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    PUNISH SOUTHAMPTON AND KEEP MOMENTUM | SOUTHAMPTON vs CHELSEA MATCH PREVIEW. Southampton vs Chelsea is the Premier League Saturday early kick off. Southampton have lost 6 games in a row and Chelsea have picked up 13 points from their past 15 available. Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are still unbeaten since Tuchel took over at Chelsea and have moved up to 4th place in the Premier League table. Chelsea will be looking to pile more misery on Ralph Hassenhutl’s Southampton as their form continues to dip dramatically in the Premier League. Let me know your Chelsea Starting XI in the comments below!
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    1. callum bernard

      this many people are waiting for the 6 things we learnt------------------------------------------------------>

    2. Sam The goat

      Where the 6 thing we learnt from the game

    3. StamfordBridge

      Punish them?! They haven’t won in quite a while. Can’t we at least give them a point?

    4. desly forba

      Reece James is not qualify to play in the Chelsea first team, Abraham the same can't dribble pass a defender all his goals has come from a cross ball not even a single personal action as a stricker. Lampard chose Ben Chilwell over many left backs despite much expensive nd poor schiles as wingback.

    5. cold water

      Lmao charity fc

    6. Sibusiso Ngwenya

      Let's rest Abraham plz

    7. yave

      charity fc god damn that is good one :D!!

    8. John Graham

      George can you do a video of the loanees this season who you can see breaking into the first team next season?

    9. Leong Diyao

      Kepa is actually a decent keeper. We cant blame him last season, because our defender did not protect him well enough. Zouma always make mistake.

    10. H-when

      Every time you say Charity FC, we become Charity FC

    11. MessieFizzle23

      Bro wtf 🤬

    12. Chuks Obiora

      Charity F.C. again. A draw

    13. Dyls F

      This aged quickly 😂

    14. Ajay Sri

      POV:Your here waiting for 6 things we learnt from Southampton 1 Chelsea 1.

    15. Richard Sleep

      YES ty George. Come on you Blues, make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

    16. Maryam

      No punishing today 🥲

    17. A.

      Well this title has backfired

      1. zak

        @A. I agree why are we playing 5 at the back against Southampton? We are creating no chances. I will give him 6 months before he gets fired.

      2. A.

        @PJ VC we lost 2 points. these guys lost 9 nil 2 weeks ago

      3. PJ VC

        I mean it's not a loss so it's something

    18. Ozy Mandias

      Why are we so lacking fundamentally?? Poor passes. POOR first touches. Poor movement off the ball. We looked like we were holding on for dear life in the second half. I am afraid Atl Madrid may really embarrass us next week.

      1. Ad Kads

        The top 3 upfront aren’t good enough. You start Tammy, Mount and Werner and you think those 3 are going to score a lot of goals? Werner is complete garbage and he is bringing down the whole team. Tuchel benches Ziyech and Pulisic, our 2 most gifted and creative players, doesn’t play our most consistent scorer(Giroud)...what did you expect to happen? The Blues are in big trouble and will likely lose the next 3-4 games if we keep playing Werner and don’t start playing Pulisic/Ziyech and Giroud.

    19. Ad Kads

      Timo Werner sucks. 1 goal in like 20 PL games is not good enough and yet he keeps playing???

    20. Kevin Holt

      Fu..k this. Lost all US support. Club Germany. Hate this .. bring frank back. Teuchel can't do more than 4th. Rudiger, Havertz, Werner .. fuc.. Chelsea

      1. ッkrem

        *optimism has left the chat*

    21. Seba Gallo

      Havertz is gonna play if fit

    22. Mr steal your Girl

      anyone knows free website to watch football please send link

    23. Keeshawnn

      Soo we just throwing Pulisic away????

      1. Ad Kads

        The way Pulisic has been treated is completely unacceptable. Chelsea don’t deserve him. I hope they sell him to a team that appreciates him.

