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    CHRISTIAN PULISIC... THIS IS YOUR STAGE | CHELSEA vs SHEFFIELD UNITED FA CUP QUARTER FINAL PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Sheffield United FA Cup Quarter Final is the Sunday Early kick-off at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will be buoyed by their Uefa Champions League Quarter Final draw against Porto after Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night. Chelsea vs Sheffield United will see the winner progress to the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley. Chelsea will be looking to make the FA Cup semi final and make the most of Sheffield United being in a tough situation having recently parted company with long term manager Chris Wilder.
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    1. Čípr Chippy

      And he failed... again

    2. Sunil Kc

      Good team Chelsea 💙💙💜💜💛💛❤❤💚💚💪💪💪💪💪💪

    3. Sunil Kc

      Good luck Chelsea 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌💙💜💛❤💚

    4. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Ziyech 2 Havertz 0

    5. Jsjskkssisii sisSisisios

      Where is the watch along

    6. Timothy Hickey

      CFC/Perseverance/Consistancy..."Absolute dedication"....Natural thinking/ of responsibilities...

    7. Inti CFC

      I loved your raw reaction and that’s exactly how most of us Chelsea fans reacted. Don’t let the hate change affect you please.

    8. Raev-M

      as a wise man once said: "You can do a lot of things, but you can't stop the SHINE!"

    9. Casey

      ngl didn't know that was thiago silva thought it was a teenage kid

    10. James Wilkinson

      George you look like a crack head in the thumbnail

    11. Sam Burhop

      I think it would be sick for you to do some live streams watching some of the Chelsea games like Mark Goldbridge does with other games

    12. God first

      I think Tuchel will play Tammy instead of Werner

    13. joab obosi

      My friend George GBFC select is not connecting in Kenya, East Africa region

    14. Max Mwenda

      Gbfc select doesn't work in Kenya 😥

    15. Filip Andersson

      where is anjorin

    16. girish menon

      I would want billy and kova to start this game

    17. Gary Martin

      Cautious ! Porto are there on merit. We need to be on it to win . No easy games ! Sheffield united know this is there chance , remember WIGAN . I love my Chelsea but no complacency now . Feet on the ground , all of this is in our hands . I miss getting my season ticket out getting my Chelsea shirt on going to the station getting the train meeting my friends as we go up the line to Victoria , having a beer or 2 in the Shakespeare then down to a packed platform on the district line and FULHAM BROADWAY AND THE ATMOSPHERE GROWING BURGER AND ANOTHER BEER and now 40,000 friends . God I miss it so much that I have started therapy!,,,,,,, not really COME ON YOU BLUES !

    18. Maryam

      Havertz and giroud should start

    19. fiasko Dollari

      I think Giroud will score a goal

    20. Hecty Camacho

      Giroud has to start. Sheffield United will park the bus and Timo won't have any space to run behind the defenders.

    21. Noah Chadick


    22. Adam, Badaoui

      Be careful what you wish, the draw may have just granted you your wish! Mr. T may not have lost a game yet as a Chelsea manager. Well there is a first time for everything. Porto? It is a Portuguese fortified wine. It is typically a sweet red wine, often served as a dessert wine. However, it well knock the shit out of you if not careful.

    23. Mazwi Madzinane

      I don't want to place too much pressure on anyone, but we must win this game.

    24. Jorge Vázquez Carrillo

      Giroud has to start


      WHY HAVE YOU BLOCKED KENYA FROM THE GBFCSELECT? Thats discrimination mate.....I always follow you so i find it unfair

      1. I dont get it


    26. Shania Fibriyana

      I saw Christian Pulisic then I clicked it

    27. Derek Rauseo

      2 - 0 Chelsea, this is the game that Timo will find his scoring boots.

    28. Dean Willis

      Greeeeeat assist from Havertz to turbo Timo to Ziyech great running from Timo and assist magnifico

    29. Mark Jenko

      Chillwell for Emerson Christiansendini for Zouma Giroud for Timo The rest I think spot on 👍 keep the content coming George! Love it!!

