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    FRANK LAMPARD'S CHELSEA FUTURE... Chelsea to SIGN ERLING HAALAND 😬 ? Frank Lampard is reportedly close to losing the Chelsea managerial position after a run of bad results. In today's video, I suggest why it is important to back Frank Lampard all the way till the end, whenever that may be. Chelsea FC are also linked to Dortmund Norwegian striker Erling Haaland who said it was his dream to play alongside Frank Lampard.
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    1. kamlem Tyring

      Things CFC should do: Sell; Jorginho, Barkley, RLC/Kovacic, Azpilicueta, Emerson, Alonso, Kepa, Rudiger/Christensen, Bakayoko, Bid: Haaland, Romagnoli, Upamecano, Alaba, Tonali, Rabiot, Max Aarons. 3-5-2 or 4-4-2.

    2. Luc Cotineau

      Could we still sign haaland without lampard?

    3. Fahd Ahmed

      In my opinion, Frank has just got to change his system. He should not be as stubborn as Sarri and play one system even If it isn't working. It's high time we use the 442 in the premier league.

    4. Michael Grant

      Respect benson mikey binns from Jamiaca,respect your views ...

    5. yave

      of course we give lampard more time..

    6. Timothy Hickey


    7. Tinashe Chavunduka

      We have enough quality in the team. In my opinion bringing in new quality players will not solve our problem. This team has young brilliant players who just need coaching, which Frank needs to start doing. One can't just expect the boys to run and run (which they are doing) but without an overall strategy or structure that's why we are so open in that midfield. Pulisic is now spending so much energy defending in stead of running behind the lines. I think Lampard is just throwing the boys in and is telling them to be courageous and try to make things happen. Obviously Werner is fast, but how do we get him in the game with those slow transitions. We are no longer even playing the ball behind the defensive line like what Jorginho used to do. We just need to get the basics right like pressing as a team not one or 2 guys, more off the ball movement and sort out our transitions and counter attack. Frank, needs to look at how our new players where being played in their old teams, so to try and get the best out of them. I think Frank should be given to the end of season to see if he can sort out these issues. Though at this rate we may end up in a relegation battle.

    8. lisa martins

      Still missing the point. stop listening to the pathletic.

    9. lisa martins

      Scott and peter lobbied for havertz wgen frank were insisting on rice, we are where we are and roman knows why we took havertz and the board does. he cannot say 'i told you so' he can only wait until the imbalance in the squad is remedied with rice entry. till then frank will do his best but i know these things are true and why frank is still Chelsea manager today (Sunday)

    10. Tony Valentine

      Sadly tammy is not the man.

    11. admire kutukwa

      Let's give him more time why Liverpool,man city ,man u they loose but they have faith on their coach's now is paying for them

    12. Lyzex

      give him more time

    13. Joseph Vinu Vellukunnel

      Giving lampard time till the end of the season makes sense. But if he isn’t in a good position even after the end of the season, then we should probably sack him

    14. azubike okoroafor

      I’m going to say it again. It’s not about signing players. It’s more about getting a coach that can get them to play football.

    15. Girish M

      but yet again love u bro

    16. Girish M

      lol..drogba was a legend by chance

    17. kris thabo zhuwaniko

      I think lampard should be awarded more time and let us be patient as chelsea fans our time will come eventually . Lampard is the right man for the job , I still believe in him

    18. V B

      15 months and lampard still doesn't find any style of play. Tactically? Player selection? So preseason is the problem now?? Forget haaland, lampard will play him as a defensive midfielder!

    19. Lee Innes

      Haaland? Will only go to a sucessful side. Not us

    20. ImJustKish

      Haaland would only come to us if we are in the champions league

    21. Darragh Moloney

      Keep lampard

    22. Marc Okeke

      @George Benson football, considering your reasons esp @3:00 to 3:30 minutes, thats not fair at all. People will clearly see your reason why you finding a rationale to justify him. This is chelsea and not westham. What is pre-season and long is pre-season? How long has the players been training and playing matches for a long time. We have pandemic and it affected everyone. Again no team went on pre-season. Lampard problem is lack of experience and he did not did any justice to himself. He could have assembly more experienced coaching crew to assist him. I guess he played smart because he dont want to get sack and his assistant replace him. But he shoulf have think of doing well on the job first. As per arteta, he served under PEP for 2 to 3 seasons before resuming his role. Up intil today, he still consult PEP. Who will lampard consult given his experience?

