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    HARRY KANE to Leave TOTTENHAM! | Can CHELSEA ACTUALLY SIGN HARRY KANE? Harry Kane has officially handed in a transfer request and will leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer. Harry Kane wants to remain in England and Manchester United and Manchester City are the favourites to sing Harry Kane. However, Chelsea have expressed their interest in signing Harry Kane and it is reported that Chelsea FC have contacted Harry Kane's representatives to see if Harry Kane would even consider joining Chelsea this summer regardless of whether Tottenham and Daniel Levy would consider selling. Want to see Harry Kane at Chelsea? Let me know your thoughts on Harry Kane to Chelsea in the comments below!

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    1. Snoopy Bollox

      You are talking bollox...

    2. Kostas

      i believe there are like one or two other strikers world wide that can make those runs :p

    3. Bradley Ford

      Henry took a year or so to get going have some faith man Werner is the man .Kane will end up being a expensive sick note come on with your content it’s samo samo🥴

    4. edmond choi

      I prefer haaland

    5. William Souk

      Harry Kane go Chelsea.

    6. Yeloo Wolf

      Come on George do we really want him? Why not spend that money on lewandowski? Yeah he’s 32 going on 33 but if we’re being real we would get a lot more out of him. How do we know that Harry isn’t going to move club and ruin the dressing room look back to when we had that massive thing at the bridge a few years ago... if that happened next season and he was at our club how can we be sure he’ll have the passion and desire to defend our legacy at Chelsea fc

    7. Oscar Evans

      I think Lautaro Martinez from inter would be the best signing, as he primarily plays as a ST who is very strong for hold up play but also has a lot of pace. Often he interchanges with wingers so he would suit this Chelsea team to a tea.

    8. Fair and Balanced

      Chelsea will get neither Kane or Haaland.

    9. WazzPH

      lewa might leave too

    10. T

      Man said his cat wants to be a mendy 😂😂😂

    11. MB Nobody

      Chelsea FC 2-1 Leicesterr VAR

    12. Insight 123

      Tammy is a better finisher than Werner Hes not just good with his head, in both ways very unfair

    13. Darragh Moloney

      My only question is: what the hells a habinaro

    14. Andrew Andreas

      why don't chelsea fans do a petition to buy harry kane

    15. Thorsten Klopp

      150 Mio £s, you're either joking or crazy. Many clubs don't know how to survive next season, many people don't know how to get their families over next month. An almost old football player for 150 Mio. Have you ever been sympathetic to others, silly child?

    16. Killian Lyons

      From fellow Chelsea fans who do ye want up top next year. I would rather get Lautaro Martinez over Lukaku, Kane and Haaland but i want to know what others think.

    17. Tallal T

      I believe that whoever we sign, be it Kane, Lukaku or Haaland they would all benefit with playing with Timo the most.

    18. Riley Reeves

      You think any striker can score George but

    19. Finn Mould

      Could you do a video looking at some strikers who we could potentially look at if we can't sign any of the big three, what would your opinion be on Ivan Toney who broke the championship scoring record with 31 goals?

    20. the mini therapy

      Tottenham sold sol Campbell to arsenal years ago so it could happen money talks

    21. saw praise Taw

      As a Chelsea fan, I really really wanna see Chelsea don't chase Big fish but dig out rare diamond and create a Valuable one..! Why we are always like that? Just sign DANNY INGS..!

    22. Sir Lord

      Didn't mention anything about Havertz as a striker

    23. leogriev

      Better strikers available for that price. Lewandowsky for example

    24. Harrison Kiago

      If we get kane. Listen... For the next decade we could win everything every year. I stand to bet on my life

    25. Kgalema Mngadi

      Harry Kane would be be a brilliant signing for Chelsea Football Club. However, there are 2 problems getting in the way of signing him. Firstly, Tottenham would be extremely reluctant to sell their best player to a London rival. Secondly, even if they did, they would want an enormous amount of money for him.