    30. gwayne1990

      I have a feeling he's gonna rest Azpi, he's played almost every minute except that one game since TT. Lol you just never know

    31. Scott Burney

      hopefully we see Anjorin get minutes!

    32. Andrew

      If football was a meritocracy, Werner wouldn't be forced into the lineup and Havertz would have replaced Mount by now. Mount has reached his ceiling, it's time to hand the starting spot over to Havertz to unlock Chelsea's attack.

    33. Ύλμπερ Ζίκα

      Hello fellow Chelsea fans , I would like to clarify Sth and ask anyone’s support on this . If we don’t get Haaland (i truly hope we can get Him) the next player we should directly consider is Harry freaking Kane . We all know he is a killer in the box and outside so I would really appreciate if we push the Harry Kane agenda more .

    34. Kweku Unusual

      I'll go with the same eleven. Except Giroud in for Werner and Chilwell in for Emerson💯🔵

    35. Finn Flood

      I loved your sentiments about dreaming of winning Things in football is spot on and well expressed.I like that

    36. Martin Yeboah

      We are in a good position now and things are looking really good under the leadership of Tuchel. Exciting, optimistic and interesting times ahead. We have equal chance of winning champions league like the other teams i assume

    37. Colin Reese

      Oh wow, Pulisic gets an FA Cup start...Table scraps

    38. kbab3333

      Tino will be on the bench for sure.

    39. Nikos Toss

      George why is gbfc selects unavailable in Greece?

    40. PhantomOfManyTopics

      They should hire Frank


      Billy Gilmour masterclass tommorow

    42. ffaroukk19

      giroud should start tomorrow

    43. Steve Jothams

      Awesome job bro

    44. sajad elrobae

      Only Change I’ll do is rudiger for Andreas and giroud for Werner

    45. matthew aiken

      "10 very simple questions" stop the cap. 1000 pounds?😂 And is everyone gonna ignore the fact that he "kind of" doesn't want to touch Altintop's balls?😬

    46. Tevin Todd

      Benson. Bit of a random on but can you do a video on Chelsea vs Barcelona and Tom henning ovrebo

      1. Tevin Todd

        Reason being why I’m asking for this. Is because Chelsea should have won the champions league that year. And no one seems to acknowledge that there was clear cheating in that game. And that there was a clear agenda from UEFA and to not let Chelsea win the CL. Not to mention the the ghost goal from Liverpool

    47. Hervé M

      emerson as a winger is better

    48. Alberto Huerta

      I don't see pulisic starting, and really am worried for him, too much pressure, and too much attention on him right now, anything less than an absolutely spectacular performance, and he will be criticized, and may bring his confidence even lower.

      1. Alberto Huerta

        @M1234 we'll see I guess, I think he's anticipating the end of the season already, too much going on with injuries, and all the talk about his future.

      2. M1234

        He’s a really good player, I think he’ll be fine

    49. Richard Grace

      😒🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I keep on saying it amd.i will keep on saying it because I have constantly been vindicated in saying it... if you are going to play christian on the right then you might as well not play him at all amd go ahead and play ziyech because playing pulisic on the right instead of the left you negate 98% of what he is capable of

    50. StamfordBridge

      George, should I gamble responsibly or irresponsibly?

    51. Akim Aalou

      I think Giroud will and Gilmour won't start

    52. Tunde Obasa

      I think Giroud will start ahead of Werner. Just listening to TT’s interview.