    23. Wynn 1k

      Lampard in for me. Its a long term project. We have to forget this season and look ahead. Id rather see chelsea win the league with lampard in 3 years rather that seeing us win the league in 2 years wiht someone else

    24. Gustav Dannervig

      Why do we keep buying players, just based on their performance? If you look at where Werner played for Leipzig, and how Lampard played last year, you see 2 completely different strategies, which don't suit each other at all. Werner and Havertz are 2 very good players, but they only performed that good, because of the tactics suited them in their former club. Frank is a young manager, but his style of play actually benefitted our academy players the most. Let's start look at our strategy and style of play, and choose players that suits this style of play.

    25. jabx1231

      Give him more time the players deserve some blame some just haven’t turned up in games

    26. Gazimbo

      Tammy seems to have an air about him that he thinks he is the muts nuts, but i dont see it enough on the pitch. if we could bottle mounts energy and pass it out that would be mint.

    27. Gazimbo

      TBH this is probs the worst season to judge anything on. it is the most topsi tervie season i can remember. no one team has looked solid and everything is a bit up in the air. give frank time i say, trust in the project and lets see what happens. also please dont think that getting a new manager in is gonna magickly fix this wobbly patch.

    28. P. Strong

      I wrote us off at the start of the season simply because these new players need time to adjust and it seems we have tried to build around them when they were not ready for that. We have far too many weak links. Haaland would be a great signing though! Werner will be AMAZING soon. Have faith mate.

    29. lisa martins

      stick and build.

    30. Mido Eladl

      He needs time mate

    31. Ricardo Blue

      I love Frank, absolute legend! However, I can't stand watching the way Chelsea are playing with this continuous backwards and sideways football. Also the changes made to the team every game can't be good. He must know who his best team is by now so for goodness sake play it. Got to have some constancy in selections. Trying to keep too many player happy maybe? I'm also unhappy to say tht if Carlo, Gus or Jose had this kind of squad to choose from we'd be an incredible force in Europen football.

    32. Lateef Kirago Guchie

      Give Lampard more time

    33. Edwin Kipkorir

      I don't see any difference between Werner and Haaland, we just need experienced coach to utilise those great talents. There has been a lot of rotations and formations I think that has been Frank's main problem

    34. Toby Hutchins94

      Werner & Haaland would be amazing because It’ll be like the old days maybe just like we had with both partnerships with Hasselbaink/Gudjohnson & Anelka/Drogba 😍😍

    35. MemeWrld

      I don't want Haaland because we will destroy his career

    36. Aaron David

      Is it me or that picture of Lampard a tad dorky? 3:20

    37. It’s FifasnipeZ

      Naglesmen he knows how to make Werner play good and might get the best out of Havertz and Werner


      Lampard need time 🤒

    39. Bryan Oruene

      Our team is too nice. We need grit. We need to dig in and show some character. We're not getting Haaland though.. So y'all can forget it.

    40. paul maidment

      frank should get a lot more time, how can you say that George frank should go was only 1 season ago you were so excited he was appointed and the positivity around the club. look at Man U and how they have stuck by Solskjaer they had a really bad run of form last season and this but look at them now. this team needs time and that is what frank deserves as a manager and our club LEDGEND would you not agree? Chelsea fans are always the same currently, we want instant success and we don't care the cost of the development of our team and this includes the youth. I have been a Chelsea fan since 96 and have seen many managers come and go but lets give frank till the end of the season at the very least. I know the results have sucked recently but the big signs Chelsea made have not cut it and our spirt is low come on the Chelsea we can pull through this with Franky Lampard

    41. Stephen Macdonald

      Personally I think Lampard came into this job a couple of years too early. He has been a manager for only 2 years. So I think his short comings have been has been his lack of experience as a manger. I want lampard to have a bit more time as Chelsea’s struggles aren’t entirely on lampard as Chelsea showed against leciester

