The Biggest Game of Chelsea's Season FOR REAL | PORTO vs CHELSEA Champions League Match Preview

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    The Biggest Game of Chelsea's Season FOR REAL | PORTO vs CHELSEA Champions League Match Preview. Porto vs Chelsea in the Uefa Champions League Quarter Final first leg is being played in Seville. Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Last 16, and Porto knocked out Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus with an away goals victory in Turin. Chelsea will be without N'Golo Kante but have Thiago Silva, Jorginho and Mason Mount returning after missing the second leg of the Last 16 tie vs Atletico Madrid. Porto vs Chelsea is the first Quarter Final with Real Madrid vs Liverpool in the other half of the Uefa Champions League draw for the Semi Finals.
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      My buddy thiago Silva is doing well

    2. Paul

      Who’s here after we beat them 2-0 😂💙

    3. Ewa Drerrie

      Hakim ziyech it's time to leave Chelsea. you are not worth to play for a racist coach who like to see his crappy German players play and let you a side!

    4. Cameron Russell

      Not watching this channel in ages, when did he move to Bali ?

    5. Bxstxn

      here after 2-0 win and waiting for 6 things we learnt! Are you? 👇

    6. Tim Grabauskas


    7. Edenson 10

      Isn't mount suspended??

    8. Melitzano salatas

      We are going to Istanbul💙💙

    9. John Rohlf

      Kepa with Emerson, Zouma and Dave. Porto wont score when they are laughing.

    10. Tefo Ramokoka

      Jorgi gotta start. front 2 ziyech and kai, Mason behind them

    11. chris smallears

      Kepa Azpi Christensen Rudiger Hudson Alonso Mount Kovacic Kai Werner Giroud Would be my ideal team today

    12. Red Mist

      Rudiger start over thiago in my opinion

    13. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Hes havertz to be dies. Hes havertz to he dies. Hes timo to be dies. Hes timo to he dies . Hes the German flops to he dies

    14. DEEJAY EL_001

      seems you've blocked my country on you GBFC Select site,,, just stated that you blocked the country kenya i could not access the site

    15. shaurya singhal

      I love Christensen but rudiger to start for sure he can't play in lcb he plays centre

    16. DF

      You say you want to be more open and attacking in the away leg, and then go with James and Chilwell as your wingbacks.. wut

    17. Brian Obinna Arodiogbu

      Kovacic as the only defensive minded midfielder is a recipe for disaster. Jorgi out, time to play Billy Gilmour

    18. Deepu Giri

      Prediction: after believing previous epl game result against westbrom, I am still buzzed & worried, i think we(cfc) won't win against porto but will have a draw match tonight

    19. Kavoo Tj

      Werner in for giroud

    20. Rodrigo Robles

      Today Porto Will secure the win. They are super underrated and Chelsea tend to always chock in these situations. It’s not often Porto gets to be here and they will go all out and have more to lose than Chelsea does

    21. Joe Hoffman

      Love it

    22. Nathaniel Van Rooyen

      kante and kova in the middle, zpi, christenesen and rudiger chilwell and hudson odoi pulisic , giroud and ziyech

    23. Jonah Sevume

      Kante is available. But will be on bench

    24. Akshat Uniyal

      I swear Ben, if this lineup starts today we're getting clapped. Christensen make a lot of mistakes when he is not playing at the middle. Also I think Tammy should be the one leading the line he's a good finisher also, he can run unlike Giroud who's a bit slow.

    25. Christian Blakeway

      1954 sainsbury’s costume? Cry more

    26. Kust0m

      I always thought where Mount is playing in your prediction would be how we get possibly our best 11 when everybody is healthy: Mount and Kante at double pivot, Ziyech and Havertz both as 10s, and Werner (assuming he scores goals) as the lone striker

    27. Said Adan

      Rudiger has to start man,he is fast to prevent couter attack

    28. Ross Mason

      Giroud deserves a start, especially for what he has done in the Champions Leage so far this season.

    29. Jei Marbañiang

      Chelsea faces QPR in a friendly George Benson: "Biggest game of the season"

    30. 5thDawg

      Damn. Now that you mentioned them beating Juventus, I'm worried for us to play them. It's always the underdogs who cause an upset. We need to be pumped up for this game and go all out! The players have to all turn up! Kill the game off by scoring 3,4 goals.

