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    The Biggest Game of CHELSEA SEASON | ATLETICO MADRID vs CHELSEA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PREVIEW. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea in the 1st leg of the Uefa Champions League Last 16 tie. Atletico vs Chelsea see's Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea travel to Bucharest to face Diego Simeone's La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid. Chelsea are without Thiago Silva but have Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic back in contention to start tonight against Atletico. Let me know your Chelsea FC Starting XI in the comments below!
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    1. ARTYAW TV

      U hate Alonso...i know now

    2. ARTYAW TV

      You selected chillwell....lwb what a joke....Alonso is the best lwb in epl and currently 😹😹😹😹😹

    3. ARTYAW TV

      What happened after your analysis 😹😹😹😹 next joke

    4. Steven Judges

      George my friend you’ve we are the only London club with a European cup wrong I hate saying this but Tottenham actually won the Europa league first time it started I hate saying it but yeah hey beat wolves 2-1 in 72 but was called uefa cup then so is the same we are the only one in London with a champions league

    5. Joseph Mwangi

      Tuchel only needs to sort out the attack

    6. Short Beast

      What the prediction 😍

    7. Charlie Croker

      Well called son.

    8. Elenie Menna

      Wow benson got it right 👍🏽. Way more optimistic than I am 😂😂

    9. TaK Maximum

      Fucking love being the underdog , but let us be humble it's not over yet🔥🔥

    10. Andrew Vitt


    11. Felix Wotton

      Who's here after Chelsea won 1-0

    12. Endi A

      Whos here after 1 0 chelsea

    13. sean lines

      Well to all the giroud haters a world class goal for us and a one nil win in the first leg come on

    14. Linus Hellqvist

      Chelsea won lets go

    15. Jayson


    16. redknights2007

      Damn, you called it. 1-0 win for the Blues. 💙

    17. S B

      So glad mason is out next match

    18. Rob B

      63 minutes in and Tuchel still making 0 changes even though he has 5 subs....he complains about only 3 subs in premiere league and now has 5 but makes 0 changes....with the far superior deep team why would you not make changes in a 0-0 game....ofc simeone isn't going too...he likes having starting 11 v starting 11.

      1. Roland Varduhn

        Thank god! Tuchel is the manager and not you...

      2. Rob B

        ziyech over pulisic? Pulisic needs a transfer this summer 100%

    19. Mikey

      Let’s go Chelsea!

    20. Deerbra

      Leaving Kante on the bench feels like a bad choice.

    21. ethio league

      what a team if we start like this, come on blues!!!

    22. Karan Kulwal

      I have been only able to watch 2 games of tuchel. Wolves and Southampton. Both draws FeelsBadMan

    23. 643Y M4M3U

      I c mistake in line up. Cuz A. Christensen, Alonso and Rudiger r not good enough to face Atlético Madrid... Bt if Cfc play in group they can win.

    24. Emar Scott

      @George Benson Football- Your not making any sense. You complain about Rudiger not going forward and then complain about Alonso not getting back..If Alonso goes forward why the hell would Rudiger would need to go and overlap...smh. This guy throw shades everyday at Rudiger, every damn day. Your something dude!

    25. Sam Ladjemi

      I think we'll win and gain momentum for our tough schedule to follow.just don't play Jorginho! KTBFFH

    26. Richard Sleep

      Lol yes thank you George

    27. Jacob Sauers

      Defense is going to be crucial today, Atletico look sharp in their finishing and creating chances.

    28. Why Fhy

      2-1 Chelsea. Mount to score first then Timo. Suarez will score for them. COYB 🔵

    29. Kunal Ramchurn

      i also feel like a 1-0 blues win, if we get on the front foot first. But you never know!

    30. Otty 1910

      Good call on Hudson though :)

    31. Otty 1910

      Tuchel has said that Mendy is his no.1 goalie. So millions of people know what's going through Tuchel's mind. But for some reason you don't, lol! Call yourself a pundit?

    32. Otty 1910

      Surprised you didn't pick Kepa again

    33. Christian Heath

      George, you’re smoking crack if you think Havertz is starting at forward. It’s gonna be Mendy Azpi Christiansen Rudiger Odoi jorginho kovacic Alonso Mount Werner Giroud

      1. Christian Heath

        3 hours later. I was correct.

    34. edd edward

      i’m gonna go with 1-1 ..