    42. Khubi Ratsatsi

      Am with Lamps through and through. I ride with Lampard and the team. I am Lampard in. I firmly believe Lampard Chelsea and the team will turnaround. All these plastic fans who do not appreciate that soccer like any developmental project has teething problems. They want a new manager.... they will be the very first to call for the sacking of the next manager anyway. I believe we will turnaround and with Lampard as our manager. This fella played all manner of games in the past. To allege that he doesn't understand tactics and such likes is very stupid. We are going through a slump and we will get out of it. People must take a chill pill and support the project

    43. YumRiceChrispy

      Give Lamps to the end of the year....we will know definitively at that time if he is the man for the job. Rather than letting him go now and forever wondering....

    44. ilias bahri


    45. Karan Sunil

      I dont know how people think Haaland would join Chelsea without getting champions league. Regardless I don't think Chelsea should sack Frank. We have to remember that Hazard was involved in 50% of our goals. Last season just exceeded all expectations, but the process takes time. There is a lot of deadwood in this squad - Jorginho, Emerson, Alonso, Christensen, Rudiger. Chilwell could have an absolute nightmare and not get dropped the following game. That lack of serious competition in some positions is what effects the mentality.

    46. Springkle Stuff

      Imo it's not the new signings that's the problem (except chillwell, to me he is part of the problem) the rest are the problem. Who are the ones who constantly pass backwards and sideways? The new players are the ones who take risk and not look scared on the ball. Chelsea's players are scared to play exciting fast football. And this mentality must come from the manager aswell. To much focus on keeping clean sheets and not making individual mistakes causes them to actually make more mistakes.

    47. Azmi Amir

      give him time he has been a manager for almost 3 years only we need to remember that

    48. Rusty Wooden spoon

      I’m mixed I want him to stay and I’ve him time but he needs to figure things out maybe get a little frisky and try new things however how much more can he try

    49. Martin Yeboah

      I don´t think we will sign Haaland

    50. Dun Out Here

      Swear Sarri wasn’t sacked?

    51. james longevity

      I don’t know what his still doing on the job till now it obvious that the guy is clueless on how to turn this around same tactics same everything boring😒😏even when arsenal was struggling you see arteta making changes and trying new things but this guy is stubborn

    52. עמית לוי

      What are you doing in Indonesia?

    53. AgoDreamgate

      As a Norwegian Chelsea fan their is no way this dream signing will happen :( It would be a dream and a dream for Chelsea interest in Norway but this is will never ever goin to happen :/

    54. Flavz

      Frank must be devastated how disloyal so many CFC fans are right now. LAMPARD IN YOU FOOLS.

    55. Flavz

      Has anyone ever found out why he ran away to Bali 😂

    56. Armchair Supporter

      Over the course of a season you have good moments, and bad moments. Don't understand why all the panic. Lampard should be given to the end of the season.

    57. Armchair Supporter

      We need a Matic or Obi Milkel Kante is our only midfield player who can win the ball

    58. RedNose001

      That would destroy his career

    59. Paul Golding

      Can't see it happening George.

    60. kostas sobolos

      Ι hope lampard stay because i think that he did some good new signs, although that your new starts didnt manage yet to find there form in the premier league . Moreover is a chelsea kid and more like a chelsea LEGEND that will always thy to give his best to his players and the funs .On the other side i think that the best solution for the chelsea team if Lampard leave your new head coach will be Diego Simeone . In my opinion he has prove himself us a head coach with Atletico madrid . Furthermore Simeone's style of football would be perfectly fefitted in the Premier leauge with the strong defense and the passion for counterattacks

    61. MishkatR

      Not even prime Messi from 2012 can save this team with Frank Lampard's tactics...or the lack thereof

    62. Ties Vinke

      I REALLY want Lampard to change up the formation Werner and Haaland as a striker duo (if they’re playing well) would be mental!