    31. Rajeev Ravi

      Werner has to start!!

    32. Forever Blue

      Tuchel said there will be no punishment for rudi or kepa as it was settled straight after. I think rudi over Christensen, and kante will be on the bench according to tuchel. We got this 🏆


      George getting excited after our team conceded 5 goals against west brom lol

    34. un sub

      I swear loan players can't play against their own teams?

    35. RCBian Chelsea Fan Tv

      Agreed! Great video again! Hope you all got a chance to subscribe to my new YT channel, please do watch, like & comment on my latest videos there, if ok. Thanks, Ktbffh, UTC!

    36. Dan Skinner

      No chance of playing Christensen at LCB, will be Rudiger.

    37. joab obosi

      Joginho must start despite that hawler over the weekend!

      1. Michael Henry

        you are crazy

    38. joab obosi

      My friend that midfield will not be that way bearing in mind that it's an an away game in UCL

    39. KTBFFH1

      Rudiger will play

    40. Travis Sithisakd

      How many, BIGGEST GAMES OF THE SEASON have we had this season lol

    41. Petri Pellinen

      Mendy Atzpi - Silva - Rudi Reece - Kova - Mount- Emerson CHO - Giroud - Werner


      Oliveira are out

    43. Thulani Mazibuko

      George ...Tuchel confirmed Rudiger is starting

    44. Aditya Patel

      Pepe is abit too hyped about this one it seems.. Brain washed him self about something that didn't happen. Have a feeling he's gonna be sent off was whilst seeing red.. Literally.

    45. Noah Chadick


    46. yave

      lmao its not abot a punnishment we need ruthnessnes, hence, rudiger!

    47. yave

      terms apply = uk nationals only. bro recognise us not from the uk....? we do exist

    48. Peter Kepha

      Mount will start but not playing deep. If Kante ain't fit Jorginho starts

    49. Ewa Drerrie

      The thumbnail lol. No the biggest game of the season will be the ucl final

    50. Giacomo Duranti

      I hope that we get a lot of goals in the first leg

    51. Trevor Kalege

      From what we've seen with Tuchel, the lineup cud be totally different

    52. Αχιλλέας-Άγγελος Παπαδούλης

      From now you have to say " biggest game of the season till the next one"

    53. Collins Mulela

      Both the back 3 have no pace enough.

    54. Henry Yared

      Rudiger will start, Tuchel confirmed it

    55. Golden Ude

      Goerge I don't like this line up i prefer Werner than giroud

    56. K Nanda gopal

      Rudiger starts

    57. Johannes Andersson

      No rudiger?! Wtf?

    58. Ahmed Fairuz Zabir

      Ziyech should go to CAM to apply his magical long balls.and Havertz as St to score

    59. Eric

      We need Giroud to start PLS

    60. Zenebework Andrews

      Are you doing a live watch for tomorrow’s match

    61. da magian bwoy

      Score prediction

    62. Nick Janko

      Did U even listen to tuchel? He said tony will start said the fight was over 10 mins they both apologized you should wait till pre game interview comes out so watching your match previews doesn’t hurt our brains and kante is fine he will be on the bench ready to go......

    63. X_blaze6 akande inioluwa

      Kante is fit

    64. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Rüdiger and Silva will play .

    65. Hicham Elkochni


    66. Tibin Tomy

      Shit lineup

    67. mubarik mohamoud

      We have to bounce back our last defeat with a win Chelsea 3 Porto 0

    68. Naomi Burgess

      you is not a real blue any team we ready to play

    69. Baba Kabba

      Hey 👋 Benson if u think playing against Porto without rudiger is absolutely ridiculous bcs no one can stop marega with straight he had unless that person name is rudiger am telling u andres s very soft, he need rudiger so thiago on the bench

    70. Why Fhy

      Diggin the content G. Top class bro. COYB🔵🔵

    71. Oussama Kayjolli holanda

      ziyech wizard 💓

    72. infinteuniverse

      I like Pulisic's maturity now. He opted not to play through pain. I think this is the turning point to his injury woes. I guarantee you that his past long term injuries were because he refused to sit out when his body was telling him to rest.

