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    THIS FRONT CHELSEA THREE COULD DESTROY WEST BROM | CHELSEA vs WEST BROM MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs West Brom is the Premier League Saturday early kick off this weekend. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel this afternoon was awarded the Premier League manager of the month award for March as his Chelsea side remain unbeaten in 14 games since he took over from Frank Lampard in January! Chelsea vs West Brom is Chelsea's last premier league fixture before Porto vs Chelsea in the Uefa Champions League on Wednesday night! Let me know your Chelsea XI in the comments below!
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    1. George Benson Football

      YES GUYS! It's been a very long two weeks... BUT CHELSEA ARE BACK! There is also the first GBFC Pet who needs a name... Best suggestions will probably be chosen! And whilst you're at it, make sure you are signed up for GBFC Selects (Link in description) to be entered for the £1000 Prize pool for tomorrow's game! COME ON CHELSEA!!

      1. Raul Alvarez

        cool it sox's pls

      2. Rob B

        No idea how you can say that about Werner....a guy who been missing sitters for Chelsea yet keeps getting full game time as of one of top guys on team sheet misses another one from country.....yea it should be reported because he keeps doing it and tuchel keeps playing him! If tuchel keeps playing a guy like that he needs pressure to answer. Sorry but if pulisic was given same game time he and a chance to gain form rather then 5 minutes here and there he would be performing way better then Werner

      3. Sooby



        Name it little Mount

      5. Athda Saeed

        Call it roman for our owner

    2. Imraan Jakoet

      Kitten name - Chelsea!

    3. Binksy

      Call him 5-2😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭to commentate the game before we beat Porto 😂

    4. 83greent

      Hello there gorge

    5. Gio mkheidze

      Name her Frankie 😉

    6. Timothy Hickey


    7. Jared Adjetey

      This video aged well


      2:00 you called it, your fingers weren't crossed


      Not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5

    10. MUSTAFAH


    11. Dave2468

      5-2 😂😂

      1. O Sullivan

        @Dave2468 ya exactly shut up

      2. King Kurt

        @Dave2468 u know we were down to ten men right... besides u were 2 nil up and their manager was in prison 😂😂😂

      3. Dave2468

        @King KurtPrison Fc are Croatia's best team so of course they were gonna beat us with the way we played, who tf loses 5-2 to Big Sam's West brom😂😂

      4. King Kurt

        @Dave2468 3-0 to prison FC tho 😂😂😂

      5. Dave2468

        5-2 to west brom tho😂😂😂

    12. Jay smokes

      Well we didnt destroy them they destroyed us lol

    13. Siphesihle Ngubane



      Ayyyyyyy that didn't age well 😂😂😂

    15. Ahm3d yusuf

      i knew this would end horribly 😭 we need to stay humble.

    16. Bani Cans

      Aged like milk

    17. Princess


    18. Ryan Brady


    19. I’m better at football than Arsenel’s 11

      Really you got destroyed 5-2 at home to west brom

    20. oxlic

      This aged well

    21. Lij IBroz

      Ha Ha

    22. TrionNemesis 7

      Chelsea 2-5 WBA

    23. Alex Lockhart

      Back to reality

    24. Alex Lockhart

      Back to reality today lads

    25. Ankit Jha

      call it thiago siva

    26. Mark Fitzpatrick

      bonetti, the famous 1970's keeper, best of his era and was second fiddle to shilton

    27. Mark Fitzpatrick

      call the cat bonetti

    28. Pragyik Maharjan

      She should be called “TT”

    29. Amaan Zubair

      Anyone think Alonso would be great as a target man like giroud?

    30. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Chelsea💪💪💪 is back

    31. Amaan Zubair

      Name the cat Petr

    32. Lars-Audun Olsen

      We have the same humor. I love the wordplay Audi TT hehehe lol


      I don't get why nobody gives Pulisic the respect he deserves.

    34. Ollie Taylor

      Ngolo Catne (You're welcome) Tammy Werner. Mount Alonso. Kova Gilmour Pulisic Rudiger Silva Christensen Mendy

    35. Issa Hussein


    36. Lars-Audun Olsen

      The first one who scores today... You will name your 😺 Beautiful cat.

    37. Will Gregor

      Peter the cat- peter bonetti....