    63. Emma Igbotic07

      We need a player like kessie in the midfield

    64. Sig Beatz

      Let’s be real here...Haaland will never come to Chelsea now because we players want to win trophies There are no good managers on the market though sacking Lampard would be a bad move

    65. Timothy Cox

      i think we should give frank another chance - if, and here my ourt, there are tactical improvements to actually be seen.

    66. Jason Vanhelleputte

      Lampard is still a young and rather inexperienced manager, he needs time else where to build up his managerial status and become a better manager. At this point Chelsea need an experienced top class manager to take hold if the team


      i will give Lampard a chance until the end of the season but if chelsea doesnt improve i want a new manager in the summer i hope Chelsea will improve somehow i guess

    68. Jimmy The Football Fan

      I don’t think we should give up on the youngsters but what we need in some signings that happen then I think it needs to be an experienced and travelled so he adjusts quickly

    69. Teo Ex

      I dont think the attack is the problem, getting Haaland is a panic buy, hes not the answer. Timo, tammy and Oli are good enough finishers, thing is we dont create.. 70% possesion around the box ending in a nowhere aimed cross. We dont really test the keeper and funny thing is the movement is there, especially from werner.. lamps will find the way im sure, our roster is good enough when it comes to attack.

    70. Jimmy The Football Fan

      I don’t want Frank to go, but I can’t help getting that new manger buzz and excitement

    71. Tim Simmons

      Haaland is clearly a top, top striker but are we really talking about a striker when our defence and midfield are soooo poor. Like you, I was trying to be patient and wanted him to have time, but against Leiciester it just felt like there are no positives to take forward. We look like a team going backwards. Would love him to turn it around, but really finding that prospect difficult to see

    72. Samuel Lopes

      Christensen is a Danish Phil Jones. - a honest Chelsea fan

    73. Sam bunting

      If we start 4-3-3 we’re finished, need a 4-2-3-1 now kantes back or a 3-4-3

    74. Abhay Kumar

      Don't know why Lampard is so obsessed with playing 4-3-3 at least last season he tried different formations like 4-3-3 , 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3 which did yield some good results

    75. Mark Wright

      Something that loftus cheek said in a recent interview was that he needs a manger that believe in him, sort of suggesting that frank doesn’t believe in him so that’s why he’s on loan. I think keeping barkley would’ve been good this season because he could’ve played in the CAM role if havertz isn’t available

    76. Mark Wright

      The only issue I have with Lampard is that whenever we lose he sort of says the players weren’t good enough, it’s never that he’s got it wrong tactically or the formation and I think this gets under the players skin. I also think the lack of a consistent starting 11 brings inconsistency with results. It doesn’t seem as though Lampard can coach the players to be better but more like if you don’t play well you won’t play in the next game and that’s the wrong approach

    77. Jack Massie

      Chelsea fans spend £200 million plus and now are trying to buy a striker for £100 million in

    78. 5B26 Ariq Yeasar Karim

      For me Lampard's time is up he cannot utilize players in the right positions but he can be a very good youth coach and he should be replaced with Thomas tuchel or nagelsmann because these two have good tactics and can utilize Werner havertz and all the players well. What do y'all think

    79. Odhran Lawless-Quinn

      In fairness our next run of games is alright in the league so if we can string a couple of wins under our belt then maybe these talks of other managers stops

    80. Martin Lees

      Nagelsman new manger hopefully

    81. Jalacore

      Sarri wasnt sacked...