    53. Tatsuya SIGH

      As for me, I'll put Emerson at left-sided CB and Chilwell at WB. Give Azpli a rest. J5 and Kova since Billy and J5 are too immobile. Mount and Pulisic behind Giroud

    54. YouTube deletes To many accounts

      Kepa RJ. Zouma. Chilwell CHO. Billy. Kante. Emerson Mount Pulisic Giroud Let’s aim for a 3-0 win

    55. T Spot

      George, thank you so much for this video. Your comments at the end are what I have been trying to say, and said far better than I have done. The entire attacking unit is very inconsistent, and they need to produce more goals more consistently. That is a matter of youth to me, and time in the saddle. And as nobody has set themselves head and shoulders above the rest (though you can make a valid argument that CHO and Mount are playing better than the others), it is important that they all get opportunities and support. While everyone wants Haaland (who wouldn't?), and he is amazing, I personally would rather stand pat for next season with this exact group. This season has been a massive learning session for them and the payoff really comes next year in terms of attacking. Though there is a lot of football to be played this season, and no shortage of massively important games, I think a lot of that pressure evaporates next season and this group is going to be phenomenal from the get go with that clean slate. It is exciting to think about what they can accomplish as soon as they all start banging goals on the regular and Chelsea is winning games 4-0 consistently. Can you imagine having the 8 attackers standing in a group and just grabbing 3 at random and they are all just killing it?! The present is amazing, and the future shines even more brightly.

    56. Smurphy_868

      Pulisic and billy please get some minutes tmr

    57. Pa Bis

      Asking Pulisic to produce with that midfield is pretty damn unfair. I hope gilmour and Jorginho prove me wrong but is there is anyway Jorginho is passing him the ball going forward?

    58. George Appleton

      I loved ur reaction yesterday was getting me more gassed than i already was😂😂

    59. Sam Harding

      We don’t really use two strikers it’s mainly Werner who plays as in inside forward I would say there more like left and right attacking mids

    60. Chuks Obiora

      Anjorin might be a surprise inclusion for this FA Cup tie

    61. RC

      Chelsea will win with 3 or more goals

    62. Astonish Asamoah

      Your Twitter account?

      1. Super Franky And His Son Mason

        george Bennson

    63. Mani H

      Dont worry George, fuck all the haters, your reactions were perfect!

    64. Alec Norton

      Pulisic is done at Chelsea , he has been disrespected beyond repair . He dragged this club on his back last season into top 4 and their answer is “you need to prove yourself“ LOL it’s a joke .

      1. M1234

        I think it’s more of the way TT plays that Pulisic is usually not in the starting 11.

    65. Momchil Totev

      I whoud start Abraham. He has been very good in the FA cup

    66. linda magwete

      Giroud should be given a chance

    67. Abhishek Watni

      To all those who didn't like the celebrations: I strongly believe we should always dream and especially as football fans, we see this all the time, European elites, super clubs crumble down in front of a determined and strong team, anything can happen in football we should always believe and if we don't meet the expectations, so be it, we move on its NOT our job to stay pragmatic, its the manager and players who need to do that, we as fans actually can't influence much so we do the best thing we can i.e. we dream And HELL YEAH!!!! we are winning this thing, we are beating porto and everyone else who comes in front and we are bringing the Champions League Trophy home Come on boys 🔥🔥🔥

    68. Clutch1h

      Pulisic has fallen to only getting chances of starting in a FA cup game. But lets be honest TT only knows the CP from Dortmund. Hell end up on the right and struggle and then well be like see hes terrible. He says the same things about Billy, Ollie and CP. He has big plans for them but they have to be patient. But none of them are getting more then 15 mins or any at all. Puli needs has his opportunities in the PL like Z and Timo keep despite being ok at best most of the time.

    69. C esa R

      Giroud, Gorgi, Mount, CHO, Pulisc and Andreas are definitely staring this one....

    70. Rejiskii

      Ben TT said Tionoo would be involved tmw. i dont see him in ur squad preditiction

    71. Mohamed AZH Alami

      Ziyech hater again

    72. Yafet Michael

      Heyyy george!!! Can u make ur gbfc selects eligible to work in uganda, east Africa

    73. ian oliver

      George , never lose that true blue passion you showed in the draw, you speak (or should I say scream!) for us all. Plus I would also like to commend you on the marvellous depth and range of vocabulary you regularly present to us. It really puts your analysis on another level. P.S. I'm an English teacher!

