINAL MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Leicester in the Emirates FA Cup Final. Thomas Tuchel has a chance to win his first trophy as Chelsea manager and faces a Leicester side one place ahead of them in the Premier League table. Chelsea vs Leicester FA Cup Final will be a close game! Let me know your Chelsea vs Leicester FA Cup Final Predictions in the comments!

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    1. Nick Mogielnicki

      Hope you feel better soon George. Love the channel.

    2. Nick Mogielnicki

      Hope you feel better soon George. Love the channel.

    3. David Hayter

      Tuchel picked the wrong team/ Why is Kepa in goal and Alonso on the field WOW. No offence. Until Chil came on we had nothing. So disappointed.

    4. K Green

      It’s not often Tuchel gets it wrong, but imo he did today. Playing Azpi as rwb, Ziyech instead of Pulisic and Werner as a number 9. Azpi should have been in defence, with James or Odoi as rwb. Werner should have been where he normally is and that’s on the left up front. Ziyech should not have started, would have preferred Pulisic. When I saw the lineup I was concerned a lot. Werner is not a number 9 and we all no that, so Tuchels decision and lineup baffles me!

    5. Litty Jonez

      I agreed with everything you said...... Thomas Tuchel did the opposite ........and we lost......

    6. Christian Meneses

      Lost another one

    7. mercury_kb

      Haha the 6 things we learnt will be an interesting one. First of all I don’t even know how you’ll summarize it in 6. We have learnt so many things from this match. But anyways let’s not loose hope. Strong heart.

    8. K Green

      Why oh why is Azpi playing rwb, and why are we waiting for them to score before we step up a gear? Well done to Leicester they deserved the win and with a great goal too. The decision to play Azpi as a rwb and Werner as no 9 is strange. Ziyech was pretty poor too.

    9. Kevin Holt

      Haaaaaa the kitten 😸 ♥ cracking me up ohh my god

    10. sol porter

      Red box for rudiger and red box for formation, kepa was decent, James was disappointing

    11. אלי רחמילביץ'

      So the VAR denies a perfectly good chelsea goal in the 88th minute but when it is a handball in leicter's goal the referee doesn't even check it. Like a wise man once said: IT'S A DISGRACE IT'S A ******* DISGRACE!!!

    12. littlestevegaming 01

      We lost 😢

    13. Kevin Holt

      Ziyech and Werner were absotely awful. Horrible starting XI. By the time the best players got in, Leicester parked the bus. Why was Ziyech not subbed earlier? Tuchel has been great but he completely messed this up. Horrible

    14. TrionNemesis 7

      Chelsea 0-1 Leicester

    15. AJ Lau

      Well... he didn't start Pulisic. That was stupid. This game sucks...

    16. John W

      Useless up front!

    17. Pk Shop


    18. Pk Shop


    19. Rob B

      Ziyech starting over pulisic is an absolute F’kin joke!

      1. Rob B

        Told you was stupid along with chillwell not starting. Moronic.

    20. Alex Groccio

      💙 🤞

    21. ab1011 fawaka

      glad that you do not have the final decision about the 11 starters with your idea not even to include hakim in the selection, you are unworthy as an analyst !!!

    22. charafeddine elaouadi

      Crazy how Ziyech doesn’t even make your bench prediction lol

      1. charafeddine elaouadi

        @Dean Malone he was below average this game, I don’t think puli would had the answer neither

      2. Dean Malone

        and now look he done nothing maybe if he didnt make it and puli started could of been different

    23. Tony Churchley

      That competition you made here dont work I cant sign up to it.its useless mate

    24. Eric Ng'ang'a

      Timo and Mount to score, Hakim, and Mount for the assists. COYB!!!

    25. manash chakraborty

      Werner is the worst as a sticker. But I think he is the reason why we win the match

    26. Kervin Lopez vevo

      A win today in Jesus name amen🙏🔵💙

    27. Dan M

      George casually giving his prematch analysis while Zola climbs on his shoulder. Absolute composure from the absolute pro that is Mr. George Benson.

    28. Bou Bou

      It will be nice to win this cup final..for me the most important is to stay top 4

    29. JT Corey

      Where is Hakeem?

    30. Len Elsley


    31. Corey Taylor

      Ziyech deserves to start imo

    32. Keki Klion

      C helse 1-0 Leicester

    33. Stephan

      Ziyech hast to start, he seems to combine well with Werner and always is there during big matches and quite clinical. Werner is the reason why most goals were created this season. He has the most assists out of any Chelsea player right now and yes, he misses his chances but he seems to always forced to the sides or wings because nobody is there to crested chances or crosses for the center players. It’s almost like he’s a forward winger rather than full on striker.

    34. PresentTime

      They need value outta kepa so they can eventually sell him. Alonso’s percentage is deff up there let Pulisic get revenge...mount Pulisic Werner will start it won’t be havertz could be ziyech

    35. David Jouve

      Best finisher is Tammy for sure

    36. Adebayo Aderemi

      There is nothing with out Allah, I wish Chelsea FC a brilliant victory against Leicester city. insha Allah.

    37. RivelHD

      Let’s go to war boys 💙

    38. S1SW-25 Tso Kei Lim

      Chilwell taking away the FA cup trophy from his former club 🔥🔥

      1. S1SW-25 Tso Kei Lim

        Let’s gooooooooo

    39. lennox gay


    40. Shawn Green

      this is revenge for last year. we must win this game!!