    35. Tyyberius

      Bruh... Werner and Havertz... please no

    36. Tremaine Gayle

      3-1 chelsea win

    37. Timmy Jordan

      This game have 4goals trust me you guys guessing

    38. Timmy Jordan

      Chilwell is shit an he will not start , Havertz & Pulisic will start

    39. mlungisi manzini

      Jao Felix vs Havertz who is better?

    40. martin mensah

      Kante should leave Chelsea instead of playing bench to inferior players like Jorgihno and Kovatic. Favoritism to the fullest!

      1. Christian Heath

        It’s honestly just kind of unfortunate in our formation Bc Jorginho & kovacic can both play cdm together well.. but Kante can play both of their roles. We only need 1 CDM as Kante. So the formation needs to change

    41. joseph karimu

      Chelsea win2:0

    42. Anaxi Kay

      I don't know why. I just hate a wingless system.

    43. Anaxi Kay

      I think it's time to change the formation and get our wingers to create more chances. I will start Chilwell in a back four. In a back three, Alonso is the best left wingback in the world.

      1. Anaxi Kay

        @Christian Heath sure. Mount is good at pressing and moving into decent spaces but his decisions need to improve. Pulisic and Havertz are better with their decisions.

      2. Christian Heath

        @Anaxi Kay Gosh I know.. Pulisic is like Mount & Timo combined yet he’s on the bench

      3. Anaxi Kay

        @Christian Heath That's obviously why we're struggling to create chances. You have werner, Giroud and Tammy all of whom have very low ball rentention skills and find it difficult keeping the ball. It's always easy to lose the ball in the final third. Pulisic can keep the ball and dribble to open up space yet he's the bench.

      4. Christian Heath

        True. Chillwell, James, Kante, and Pulisic are all starter quality players but aren’t playing due to their fit in the formation

    44. Rodger Murphy

      Pulisic is due for a big game...start him

    45. Tobias Terry

      I think kante and kova need to start

    46. Lucus Lucus

      This could be one of those game we massively struggle but come on CFC let’s have it!!!!!! Come on you blues!!!

    47. Naill Timmon

      If chelsea are brave enough,chelsea will win.

    48. James Dyson

      Were gna win 3-2

    49. tony behan

      I love my blues but I cant see anything other than a 2.0 loss , hope i am wrong

    50. Dvo

      I think we might play good then struggle to score then we conceive a couple of counter goals...

    51. Yafet Debalka

      We are not ready. I don’t think our manger is good enough to lead our team to win any trophy. He is gonna push out important players from the club!

    52. diego armando

      Herzlichen beileid an chelsea . Der tuchel macht den Verein kaputt chilwell 60 Mio hawertz 100 ziyech45 alle sind zu schlecht für tuchel



    54. Daman Reddy

      have u seen the form of Suarez

    55. Peter Gordon

      I see giroud and pulisic starting over kova

    56. Aria ZiaShakeri

      I know it is a bit more work for you, but I think that you should start doing two different squad lineups: your picks vs tuchel's picks. Instead of combining your idea vs what he may actually pick it think I may be interesting to see what you see vs what the manager sees.


      Nil nil

    58. Peter Gordon

      Yes guys isn't yes guys without the sign😓


      Am going wz ATM 1_2Chelsea

    60. Rohith Raman

      I watched highlights of Atletico 1-2 Chelsea for inspiration!

    61. Rayan Moaz

      Benson shut up. Timo will not play vs a low block team like atletico. Oli will play up top, with kai and Mason playing as false 9s

      1. Christian Heath

        Timo will play over Kai Havertz. Havertz ain’t playing. I’ll bet $100

    62. Lebauex IlM

      I like your optimism, but 2-1 to Atletico for me

    63. Julian Calderon-Diaz

      I feel it too Let's GO CHELSEA!!!

    64. Daniel wak

      i dont see us beating A madrid

    65. Jayden Amesimeku

      Remember it is George Benson that called a Kai havertz winner.

    66. Christopher Williams

      Everything i watch George Benson its clear that he knows nothing about football

      1. Christian Heath

        Gosh same... he was good in the summer when it was just transfer news and rumors lol. But when he goes into depth about problems or performances or even lineups shows he doesn’t know much beyond a Normy perspective

    67. Streaky gaming

      We need to have giroud for the physicality up front and werner to support giroud and I want ziyech to start too bcoz ziyech with his crosses and if zouma and giroud starts they can head the ball in so yea if u agree reply and like my comment

    68. J T

      Kante and Giroud have to start

    69. mike mckim

      i think tuchel will lose a game sooner rather than later ,law of averages but i fancy us to score 2.1 athletico which isnt too bad going back to the bridge with ..