    38. Chappo

      Call him N’Golo 😁

    39. Daniel Siegrist

      Can we please not play Werner... man would miss then bus even if we was at the bus stop 20min early

    40. Lloydnyako

      call it stamford fridge...😂😂

    41. Chicken Soup

      Rami after the sauciest chelsea player ramieres

    42. FLOWNEL

      Panter Snow Claw Mew TT Blue

    43. Your Mother

      Call the cat zola

    44. Joe Murphy


    45. jhoosi1

      Timo the kitten 😍

    46. Akshat Singla

      Steven the cat. Liverpool fans don't be offended 😂

    47. Caleb Kitiyo

      Call him khai

    48. Christopher Walton

      Chenson name

    49. Hussam Fauzi

      Name the cat TT the kitty

    50. Chelsea FC Videos

      Apricot... perfect name

    51. Lubabalo Mnikina

      Call it Chelsea

    52. Ur ain’t Neva did it

      Call it cech or petr or mendy or Edou for there cat like reflexes

    53. Paul Pattaya

      George i met gianfranco zola in barcelona 1999/20season i shook his hand he was a absolute gentleman. It was a honour i met many other Chelsea players along with barca players De boer brothers the list goes on. Always wanted to go to real madrid Champions league game. Am here in sunny Thailand living the dream. Love the hard work you do keep it up i am a follower. @ 56 years old lol.

    54. Keegan Chinn

      Ay bro you gotta name the kat 'Frankie'. Love your videos man💙

    55. Bob Warren

      Call the cat Stanford 🦁

    56. Christian Velazquez

      When will get Pulisic playing time? This would be a perfect game for him to start since West Brom is at the bottom of the table. Knowing Tuchel he won’t start him in other games.

    57. Mayank Bawari

      Should have gotten a dog

    58. Giorgos Chatzakis

      And also call the country north macedonia, not macedonia. South macedonia is a big part of greece

    59. Giorgos Chatzakis


    60. Chris Davis

      The Porto game is huge for the season - obviously the premier league is important but we stand a great chance in the Champions League. We need the Kante, Silva world classness along. I wonder whether Mount might be rested for this. I reckon any of Hakim, Tammy, Pulisic could come and do the job we need. Also, Cat name suggestion - Terry in honour of the best CAT- tain. OR after the great Peter ‘The Cat’ Bonetti so maybe Bonetti?

    61. Oli Burns

      The cat just needs to be called Drogba

    62. Harry Budgen

      call the kitten ‘blue’

    63. Gruffles

      Replace Pulisic for Werner. Captain America is coming off a strong performance for The US team and this may be a great time to get him going for Chelsea. Edit... bless you

    64. Tomas Jensen


    65. Razo Gajdůšek

      Drogba, fits perfect

    66. ketha aakash


    67. qwerty30013

      Kitten name should be Stamford

    68. Blosha Blosh

      Whoever scored the first goal for Chelsea v Porto is the name Say Werner scores, it could be called timo 😎💙

    69. Tom Aksoy

      Call it blue

    70. Dr.Joke006

      Lampard The Cat 👍

    71. Charlie _

      Call him Dennis after Dennis Wise (definitely not after a certain Dutchman who happens to be an Arsenal legend)

    72. Noah Chadick


    73. Renier Oberholster


    74. Aaron PONNUDURAI

      call it SugundeezNuts

    75. Richard Mensah

      We I back

    76. Robert Olyaie_

      Frank the kitten or Kova the kitten

    77. tortie51


    78. fiasko Dollari

      Azzar after Hazard

    79. Launjah LJ Kingamusic

      Tt said Werner is starting

    80. United States of Chelsea

      Frank the cat...duuuuuh

    81. Mickey Dodkins

      N’golo the car imo

    82. John Gestwicki

      Doppler bc meeeoooooooowwww (sound effect like a passing car)

    83. Loreta Lampaki

      Call the cat Chelsea if its a girl.💙

    84. Soowoo22

      Call the cat Cole for our legend LB

    85. Michael Canabarro

      Name the cat Didier for obvious reasons

    86. Bene B.

      Call the Cat Diego

    87. Bene B.

      Best Video, because of the 🐈!

    88. Diyn Djarin


    89. Raul Alvarez

      call it sox's pls

    90. Chikwasha Kalunga

      Cat Name Meow. Had a cat named Cousin so Meow should be great

    91. NACKBOY

      Call him batman

    92. Matt Dukes

      didier name the cat didier

    93. Kevin Frazer

      Oreo/Snickers or Mister Mittens

    94. Akiel Simpson


    95. Samuel Deptula

      I know this will be overlooked but I get to see my brother first time over in a year and I miss him so much.

    96. Sem Carpintero

      I just don't understand how Werner plays under par ,missing easy chances game after game and continues to start as Pulisic barely gets a chance. Even when CP10 misses a chance, he gets criticized and then doesn't get another chance after that, just doesn't make any sense from a "form" point of view. How can CP get to his best form without getting a consistent run in the team. Seems like there are different standards for Werner and TT is caudeling like a baby.

    97. Brian siara


    98. Ny88 Gaming

      Or Frank to show respect to Lampard

    99. Ny88 Gaming

      Mason the 🐱

    100. Shoubham

      Hey Benson name the cat Yes Guys.😁😁