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    LEEDS 0-0 CHELSEA | CHELSEA PLAYER RATINGS LEEDS 0-0 CHELSEA. Leeds 0-0 Chelsea in the Premier League was a surprise result for many people who expected a glutton of goals at Elland Road. The game started in exciting fashion with Edouard Mendy pulling off a save tipping the ball against the bar to prevent Leeds from taking the lead. Chelsea struggled in the final third to create clear cut chances. Leeds 0-0 Chelsea will not go down as a Premier League classic, but another Thomas Tuchel Chelsea clean sheet see's the German manager now 13 games unbeaten at the beginning of his Chelsea tenure.
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    1. Miles Grigorian

      7.5 for CHO???????? I thought we looked worse when Timo and CHO came on

    2. No Name

      audio is really crisp today.

    3. Shola Adekeye

      Reece James - for a man who has such a superior skill in crossing (think how good David Beckham was with his crosses), he makes too many back passes when he should be churning out his weapon in the attack. Needs to work on his confidence

    4. Shola Adekeye

      Pls - Mason Mount is NOT our player of the season. He is a serious professional, has high energy and always takes responsibilities. But, he's a horrible decision maker inside the box - he shoots when he should pass 90% of the time. He doesn't score enough and doesn't create enough. For Mount to become what Lampard was for Chelsea (or what De Bryune is now for Man City), he needs to forget the hype and work on this game. Crucially, Chelsea needs to buy a better player to play #10 ahead of Mount and let Mount come in as a sub next 2 years while he is still learning. Then, Mount can become a great player. My 2 cents

    5. Shola Adekeye

      George, you give too much credence to the English boys. No way Chillwell was 5.5 in the game versus Leeds. He was poor more like 1 or 2 out of 10. Call it what it is - Chillwell has been very poor and inferior to Alonso since Tuchel arrived (or even a little earlier).

    6. Benjamin Gabriel

      Only problem I have with azpi and rudi is they both have 1-3 braindead moments every game.. like where they make the most terrible pass I've ever seen in my life and it happens every game. If they got rid of these moments they would be perfect.

    7. Calvyn George

      Please give Super Frankie a shout-out for the birth of his new born baby in your next video 💯

    8. Kent Zeigler

      I think TT changed way too much about our lineup and I don't care who you are, it's hard to execute a win when you make formation and player changes (especially against a pesky side like leeds.) I think that our 3 in the back system matched up fine with Leeds and MM/Kai play best when they are 10's and it seemed that Pulisic was out of his best position. Hopefully TT realizes his mistakes in this game and fixes them for Athleti. I want to see havertz and Pulisic as 10's with Oli up front. We have uncertainty at left (wing) back but Reece needs to play right wingback and Obviously a KK midfield two with our same back three

    9. Alex Balderas

      So glad you gave him a 5.5, anything over a 6 would’ve been ridiculous

    10. V B

      Chilwell & Reece James are mediocre at most, they had it easy for being English. Also ziyech doesn't look like having a future at this club. Pulisic in, ziyech out.

    11. Mary Kathike

      I like the way you pronounce Ngolo kante's name

    12. DF

      Mendy was the saving grace but Kante was the MoM for me. He kept the midfield running smoothly and was always available to receive and distribute the ball. He made some great runs as well and had the most dribbles completed (5) of any other player on the pitch. Without a stellar game from him there would have been an immense amount of pressure in the Chelsea defensive third. He beat the press more than any other Chelsea player, by far, and was always open for a pass. Should be at least an 8.5.

    13. Matthew Brookins

      GO back and watch the games from last year and you will see that every single game in which Pulisic played well.. Chelsea used a true number 9 striker!!! which is what we seem to no longer be interested in doing... what ive learned about Christian Pulisic after watching him since Dortmund is that it doesn't matter what position he plays in, it doesn't matter if he starts or comes off the bench, what matters for him is playing in a team that uses a true number 9!! When CP plays alongside a true focal point striker he always shines! I remember watching him in games with BVB when he played with Batshuayi and Aubamayang he alwasys looked amazing. But when they would play a front 3 with him, Sancho and Rues he never quite looked comfortable. To me the same sort of thing is happening here. Its not so much the formation, its the fact that Chelsea no longer seem to use a pure 9.