    41. Chop Suey Fueled

      George Are you going to the finals in Porto?

    42. abdulrahman alali

      Hey George

    43. Mastercammatt

      Good video George, get well soon.

    44. Will Pritchard

      I had a dream of timo scoring. Trust in timo

    45. Rayan Moaz

      Benson’s the fucking goat 🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Quabena Monster

      Front 3= mount -werner-ziyech 🤝

    47. Sion Jones

      George, what are your thoughts about the new chelsea kit?

    48. Lunox

      I’m legit annoyed. I can’t watch the fa cup final today I have a football game 😣🥺😭 but anyways come on chels

    49. Vp Football

      Is havertz injured ?

    50. Vp Football

      3-1 ⚽️ Mount ⚽️ Werner ⚽️ James

    51. Vp Football

      Rather start Ziyech and Sub Puli on . Ziyech has proven he can show up againts good teams. Puli ripping apart their defence while they are too tired

    52. Aj Johnson


    53. Shubham Patel

      Let's go together my blues 💙

    54. Mamadou Kebbeh

      No pulsic today but ziyect

    55. Karefah jah Morsay


    56. Anaxi Kay

      If I were a football coach, I'd consider playing Alonso as a foward player.

    57. Same Syiemlieh

      Hoping to see kova make a return.

    58. Homie Greene

      Alonso is one of the best finishers at Chelsea but I'll say Giroud tops the peek fn

    59. anderson sabazan

      Chelsea 4-1 Leicester Timo 1 goal 2assist Mount 2 goals 1 assist Pulisic 1 goal a piece of absolute magic

    60. DreamEr

      Prediction: 3-2 - Chelsea. Mount, Timo, and Rudiger will score.

    61. Michael Hiltermann

      "relax bru" hanging around south africans there @georgebenson?

    62. kevaughn james

      That’s true Marcus is a good finisher.

    63. Siya Kwitshana

      Jorginho was definitely poor against Arsenal we can’t risk it today

    64. Stuart Kyahurwa

      Just because TT mentioned that Kepa took us through the FA cup, I get a feeling it's the same justification for Hakim to start. I will go for Mason Hakim and Timo

    65. Siya Kwitshana

      Alonso is fantastic finisher he knows how to bury difficult chances if one thinks about it

    66. some man

      I agree with the lineup but I'd have ziyech on

    67. Samuel Philips

      Hey Gbfc my birthday is today🎂

    68. hamza Cinema

      Where ziyech ? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    69. Sunil Kc

      Chelsea win 💪💪💪💪💙💙💙💙

    70. Apasi Eugene Eromosele

      What if alonso plays as a number 9?something crazy huh! Your selection is dope for me.

    71. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Chelsea keep going

    72. Andile Shandu Football

      We are winning this one Blues 💙💙💙

    73. Zephon Makale

      Ziyech will start in place of Pulisic

    74. Owen Lynch

      christensen is hurt

    75. zamyliazuri

      Chelsea 1-0 Leicester...Thiago Silva Heading goal


      Kepa Azpilicueta silva rudiger James Jorginho Kante chilwell Ziyech werner mount Chelsea 2-0 Leicester

    77. Jan Krivohlavek

      No Pulisic but Ziyech has to play.

    78. Christopher Brown

      I only have one word... PULISIC

    79. cyrus kavwele

      For sure Marcos Alonso can play like a striker perhaps needs to be tried ...

    80. tomaszdance

      Go Chelsea 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    81. Mum Qk

      Supporting Genocide donating £74 million to zionist terrorist occupation to displace Palestinian families. Boycott this guy, your money used to kill innocent kids.Plz Stop this Apartheid

    82. Nayeem Alam

      Hakim Zyiech

    83. Chris Quinn

      hold on how is ziyech not in your squad what so ever? you completely ruled him out or forgot about him as if, i think he will start also

    84. Sammy Rochford

      Come on Chelsea, Let's bring that cup home 💙👊🏼💪🏼🔥

    85. Ryan H

      Kepa Rudi Silva Azpi Chilly Kante Jorgi James Ziyech Mason Timo (Before I’ve watched the video)

    86. Kishan Patel

      first piece of silverwear in so long cant wait for this one.... COYB

    87. Tim Berge

      I think Thomas may go with Mason and timo and the wizard up top

    88. Tim Berge

      2-0 timo

    89. Deep Bhavsar

      Chelsea should start Ziyech and give some rest to Pulisic, he has been playing 3 matches of 90 minutes continuously 🙏

    90. Cocoberry Free

      Again, George left Ziyech out of lineup. Just like TT he is not a big fan of Ziyech but at the end Ziyech will prove them wrong that he’s a baller & save Chelsea in big games.

    91. Shamar Goddard

      Chelsea win 3 .0

    92. Jaydeep Vaze

      Ziyech has to start.

    93. Robin Thakur

      Please say no jorgh

    94. Adem Kilinc


    95. Adem Kilinc

      I really really Hope Chelsea win today

    96. Gilliez

      Ziyech not even on the bench is he injured ?

    97. Šerif Lelić

      Let's do this Chelsea! 💙👊

    98. Aditya Patel

      Come on Chelsea.

    99. Dan Skinner

      Agree with the line up apart from Kai in for Pulisic, come on Chelsea !!!

    100. Keegan Nolan

      Love the cat hahahaha, George, why do you live in Bali? Work/love?