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    The REAL SECRET Reason Why Chelsea Have HUGE HAALAND TRANSFER ADVANTAGE... Yes Guys! Welcome back to GBFC for a brand new Chelsea News video. Yesterday, I was thinking about Chelsea's partnership with Nike and how with Erling Haaland being a Nike Athlete, It could bode well in Chelsea's favour when it comes to the deal for the strikers signature this summer. Chelsea are one of five heavily interested in Haaland from Dortmund this summer with Barcelona, Real Madrid and both Manchester United and Manchester City being the other four main rivals to sign Haaland. I also discuss Dortmund listening to Sancho offers, as well as Hakan Calhanoglu who is a FREE Agent leaving AC Milan this summer!
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    1. DinkoCentar

      Hazard back anyone?

    2. adam ad7

      REAL MADRID, BARCELONA, MANCHESTER CITY AND MANCHESTER UNITED Are the only teams who could sign him up

    3. Zach Testa


    4. Mason De Beer

      Lectures off,, GBFC on

    5. Anucha kanyakamin

      Will haland come to chelsea if we don't get top 4 spot next season..isn't this the reason haland will leave Dortmund for champion league club..we are in danger not getting top.4 it all depend if Chelsea get champion league next season..till then point talking about haland mr George benson.

    6. Kushal Komul

      stop talking about Haaland. he won't be coming...

    7. T T

      Getting Nike into the room with Haaland for the meetings will be important. If it were me setting up the meeting, that’d be the card to play. If Nike are able to package something up with Haaland becoming their big England playing Chelsea player it could bode well. If we make the finals at least and get CL qualification, this could be such an easy deal if we stump up the money.

    8. Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael

      Talking about CL football, how sure are we that we (Chelsea) will be playing CL football next year?

      1. Jei Marbañiang

        More than you believe

      2. Tunde Jones

        More unsure than sure.

    9. Rory

      As much as i'd love to have Haaland at Chelsea, I just don't believe it will happen, though I do get hyped every time George does a video about it. I think Lukaku will go to Man City, and we should go for Lautaro Martinez. I don't think Haaland will go anywhere this summer, the press will draw it out across the summer, getting plenty of clicks etc. and he'll end up going to Madrid next year. And though Dortmund would love to get a bigger fee this year for him, they can also demand a £100m+ fee for Sancho, so it's not like they're in a massively weak position if Haaland's release clause is triggered in 2022.

    10. Chelseafc House

      Haaland will flop at Chelsea. Am I the only one thinking this?

    11. Sidhu

      Hakan and Ziyech fill similar roles, you could argue Hakan is better than Ziyech

    12. Flicks

      What would happen to the people playing on the left like Werner and Pulisic tho?

    13. Swaguar

      Where are you 🤣🤣

    14. I.k I

      You could also say that Chelsea are not sure of champions league place either, so the point of Dortmund’s struggles is cancelled out

    15. Michael Sambells

      If we don’t get top 4 I think haaland will go to Madrid if we do then I think we have a great chance of getting him

    16. Alan Douglas

      I had wished that we had given Bamford an opportunity, particularly after the goals he scored for Middlesbrough when they were promoted a few years ago.

    17. Annos Aroon

      Halaand is not good at all we dnt want him he is just average I watched him playing Aguero is better than him by far

    18. max durango

      i guess its not a secret anymore

    19. station

      George, respectfully, I enjoy your channel. You enjoy your wine. Tell me, if you add water to your glass of red, do you get more wine? Put your Champions League predictions (only eight teams left) on your MAIN Channel, or you risk diluting it. Piss on your Viewers, and some might just Piss Off.

    20. Tom Longden

      haaland to city is surely going to happen

    21. Ties Vinke

      Pep Guardiola has also said City will most likely not be able to spend money on a striker this summer

    22. Lucas code Venɪ

      Nice "Adidas " T-shirt George 😁

    23. Martin Yeboah

      Am not sure we are going to sign Haaland

    24. Mani H

      I'm honestly so tired of hearing about Kepa and Rudiger, they have reduced our club's class by loads, I hope they both leave this summer. I want them to leave more than I want Haaland.

