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    FRANK LAMPARD SACKED AS CHELSEA MANAGER… DEVASTATED. Matt Law reports that Frank Lampard is set to be sacked as Chelsea manager today with Thomas Tuchel expected to take over. Frank Lampard, Chelsea’s greatest ever player, was not given any time to turn around Chelsea’s form despite winning Chelsea’s Champions League group and going on a 17 game unbeaten run earlier in the season. Frank Lampard loses his job as Chelsea FC manager and I am personally devastated about this news. Let me know your thoughts on Frank Lampard being sacked in the comments below!
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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 3-1 LUTON. Tammy Abraham scores a hat-trick as Chelsea FC progress into the FA Cup 5th round. Mason Mount captains Chelsea FC for the first time as Chelsea beat Luton 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round.

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    1. Abz Abz

      What a day

    2. Cee H

      I'm Forty Six and I'm still gutted, my heart's been ripped out. We aren't a Football Club, we're a PLC. I agree with every word you have said. If a win at Spurs doesn't ease the pain, nothing will. I think I would have been less gutted to see us drop down into the Championship. Lampard & Morris were very capable duo and deserved a full second season before a decision was made.

    3. asioe kiou

      him out too!!!!!

    4. michaelandlucifer

      Good riddance! Good player but just ordinary manager. Comparing Lampard with Klopp? Klopp is a somebody with Dortmund while Lampard with Derby? Hazy opinion because he's an Englishman.

    5. bouytt guyt

      My result was out today, i had a great result. But this news ruined my entire day!💔💔

    6. seeni gzty

      situation and grieving with us

      1. asioe kiou

        Still sad about him

    7. Mannie The Manfred

      Finally his gone

      1. yasio bolo

        conceded. and rüdiger is like a tree and just let maddison score. shit refereeing didn’t allow timo’s goal

    8. oiuet souiu

      I am 26 too and I grew up watching Chelsea for years especially Lampard. This is a very sad news for me as well

      1. yasio bolo

        take heart..the feeling mutual

    9. Jack Golf

      George started this channel when Lampard took over. Will never be the same. 😔😢

      1. bouytt guyt

        conceded. and rüdiger is like a tree and just let maddison score. shit refereeing didn’t allow timo’s goal

    10. cheryl davison

      Know I know he was not going to get the third year of the contract as they had spoken to tuchel christmas time after he was sacked by PSG,he was supposed to start after this season but when we started losing they told him to come now as we were in danger of missing out on CL football.He must have known on sunday his time was up,players going behind his back and crying about frank,turns out chillwell is the only player frank signed,the rest were got by chec,they would not let him sign rice,sounds just like conte,as soon as he wanted players and people going behind his back he was sacked,jose players going behind his back,well hazard he was sacked,why bother having a coach,just let them pick the team themselves,they only play when they feel like it anyway.

      1. seeni gzty

        Badly. The Chelsea board are unruly.

    11. yasio bolo

      Should've kept him till end of the season, then made a decision, shambles that its happened this way.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Frank will come about.......he is a LEGEND .....he will be awesome in the future ....mark my words- Arsenal Fan

    12. Roberto Nice


      1. asioe kiou

        take heart..the feeling mutual

    13. SassyKash _

      I agree with you.

      1. asioe kiou

        Still sad about him

    14. Filip Jelinek

      Great hair cut 👌👌

      1. yasio bolo

        I have that dream because I’m really hopeful that lampard would be back to build that dynasty

    15. Mouhamed Hassan

      Frank Lampard made me a football fan before making me a Chelsea fan 😔

    16. Lewis Son

      I feel you dude. The end of the love story. The end of the dream. We all felt lamps was the start of something different at the Bridge, the hope of a long term manager. Unfortuantley it's rinse and repeat - it's clear as day that this cycle will never go away...

    17. Der Alman

      I mean lampards a Legend but its the right decision

    18. Alex Balderas

      I feel you completely, he deserved to keep the job to at least till the end of the season. We wouldn’t have the squad we have now without him, we probably wouldn’t have made top 4 last season without him and we wouldn’t be the same team in general without him. One bad spell of games and he’s gone? It’s cutthroat, I don’t like the decision, but it’s done and what are you gonna do? Nothing. But I wouldn’t be closed to the idea of frank getting more experience and coming back. If he’d still be willing...

    19. Prince Donald

      I feel sorry for him but I also think that he didn't help himself at all, the lessons he should learn is that no matter your philosophy or what you want to achieve the key thing is that you must find a way to win, without winning you will be sacked sadly.