    26. sammsammmsammmm

      We don’t want Harry Kane we need POWER and PACE Haaland

    27. Lol Senyo

      critiquing are strikers as if he would do better👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽

    28. 217 Legacy

      I’m going to hate Tuchel for letting Abraham go

    29. PresentTime

      He is the player we need I’ve said it for months we’d have to sell Tammy etc. if we can pull off halland id rather take Kane right now the maturity creativity he can walk in to any locker room and the offense would revolve around him. Levy will charge an extra fee I think Spurs fans could get over it. If he wants to stay at EPL there’s really only a couple teams that can afford him and will be competing for cups it’s gotta be blues or United in English futball. I think city will wait on halland but we gotta get top 4 win tonight before anything.

    30. zito F

      emiliano buendia is the prime hazard.

    31. leon watkins

      Personally I think he end up in Man City or Manchester United but as a Chelsea fan I’d love to see Kane in Chelsea

    32. Kerrell Moodie

      Kane at 28 with a recurring ankle injury is not worth 150 million.

    33. Ian Hunter

      Between Kane or Haaland, I'd select Kane every time, Kane is a proven Prem top scorer, knowing our luck we'd by Haaland and he would struggle with the ferocious pace and challenges. The EPL is a completely different beast to what most players can deal with.

    34. The

      Timo is quality in all departments until he’s in on goal and becomes the German Pingu. Kane would be a lot of help for him.

    35. Asprou Blue

      We should let the other clubs get him and we can go for haaland


      It would be poetic, if in the last match of the season Harry Kane scores to beat Leicester, for Chelsea to qualify in UCL, and then signs the next season with Chelsea....


      If Kane come to Chelsea, Tammy will be living THE JOURNEY!

    38. Patrick Onwujekwe

      Harry can't come to Chelsea when he's not guaranteed of winning. Man City is easy pick because he wants to win trophies

    39. Annos Aroon

      We can but 150 million is too much he is good atleast 100 0r 110

    40. Dean Smit

      Absolutely will not happen.....and I'm a Chelsea fan

    41. Quartey De-graft

      Sign kane and win titles period

    42. Ze_ Abracadabra

      Lewandowski, for 2 season 😉

    43. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Harry kane to chelsea?? Hmmmm... I'm not convinced... Harry is good no doubt but not good enough to carry chelsea to titles... I agree wit u werner cannot finish... he has pace n speed... if giroud n werner play off each other chelsea will be lethal... werner has pace but no finishing ...giroud has precision finishing but not pace ... play them off each other n get havertz mount puli ziyech get them in the frame of playing off them both... chelsea will be lethal

    44. Evil Morty

      Halaand please. Forget kane

    45. Souvik Das

      Would be great if we can get him. But extremely unlikely considering the relationship between the clubs.

    46. Horváth Márkusz

      Werner needs a classic number 9. Just like he played alongside Schick

    47. Chimdiie

      That camera quality tho 👌

    48. Kuristofa G

      Kane: 28 years and $150mn Haaland: 20 years and $70mn Kane is definitely more proven in the Prem and than Haaland and might even be more clinical BUT Kane is prone to injuries with compromised ankles and he’s getting old. He’s better than Haaland but not worth twice the money!!!

      1. Kuristofa G

        Chelsea should wait and see what Timo does next season

    49. James Felix

      U know what, he 'll only rot at Spurs for that amount. His age 28 yrs nd injury stories doesn't permits his sales to be more than 50 million.

    50. humour views

      We should try and buy ismaila sarr from Watford. He’s been amazing all season and he will become a beast in a few years. Yeah maybe he wouldn’t get into the team but we can loan him out somewhere.

    51. govand

      I’m a Spurs fan and I disagree with any Spurs fan that says they don’t care about Chelsea. Trust me, we do care. Chelsea is one of the first fixtures I look for everytime the fixture list comes out and I’d hate for us to sell Kane to Chelsea if I’m honest

    52. Jere ,

      If you don't like werner you are not a true chelsea fan.

