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    'The Biggest Game in CHELSEA'S Recent HISTORY' CHELSEA vs ATLETICO MADRID UCL 2nd LEG PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid in the Uefa Champions League Last 16 second leg. Chelsea lead the tie 1-0 thanks to Olivier Giroud's remarkable overhead kick in Atletico's home leg. Chelsea are without both Jorginho and Mason Mount for the Uefa Champions League Second leg vs Atletico Madrid. Let me know your Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid predictions in the comments below and make sure you're signed up to GBFC SELECTS to be in with a chance of winning the £1000. LINK BELOW!
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    1. Tim Tompsett

      NEVER click as fast as I do on your videos, you allways make me feel every game is worth everything and that gets me very exited about the club we all love, COYB!!!💙💙

      1. Zoeldi E

        @Footballmania WithFelicia just checked it out great content! 💙🔵 COYB

      2. Darragh Moloney

        @Footballmania WithFelicia Will do🔥🔵

      3. Footballmania WithFelicia

        @Darragh Moloney watch Footballmania withfelicia COYB🔵🔵

      4. Ozy Mandias

        The picks game is authorized in the USA.

      5. Tim Tompsett

        @Darragh Moloney thanks, it’s the passion that makes the videos so great!

    2. Rollo Bacon

      Fav youtuber

    3. Rollo Bacon

      We can win the champions league ! Coyb 🔵💙🟦

    4. Youness AOUAM

      Ziyech is lazy haaa 🤡 first goal baby

    5. Diamond

      Everybody did great tonight! Superb performance from our blues!!! 💙💙

    6. Nuggets of Talent

      We did it!

      1. Diamond


    7. Timothy Hickey


    8. Kesar Singh

      Atletico Madrid is fear of Giroud only so Giroud must be at front to finish the strike and move forward .


      Chelsea 2_1ATM

    10. Rob B

      Werner sucks!

      1. Thomas Lee

        had a great game today u twat

    11. Noah Chadick


    12. David Wright

      Madrid drew with getafe chelsea are much better than them cmon u blues

    13. Shamsul Haque

      Chelsea has a good chance to go to semi-final or final this year. For CL success, you need an impenetrable defence, which Chelsea has achieved very quickly under Thomas Tuchel. So if Chelsea plays at full strength I don't see how Chelsea can be beaten except by Bayern Munich and Man City.

    14. Lachlan Austine

      Something wrong with your betting website brov, won't work at all for me?? Have verified and all but nothing on being able to vote :(

    15. Godwin Oyekwe

      Am beginning to think Odoi as our left wing back will make sense.. come on Chelsea, let's be clinical and watch the pretence tendency of Suarez.

    16. Tim Utzig

      We can keep defending all we want, but If we can't score consistently we won't win silverware. period

    17. RAVN3N 123

      Tbf, there are only 2 teams that actually has the uper hand aginst us: PSG and Bayern The rest we are level if not above in the UCL - Liverpool, Porto, Real Madrid, Dortmund and City So if we can win over atleti tonight and then draw two of these teams in the quarter and semi final Liverpool, Porto, Real Madrid, Dortmund and City. Then we will have a very good chance to get to the final, and then we just have to get lucky

      1. RAVN3N 123

        It is not impossible

    18. Steven Judges

      we dont have the club world cup because we lost 1-0

    19. Luke

      Front 3 should be: Pulisic,Giroud and CHO

    20. ZxHz_FLASH

      I love the background in this video

    21. Kago Rabasoma

      My opinion: Front 3 of 2-1, Hakim and Werner as the 2 and Oli up top. I think the right hand side of Hakim underlapping and Reece overlapping with Oli and Marcos in the box, near post and far post respectively and Timo on the cut back, we can open up Atletico's tight defense.

    22. Max Lonsdale

      2-0 Chelsea, I reckon our forwards got a grilling after the Leeds performance.

    23. Brendan Giddens

      I have a horrible feeling Athletico will score early and this game ends 1 - 1 or we lose 0 - 2. Werner to do a Torres v Barca? 😁👍

    24. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Bossman ur gbfc select eh working cuz it asking for confirmation code n never got it

    25. KingMobile FC

      had just realized..... the last time Chelsea made it past the R16, I was watching Peppa Pig while sippin on juice boxes

    26. Hamington T

      Hey BENSON AM FROM KENYA .....Am a sub I tried to access GBFC select .... Are we not allowed to participate or it's not for everyone ?????