    14. GioMez

      Any team that constantly press chelsea high up the pitch will get a result.

    15. Merveille Of Beyond

      You were never hard on mount when he started though.

    16. Afolabi Blessing

      What are u thinking George? If callum doesn't start then which attacker are we going to use, as at now, his our best forward player, if he came on earlier in that leeds game, i believe we could win, timo was not the right subtitution to replace ziyech or pulisic.

    17. selera net

      All players doing good, except for Chilwell and Mount who's underwhelmed by Leeds pressure. But the chemistry of the team was just not there. Ziyech and Pulisic did good at right side for the first 10 mins, but no support from the left, Kante fill in to left later but created many problems in Defensive transition. Kai Havertz was not ready for a lone number 9 upfront, yet he made some good moves. Tuchel had a decent subs, werner should replaced mount earlier though.

    18. godwin agundu

      Azpi, Christensen and Rudiger must play against Atletico

    19. rob cowgill

      CP hasn’t been the same since the hamstring injury...Hope he gets his flair back..He was a bright spot last year..I like his upside when fit..

    20. Gershwin Alessandro Farao

      Mason Mount is only our best player this season because our true best players are off form. Same as what happened with Willian in 2015/16, when Chelsea finished 10th and Mourinho got sacked. He was our best player for that season because Hazard, Costa and Fabregas were off form.

    21. Philip Gehde

      Havertz looked really good! Like, better than Firminho in his prime. Just got to put those 2 big chances away, which he will start doing.

    22. Gilbert Lucero

      Tuchel seems to be a bit of a micro manager, which appears to be ideal for the defensive side of the game. But I think that it seems to stifle the creativity of the younger offensive players, they seem to lack a lot of spontaneity.

    23. FanoX

      i actually think ziyech did some work off the ball tho. He was running all over the place as well as getting into tackles

    24. KardzZ Official

      Could we use our fa cup games to try a back four? Silva zouma chilly and reece? N keep our back 5 in the league and ucl

    25. Chris Garner

      Two or three times Pulisic made crosses that Giroud would've converted!

    26. Christian Meneses

      I honestly think ziyech wanted to go to arsenal the whole time because his talked about being a big fan of mesut ozil and being a big fan in how he plays and he was talking about arsenal a lot in his past and could that be the move he always wanted and Chelsea was just second best option

    27. Jordz YT

      5.5 is very generous for Chilwell

    28. John Capo

      top 10 sign tuchels is between average / bad 1- 12 games 11 goals (alergic to goals) 2- 12 games in - still has not figured out his roster 3- against wingers (hamstrings his own team) 4- crowd the mid-field defense is not genius (system used to hide average players) 5- preaches patience in press briefings yet 5 mins into games he barking like dog with rabis 6- sarri 2.0

    29. Why Fhy

      I think Werner, Ziyech, Havertz and even Jorginho are players that need space. If they're pressed or teams sit back they seem to struggle. I think this is the difference in playing in the premier league. They just need time and to build up some strength and confidence. Jorginho has improved this season and the others will too. I know everyone keeps saying it but they're young and just need some time. We just need to keep grinding out the results while the players adjust. COYB🔵🔵

    30. Phil Mitchell

      How's this popping up 11 hours late.. my fone is shit

    31. nathan archer

      Mendy is miles Morales change my mind

    32. Why Fhy

      I personally wouldn't throw Silva back in against Athletico. Obviously he's a excellent player and I have complete faith in him. It's literally just because he can't be match fit. He hasn't played for a while. He's been injured and the CB partnership we've been playing with haven't put hardly a foot wrong. Silva can come on if we're a couple of goals ahead in a less important game. There's just no need to risk it. It's unnecessary. COYB🔵🔵

    33. Blue Army SW6

      We don't need donnaruma. Lets get Erling haaland move to Chelsea

    34. Tafara Muravu

      Wow I made it 1k likes yaaaaaaaa

    35. cassielsbid

      Rudi certainly was our best defender against Leeds.


      if you just rely on the plug, it's now the big pinis 4 next seasonyeah, it's not a matter of process but we miss Chelsea lifting the UCL Liga title

    37. Odane Williams

      U were harsh on chilwell

    38. Deerbra

      You guys need to shout out the ladies team, they know how to win Silverware!