    24. Kevin Holt

      Can we get Pulisic to Liverpool or man city?? Pleaaaseee! F u chelsea

    25. Kevin Holt

      Pulisic killed it for chelsea and now is most talented bench player in the world. Im no longer a chelsea fan. This is a German bullshit team no fun. Pulisic and ziyech will come back to haunt this lame squad

    26. galwayboy1956

      No idea why you think Kepa will be in goals, did you not hear what Tuchel said, mendy is now rested and is my no 1

    27. Tim Berge

      We will get the job done because we are going to be up for it big time with timo score a goal against 0-3

      1. I play Games

        This didn’t age well

    28. RadiantPro

      Big Mendy starts does this mean Kepa is being rested for Tuesday?

      1. Joffrey 23

        Hope not athletico may destroy him

    29. Theodor Høyum

      tuchel said that mendy needed a brake, he also said that mendy is the number 1

    30. Otty 1910

      Do you listen to what's happening at the blues and what's being said?

    31. aldo moro

      Thomas you are hallucinating your confidence will destroy you before you fulfill a progress with Chelsea till now you won the club who has been easy for Chelsea before you get born so its not a big thing lampard was going to do the same thing Fulham Barnsley Sheffield Burnley .... Not strong as everybody knows even Tottenham suffers from injury of Harry kane so when you speak about ziyech try to humble down and do it but with respect don't start comparing the Eredivise with premier league because when ziyech was with ajax they destroyed real Madrid the champions of the world and juventus Chelsea .... So don't underestimate it . They fired you from Paris because of your bad decision . Ziyech must move to another team immediately his level is higher than tuchel why ? Because tuchel can't use ziyech in squad which is madness a soldier who has a deadly weapon and can't used it to save his life should die

    32. Shane Doyle

      Mason needs to be Chelsea captain also your line up was very wrong bar Mason and kante and timo 😂

    33. Mark Jenko

      I think Mendy will be back. TT stresses that Mendy is first choice

    34. ahmed wiseguy


    35. ECLKWRIG

      Hopefully, Mason Mount has spent the past week practising his shooting. I know he's industrious, but his shots to shots on target is very poor.

      1. I dont get it

        Why is it you fail to ever leave a positive comment?

    36. Alton Barker

      Are you really serious starting Kepa??

    37. Michael Raheem

      Today's match is winnable but, you should remind all Chelsea fans all over the world that the referee for todays match against Southampton is Anthony Taylor unrepentant Arsenal fc referee and haters of Chelsea fc. He would go as far as manufacture red card for today's match. Everyone knows that Chelsea fc players are discipline on the pitch and that account for limited cards the team is having on till today's match, but Anthony Taylor will find ways of making Chelsea team losses today's game. He never hides his biases against the team. If Chelsea should gain any point today, God must have intervene. Besides that, no fans of Chelsea fc should expect any meaningful result.

    38. Armando Neziri

      The fact that people say Kepa has bad distribution just shows they’ll try anything to knock him down. He misplaced one pass early on which ultimately didn’t put us in any danger. And I hate slating our players to praise another but Mendy’s distribution is one of the worst in the league if not the worst yet I see nothing about him. Thus fanbase is crazy

    39. hammed babalola

      1-3 Chelsea win

    40. Rovey Campbell

      TT said mendy was #1 and Will play today

    41. paul whelton

      He said Mendy's number 1

    42. Ganesh Kvs

      Mendy should start he needs match practice before that big athletico game

    43. Safwan Ahmed

      Thomas tuchel said that edou mendy is still the number 1 he just wanted to rest him against Newcastle

    44. perrilos

      Hey George watch the press conference so you can build a proper predicted line up

    45. Elias Ashong Barton

      Does george just live in bali now. I thiught he was stuck there on holiday bc of covid

    46. Amazing Chelsea

      Kai is injured but when he is back he will do well

    47. Dan Skinner

      Think we had the opportunity to play Kepa to build his confidence, we would of been in trouble if Mendy picked up an injury and had to rely on Kepa as he was.

    48. Afolabi Blessing

      I think i can conclude now that George doesn't watch match preview conference, cus Tuchel said Mendy is his No.1. And this is not the first time he will put players that are out in his line up

    49. Gruffles

      I've always been a slave to 'the law of averages.' Chelsea need to take this match very seriously. The more Southampton lose, the more they're likely not to.

