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    CHELSEA vs WEST BROM PREMIER LEAGUE LIVE WATCHALONG. Chelsea vs West Brom in the Premier LEAGUE Live watchalong on GBFC
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    1. Aqua Laqua

      Time Stamper Here 1-0 Pulisic- 39:22 Red Card Silva- 40:44 1-1 Periera- 58:43 1-2 Periera- 1:01:35 1-3 Robinson- 1:35:38 1-4 Diagne- 1:41:07 2-4 Mount- 1:43:36 2-5 Robinson- 2:04:01

      1. T Ali


      2. pipthegooner

        not all heroes wear capes lol. thanks

      3. KING

        Thank you

      4. Joshua Culleton

        Legend x

      5. Princess

        My Guy

    2. Dawood Pervez

      They didn’t lose the match against United George. It was 5-5. Infamous match. Cmon George.

    3. Rajan Moore

      You ain't got a clue mate. 5 - 5 against united. 5 against wolves. Scored 4 numerous times. Spanked u 3-0. Up the albion

    4. Timothy Hickey


    5. Downturn Abbey

      Came for the goals, stayed for the smoll kitten.

    6. Infuse

      Absolute disgrace. Embarrassment.

    7. Joshua K

      Don’t look at comments it ruins reaction

    8. Chris Waite


    9. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Watching from California

    10. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Smudge would be cute , looks like he has a smudge on his chest . Bali would be cute too since you found him there .

    11. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Your kitty is older than 3 weeks. Is that what the vet told you ? Maybe after today he should be Big Sam ...


      yeah, it's not a matter of process but we miss Chelsea lifting the UCL Liga title


      It's very boring to see the middle players and the Chelsea attackers timo kovacik jorghino

    14. Sean Duncan

      Call the cat blue

    15. Abhi_AC

      Last time we conceded 5 goals at bridge in 2011-12. What happened that year ? It's in HISTORY ! All stars aligning 😍💙

      1. Chelsea Blues

        YESSSS 🔵

    16. ahaha hahahahahahaha

      it was 5-5 against man utd btw

    17. flawless093

      1:41:30 actually it ended 5-5 .. SAF last game

    18. Jacob C12

      UP THE BAGGIES! Respect to Chelsea though

    19. SB

      “This could be a very bad afternoon“ understatement of the century

    20. Sammy Rochford

      We were absolutely abysmal today 🤬

    21. Invictus_trax

      What a shame i left the game after it was 1:0 bc i went with on a walk with my Dog, bc i thought well it gonna end 2:1 anyway but WEEELP i missed a drama :D

      1. Invictus_trax

        Banter aside. Thats the Beauty of Football. You aint concede goals for weeks and then BAMM. Cant wait for the Liverpool - Arsenal game, thats gonna waaay more banter.

    22. Christian Blakeway

      Come back up Win the cup Kick fuck out the villa Come on you baggies 🔵⚪️🔵

    23. shadi982

      Cris , Zoma and Mendy were awful .Tuchel is still adapting to the Team and the League. how many matches pep and klop lost on their first seasons and they still losing.

    24. Paul Perry

      what was we crossing at the invisible man looked like we was playing prime barca

    25. L4shy

      Can’t wait for 442oons

    26. Tendoni Mogoka

      George your favourite Defender Zouma is shyyyt.

    27. mount

      C'mon time for Tuchel out surely??

    28. Johnnybgood 11

      Call your cat Mr. Europa.... (Joking!)

    29. Dominic Fliszkiewicz

      Liverpool and Chelsea fans lets be friends the enemies are tottenham arsenal and united

      1. Dominic Fliszkiewicz

        @Dolphin chelsea

      2. Dolphin

        what team do you support?

    30. Ric-Kyle Wong

      I think you drank a little too much.....

    31. Emmanuel Adediran

      Tuchel out anyone?