    74. Diptopaul Das


      1. Zoeldi E

        Werner’s assist 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾watch Footballmania withfelicia 🔵COYB🔵

    75. umair r

      Tuchel is the man

    76. Sean Daniels

      I believe Pulisic is not quite in form yet, but he's getting close. This is the perfect game for him to start, because he needs minutes. He needs to put his head down and perform, that's all.

    77. Tajay Watson

      You don’t have to explain anything bro we know how it is, I was doing the most too when we drew Porto because we’re gonna win the champions league, there’s ntn wrong with dreaming! 💙🙌🏾

    78. Duxzoo Gcl

      T.t. blue up

    79. terry honeycutt

      CP will not start

    80. KingMobile FC

      We love you Chelsea, we do, We love you Chelsea, we do, We love you Chelsea, we do, Oh Chelsea we love you! COYB let's keep moving!

    81. Kingdom Freedom AMV

      I don't know if I like Gilmour and Jorginho double 6 but let's see

    82. Shawn Himself

      Porto are not that good.....we can beat them.....U had all rights to celebrate the way you did George

    83. David Shea

      Pulisic 💙💙

    84. cupid evil

      azpi and odoi not a great partnership!!

    85. Cloudz

      My comment on the little rant in the beginning lol Never change George I love the energy you give to chelsea and I give that same energy one of the main reasons I watch your channel ...never change to please anyone ... you got this far by being you ... continue rise by being you Sending love and positive vibes from Barbados ☺️ COME ON YOU BLUES🔵🔵🔵

    86. Dan M

      YES GUYS!

    87. Amir Ali Lanker

      Giroud over werner for sure

    88. cupid evil

      totally agree with u as a fan we need to react and enjoy about football...

    89. Dave Buckner

      I would run a 3-4-2-1 with Pulisic up top and Werner and Mount underneath. These three can combine at speed and must be the future of the Chelsea attack going forward. Give them a chance to gel Tuchel.

    90. Dave Buckner

      For the FA cup, put Pulisic up top as striker. Let him go wherever he wants to combine with player on the attack. If I’m coaching him, I tell him “I want you to attack defenders on the dribble every time you get the ball when there’s no option for a wall pass with a team mate. EVERY TIME. If you lose the ball 7 out of ten times so what. In 3 of ten, were scoring goals.” Because Pulisic is not starting he is too reluctant to do this. So, Tuchel, set him free now or lose him in the summer. You have to relieve his pressure to be perfect.

    91. Sam Astrinidis

      The left side of the lineup is a big gamble. Having Emerson, Gilmore, and Werner, all who are still working out their strengths together doesn't give a lot of confidence.

    92. mary dexter

      Line up looks good. However, TT is totally unpredictable 😂

    93. MD. Ahanaful Alam

      What if tuchel goes to ucl final unbeaten and win the ucl 😁.. let's hope for the best... that will be bloody great!!!!

    94. Nehpets kariuki

      Giroud for Werner.... giving minutes to guys who don't play reguarly

      1. Zoeldi E

        Ni ukweli cheki Footballmania withfelicia 🔵COYB🔵

    95. Christopher Mpundu

      Giroud will start..

    96. Alfred nana yaw Obodai

      George i live in Ghana i wasnt allow to sign up to GBFCSELECTS

    97. Anres Blue

      Giroud will start tomorrow 💙💙

    98. Diamond

      (FA) CUPtain America?!

    99. dandy sumitro

      please use gilmour giroud anjorin and emerson

    100. Aakash S

      Pulisic and Billy are the two player that i really want to see tomorrow. 💙

      1. Zoeldi E

        It would be nice to see them 🥺watch Footballmania withfelicia 🔵COYB🔵