    20. Pako Sinbad

      Your not kidding anyone, So what’s his name then, your girlfriend

    21. Elias Pako J Mothibapula

      Still sad about him

    22. peter kuria

      take heart..the feeling mutual

    23. Rayn Albar

      absolute goat. anyway, i don’t blame him. especially the leicester game. he couldn’t do anything about shit defending. they didn’t learn from the sheffield mistake when we conceded. and rüdiger is like a tree and just let maddison score. shit refereeing didn’t allow timo’s goal

    24. PokemonCanadians

      Yup. 28 years old. From Canada. Saw Frank and John playing for England when I was 12, and saw they played for Chelsea. Been a die hard blues fan since. This sacking hurt. Badly. The Chelsea board are unruly.

    25. SergioSkywalker _

      its john terry, in 5 years from now

    26. sheets0fmetal

      Frank will come about.......he is a LEGEND .....he will be awesome in the future ....mark my words- Arsenal Fan

    27. Dhan Boii

      Can you talk about thomas tuchel. Thanks . What's are you thoughts on it .

    28. ッkrem

      Although I am NOT satisfied with Lampard being sacked, I really hope Tuchel can bring glory and success to Chelsea Football Club. Hopefully some of our new signings who haven't been on great form recently, peform better under the ex- PSG Manager being Thomas Tuchel. I am also aware of Tuchel having a record of falling out with some players.

    29. Daniel Abel Ajala

      I have that dream because I’m really hopeful that lampard would be back to build that dynasty

    30. Just Somecunt

      Managers get sacked far to quickly nowadays clubs need to remember how long it took Alex Ferguson to win his first title with Manchester United rangers have given Steven Gerrard time and look at them they are flying in the league and in Europe

    31. Zephon Makale

      Very true, that kind of dream won't happen at Chelsea

    32. Saul Silver

      Legend this legend that. He was a great player for the club we get it. But I mean the guy was a below average coach. With the players on that squad, they should be way better than what the record shows.

    33. Mickstream

      Why this dude not Peter Griffin anymore?

    34. Yaqub Hassan

      Does this mean George will end his SEprom channel?

      1. T-boy Jojo Plays


    35. KenDaKingArrives

      Good riddance. He wasn't cutting it.

      1. Just Somecunt

        remember how long it took Alex Ferguson to win his first title with Manchester United or look at Rangers they have given Steven Gerrard time and look at them they are flying in the league and in Europe

    36. Sir Parko

      He needed to go , we are built upon instant success , lampard is inexperienced

      1. Just Somecunt

        remember how long it took Alex Ferguson to win his first title with Manchester United or look at Rangers they have given Steven Gerrard time and look at them they are flying in the league and in Europe

    37. Billy4 Gd


    38. miker

      🤣🤣 lampard is a 🛎🔚💯😂😂

    39. Chris Chelsea Fan

      Keep your chin up lad. His second coming will happen, not in the near future but maybe in 15 years time. I personally think he is not ready for such a tough job.

    40. qing tian

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    41. Caleb Gregory

      Not another german... my personal tought on the situation is that I as many other chelsea supporters dont care that mutch about the trophies as long as frank was at the helm. It is the board that is such glory hunters not the real fans. For me as we had frank at the helm we finally had a great fealing and we started getting a typ of profile back playing loads of young brittish talant that care for the club. If tuchel dosnt play our own young english lads i hope he will be out the dore as fast as he came in!

    42. Roland Varduhn

      I don't get why Chelsea fans can not differentiate "Lampard the player" and legend from "Lampard the coach". Let it go guys. His time will come... And now: be happy with a very good manager.

    43. Erich L

      Feel for Frank, but change is a good thing and Tuchel is obviously a world class manager.

    44. Vivash888

      check out "HZV Football", to see if Tuchel will be any good for chelsea as a manager

    45. Big

      Hopefully this bloke Tuchel can teach our team to put the ball in the opposition box and not play pass it back to our keeper

    46. Ptwpage

      I’ve never enjoyed supporting Chelsea more than the last 18 months! Even the last month I’ve been so excited for every game despite the form. Now I’m really struggling to find any excitement for the rest of the season.

    47. lisa martins

      good old boy

    48. Nathan Alker

      100% agree mate. Sick of the hiring and firing strategy 🤦🏻‍♂️😩

    49. Hugh Terry

      Disgusting, disgraceful treatment by the club of a long-serving legend. Pathetic knee-jerk by Chelsea to unwarranted press criticism.