    25. Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop

      Need to get top4 first then we'll see

    26. Klev

      Who else remembers when George said we shouldn't sign Haaland from Salzburg because "he doesn't fit our system" and is a "tap in merchant" 😂😂😂

    27. Ivan Ortiz

      Calhanoglu is a very good player. However, he’s not consistent and impactful enough to be in Chelsea. It wouldn’t be a bad signing, but it’s not needed and he’s isn’t good enough to start for the team. He’s no Bruno Fernandez... he has potential though. Btw he plays as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1 system.

    28. Patrick Gill

      First thing girlfriend says: where are you? Advice: Run

    29. Rob B

      Haha “normal competition” it’s a backup goal keeper verses a Center Back. How is that healthy? They aren’t competing for playing time nor do they compete against each other. If anything a Goalie n CB should need to be working together and have a good relationship

      1. Impressionable

        A goalkeeper and centre back shouldn’t work together? Are you fucking serious 😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Frodo Baggins

      I'd be ashamed of following this club that feels it needs to spend £500m in 2 years to win. Cheers George.

    31. John Rohlf

      CHO must be absolutely thrilled with Sancho Chelsea rumors. Tammy must be loving all the Haaland rumors. All good for the team morale.

      1. adlib

        This is Chelsea football club. We buy big players regularly. If they can’t handle the competition required in a big club, they aren’t good enough.

    32. i dont know _

      I think we should play this team against Porto Gk: Mendy Full backs:James, Chillwell Center backs: Rudiger, Zouma, Christiensen Midfield: Kovacic, Mount, Attack: Havertz, Werner, CHO

    33. Ed A

      We aren’t getting haaland

    34. Thomas Yeboah

      I don’t think Chelsea is getting Erling

    35. Madhurjya Das

      Hakan Calhanoglu is an amazing player. He’s one of the most complete attacking midfielders out there. Moreover his skills and versatility allows him to play on the wings as well as in a much deeper role. He’s very similar to KDB, obviously not as good as him but who knows he may give KDB a run for his money if he joins us!

    36. JJ RREP

      Yeah this guy is just desperate for views now. This guy really said we have an edge on Haaland because of Nike 🤡 Ronaldo is the face of Nike and has played for 2 teams who Weren’t sponsored by Nike and Messi plays for Barcelona who has never been sponsored by adidas. What is you point here exactly ???🤡

    37. adrian

      Haaland isn't coming to a 5, 6 or 7th place Chelsea. We hopefully woll will squeeze into the top 4. Liverpool and West Ham look focused and intent on making a real run.

    38. Pepsi Gardenia

      Mini Ravioli is too toxic. Every transfer window, he'll instigate drama. get Chanelgoogle, Jason Poncho, legend striker Agassi on a free, Bukayo Soccer and future ballon d'Or Camelwinger from Rennes. We move!

    39. James Foran

      Your are a smart

    40. MFARRAR05

      Chelsea need Kingsley Coman

    41. Marcus Lee

      Kill the Haaland rumour now because we won't be able to afford his wages, period! He might not be wanting the £650k a week quoted, but it will be £350-400k starting salary so let's be realistic; that plus his transfer clause of £150m? Ain't happening. Put your toys away GB and move on to more realistic targets.

    42. Jack

      George mate no let's not embarrass ourselves ... Why would he want to come here! I'd love us to sign him but we aren't at the elite level yet.

    43. AFC Rilz

      If we sign haaland and sancho we will because I European giant again.....I love pulicic but he gets injured like every game and if he gets one or 2 more injuries in the next few months then I feel like that we will get a new winger

    44. haitch04

      If Haaland wants to leave Dortmund due to no CL, Chelsea simply HAVE to be in the CL next season to have any chance of signing him?

    45. Japhet Ngulrosanga Hranngul

      We need a Good stricker who is reliable like our former Stricker Drogba and Costa.I heard about it Man Utd has pre- signed Erlind Halaand, No no Utd shouldn't signed it.I Like hîm very much Let hîm be the Blues.

    46. Peter Williams

      Love the channel mate

    47. Paras Chaudhary

      Would rather give loftus cheek a chance rather than sign calanoglu..

    48. Sachin Kaushal

      please don’t stop talking about haaland, it gets us all hyped 🔥🔥

      1. Impressionable

        That means it’ll hurt more when he joins fulham

    49. Kishan Patel

      Its sad to see this channel only on 184K i think CFC should shoutout this channel

    50. Jayson

      It’s pronounced Cha-na-nolu

    51. Lord J10x

      We don't need more creativity...we need more goals and clinical finishers in the team..we have players who can create we need to shop for goals if the manager not giving Tami a chance

    52. Kgalema Mngadi

      I'm really not too worried about the Kepa and Rudiger bust up. It'll blow over and everything will be fine.