    50. Wilson Osemene

      Mendy is Tuchel’s first choice....

    51. Adem Kilinc

      Bruh I just had a dream where we lost 3 0 to Southampton hopefully Chelsea don't lose in real life Hopefully Chelsea win today COYB KTBFFU 💙🔥🤞🙏 I'm predicting 3 0 Chelsea win today

      1. zak

        We drew which is like a loss. We played badly and was playing with a back 5

    52. harry anderson

      Chelsea’s manger has already said the Mendy is his number 1 gk

    53. Brian Norwood

      Gary Neville specifically asked Tuchel after the Newcastle match if Kepa was now number one and Tuchel said Mandy is definitely number one

    54. Moriz

      Ziyech and pulisic should both start this game as its unlikely they’ll play in Bucharest

    55. dandy sumitro

      mason mount should be in bench, need him againts madrid

    56. Bhaskar Dasgupta

      I think Reece James and kante will play against athletico

    57. Izaac Chapman

      George u need to start watching the interviews because tuchel said mendy is the number 1

    58. Leo

      I don't think GB has been keeping up with Chelsea news. Mendy is back in and we are not playing in Madrid.

    59. A B

      My team would be mendy azpi zouma rudiger chilwell kova kante mount havertz Werner but we could see cho instead of Kai

    60. Joseph K. Fundi

      Say "will Tuchel tinker with the team too much today" 5 X fast.

    61. Deven Chandekar

      I want Kai as a CF, with Werner next to him and Mount behind. Reece Chilly perfect as wing backs, Kante Kova solid, I'd like to give Zouma a chance and I would put Mendy over Kepa in this one.

    62. G Glodz

      Charity FC was initiated by Lamps

    63. Mr Aves

      All the losses that we had were unneccery cuz Lampard did just fuck up the tactikel order for the players so to be honest we could win the matches and whit tuchel u know we have tactikel orders for evry player and we wil beat all the top teams why we have coach who know wich players to play against wich club and he is tactikel Genuis so fellas not worry we have one of the best Squad in europe so just trust the Coach and the players🙏

    64. Chelsea Fc

      Kepa I don't like him never have sell him ASAP save ourself a headache. Waste of money.

    65. Anish Lahiri

      I’m usually a fan of GBFC videos, but did you even watch the press conference? If you have time to rewatch match footage to make sure you don’t miss anything for “6 things,” how do you not have time to watch a 15 minute press conference about the club you love? We expect more than this, George.

    66. Daniel Kielty

      Will Tuchel tinker with the team too much today? Tinker Tuchel Soldier Spy

    67. Sidick Kamara


    68. Sahoo Somansh

      I completely agree that Reece should be at wingback because we need defensively strong and physical players to play against the likes of Suarez and felix next week. It should be a good match for them to gain some playing time and I think Chillwell should also start today.

    69. H-when

      This Rudiger favoritism is beyond annoying. Zouma scores goals and doesnt pass into his own net.

    70. Dan Harding

      Atletico's Tuesday night not Wednesday bro

      1. Rafi Kazi

        He lives in Bali

    71. Hakeem Kesh

      we win thisssss FROM NAIROBI

    72. jwm 8

      Hope Mason plays cause we know he loves a game against Southampton

    73. Bill

      Why does benson hate Jorginho I think he’s class

    74. Jeremy Eli

      What happened to zouma,I personally prefer him to christiensen and rudiger,he's a strong player and adds confidence to team

      1. Joe Hunt

        Yeah well that worked well didn't it, your man zouma cost us the goal

    75. bencasey1423

      I think zyech should start getting game time because he is a brilliant player getting wasted on the bench and reserves.

      1. Obcchekwube Onyeugwo

        Let him prove himself, his last two games was shiiit bro

      2. Sam Kidd

        I think he's too soft. Will only be brilliant in inferior leagues, I just don't think he likes being bashed about like you get here

    76. grovegreen123

      No chance.....Mendy starts

    77. Herbert Acquah

      Mr George I'm Kofi Acquah from Ghana can you update me on new Chelsea stadium I've been waiting for it for the your next video

    78. Gracious Sowah

      Funny you should make the video 9:00😉

    79. Jude Hardwick

      Nothing but a win, sees us into the hard run of form in a few weeks so hopefully get a win and onto Man United and Liverpool!