    50. Shiven Chopra

      I think it's even sad than the penalty miss from Terry in CL 2007/08. It's the most sad day in Chelsea history! It's like throwing away a club's renovation plan just like that. With Lampard goes a dream of a one manager oriented Chelsea, goes a dream of academy players given chance and making us proud, goes a dream seeing great players wanting to sign for Chelsea and most importantly goes a dream of having a manager who loves Chelsea more than life. Heartbroken and couldn't digest! 💔

    51. Sami w snow

      My only worry is will we regret it in the future or not cuz this club is more than anybody but frank will always remain "super frank" in our hearts.

    52. Connor Gillen


    53. Connor Gillen


    54. Vera W

      Romans is ruthless but thats not always a bad thing ,,,,, Frank stepped up to the challenge he must of known he was flying near to the sun ,,,,but respect to super frank its probably the toughest job in the premier league ,,,,everything you are saying GB Every Chelsea fan would agreewith u mate,,,, he,ll be back ,,,,better now than it got worse and worse,, now its the players turn to make it Right,,,,,. Could be worse today imagine being a Man u fan,,,,,,Luck dont last for ever mid march we,ll be above em DW. NORFOLK UK

    55. Connor Gillen

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 OH IM LIGHTING FIRE WORKS TONIGHT CHELSEA SUCKS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    56. Chris Inkley

      I'm with you totally!! Things take time & I actually was thinking he would get it... How wrong was I! I really hope we don't bring in more players & forget about our up & coming youngsters, I feel that our youngsters are going straight back to the academy & more money will be spent. We will lose our up & coming talent because older & experienced players will be brought in just to win the league/cups! We should be letting the youngsters play, make mistakes & learn! In a couple of seasons we would have a team with at least 5 English players (in the first 11) playing & winning matches !! NO ONE IS GIVEN TIME ANYMORE! & It sucks!!! I have/had the same thoughts as you buddy. SAD DAY! KTBFFH

    57. Y A J N E S H

      why yall unhappy about the sack??? like we were not getting the results and also with this squad, he had to go... how can u not play good with this squad and also he isnt experienced

    58. Hannah chelsea

      I feel the pain dude I can't believe he was sacked honestly. One of reasons growing up loving football lampard was my role model I'd get my chelsea tops on with Frank's name on... I feel like we needed to give Frank lampard more time rome wasn't built in a day it takes time to be a good team with new players. I had visons of chelsea lifting the cup with Frank lampard... I'll always support chelsea but I feel like how they sacked Frank lampard was completely wrong by so many levels :'(

    59. Azariah Carty

      Chelsea 2018/2019 Sarri - EFL Cup Final | Europa League Winner | FA Cup 5th Round | EPL 3rd Place - 72 Pts Goalkeeper: Jamal Blackman | Willy Caballero | Kepa… Defender: Ethan Ampadu | Azpilicueta | Gary Cahill | Andreas Christensen | David Luiz | Emerson | Marc Guehi | Marcos Alonso | Antonio Rüdiger | Davide Zappacosta… Midfielder: Ross Barkley | Danny Drinkwater | Conor Gallagher | Jorginho | N'Golo Kanté | Mateo Kovačić | Ruben Loftus-Cheek | George McEachran | Marco van Ginkel… Forward: Olivier Giroud | Eden Hazard | Gonzalo Higuaín | Callum Hudson-Odoi | Pedro | Willian Most played EPL XI: . Hazard Giroud Willian . Kovacic Jorginho Kante Alonso Luiz Rudiger Azpilicueta . Kepa Most used subs: Higuain, Pedro, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Emerson, Christensen ………………………………….. 2019/2020 Lampard - Goalkeeper: Jamie Cumming | Willy Caballero | Kepa… Defender: Reece James | Azpilicueta | Tomori | Andreas Christensen | Kurt Zouma | Emerson | Marc Guehi | Marcos Alonso | Antonio Rüdiger | Ian Maatsen… Midfielder: Mason Mount | Ross Barkley | Billy Gilmour | Faustino Anjorin | Jorginho | N'Golo Kanté | Mateo Kovačić | Ruben Loftus-Cheek | Marco van Ginkel… Forward: Olivier Giroud | Pulisic | Tammy Abraham | Batshuayi | Callum Hudson-Odoi | Pedro | Willian Most played EPL XI: . Abraham . Pulisic Mount Willian . Jorginho Kovacic Alonso Zouma Rudiger Azpilicueta . Kepa Most used subs: Giroud, Odoi, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Kante, James, Alonso, Tomori EFL 4th Round | UCL last 16 | FA Cup Final | EPL 4th Place - 66 Pts …………………………………… - Lampard first season was moderate as he achieved the minimum requirement of Top 4…As with “Transfer Ban” (But still added Pulisic, resigned Kovacic, and added players from loan Army: Mount Abraham Zouma Tomori) little pressure was on him. - Decided to drop/loan/sell: Giroud(Had to bring him back because Tammy is average), Willian, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Tomori, Alonso, Luiz, Kepa… - Got the massive upgrade in the squad to go from 4th to closer to the top rather than farther down the table: 1) Ziyech > Willian 2) Havertz > Barkley 3) Chilwell > Alonso 4) Silva > Luiz 5) Werner > Abraham 6) Mendy - Kepa…potential XI . Werner . Pulisic Havertz Ziyech . Kante Kovacic Chilwell Zouma Silva James . Mendy …He is failing to progress the team upwards and failing to successfully create a tactical system to incorporate all new signings and use total squad to its full potential…This squad, This Club should be @/top4minimum and Roman has Standards that must be meet when money is invested.