    73. Who is Delta

      Pulisic isn’t injured everyone Lmao

    74. Helly Rangers Tv

      honestly speaking..i wouldn't bench timo.. even though he's not getting goals now but his runs helps us alot

      1. B F

        I think Porto will play with a low block tbh

      2. Angie Wiedenkeller

        He can come in as a super sub

    75. Richard Ireland

      Your channel is so good bro much better than Yannicks....he’s good just his voice is hard to listen too.

    76. Dean Willis

      COYB lets put in a good shift wearing my Chelsea jersey now and mask know were gonna put in a better shift with good contol of the game


      I wouldnt play Christensen at all Rudiger would play instead apart from that I agree with your formation will see if Youness lineup is placed instead of yours great video

    78. Philip Alexander

      Best lineup Geoge. If we use this m, we gonna get result

    79. JAMILTO

      Please do more research before you make your teams

    80. Joshua Thomas

      rudiger have to start bruv😒😒😒😒😒

    81. I.k I

      Jorginho has to start, he combines very well with Kovacic in TT system. You can’t use the one match against west brom to judge him, if you do that then most of the team shouldn’t start. Also Alonso should start for the same reason. We shouldn’t change the back line that kept so many clean sheaths. I would play Alonso Rudi Christensen Azpi and CHO. Yes CHO. We need goals

      1. Michael Henry

        @I.k I yep look at the goals conceeded and the goals scored none from open play and 2 many agaistn 3 season very little end product and the cup final was a joke they are just playing keep ball they aint good enough

      2. I.k I

        @Michael Henry are you sure. Look at the unbeaten run and see the games they started together

      3. Michael Henry

        no jorge and kova are terrible

    82. sweaty animal

      Giroud HASSSS to start Pepe is big and strong and I don’t want him to injure puli or Werner

    83. dalo

      if Giroud scores tmrw all these tammy talks will be old news

    84. Kingdom Freedom AMV

      We always make sure that every game is the biggest game.

    85. Donald Baker

      Sorry don’t agree Rudiger has been solid in his performances and looking at what we witnessed the weekend he is a must, and for me there is no chance I wouldnt even think about Keppa. Apart from that I like your choices I like Ziyech and Havertz up front and Havetz scored against Porto last season for Leverkusen so he knows how to score against Porto.

    86. Crispin Peet

      Gilmour isn't in the travelling squad so won't be on the bench g, Tuchel said in the press conference that Rudiger will start so presumably AC or Silva will miss out, and that Kante is fit to play but will start on the bench.

    87. Insight 123

      Lik eI have been Saying, Kai Havertz and Tammy Abraham both shine when they play with each other

    88. Darren Yahyakhan

      taremi is dangerous

    89. madjackgamer gamersss


    90. Tyrelle Leonard


    91. Kingsley Aimufua

      What kind of setup did you just do? How can you you play players out of positions in a game like this? How can you play Christensen left back 3? How can you experiment Mount at 6 in a game like this? Mate i so disagree with you on your "all over the places" setup. Nah, nah, nah and a big NO for me.

    92. Chris Garner

      Pulisic in at 60" if we are even or behind...worth the risk to his hammy...seems he is coming into form again.

    93. Sahil Dave

      George before every match: "This is the biggest preview in a long time"😂😂😂

    94. Thank You

      Why do u overlook CHO

    95. Paa Kwesi Banafo

      Hmmm George... I think you are onto something with Mount in the pivot. Hope TT is watching

    96. Chris Waite

      Wishful thinking George. Chelsea will not get past Porto and neither will they achieve top 6 in PL.

    97. Nicole Monkeviciene

      Big Sam said Mendy is Chelsea's weakest link and they were targeting him in 2-5 win on Saturday.

    98. Fine I Swear

      Friendly match: Chelsea vs Ipswich Town Benson: THE BIGGEST GAME OF SEASON!

    99. Mercy God's child

      We need alanso in that team not chilwell. We can benefit with his free kicks etc.

    100. Mercy God's child

      I disagree with your back three. We need the mobility of zouma and rudiger with Christensen. No thiago please.