    80. leadfarmer

      Gb getting overexcited again

    81. Shaan Nankani

      The words “Kepa starts in goal” still terrify me 😬

      1. Jack Griffin

        @Shaan Nankani but you can? Same way ddg started off poor and has been playing well.

      2. Shaan Nankani

        @Sidick Kamara Yeah true, he has been playing well but you still can’t forget what he did last season and at the start of this season

      3. Sidick Kamara

        Well he kept a clean sheet last two games Also mendy is number 1 goalkeeper

    82. Jonty Emtage

      Mendy’ sour number 1 mate

    83. adebisi abdulhafeez abidemi

      Nice lineup mrGeorge. I really do enjoy your video contents from this part of the world in Africa (Nigeria).. I just have a suggestion Mr George can you plan a tier list video to rank the current upcoming talents such as MBAPE HAALAND RUI PUIG GILMORE HERVERTZ FODEN RICE MOUNT FATI SANCHO FATI XVI SIMONS MOISE KEAN DAVIES SAKA at least 20 of them into tier ranks like GENERATIONAL TALENT WORD CLASS HUGE FUTURE AVERAGE OVERHYPED ..i know you can twist this and make an awesome content out of that..

    84. Nick The Chelsea fan #COYB

      1:30 Tuchel said he would treat every game the same and I love that mentality

    85. ihatethewind

      You are insane Gordy, starting kepa will ruin both keepers

    86. Louis Stones

      COYB 💙

    87. XplosiveGamer105

      As much as I am willing to give Kepa a chance under the new manager, that chance can not be given to him now. Tuchel told the media that Mendy is first-choice, so I think he should remain clear with his decision by showing rather than telling. Rotating the Goalkeepers puts the backline chemistry at risk of being broken, and I want us to repeat what is working. Kepa has been good recently, but he is non-existent on set-pieces and doesn't drop or dive well enough to compensate for the fact that he doesn't have a ridiculously large wingspan. Tuchel needs to go with what works rather than what he or the board wants in terms of who plays; he was brought in to steady the ship and to get the team to fulfil its potential, therefore I only want a team from now until preseason that functions well enough to get to the Champions League Last 8 (or further if possible) and the Premier League Top 3

    88. Tibin Tomy

      I think Tuchel will rest Kova today

    89. Matthew Kheyfets

      Please Werner score...a confident Timo will be the EPL's worst nightmare because he always got the chances. If he's confident and slamming them in, then I don't see a reason we can't beat any team besides Manchester city and maybe some low block teams. Of course, rumors saying we preparing a 77 million pound bid for Haaland...I mean that's a joke lmao

    90. Kai Lobb

      Who’s better saka or Cho ???

    91. Kai Lobb

      I think next season if we can get a clinical striker such as haaland to pair with Werner and a leader in defence we will be back to title challenge .

    92. ur boyfreugend

      We got Anthony Taylor refing the game can Chelsea reject him

    93. JS Gaming

      George Kai Havertz will be in the squad

    94. Mr StrangeResidue

      Come on Chelsea!!!! 💙💙

    95. Daniel Son

      Think Havertz will start instead of Mount

    96. bhoepa.tenzin

      Southampton will beat Chelsea without doubt, it will be huge shocked....! Touchel reign is over...!

    97. byronzeroful

      George is a clown. the guy won't criticize his beloved Mason Mount even when he has poor performance.

    98. steve10 the striker

      Alonso and Odoi will start

    99. ARP GAMER


      1. ARP GAMER

        @Kepa Arrizabalaga Omg is this KEPA

      2. Kepa Arrizabalaga


    100. Declan Francis

      With kante we can’t keep our shape intact so I think kante will come on later in towards the end to help out defensively so kovacic Jorginho start this is a must win game bro no messing around, kepa is more of a risk so I go for mendy with players like wardprowse , Redmond ings Che Adams I think you’ve forgotten what they did to us at Stamford bridge man , this should be a grudge match man come on!!!