    27. Hamington T

      Hey BENSON AM FROM KENYA .....Am a sub I tried to access GBFC select .... Are we not allowed to participate or it's not for everyone ?????

    28. Hamington T

      Hey BENSON AM FROM KENYA .....Am a sub I tried to access GBFC select .... Are we not allowed to participate or it's not for everyone ?????

    29. Hamington T

      Hey BENSON AM FROM KENYA .....Am a sub I tried to access GBFC select .... Are we not allowed to participate or it's not for everyone ?????

    30. Agnel Thomas

      I hope its boring as hell 0-0 game. Happy as long Chels makes the final 8

    31. Dream sport football

      GBFC _stands for gearge Benson football chelsea

    32. Kishon Greenidge

      We need to starting Oliver giroud

    33. Calum Barton

      I think the fact that atletico have to come and try and score will suit us on the counter. Need pace up top so hoping to at least see timo starting.

    34. Mahmoud Ait-ouhamou

      Hope will make it


      Your GB select site is blocked in my country @Kenya ,why?

    36. Mohamed Khalid's

      I guess every game is the most important

    37. Tanay

      How can you not start giroud

    38. Eden H

      I think giroud should start and if it looks like we are going to extra time then sub on werner

    39. A.

      Atletico Madrid drew 0-0 to getafe, a la liga relegation side.

    40. Richard Mensah

      We are going to win it no matter how hard it is

    41. Richard Mensah

      Have u move from ur house to another place

    42. Ayushya Kaul

      Why does every Chelsea youtuber sleep on/under-rate Giroud?! He deserves to start against Atletico!

    43. Alhadji Wambara

      Chelsea 3 Atlectico 1. I forsee our German players shining...

    44. Sellmir Bajra

      We are going trought but we will play against psg.

    45. Paseka Mlotshwa

      2-1 chelsea win

    46. Arkopam Das

      Giménez and Carrasco back for Atletico. It's gonna be hell of a game. If not score, Chelsea need to defend really well at least to cushion their 1-0 lead.

    47. fiasko Dollari

      I pray to The almighty One we do qualify


      I would go with Giroud upfront

    49. Trevor Kamusaki

      The only change I can make from this side is putting Hudson where James is then my front 3 to be Werner Giroud and Havertz

    50. Movie tembo SILVIA

      Chelsea 2-0 Atlantico Call me crazy am confident in my team man needs a prize if I get it right

    51. Raw bear toe

      I remember that night in Japan when we lost to Corinthians.

    52. Gary kings

      Odoi for Recce at right wingback

    53. sazzad hossain

      No point in playing werner against a 6-man defensive line

    54. Pawan Kumar Beekaree

      I think Giroud should start up front in Werner's place. We have seen since a while the team is not clinical enough in front of goal. The Leeds' game showed us we don't have composed player in front of goal. But we have Giroud. He may not be quick but he's experienced and the game vs sevilla showed all of us he is very composed in front of goal. We need him up front.

    55. Paul Pattaya

      Giroud werner and Cho have to start. Keep a clean sheet we are through that simple. My prediction a very nervous 0-0 draw. Coyb. 💙💙💙

    56. Helly Rangers Tv

      Ft scores Chelsea 3-1 Atleti

    57. Helly Rangers Tv

      I don't know why i feel this way..but this game is for the Germans to take..Timo on the score sheet 🔥

    58. Hussam Fauzi

      Iam so nervous man. Only got bad memories when we face Atletico. I remember here Indonesia i wake up at 3am just to see us humiliated 4-1 in supercup

    59. Cody Morris

      I reckon Chelsea will have another great game! 2-1 Chelsea!

    60. Matthew Ferreira

      Benson: Werner has not been in good form Me: Havertz was not in good form all season and Werner at points I feel like we are holding Werner to a higher standard then kai but both are brilliant if confident. If Werner got the goal be Liverpool this would have not been said but becuse he was off side from a piece of clothing it was disallowed. You see the games he didn’t start ( Leeds, Manchester United) we looked dull. Werner has been in better form the kai I like both equally but were being harsh on a man imo is world class but is low esteem rn but is contributing to our plays so nps imo.

    61. Ali karic

      It’s going to be 1-1

    62. Stoxford

      4:28 You Brits are weird - rooting for teams from other countries to beat teams from your own country. I can't imagine many Americans doing that. Personally, if Chelsea don't win the whole thing, then I'm rooting for either Man City or Liverpool.