    39. Rojay Murray

      Yea it too risk pick a top 3 and stick with it

    40. Tony's World21*

      Why has this video got only 944 likes? Give him some love guys! 💙

    41. Stephan Swart

      Thiago Silva had a injury setback

    42. JynZ0

      I stand by Ziyech needing Giroud and Werner to occupy defenders for him And with Mount playing so well we just don’t have room for all 3 to play as that front 3 I’d actually like to see the following line up for this game; Giroud Werner. Ziyech Alonso. Kova. Kante. James Rudi. Christensen Azpi Mendy And if ziyech doesn’t impose himself in the first half then bring on CHO or pulisic at half time

    43. T Spot

      Fair ratings across the board Mr. Benson. CHO definitely looks to be in the best form of the attacking players. I was very hard on CHO when TT arrived and had a long debate with another fan about whether CP or CHO should generally start. At the time, I said let's give it 5 games and we will see. Well, I was wrong, and he was right. CHO has outplayed just about everyone on the team, including CP by a comfortable margin. I am very impressed with CHO's flexibility to play wingback or as a traditional winger. That is no small feat and is an accomplishment that only enhances CHO's value to the club. As for CP, I saw a lot of positives. He looked the healthiest and most confident in his body that I have seen him this year, though he is not 100%. I believe he and the Chelsea medical team have made really good progress on getting his body management and injuries under control/management. This is really good progress in the right direction and gives optimism for his continued recovery and confidence. CP also looked very bright in stretches while playing out of position in a hybrid right wingback. His first half crosses and drives into the box were very encouraging. He is definitely still holding back and I think that is a combination of injury management, and lack of confidence in his body. Finally, Werner made absolutely no impact when he subbed in. At this point, and I think this is very, very fair, Werner is out. Meaning that he is a distant 8th of the 8 attacking options Chelsea has (Tammy, Giroud, Mount, CP, CHO, Ziyech, Havertz, and Werner). For the moment, I do not believe he should start over any of the attackers, unless he earns it. For Atletico: Giroud Havertz-Cho Alonso-Kova-Kante-James Rudiger-Christensen-Azpi Mendy


      They have not gelled properly Kai needs more time with team its his 1st season

    45. Otty 1910

      I'm not sure you even watch the games mate. Ziyech and Havertz getting the same points, lol! You are funny!


      Saw the game Mendy has a never say die attitude yes, He is world class yes truly

    47. Otty 1910

      Azpi was not playing CB yesterday!

    48. Pa Bis

      How in the world do you give CHO a 7.5? He did absolutely nothing.

      1. Pa Bis

        He had one. And he also kicked the ball out of bounds 3 times for a goal kick for Leeds.

      2. Andrew Langin

        2 shots on goal. More than most of the team

    49. 名探偵木村

      Pulisic should play no.10. He need more freedom.

    50. sheldoninst

      Pulisic combines well with Giroud and Abraham ... not so much with Chilwell nor Werner

    51. Juan Perez

      My Line up for Athleticio Gioud Pulisic Havertz Alonso kova Kante CHO Christiansen Silva Azpi Mendy

    52. aldo moro

      pulisic was poorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what are you saying the problem of pulisic and mount are selfish on the ball

    53. aldo moro

      So, sure, perhaps the blame lies at Tuchel's feet for telling Ziyech to stay tight to his position but either way, one can't help feeling that it's a regretfully fitting summary of his Chelsea career so far

    54. mChannel

      Imo the front line not firing is Board problem, Roman wants to buy young players and not established ones. Old times Chelsea used to win cause we always got already established players. Thats why Conte left Chelsea. Havertz, Werner will mature after 3-4 seasons

    55. Aynes

      Pulisic should start on LW. God please let him play on his position!

      1. 名探偵木村

        He is NOT WB!! He is FW.

    56. Daddy

      Well done George

    57. Sam Ladjemi

      We can't score goals!

    58. Rex Mundi

      Timo needs to have a good taste of the bench for 2 games for him to understand that when you come in as a sub it’s to make an impact.

    59. Erick Ngandu

      What am seeing now it that same formation favour other players same not?🤷

    60. Lotte Petterson

      why would CHO not start against Atletico though???

