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    REACTING TO MY PREMIER LEAGUE PREDICTIONS 20/21! YES GUYS! At the beginning of the Premier League 20/21 season, I made a predictions video. In today's GBFC video, I look back on My Premier League 20/21 Predictions and see how close my Premier League Predictions were. Let me know how you feel Chelsea FCs Premier League season was in the comments below!

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    1. Siim Tõkke

      It would not have mattered if we got 4th or not, since we won the CL so we would have been in Europe eitherway.

    2. david james

      Can anybody tell me how to watch the final for free here in England 🙏 C F C PRIDE OF LONDON

    3. Andrew

      Unpopular(?) Opinion(As a Biased LFC fan) Liverpool would’ve repeated as Premier League Champions had their back line not imploded with injuries. Fabby and Hendo are key components in the midfield and having to move them back cost us offensive bite. Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams were wonderful over the last five games. I feel like Liverpool would’ve ended with around 93 points.

    4. Jacob Sperry

      I respect gbfc as a Man U fan and hope u win the champs league

    5. Outhmane Hliloua

      if tuchel was in charge since the begining of the season, chelsea would have been a genuine competotor to guardiola's city.

    6. drogbicc

      1 out of 20. Hats off, expert Benson!

    7. lisa martins

      missed Lampte, Yves Bissouma great player.

    8. Elite King1234

      George change the channel profile to champions league 😃

    9. Matt Velasquez

      George any way you can make your Gbfc selects global?

    10. Brendan Giddens

      Looking back at the BBC football predictions, i had Villa, West Brom and Fulham to go down. Top 4 - M City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, followed by Arsenal, Wolves and Spurs in 7th

    11. Abdirahmanka Adanka1237

      Pro why blocked African countries in app

    12. Sam Uranga

      I still find it funny Arsenal let Martinez leave and kept Leno

    13. Martin Yeboah

      Predictions are always hard to make

    14. Ayomide Akintomide

      Honestly if Chelsea didn’t lose to bums this season they would’ve been second place

    15. Greggerz

      Almost as bad as the Irish guy

    16. pat


    17. Kealan Erasmus

      I can truly appreciate that you not scared to eat humble pie... Respek

    18. Chris S

      Truthfully a few days after the season ends I'm slightly disappointed if the season had lasted 3 more games the form we were in Leeds would have made Europe. We were brilliant. I know I'm a Leeds fan and yes somewhat blinkered but... ... actually but nothing we were class.

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    24. Caleb Engelbrecht


    25. Caleb Engelbrecht


    26. Riley Reeves

      I can’t keep up with the great video George😅😂

    27. Rohith Raman

      Hey George, positive updates on Kante and Mendy!

    28. Ze_ Abracadabra

      Wow. You do eat sleep and breathe football! Ur an expert. Proud to have you! KTBFFH

    29. Michael Plane

      What about our possible points deduction.

    30. Ross Mason

      I don’t like dogs being mentioned in your video George.

    31. John Wizard

      You think Liverpool will win the PL next season, they will wait another 30 years.

    32. Controla Dippo

      PL this season Chelsea not good everything els good

    33. Gee6ix_ official

      Why are you putting on Adidas Chelsea is Nike 😂😂😂😂

      1. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        Lol, yeah have to rock both nowadays. Adidas OG and newer Nike stuff

    34. 217 Legacy

      You gotta give credit to Ollie Watkins for leading success to Villa

      1. Justin Whyte

        And konsa

      2. Justin Whyte

        And mcginn agree

    35. Gamer42Go

      Chelsea have to go after the 25 year old Andre silva whose part of the Portuguese renaissance and hes pulling haaland numbers in Bundesliga

    36. Vivek Sekhar

      Normal players pass the ball to where the player is, Lord jorginho moves the player to where he wants to pass 😉

      1. Alden Pezo

        Underated comment

    37. Miyagi Do

      Geez I remember that video like it was yesterday

    38. B C

      This one took courage my man. All good it was a fun video.

    39. CFF Charlton

      Mate we both are Chelsea big fans and both are called George 😂

    40. FabTBC

      Can you do a video reviewing all of Chelsea’s transfers from last summer now that the season has ended?

    41. abhinav sekar

      5.5/10, could become 8/10 if we win Champions league. But, honestly I am very sceptical and worried!!!

    42. Legend Rayquaza

      My dream team would be a 4-1-2-1-2 Davies, Süle, De Ligt, Reece, Kanté, Pulisic, Sancho, Mount, HÅLAAND, and Mbappe. GK Donnarumma

      1. jar jar drip

        Sule and de ligt?