    60. Shooting Stxr

      I am so upset 😭

    61. Jan Poppke

      wish him luck for the future. super player but not a good manager. sorry to say.

    62. ray c

      You got what you wanted

    63. Nathanael De Rosario

      Also liked the fact that Abramovich made a statement and he said we'll welcome him back...

    64. Nathanael De Rosario

      Georgie boy see yan's video and his assessment was quite good content helped to understand a lot....

    65. Gamer42Go


    66. Kagiso Mabele

      Right call though

    67. Bis Rami

      All these players came to chelsea because of Lampard ! He needed more time.. What happens now? ...

    68. L

      Honestly I dont care what else happen to Chelsea at this point, because this is the lowest point, Gutted

    69. valdi harris

      Frank is childhood hero for a lot of chelsea fans. Especially, the one who grows watch him play at PL. What you said and felt are exactly the same to many of who admire Frank

    70. Keith Gundu

      No top Team will have a manger that stays for 26 years .That is very unrealistic in this time of football George. Football now is a results based game , if owners are not seeing any results they will move on. Only small teams like Burnley can afford guys to stay long like Sean Dyche for 8 years. They don't have high expectations they are happy their in the prem . Klopp was an already established manager before he came to Liverpool & they already knew what they where signing up for. Lamps was not , he was given the job to early & cuz he is Frank Lampard & no one wanted the job . Lets not compare Klopp & Lampard two different situations. I love Frank & i don't think there is a Chelsea fan out there who didn't want him succeed , but the man cleary lacked that tactical awareness & expericence on the pitch, did the players let him down yes but in sport if the entire team is not function the man in the boss seat get's the boot. I hope Lampard's get's all the expericence he needs to come back & be the best manager Chelsea has ever had.

    71. Ahmed Baasto

      lampard was the reason i supported this football club and i felt broken yesterday evening when i saw the news. i wish him the best of luck.

    72. Neigedoesoccer

      Klopp did come in and immediately change Liverpool, without him they wouldn’t be winning trebles. Frank came in inexperienced and did okay, then spent 500 million dollars on players and now your in eighth. I’m starting to think you’re not a Chel

    73. Mustaquen Merican

      I feel you MrGB.. felt the same thing. I honestly thought we've changed when we brought Lampard in but how wrong was I. I felt now, Lampard was made a scapegoat and used by the Board. They had no manager coming in 2019 because of the ban and loosing hazard. Why appoint an inexperienced manager if you could not give him time. I'm so sick of this chop and changing. Enough is enough

    74. Ocksy Marope

      happy day

    75. s p a r t a n

      All I can say is that he improved us, just look at who we’ve brought in. The players are all top class even though we haven’t seen that. I’m thankful for Frank but I’m also thankful to bring in a more experienced manager to get the best out of this squad.

    76. Dior Kezimana

      Not only cause Lampard is my favorite player ever but I felt it was too soon to fire him, he’s clearly a talented manager who could’ve brought this club back to glory but some players let him down especially Havertz but Mount, Silva, Ziyech an a couple others played great.

    77. Jimmy Knizzle

      Wish clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal would stop comparing what’s going on at their clubs to Klopps first few years at Liverpool. Klopp had won promotions, cups, titles and got to CL finals. He had the pedigree for owners to stick with him. Lampard failed at Derby before falling into the Chelsea job. Different levels, don’t compare.

    78. Gerald Rodrigues

      I like that you did not voice your happiness over Frank’s sacking as some others did. We should treat him with respect instead of rejoicing that he is gone. That annoys me. Let the new manager come in before singing his praises. This is why I prefer to watching your videos than the others.