    53. Akmal Hafiz Ramlee

      Idc tbh where Haaland will go as long as its not other EPL clubs than Chelsea 😂😂😂 if he goes to City, we can pretty much say goodbye to EPL title for many many years (unless Werner and Havertz improve massively)

      1. i dont know _

        If Haaland goes to an English club he will flop the prem is much different to the bundesliga

    54. Nnamdi Ajiri

      Hey George, is your girlfriend African?

    55. Angel Ominini

      I'd rather we go for Pedro NETO or Raphina. I can't deal with these bundesliga players😭. We need consistent players no excuses next season.

    56. edward cooper

      My summer is going to be ruined if Liverpool (or anyone else) pip us for fourth, won't attract anyone decent if not in champion's league.

    57. Tamuda edward

      I don't think we will get haaland

    58. Adem Kilinc

      Vs Porto Chelsea need to make sure we don't concede and we need to score atleast 2 goals in the first leg

      1. Max Chinnock


    59. Tyler Stanger

      Makes no difference who sponsors the player, PSG had a whole Jordan collection because of Neymar and he moved to puma and they didn't put up any fight for him at all.

    60. Adem Kilinc

      Good morning guys hope we have a great day and Hopefully Chelsea win tomorrow

    61. Čípr Chippy

      Buy Daka instead of Haaland....

    62. Steve Kerr

      We have to remember when talking about Haaland, We are not guaranteed CL qualification. If we miss out would he even consider us?

    63. Aloocman 442

      The sponsor could have a little but not to much, if you look at Juventus there sponsored by Adidas and Ronaldo joined them and he has one of the biggest deals with Nike so

    64. Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN

      We already have Ziyech but we need Hakimi

    65. Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN

      I hope Chelsea sign Hakimi but it won’t happen 😞 🇲🇦

      1. Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN

        @mateo alejandro arana siekmann yes

      2. mateo alejandro arana siekmann

        @Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN Yes, he is!💪🏼

      3. Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN

        @mateo alejandro arana siekmann true but Hakimi is a Moroccan beast ❤️🇲🇦

      4. mateo alejandro arana siekmann

        @Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN that would be 3 or 4 years further, because Azpi is in his prime rn

      5. Callum Baller12 - Achraf HakimiSZN

        @mateo alejandro arana siekmann but since Pulisic is always injured CHO can go LW and When Azpilicueta gets old or he gets injured Reece James can go RCB which leaves space for Hakimi to sign 😃

    66. Melissa Ng

      Better take Sancho than Haaland , looks like he prefers to go to the top clubs

      1. yddub bud

        @i dont know _ let's see

      2. i dont know _

        @yddub bud hono Man Utd ain’t gunna sign sancho

      3. yddub bud

        Sancho will probably end up at ManU which wanted him last year but BVB didn't budget from asking price. A covid19 year later, BVB will sell him to ManU for much less

    67. farid hadjeres

      I am the Chelsea owner and we are going to offer 150m for haaland

    68. Conlan O’Boyle

      When will the match preview be out

    69. Australian idiot

      We have to get champions league first

    70. yave

      come oon, just came here to comment that Haland will never see a blue shirt on top of him! also chelsea does not need another youngster in the club plz! I'm not entertaining this at all!

    71. Muan Valte

      We ain't getting anyone if we finish outside top 4, which is a huge possibility damn!!!

    72. NewFoundGold

      The AC MILAN FREE KICK SPECIALIST is just another Ziyech...

    73. Siva Sabhapathy Rajasekaran

      Leave Calhanoglou , sign donnaruma as a free agent, who's already good and will continue to improve as he's young.

    74. PhantomOfManyTopics

      More more more Daria please.

    75. EN Fazel

      Let’s face it we can’t sign halland players like him (Messi Ronaldo mbape...) would never join a club like Chelsea that can’t even guarantee cl spot

    76. John M

      I think Chelsea should go for Erling Haaland insted, than Jadon sancho cause we need an actual striker that can bang gaols all thoe we got werner but he still need to find his feet but hopefuly next season he will

      1. i dont know _

        Honestly I don’t want us to sign haaland or sancho I would rather have hakimi and belloti or lukaku

    77. A M

      We should consider Patson Daka as an alternative for Haaland. 23 goals and 5 assists in 19 league games for Red Bull Salzburg this season.