    43. Random stuff

      Just done double maths and get home and see a Benson upload😊

    44. ank

      Drogba tears up the Prem, Dogba tears up Benson's house, we love to see it

    45. Hamid Se

      I tell you from now, Chelsea, yes, a good team, well, has a great defense and a good midfield, but its attack is very weak, not because there are weak players, but the coach's choices are the reason and he will find it very difficult next season because there are teams left to defend and it is difficult to score on them from two or three attacks. This season, I do not want to talk, but what makes me sad is the selfishness of the players in the offensive line and the large number of intolerances. Please note that in the tape of the past interviews in the missed opportunities, what if they passed some balls to the players in a good position and I challenge anyone to say the opposite because I analyzed many Chances are I noticed a big difference between the Chelsea and Manchester City players

    46. Utopian Futures

      I wonder why Everton always gets ranked so high, the last time they were ranked that high at season's ending is almost a decade ago. Just two times taking part in Euroleague within the last decade. 🤔 4️⃣ days guys🏆🙏🏻

      1. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        Because America

      2. Sharym

        Because they have ancellotti and James and dcl

    47. LilEggz

      Best Chelsea channel on SEprom 💙💙💙💙

    48. Frodo Baggins

      Well you were right that Liverpool would finish 1 spot ahead lf Chelsea

    49. John Jones

      England+Southgate =win nowt

    50. John Jones

      Just putting it out there,players to have.dec rice. Jack grealish. Ollie Watkins....Kane....⚽️

    51. Ian Cameron

      I don't know if this means much to anyone, but if you add up all the +'s and -'s his total is actually 0. I'd say that somehow makes it somewhat accurate despite having only 1 accurate prediction.

    52. Jack

      I personally think Grealish is a bit of a hype job personally. He would suit a team like PSG

    53. Kingsley Okani

      I thought you predicted Chelsea to win the Premier League

    54. Emil 907k

      My favourite SEpromr - another great video bud, love your videos!

    55. Miguel Gaspard

      Chelsea needs to play Havertz and Werner vs city

    56. Dawood Pervez

      We’re winning the treble on the weekend

    57. Stephen Massaquoi28

      The reason why we finished 4th again is because of our Attack.

    58. Dawood Pervez

      I can take this took hella long to edit

    59. sam amuri

      You're rubish trying to make money

    60. Pine Cone

      I would give Chelsea's PL season a 6/10. The team (and Tuchel) deserve credit for turning it around after the shocking relegation form they showed from December, but with the squad we had should never have been in such a position. Also, a poor finish.

    61. News FLASH

      You look like ronaldo

    62. Musa Muneer

      Chelsea's performance in the priemer League This season was very average

    63. noah skates

      The season under Tuchel was great in my opinion. The goals were a bit too scarce, but we reached the UCL final and managed top four (with a bit of luck which you always need). Im quite happy tbh, just watch the 28 goals of Werner last season at Leipzig on YT. If he even scores half of those goals, we will be title contenders.

    64. ArrudaWakeniing

      Chelsea is gonna be great next season. Can’t wait for next season but the biggest game of our season still to come. COME ON YOU BLUES

      1. Satyam Singh

        @ArrudaWakeniing Yup I can see that....But contension isn't something which we call great..!!... Niether do I like there style of play.... playing with 5 defenders ....I mean come on.... Thomas tuchel is just another jose these days... All Chelsea do is park the bus....and all there attacker do is launch the ball to moon ...or score offside goals ... Most boring style of play

      2. ArrudaWakeniing

        @Satyam Singh with the right signings they definitely could contend

      3. Satyam Singh

        I don't think they can win Premier league or champions league

      4. Satyam Singh

        What's the definition of great here???

    65. Musa Muneer

      He was very confident on his prediction

    66. L. Sun

      You can do a correlation analysis and see how well overall your prediction was compared with the final result. It's simple and objective. I can do it for you if you like. (I occasionally do sports analysis and write essays about statistics as my hobby.)

    67. Mr Emeng

      U suck at predicting

    68. Evan Rayyan

      He literally almost make the same predictions as Irish guy from hitc

      1. Joseph Joestar

        Won’t need to get a bamford tattoo though 😂

    69. Eric Rerrud11

      Both you and Younes only 1 right? Yikes

    70. Dead 2 me

      Another great video 👍🏻 and im a west ham fan but can still appreciate a good creator

    71. Luke Tucker

      Willian wants to return to chelsea fuck no

    72. baller84milw

      Name the puppy Timo!

    73. Douglas Isaac

      with wolves u forgot to mention that jimenez was injured the entire season, that’s mainly why they were so poor

    74. Nozal laudari

      Look at the irony benson!! The only correct prediction turned out to be Tottenham Spuds!! 😂😂 haha

    75. Ethan Evans

      anyone keep track of a AAAAND WE MOVE count?

    76. Nozal laudari

      Bang average season, 7.

    77. imran khan

      Don’t be surprised buddy, you are always wrong.

    78. kripa.shanker mishra

      Chelsea will win in champions league final at the match against Manchester city and

    79. Matthaiss

      George do you think Chelsea's policy of only giving one year contracts to players over 30 is the reason we've a lack of leaders in the squad?

      1. Sam Uranga

        I think it hurts, good teams have good leaders who have been on the team for a long time and who are a good representative of the club. It helps create a good culture and if the culture is good it makes players like each other IMO which is always a plus

      2. leogriev

        Rudiger, Azpi, Silva, Jorginho, Giroud, caballero are all leaders in our team. but agree, it is an interesting point!

      3. jasneet singh

        It was a good policy in late 2000s and early 2010s. But the way current players are performing, it needs to be changed. The average decline age for players has shifted by about 2 to 3 years which should be reflected in the club policies

      4. Jack

        Hmm that's a interesting point ... I mean it is a valid question all day long!