      1. Afolabi Blessing

        Like i don't know what his thinking

    61. Maryam

      I wanna say good things about ziyech .. just say his name correctly 😭😭😭 please

      1. Amar m

        Zin bant bladi

    62. Rob B

      Pulisic rating is garbage...if Chelsea had a real striker 6 and a half minutes into the game on pulisic cut to the bad line and ground cross would of been in the net. Chelsea would of won 1-0 and pulisic would of had a assist and you would of given him a 8. It’s not his fault Kai isn’t a striker and didn’t react/see the run quick enough to get in front of defender. Giroud would of buried

      1. Andrew Langin

        After his bright start he was invisible.

      2. Panashe Bravo

        It's true brother pulisic he did his job well coz he was always playing few mins

    63. Lotte Petterson

      Hakim Ziyech has quite an aggressive character and a poor work rate. Ajax is not Chelsea level. Please sell him Chelsea. He disrupts the dressing room. Frank Lampard made a big mistake signing him.

      1. Yassine El Ajjouri

        @Jayster CFC I have read an article that says that Ziyech is always laughing with everyone in both the training and the dressing room.

      2. Jayster CFC

        Disrupting the dressing room is a very strong allegation. I wouldn't start or believe rumours. Watch a replay -- Ziyech had a couple of great assist chances that went unfinished. Those aren't hero balls, he's actually good at slinging a pass that way.

      3. Yassine El Ajjouri

        Who told you that? Ziyech is a friendly guy and everyone loves him except you.

    64. Rob B

      Not understanding what people aren’t getting! When a guy like chillwell doesn’t get game time and plays randomly once a month they aren’t going to be on their game. You along with most was saying chillwell was Chelsea’s best player for months!!! Same goes with pulisic....these guys need game time....instead guy like Werner gets game after game after game....he came okay after months of sucking but even now can’t finish! If chillwell/pulisic got the same opportunity they would be shinning much more

      1. Rob B

        @Ganiyu Idris again he was injured and since back hasn’t played. How is he supposed to get magic form out of nowhere? Werner has played just about every game and has not found good form ever...why does he still get to be given a chance game in and game out?

      2. Ganiyu Idris

        I don't agree with this, not getting enough playing time under TT doesn't mean he shouldn't play well when he is being called upon..chilwell played Alot of games under Frank and we saw he begin to lose form under Frank as well.. If it was Alonso that had a bad game like Chilwell , u all would have roasted him... About pulisic, he needs to be patient and he should fight for his place just like he last season.. there his no way he is getting dropped after scoring or creating assist... He is been out of form recently,, and he is yet to discover his form back....

      3. Ricky Jaynes


    65. yave

      no offence, but took u time to realise jorgi's role!

    66. Bellonaires FC

      All the player and the manager did their best and they all deserve 9/10 , the only one to blame is Chelsea fans , this team was doing really well , playing some good football , limit a club like Liverpool and Everton to just one attempt on target , until our fans decides to do the manager job and start forcing the manager to play their favorite player , so is very clear to everyone that Chelsea fans is the major problem of this club and is time for the fans to start taking more blames ..

    67. Eamonn Kerrigan

      We need a 20 goal a season player in the final third if we want to consistently be in the top 4 or challenge for thr title. Havertz I don't think is that man. By default he likes to come deep

      1. Joeburns29

        He’s more of a creative striker than a scorer he creates some good chances and once he gets used to the false 9 position I feel like the goals will start coming

    68. Amkos Sierra Leone

      We miss kovacic

    69. Lol Lolol0982

      player ratings every week please george

    70. Chelsea Ling

      KANTÉ AT LEAST 8.5

    71. UyemaTheGoat

      If we start James at right-wing back and CHO and Pulisic in the front 3 for the athletico I think we'll have a chance of advancing. Coz CHO and Pulisic help defend from the front unlike Ziyech. And James is Solid

    72. UyemaTheGoat

      Chilwell played bad yesterday I won't lie but everyone knows we going to have to defend against Atheletico so thts why I would start Chilwell in mid week. What yall think??

      1. UyemaTheGoat

        @godwin agundu because we could get screwed if we open the game up becoz they playing away

      2. godwin agundu

        Why should we defend against Atletico in Stamford Bridge after beating them away? We should just play our game and we win

      3. Jayster CFC

        Oh hell nah...you shouldn't go there! Chilwell helped shutout ManUnited and Liverpool as a RWB but u ain't gonna win that argument, playa!