    79. George Box

      I never want to see Jorghino and Rudiger in a chelsea shirt again the disrespect to go to the board and complain about the manager not playing you because of YOUR poor performances

    80. KingArtoriusTV

      He shouldn't have taken the Job.. his dream Job came too early for him and he took it without thinking. Also, I think his relationship with Marina cost him the Job really. As a Chelsea fan, I was mentally ready to go 3 to years under Frank without winning anything.. yes, he needed 3 to 5years!! for better or for worst!!

    81. cyrus kavwele

      It was extremely sad to let Lampard go after what he has done for the club. He needed time to build his team.

    82. NivBHD_

      Forever in our hearts, I hope this isn’t the end of lamps😢 he was my childhood hero❤️

    83. John Newman

      I'm so gutted

    84. lordyboy 2020

      I’m just as gutted as the next guy but I’m sure he’ll come back in the after he’s got more experience and I’m confident he could be our SAF

    85. Joel Sacupima

      Really sad! But that is football, All the best to Franky.

    86. Badru Oladapo

      I was studying for pharmacology when I got the message. Immediately I got weak. I love Lamps❤️❤️😭😭

    87. Alexander the Great

      Absolute bullshit. Havertz and Werner have underperformed. Getting acclimated takes time. He’s made Mount a world class player. Shit happens. Struggles build character, which Lampard has in droves. Give him 3 years. The tactics would have come. You can’t replace the intangibles he brought. Chelsea will never create the dynasty without patience. Sad day.

    88. Happy Gilmore

      I went to Chelsea training ground and watched the way Lampard trained his players, he trained them hard and technical, gave it his all, so sad that he has lost his job.

    89. Memes By Wasay

      I started watching Football due Frankie. When i heard this news, it shocked me. A Chelsea fan who has been watching them for 10-15 years are the ones who know the feeling and are sad.

    90. The Wizard

      The amount of Chelsea fans that support this bum is astonishing. The guy was abysmal

    91. TheOtakuInClazz _236

      Man, indeed is a really bad day as a Chelsea fan :(

    92. Nathan Lavender

      Sad day 💙😭⚽️

    93. Czier Peter

      I think Chelsea should give Him more Time, but not... I think Impossible to make a good Strong Team without much Time and Mr Abrahomovic still didn't know that...we can Thank for Him much bit till He is a Owner of Chelsea the situations will never change!!! Soo Thank Super Frank much and hope we will see U soon In the Stamford Bridge to lead this Club again!!! 🍻 💙 🍻

    94. Chelskie Darts

      Feel ur pain bro 👍🏼 it was harder to see frank get sacked because of the ties with the club and fans 😫 but the club and the clubs success comes 1st mate , hopefully tuchel comes in and shakes that side up , puts the tactics and energy into the players frank couldn’t , give us the B and C game frank also couldn’t he was to 1 dimensional with no back up plan we played the same 3-0 up as we would 3-0 down 🤷🏽‍♂️ frank was my boyhood hero aswell but for the clubs future it needed to happen sooner rather than later 11 points behind 1st place is easier to catch than 25 points , no experience or leaders to pull the players into confidence and shape , we’ll always love you franky and be grateful for what you did playing and managing Chelsea 👏🏽 hope you find success and be happy in ur life lamps 💕

    95. James T Cat Cato


    96. Pat Warburtonr

      Our Lord Jesus Christ, light of the world. Shine brightly and bring many more to faith in you. Amen 🙏!!!

    97. Peggy McDonald

      Gutted Super Frank the fans will miss you .Really thought we were going to stand by him

    98. King Armish

      I know you'll be sentimental about this decision atm but as Lampard himself said when he took the throne at Chelsea that Judge him now purely on his Managerial ways, not as a legendary player so its pretty obvious that Board haven't seen any kind of improvement from certain players and we're sitting at 9th in feb which is also a sign of worry after spendin almost 200M in summer. I know the way these things governed was absolutely crazy and shameful act towards Lamps but i hope in future he'll be able to take charge at Chelsea once more with more experience and with a bit more tactically sound.

    99. Nashid Travels

      Frank Lampard is arguably Chelsea's greatest player and despite his inexperience as a manager, he has managed to break down walls and allow our youth to have a career at Chelsea. The more experienced coaches of Chelsea will consider our youth to fill certain gaps in our team. It may not be to the extent of Lampard but definitely something they will consider. He has kickstarted careers of players like Mount, James, Tammy etc

    100. BlueFacondor

      My love for him doesnt change, but time doesn't always fix things.