    80. Dave Buckner

      Ok, so if Halland deal is a no, then we do the same with Harry Kane. We give EVERYTHING we can to make this deal happen. Kane has 5 golden years coming where he will be in his prime. That’s 5 years of trophies for us. What’s that worth? At least 150 million. Spurs are a selling club not a trophy club. Let them sell to us!

    81. Alexander David

      I don't want to be pessimistic but if Chelsea wanna win next season. They just need to become more clinical in front of goal that's it. If we still like this season probably only top 4 again

      1. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        The secret to being clinical is like the Holy Grail of Football Training. I don't know how "tekkers" became so gifted just showing off. No pressure I guess

      2. Jei Marbañiang

        A million languages and you chose to speak facts

    82. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Soomali 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Chelsea keep going 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    83. mook

      I really have mixed feelings about this england squad😂😂

    84. Zach Testa

      Lamps crying because he knows Tammy would be scoring every game. Tammy was living his dream last season and scoring. The team is in a UCL final dream and Tammy won't get a sniff.

      1. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        Yeah and that's why Lampard benched Tammy for the last 6 weeks of the last season and went with Giroud instead.

    85. Max Li

      Love your Dog

      1. Ali Logan

        Some clubs aretoo good for the Championship but not good enough for the Premier League, hence the yo-yoing

    86. Nishant Das

      We just missed a goalscoring forward, and we would have been up top challenging ManCity for the title atleast.

    87. Joseph Seph

      Unable to enter the draw....Is my country locked? Wanna participate

      1. Ali Logan

        Use vpn to overcome country restrictions mate

    88. MeganDiamond

      To be fair this season has seen inter Milan, atletico and lille win their leagues. West ham and Leicester into Europe also. Its been so unpredictable all over the world this year

      1. Tony's World21*

        Totally agree with you! 😍👍

      2. I Can’t Think Of A Username

        Except the Bundesliga. Business there as usual

      3. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        Inter should have won Serie A last year too, but had draws against lesser teams. This year wasn't unpredictable at all.

      4. Frodo Baggins

        @liam seekamp True lol

      5. liam seekamp

        @Frodo Baggins fair. They've still done a lot better than arsenal and Tottenham in that time

    89. Joseph Blake


    90. AsthmaU

      Chelsea should be grateful towards Spurs by taking good care of Kane next season.

    91. Max Li

      i k im the first

    92. Real Madrid

      I was here Benson

    93. David

      What is your dogs name George?

    94. Subhrajyoti Roy

      One thing is for sure, no one expected Sheffield Utd to be last

    95. Alasdair mckee


    96. Alasdair mckee

      It would make my year if you replied George

    97. Sebastian Schou-Nilsen

      Chelsea + goalscorer= 1st place

      1. Chris Barker

        @Tomas Gomez are you mad? We need a player that can bang in the goals over anything else

      2. RL

        @Jack yeah that's how most teams do it because defensive midfielders don't normally possess the mobility, endurance or sheer skill of Kanté, but that's exactly why he's been one of a two man midfield or played higher up throughout his career. Jorginho was instrumental in what Sarri wanted in Italy, which was far more attractive a style but not necessarily that effective, and then of course it didn't really translate well in England. Since then we've only played possession football so he makes sense alongside the dynamism of Kanté and then usually a dribbler or otherwise more offensive minded midfielder. Again I don't agree with Tuchel's tactics and I'm getting sick of watching it tbh, but Jorginho is probably the easiest choice for what he wants. I'm sure someone like Verratti or Paredes would do it even better, but he still has an important role to play if we're to stick with this two man midfield because there aren't many players out there who'd keep the ball moving around smoothly while under pressure. If he sticks with this five at the back then a ball playing centre back and a midfield that looks more like Kanté + Matić or Kanté + Fàbregas would be nice. Maybe Christensen will continue to get chances to develop in the centre, or Ampadu could eventually play that role.

      3. Jack

        @RL or even the days of maka with Frank just ahead with Ballack. It gives so much more creatively and late runs into the box from midfield to rifle one in. The formation is a issue but also Jorginho just kills the fluidity going forward.

      4. RL

        @Jack the stats that illustrate what a player does over the course of the season? Alright. Meanwhile I'll just wait to see Gilmour do what he did to Fabinho even once more over the next year... I'm sure that'll win us the league 🙃

      5. Jack

        @RL you have to stop being a stats merchant mate. Jorginho is a liability in games and switches off. Stats don't show that and if they do, they won't show how much of a bad effect he has when we have possession. That is something you have to watch for yourself. Pjanic would have been great a couple of years ago, for me the double pivot is just way too defensive for my liking so I'd want 1 holding and the someone to play centre mid just in front creating. Remember Barca use to play Busquets and Iniesta just infront, that is is where we should be going with our midfield. Kova with Kante, Kova with Jorginho, Jorginho with Kante is just creatively lacking!

    98. Joseph Seph

      Big up GBFC

    99. Jacob CFC

      Noti gang

    100. Arpan Dhar

      First one here...