    70. Ross Mason

      Maybe Abraham might start.

    71. Sarah Marie

      Dream scenario for me we get a couple of away goals set up by kai and scored by timo COYB

    72. Rollo Bacon

      We can win this !

    73. Rollo Bacon

      My prediction: 2-1 Blues 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

    74. David Ross

      We are weak up front get a lot of corners zouma must play

    75. Rollo Bacon

      2-1 blues 💙💙💙💙💙

    76. ktill97kt

      Give Kai the chance at no. 9. I believe he’s finally ready

      1. Olivier Graziani

        Off course...

    77. Rollo Bacon

      Ppl forget we came 6th when we won the champions league it...... it could happen again ?

    78. Rollo Bacon

      Knew he would bring up the tattoo 😂

    79. lawii minae

      I think you are wrong about Rudiger. He has done very little wrong since he stepped into the side. Actually, aside from the owngoal, nothing really.

    80. Timo Werner

      I think 4231 is the best for this match coz chilwell will destroy the right hand side with CHO or pulisic

    81. Magnus Støver

      Alonso will start over Chilwell

    82. Magnus Støver

      Rudiger`s passing is great. Much better than Zoumas.

      1. Magnus Støver

        He cant? Hahah

      2. Tøpped

        @Magnus Støver 🤦‍♂️🤦

      3. Magnus Støver

        Rudi can too.

      4. Tøpped

        Zouma could also Put in a Bullet Header

      5. Magnus Støver

        Me neither, i prefer Zoum, but George pointed out the passing which i disagreed with

    83. Zubayr Zakariya

      that optimism is much needed. That prediction you gave is the dream scenario, lets hope havertz starts!!!

    84. Carrasco Tha G

      1-1 away and 0-0 at Stamford bridge i can feel it

    85. Boyd Mwale

      You should start with live u-tube vedios

    86. Adam Lyjak


    87. Ryan Brooks

      I don't think it happens but I'd like to see Mount and Kante/Jorginho as the double 6s then Werner, Havertz and Pulisic up top at some point. Mount has that ability and mindset to drive the ball forward but let's be honest, he's not great in the final 3rd. Then the 3 most creative attackers are up top. I don't think it happens but i'd like to see it.

    88. ER Barnette

      Chilwell > Alonso Pace > Shooting < Passing > Dribbling > Defending > Work rate > Physicality = Just my opinion. I put physicality at equal because Alonso is bigger and stronger but if the opposing player is running he can’t catch them. Chilwell can shy away and give too much respect to some players but he’s surprisingly just as good in the air, and he’s more aggressive. But Alonso is more likely to make a tactical foul.

      1. Christian Heath

        I agree. Alonso is more lethal in the box and can even pass well but Chillwell makes great overlapping runs and crosses. He also puts himself in good positions for crosses

    89. Conrad_Johansson

      Seeing so many predict a win against Atletico. It could definitely happen, but the logic just isn't there. Offense coming off of one of its most stagnant games against Southampton, and now play one of the best defensive teams in Europe. Really lining up there for that Blues win...

    90. Dajay Lavish

      Going for kai haverzt👀!!!!


      Do you think Reece Would work in a double 6?

    92. Utkarsh Singh

      Wonder when Ziyech will get his chance, if anyone can pick a pass to penetrate Atleti's backline, it's him

    93. ezechukwu augustine

      George!!! Can see u will never respect Alonso and Jorginho..... Pls do coz they have been getting the results for us

    94. Mbuotidem Etuk

      I think Giroud and Alonso will start for more physicality

    95. Andrew

      Maybe TT will surprise us and field a more attacking formation.

    96. Igor Kouznetsov

      I want us to win😁. And that would be great. But....the score will be 2:0 to atletico...

    97. Steve Silk

      Tuchel must emphasise to the players not to be intimidated by the likes of Suarez. If we sit back we'll be in trouble. Feel that if we can draw or keep it to 1 or 2 nil deficit then we have a chance. No room for the timid tonight.

    98. Top 4 Football

      GB: Don't get used to Christensen...for your info he got more yellow/red boxes than anyone on six things you learned and I watch them all :) Also we need Kante in the middle of the park. Dont disgaree with the attacking to see the 2 Germans up front

    99. Ben Coyle

      ATL 1 - 2 CHE

    100. Kobe Vanhoof

      Wow you pick the same team as me. I only have james instead of hudson odoi