    73. Sam Harding

      As far as I’m concerned pulisic is more important than Werner give him a run of games he will get a few goals and assists Werner has been given a chance now it’s pulisics turn

      1. Adekunle Ibrahim

        @RLubin Hudson played RWB for the first time this season and he’s did really good there so why the complain about Pulisic playing the same position? The game also started at 4231 so he didn’t play as a RWB until the second half

      2. T Spot

        @Andrew Langin CHO is a must play for sure.

      3. Andrew Langin

        CHO at left 10 for me

      4. T Spot

        Agree with all.

      5. Jayster CFC

        I say CP has to start in Timo's role at that exact position -- left 10 -- for a run of games before we judged him correctly. His latest game as a RWB shouldn't count at all.

    74. Treblinka


    75. kittenallie

      Its so weird. Why do we flip attackers sides on the pitch, but we don't randomly put Chilly on the right with Reece on the left.

      1. Jayster CFC

        @kittenallie True! Pulisic was locked into a RWB role and couldn't 'float' or go over to his preferred left side as a 10 or start there from the very beginning like u said. That's why I'm not mad at him at all.

      2. kittenallie

        @Jayster CFC but Tuchel yells at them for floating. It just seems strange to not start them on their better sides.

      3. Jayster CFC

        Wingbacks stay dominant side (left-footed players on left side positions, right-footed on rightside). Lefties likebChilwell/Alonso will stay left, a righty like RJ will stay right side. They stay wide to create space or width for other players like wingers, forwards, false 9s and true 10s. On the other hand -- Wingers, inside forwards, fullbacks (Pep at City) and our 'floating 10s' can drift and play either side at times and go "inverted" or same-foot on opposite-side.

    76. Guy Ayissi

      Ziyech is a 4 in my opinion

    77. Ernesto Gueverra

      The only person that looks fatter in stripes

    78. MongaloidMikes clone

      i love pulisic but he was a 6 ... at best!

      1. RLubin

        Yes but let's be honest if havertz converted the cross from pulisic we would be giving him an 8

    79. Rossouw-senpai

      Mount and Havertz were better than Pulisic and ziyech yesterday tbf

      1. Daddy

        Based on formation you are looking at it correctly, chilwell and mount were worse off than ziyech and pulisic is the only comparison

    80. Rossouw-senpai

      the only good thing about Chilwell is his smile lol

      1. Guy Ayissi


    81. Harry Nielsen

      The only thing I don’t like about Reece is that he always backpass eventhough it’s dangerous . Sometimes , it’s good but sometimes not

      1. Jayster CFC

        Its a shame because RJ sends in the prettiest passes when passing fwd. On paper Ziyech (right 10, inverted) playing off a James (rwb) or CHO should create plenty of chances. Our right side is the danger side but we're inconsistent.

    82. BusterBarnes

      I know some people are unhappy with Chilwells performance but I don't get how he can be rated lower than any of the front 3. We kept a clean sheet just couldn't score lol. I know he's a wingback but he still did get down the left hand side and try to make things happen. Issue is we barely had anyone running in behind.

    83. S C

      This game was made for Pulisic to make his mark and he didn't. Haven't forgotten how good he was but hes starting to frustrate.

      1. S C

        @Freddie Marsh Stop it. He has 23 apps with 1200+ minutes played this season and he has 2 goals and 1 assist, all I said was "he's starting to frustrate". So if other players like CHO are performing we should just start someone who is underperforming why? I thought the idea was to win football matches.

      2. Freddie Marsh

        It’s the first game he’s started in fuck knows how long. Every player has bad games but not selecting them in the following game because of that is not helpful. Find a team and stick with it. That’s why we have no consistency.

    84. Big Baller

      Pulisic wasnt being passed to as much because he kept on trying to take on players. He should pass more

    85. Anthony Lim

      Mendy, Azpi, Ruediger, Kante, Jorginho and Kai all are playing very well on yesterday Leeds game . We need good midfielders like David Beckham!

    86. Azmi Amir

      why is tuchel not playing mount in the middle pulisic on the left and ziyech on the right

      1. Stefan Mitrovic

        @Lotte Petterson u must not watch football

      2. Karthick Saran

        It felt like tuchel wanted to implement a 3-4-3/4-2-3-1 hybrid but it didn't work out at all

      3. Panashe Bravo

        Pulisic is a left wing

      4. Jayster CFC

        In an alternate universe that really did happen. Havertz also played a F9 instead of a true 9, dropped into MF to combine well with that trio. We won the game, causing our newly benched players to call their agents to start more rumours for them.