    63. Brandon H

      I cried for like two hours after Drogba won us the champions league. My friends thought I was a nutter. Come on Chels!!

    64. Lucas Andrade

      I think we should go w Havertz Giroud and Pulisic or CHO, I think it gives us 3 options to go to and that ability to get forward in different ways could be crucial

    65. Denny

      I miss hurderofbuffalo man where did he go 😭

    66. Tarik Tarik

      I have a good feeling that ziyach will score and gives 1 assist

    67. Francisco August

      Giroud CHO Havertz For me, Werner should come in from the bench in the 2nd half to use his pace to hurt them, when they will now be chasing the game, trying to get a goal.

    68. ELIAS CFC

      So true about Alonso. The guy has really improved on his defensive duties.

    69. Kyle L

      GBFC Selects isn’t available in my country George 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    70. pk styll

      giroud needs to play

    71. Al Dan

      we don't care about the away goal rule. We are going to beat them home and away. We are going to outscore them over the two legs

    72. The One

      When George isn't that optimistic we know it's not going to be a good match day

    73. Toby Hutchins94

      I’d be okay with City in the Quarters if we’re away first leg...

    74. Red Mist


    75. ᖇ1STᗩᑕKTᕼᗩTᗰᑌᒪᒪEᖇ

      Please change the title you sound like an arsenal fan

    76. Andrzej C.

      I'm not suprised your player rating videos aren't popular - you already rated players in "6 things...". Meanwhile Chelsea "lionesses" deafeted Atletico in 1/8 of women's Champions League. Accident?

    77. Voidsic

      saurez will probably bite someone soon imo

    78. Max Taylor

      Agree with the lineup seen people saying chilly but Alonso is better at controlling the play and going forward in the LWB role

    79. JoshiesTaylor

      When you’ve had a bad day you can always count on benson to cheer you up, even just a “yes guys” just puts a smile on my face. Thankyou benson

      1. PgPro 86

        Your bad days must be better than mine. Ha just messin with ya

    80. Dave Chard

      Don't be silly. It's not big though is it really? BCD are just meanlingless glamorised training matches.

    81. Alex Salinas

      The game will end 2-1. Atletico will win on away goal. You saw it here first.

    82. Joe

      Pulisc to play

    83. Mark Sugrue

      COYB 💙💙💙💙

    84. Kadeem Lewis

      Gbfc select not avail in Jamaica. Why George?

    85. Eamonn Kerrigan

      My predicted team for tomorrow Mendy Azpi Chrstensaan Rudiger James Alonso Kovacic Kante Haverrz CHO Timo

    86. Abe Alno

      We gone miss the Mount press.

      1. MAX

        Let’s see what havertz has got maybe tuchel will make him copy mount

    87. Kenneth Veseth

      Don't worry, easy work tomorrow. 6 - 0 Werner hat-trick and Suarez own goal.

    88. Micah Bonsu

      1:30 💯

    89. Tim Berge

      I fancy 1-0 kai to get the job done ⚽️🇩🇪💪💪💪

    90. Matthew Wiser

      George mate, you look like the English version of Thomas from Yes Theory

    91. Philip S.

      Our best game this season was Everton and we didn’t have Mason, we will be okay. Especially if the intensity is the same. We are no where near a one player club.

      1. Gamingwithglasses

        Cough cough Barca

    92. Chizi100

      1-0 or 0-0 but we will go through either way. Same front 3 as Georges but I would swap Werner for Giroud or even pulisic. We may only get 1 chance and at the moment I trust Giroud to take it more than Werner. COYB

    93. Chelsea 4 life

      1-0 to us🔵🔵🔵 COYB

    94. Nick Ortiz

      Kai to score a winner

    95. Quentin

      George got a little carried away at the end there 😂 winning tomorrow will be big but making it to the final is a whole other level! Come on Chels!

    96. Martin Yeboah

      Tough and hard game but I think this game could end in a draw

    97. Witchy1423

      I swear to god we win this and go lose to Sheffield 😹

    98. Apasi Eugene Eromosele

      Your selection is good though, but I think we need presence up front. Such as Olivia giroud.

    99. Ozy Mandias


    100. Daniel Amaeshi

      How do I participate in the £1000 giveaway? What do I need to do? That money would do me real good if I happen to win it or part of it.