    53. Randolph Hannays

      I don't want Harry Kane at Chelsea he is a good player but the would not sell his to us

    54. matt el sin

      No thanks. Overrated!!!!! Expensive!!! Wtf ??????? Definitely shouldn't bother with this nonsense.

    55. laib940511

      If we are talking about impossible transfers, i would take erling haaland...thanks

    56. Aditya Patel

      It's Obviously never gonna happen. Like in Modric's case. They won't let it happen. Agree about Tammy. TT has to give him a chance.

    57. Shane Doyle

      Offer them tammy and 100 mill

    58. Mark White

      all we need it to sell jorginho i was never a fan 60 million for a pen taket an average midfielder sign vertatti an harry kane an we woulf win absolutely everything pulisic an ziyech mount whoever james an cho would make so many chances an kane finishes his dinner everytime

    59. Soumalya Nandy

      I just wish somehow we can sign him because A) he just has the right age of 28-29 so not too young has experience but not too old as well B) has very good PL experience for a traditional top 6 team so that helps C) we absolutely need a number 9 and Kane's finishing is great, his penalty taking is outstanding

    60. Ross Turbo

      Watched you for years but mate, you Chelsea fans are delusional at times. You can’t buy a player from a foreign league and expect him to bang in 10+ goals and assists in his first season in the hardest league in the world😂

    61. Sakata Samig

      Kane or Halland, we need either one of them.

    62. Alexander Davison

      Andre Silva is the man George!!!

    63. Brensyl Blake

      George I love your channel but you gotta watch the backgrounds for your videos....seeing panties and clothes on the line there hanging out.

    64. Celery

      When Kane takes into account our record of ruining the ability of many proven prolific goal scorers to find the back of the net he will be buying a first class ticket to Manchester. He will end up at City or Utd. Spurs would never sell to us even for £500,000,000.

    65. Hossein Haydari

      nice backgrund xd

    66. daniel akim

      Why don't we give them Abraham and some money on top and Harry Kane

    67. David Scott

      Crystal Palace FC fan here with an OBJECTIVE, not subjective comment posted: Just be careful with 1 striker who takes up all of the space in the offensive half as it can become a social, economic and political problem for a club. Reference is Crystal Palace and I will simply allow you a half second to guess who is taking up all of the space in the Eagles' offensive half. Chelsea FC simply needs to regroup and reset when this season is over. Way too much turbulence in the past 24 months for this club. No hate or vitriol in saying that.

    68. Louise Jamie

      He could be another Ashley Cole, who I’m pretty sure most fans hated before he joined us.... we should definitely try and sign him, he’s the one thing we need, a proven top goal scorer.

    69. JVSgamer

      What's your opinion on the Marco Veratti rumours?

    70. Jordon Baker

      The king of the water bottle 😂😂

    71. Tony Grinney

      George, one thought, Spurs might let Kane go to Chelsea IF Tammy Abraham goes the other way. Now we know Abraham is no Kane but he's young and has potential and unlike Kane has many years ahaead of him, so they might just be prepared to take the gamble.

    72. Alex Lockhart

      Must be smoking some special stuff if anyone thinks Kane will come to Chelsea 😂 imagine the stick Levy would get!!! Absolute nonsense, he’s off to City or United

    73. souixds

      To me, while Haland is exceptional in Germany we have had cases where you bring a star over to the EPL and they are a complete disappointment. We know what Kane is in the EPL and to me, he would be the better option because we know what we are getting.

    74. Mark Crowther

      Your thumbnails make you look like a ****. Do something else please!