    82. Alexander Stephen

      It’s the same story every time. Manager does well then when they go through bad patch they get sacked. It’s just a cycle which needs to break with some patience. Its been a difficult year for players and so I think we need to support them through this time. However, the tactics are clearly wrong. We do not have the players to play 4-3-3. 4-3-3 requires players who can get box to box all game which only mount and Kante could do and I don’t think Kante should be the player we want attacking. It was clear that as soon as December came and we had a higher frequency of games that our midfield would burn out playing 4-3-3 and this fatigue has continued. We have the perfect players for 4-2-3-1 and we should play 4-2-3-1 for rest of season. Mendy in goal, James, chilwell, silva and zouma in defence. Then we need to players in CDM with the options between Kante/Kovacic/gilmour. These are players who would all look to make tackles and break up play. Kante would start for me and gilmour too as he looks to pass forward and gives some fearlessness. Mount and havertz should play CAM this would require less energy getting up and down pitch which can be better used for short bursts in attacking positions and a more aggression in a press along with the other attackers. Pulisic CHO and ziyech should fight for the winger positions. But vary from wide and tuck in being smart to find gaps and move defence around and have confidence to take on opposition players and find passes. I think Abraham and Werner fight for striker. I think for now Abraham should start with mount behind but I can see a future where havertz and Werner work in that role especially if havertz develops some aggression and due to his height he could actually hold up play and transition and find cute balls into Werner. I also wonder if mount could play as an attacking CDM with the mindset of getting forward late in attack so that he enters the edge of box in space like Lampard but also with mindset to drop back into CDM for cover in defence.

    83. Hembrilz Ika

      when will we learn to stop hyping these players before we sign them I don't care if we are linked to Messi or Ronaldo let them come in and perform first I'm tired of all these stats he's this he's that, yes he is good but he can end up being a bloody flop

    84. Louis Brown

      I think he has to go in order to even keep top 4 hopes alive, as much as I love lampard and all that he has done, I don’t think he can get us top 4, would love tuchel to come in

    85. Raymondos Pepsi

      Y are you in Bali?

    86. Daniel Abel Ajala



      we haven't managed to beat any half-decent side this season, 1 win against the top 12 teams i think, and ultimately for what we spent & Chelsea's standards it isn't good enough (although a lot of the players have let him down for sure), but with our style of play we've become predictable with our crossing - defenders know ziyech is always going to put it on his left & look to cross it in & it's frustrating to see as I think he's Chelsea's best attacking asset. But I think frank should get the next few easier fixtures to build some momentum, try a new system, style of play etc. but if we don't see any kind of progress after that then perhaps he should be let go as much as I hate to say it. A different manager with a new system & fresh ideas may be the best way forward - similarly to when Conte took over the 15/16 team and gave us a completely different formation & style of play

    88. Chris Jennings

      You will all eat your words if we win the FA cup and finish top 4. We could even still win the champions league. Have a bit of belief people for fucks sake!


      One more thing, the leiceter game clearly confirmed that James can't defend. Both goals were James' fault. Azpi is also too slow, so no solution either. Lampard better resort to a back 3 and unleish his full backs to attack rather than half defend half attack the way they do now.

    90. Chris Jennings

      1000% he deserved more time! It’s a bad run of results for a team building a new era and a new future. He’s a good manger and I going through a rough patch like many do. Many teams. People need to get off this band wagon of Chelsea sacking him!l this quickly. No other manager will come in and have the care for the club as he does. Giving up on Lampard is not an option for a true Chelsea fan!

    91. Stamatis Vassilakis

      I think lampard did a great job last year puting us in the top 4 with a transfer band and i think he deserves more time since there was no preseason.

    92. Brendan Giddens

      Would be good for Chelsea hierarchy to provide Lampard with a desired playing style and system. I question whether we have the right players for the system Lampard likes, 4-3-3. No point getting in someone else spending another $200m to then tinker with the system. Personally think the players we have and Lampard can turn this around using a 4-2-3-1 system or 4-1-4-1 when chasing a game.

    93. joey

      I hope they give lampard till end of the season and it be easier to get another manger in if need be

    94. Jemal Ali

      Yooo imagine Timo LF & Haaland RF 🔥🔥

    95. LeonCO _27

      i would like to take bredan rodgers rom leicester hes really good know 4 langauges

    96. Caaddhl

      Lamps in!! He needs a chance to build another legacy at this club.

    97. Oh and Gerrard slipped

      give lampard till the end of the season and if it doesnt improve then get nagelsmann in the summer but otherwise no manager rly tempts me right now

    98. waah

      it was pretty tumultuous during sarri and conte's end lmao. Don't think you've thought this one through george

    99. Adrian Ikeaba

      I want this idea of a legend to be our best manager... But naglesman is tempting

    100. BlackLight Billy

      if we are going to fire Lampard, bring in simeone and have him bring Costa with him