    78. Game of Ghost

      Anyone else nervous we won’t qualify for champions league and won’t get these players regardless of price? 🙃

      1. Thearkillian

        If we win our league game against west ham we should be ok

      2. TMPK pasq

        Nah I don’t think just losing that one game won’t change much and it’s good we did it now so they have learned and will make sure to win every game from now on to get that top 4

    79. Younes Talks Football

      You made a great discovery bro! Genius Benson hahaha

      1. Tony's World21*

        I'll be watching your preview tonight! Gonna be a banger!

    80. Alex Lockhart

      I can’t see us getting haalland, absolute ridiculous sums already coming out for agent sums etc Can see him going to city or Madrid

    81. Frank Terry

      Nike is also the sponsor of Psg, Barcelona...

    82. Jacob CFC

      Yes guys

    83. Shamsul Haque

      I don’t think the sponsors can legally influence where the player should play. They only have commercial interest from that player. Despite Nike’s sponsorship with Chelsea, Nike would like to see how Halaand’s value as a football player increases. So it would be looking to increase their brand and sale from using Halland as an individual rather than a representative of a club. From this logic Nike might want him to sign up for the club which can give him the biggest exposure to the fans and success. I am a Chelsea fan but we have to be realistic and look for a cheaper alternative. Lukaku can be an amazing option.

    84. Erick Ngandu

      The free agent is s good one It feels nice seeing u happy not upset like the other day

    85. Osondu Joshua

      Yes guys ❤️

    86. Josephine Omoboye

      1:11 training bust up between rudiger and kepa

    87. Nischint Davada

      sorry but this reason sounds stupid , having the same brand doesnt play a major factor in signing the player , maybe 4 or 5 per cent it may effect , u are just finding reason so erling halaand comes to chelsea but deep down we know its either city or Rm or barca if messi stays

    88. Ebong Kingsley Ewang

      We should try patson Daka if we can't get haaland .Andre silva and arguero are options. We need to get tchouameni and fofana.

    89. Eryk D

      come on CHELSEA!!! slap them with goals!!! prediction Porto1:2

    90. CertifiyedJK_15 XD

      I don't want halaand

    91. Official rozay

      Well Jadon Sancho has been injured almost all through season aswell in Dortmund.l so I don't really see much difference btw him pulisic atm injury wise 🤷‍♂️


      Werner Havertz Mount Ziyech seems to settle under Tuchel.... sergio could be a good signing .....and if Donnarama comes that's good .... chelsea should look for good wingbacks

    93. Marcus Trashford

      Chelsea also not confirm top 4 yet too

    94. Miracle Boi

      Hi George am having issues setting up my GBFC password. Can you be of help please.

      1. Guideehh S

        I can help, what’s your password?

    95. KING

      Along as we secure champions league next season we got.a decent chance of getting haaland if we don't get him hopefully we can get lukaku

    96. Moyisi Mgwigwi

      I really hope we don't sign anymore midfielders

    97. Hariish S

      sign patson daka he is the real deal for us !

    98. Anmol Dixit

      Tammy Abraham is going to start vs Porto and score at least one goal. Mark my words.

      1. ankur das

        @Seb Palmer what's so funny about it?

      2. Melissa Ng

        He is reserved for the Porto match 👍

      3. Anmol Dixit

        @Seb Palmer You're laughing now but I think you'll be surprised at the end. Tuchel always does this kind of thing. When everyone is wondering why a player is not playing, Tuchel puts him on in one of the toughest games.

      4. Seb Palmer


    99. Liam Connolly

      Nothing is better than wakiing up to GBFC💙

      1. Samuel

        @Young Sinatra 😂😂😂😂

      2. Denny

        @Young Sinatra very true nobody asked him

      3. Young Sinatra

        @Anas Frouh nobody asked you though, did they

      4. Jason Vanhelleputte

        What time do you wake up???

    100. Ibrahim Ahmed

      Yes, Benson. Porto is not an easy team. Reminds me of the 2003-2004 CL. We must make sure, we don't concede. After watching and analysing, I think 5-2 don't reflect the game. We missed chances, great saving from the goalkeeper and we could have scored more. I believe that there are elements of luck. And lady luck isn't on our sides mostly. Just imagine how many times we have hit the crossbar. Porto will be unpredictable. So we need to have a good game plan and applying them.