      5. Lotte Petterson

        because Mount sucks at NR10

    87. Ethan Bryant

      I have to admit the tactical changes weren’t right for this game and I definitely think we should switch back to the 5-2-3 or 3-4-3 formation for athletico, if we want the chance of going to the quarters

      1. Gamingwithglasses

        That aged well

      2. Karthick Saran

        the formation seen in leeds game was quite wierd, in the average position it looked like there were 4 forwards with ziyech and pulisic almost around the same position (rw) and mount on the left wing, it looked very random

    88. Eldridge Coutinho

      I have a big feeling that Hakimi is going to be playing on the left if he does join. He used to for Dortmund. I don't know if the manager trusts chilwell as much as the board does

      1. Jayster CFC

        Different positions though -- Hakimi is a right-footed player who can play left-winger and right wingback. Therefore he would play RWB not LWB (over Chilwell and Alonso) because wingbacks tend to stay dominant or same-footed on the same side -- lefties on the left, righties on the right. (Note: wingers are more flexible and can play inverted or opposite-side. For ex. righties Hazard and Pulisic 'cutting in' on the left like Hakimi at BvB and lefties Mahrez and Ziyech 'cutting in' from the right.) Chilwell and Alonso are lefties playing left wingback and wingbacks tend to stay same-footed, same side. Alonso and Chilwell aren't great at all -- they are just our only lefties for that (dominant foot) position period. For a big club like CFC that's nothing to brag about because great LWB are very rare, only leftie Robin Gosens (Atalanta) stands out.

    89. xhevit rakipaj

      Although Mason didn't give his best he was still better than any other attacking player.

      1. kittenallie

        Not really, they were all pretty off. But nobody was in their best positions

      2. Rossouw-senpai


    90. Bou Bou

      Even Ajax is better than Chelsea....Everyone sees they can't handle Ziyech magic assist passes...Even Promes by his own got more skills then all the strikers of Chelsea

    91. Michael Priest

      you should give TT a rating as well

    92. Mr Emeng

      Jorj wanky

    93. Tintin 11th

      Needed Kovacic and Giroud for such matches . Havertz should have made use of his height to head that ball .

    94. Nero Pasta

      Silva should play instead of Azpi or Christensen, they didnt he really do as much as Rudiger

    95. Declan Francis

      Thanks George, sorry for being harsh on you yesterday I was frustrated with what I saw from ziyech and pulisic that they didn't do enough with the draw, they didn't offer that energy or vibe to win d game despite ppl pleading more game time for them, if this our newbies gon cost us top 4 we better summon our old gaurds , Giroud Tammy Cho to do the business, as much I want them to shine in a Chelsea shirt top4 is our priority now any other thing comes second

    96. Callum Fryer

      na mate i’m sorry you can’t give kai and hakim the same rating if hakim gets a 6 i’m giving kai an 8

      1. Nathan Jerome

        Kai havertz missed 2 guilt edge chances ziyech also created the most on the pitch not saying havertz was bad but this fan base has too many favourites

    97. khawarizmi al-amin


    98. Kaizerchiefable

      Havertz was way better than Hakim, especially in the first half. 6,5 or even 7 to me.

      1. Amar m

        Duitch herder

      2. luca apetri

        I dont agree, ziyech gave him 2 great balls and he just couldnt put the ball behind the keeper.

    99. Rhys Makana

      Give Ziyech time he’ll come good as well as Werner’

    100. Keith Playle

      Can't keep calling Havaertz, Werner, Zyech, Pulisic, etc "the new players". They have been here long enough so it's time they started justifying the fees paid. Not doing anywhere near enough yet! More effort and we could be one scary team. COYB

      1. Justin B

        Pulisic along with giroud dragged this team into top 4 last year so he has done more than the others . Without pulisic Chelsea is not playing Atletico madrid soon

      2. Freddie Marsh

        Problem is too much chopping and changing. Should have used Pulisic, Werner and Ziyech front 3 with Havertz attacking midfield. How are they meant to adapt when they don’t even start consistently.