    75. ricci asa

      could get Costa on a free

    76. Play Station

      Why would Kane want to play under fraud Tuchel in el next season? Tuchel out Lampard in

    77. Play Station

      Chelsea don't need a new striker. What they need is a new coach. Tuchel out Lampard in

    78. Yupp Dupp

      First vid of 3 Mmmmmm

    79. cold water

      Mate pls no. FICK NO. buying another English striker for anything above 80 m is a dumb move. Idc how good you are. This trend of players being so expensive only to come and warm our benches has to fucking end. Idc who the player is we are good atm. We need a serious focused striker from a weak team . A hungry player not one who is demanding high pay all because of his name

    80. Delina the Progressive 🏳️‍🌈💕

      Yes please. We need a decent striker. Werner is a good player and I think good for the team in terms of winning free kicks and assists but he's not a proper striker. Kane would sort us out especially with the loss of Giroud and Abraham.

    81. Alan Vaughan

      Kane is at the end of his career and is too injury prone to spend that sort of money on, let alone his salary

    82. jeran joel

      If chelsea is the only club bidding the right amount, greedy levy will accept

    83. MrR

      Should play a 4-3-3 next season: Mendy Reece Thiago Rudiger Chilwell Kova Kante Mount CHO/Ziyech Havertz Pulisic

    84. Dave Brand

      Swap deal with Tammy could be an option

    85. Muneeb Ahmad

      Idc how much he will cost, we have to go for him.he is exactly what we need!!

    86. Inderdeep Singh

      Hi George, can you do a video on realistic transfers Chelsea should do for the upcoming season (including transferring out some of our players) and maybe the team Chelsea requires to challenge for the title?

    87. Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

      Even if Kane come out and said he wants to sign for Chelsea, Tottenham and more so, Daniel Levy would never sell him to Chelsea. Just remember Modric. Plus his preference is City. Much prefer a more deadly, younger, less injury prone striker.......HAALAND.

    88. Barnabas Muhanda

      Tuottenum can't sell Kane to Chelsea but what is money +Marina + Abramovich =Levy and Tuottenum then money wins

    89. Rohit Panda

      If we get Kane we'll become the next invincibles. Batshuayi + Abraham + 70 million. That should be a fair deal. Tottenham themselves want a striker now. If Giroud & Fabregas could come to Chelsea there's no reason why Kane can't make the journey.

    90. Matthew Robinson

      Based on the injury issues of Kane, I'd still prefer Haaland, I realise Kane has proven he can do it in England but I see more room for growth and a greater return with Haaland. Also imagine the deal would be more likely and cheaper if he doesn't go to Man City. Potentially the champions league could be a decider for who gets the strikers the teams want.

    91. Marek Jakubec

      Big Rom from Inter will come back to Stamford Bridge.

    92. Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

      Not happening. Spurs don't deal with Chelsea

    93. Hetvik Zalavadiya

      Who's watching after hearing that he wants to go to man city 🙄🤣

    94. Neil

      You have more chance of flying to Mars then Kane coming to Chelsea

    95. Narwaz Couto

      Cash plus Tammy = Harry Kane to Chelsea

    96. Offix07

      Cool laundry, George!

    97. MadEagles InsanitY

      He’s one of the best passers in the league. He’s the best goalscorer in the league. He’s the best defender from corners in the league. He’s a homegrown player. He’s a leader and a rolemodel on and off the pitch. He has the best attacking positioning and awareness in the league. In his first season he was deemed a one season wonder and proved everybody wrong.

    98. JG Ballard

      I think you're stating the obvious. We know Spurs won't want to sell to us, and besides that Kane won't want to go to a fierce rival. As for Werner, we all know he's not scoring. He's not a striker. He needs to play on the left of a front three. Nothing new here - moving along.........

    99. Jack

      Yep if we have £150 million to spend this year ... Spend it on Kane! We need a striker and we can sell players in order to fund other moves. It will be nearly impossible but come on its Roman and it's Marina!

    100. Mango Girl

      I actually think that we have a great shout at getting Kane. Utd: Kane won’t want to work with Ole I think City: they don’t spend over 100 milli on any player Chelsea: Willing to spend however much to better their squad....

      1. JG Ballard

        Why wouldn't Kane want to work with Ole? They're second in the league, and have CL next season. He can only go to one of three clubs if he stays in the PL, his options are few. Man Utd are the most likely, and by a long way, imo.