    32. George

      I was worried about this game because right after our Christmas break, the guys couldn't perform again that cost Lampard. They have done it again 😬😬

    33. Nuel Nuel. O.

      Truth be told: There are no individually brilliant forward men in Chelsea. Timo appears to have no skills at all. His style is very predictable and easily read by opponents. This should not be. Chelsea suffered because the forward me keep losing the ball from where west brom launches attacks repeatedly

    34. Gregory Allen

      So many things went wrong in this game, bitter disappointment, could blame it on many factors. Silva should not of started! Giroud should have started!! Or atleast come on, chilly should have started because Alonso had no pace in the defence. Joji was disappointing today as well. Kova and azpi the only 2 players who showed up

    35. cool boy

      Its a lesson for us... take it positive and lets win this UCL🥺🥺

    36. just_gaby1

      Today’s score was simply a disgrace

    37. Freddy Mnemonic

      Charity FC strikes again!!!!! Nice west brom will have a 4-0 winning streak going forward

    38. Chris Cave

      Just woke up and saw the score . I made myself believe it was a bad dream

    39. garageflower

      Rather it happened now than against Porto. Capitulation... come on Blues we are better than that

    40. Adem Kilinc

      George I want to see just 1 green box and that's kovacic I know mount also played well but we don't deserve to have 2 green boxes

    41. Mat Setizar

      Us liverpool fans been feeling this for 2 months...

      1. Downturn Abbey

        @General Grievous No, but we did lose our unbeaten home run to Burnley.

      2. General Grievous

        But yous had it worse

      3. General Grievous

        U never lost 5-2 to west brom 😂

      4. 09. Fadilaga Tatur Tanaya

        Hopefully we can bounce back nd finish in the top 4💪

    42. I’m better at football than Arsenel’s 11

      I can’t wait to see angry rant Man’s rants after this match

      1. Ikeh IkehUzor


      2. max Maxie

        I can take picture of him in my mind.

    43. jason wolcott

      name it MELLO

    44. Umar Abdulrahman

      Dull game indeed. 5- 2

    45. Kewin Jasinski

      We might of lost against West brom but we will win against Porto fc

      1. Navid

        Don’t undermisted them

    46. Ric-Kyle Wong

      George we lose one game and you are making it like the boys have been useless for the past couple of weeks. Now your changing your words an saying we won't beat Porto FC, don't be ungrateful bro the boys are human and no team is perfect we all make mistakes. Let us encourage them and hope for the best and not throw them under the bus because I was wondering if you really thought that Thomas was going to WIN or draw every single game you must be dreaming.

    47. CaptainGdogg

      Think my patience with werner has run out now

      1. Dolphin

        Why? He may not be scoring but he is still contributing to the team

      2. Zovo YT

        But he had a wonderful second half

      3. Shean the Sheep

        Too bad

    48. John W

      I’m hoping that was Jorginho’s last performance in a blue shirt.

      1. The Boss

        Me too mate, jorginho is shit

    49. Jevanie Cooper

      This loss was jorginhos fault....give him a dark red box today if he didn't make that pass to put the defense under pressure then tiago wouldn't have gotten that first yellow.... And now I agree we need a new striker it's clear the team doesn't trust Werner...even if he would score or is in a good position they still won't give him the ball because noone believes in hin

    50. Ross Mason

      I don’t mind you swearing George. I’m pissed myself. Thomas should those players give those players a hiding. They were distraught.

    51. chelseacharger

      It looked a strong enough team but it was evident right from the start that players returning from injury plus others away on international duty was leading to really sloppy play. How Jorginho was not the one sacrificed when Christensen had to come on was bizarre. We needed some pace and movement when down to ten men. TT should also have taken off Silva after the yellow card as it was obvious he was rusty, not properly match fit and a red card waiting to happen. Let's just hope that they write it off as 'one of those days', learn some lessons and the confidence hasn't been shaken too much before Porto.

      1. Jayster CFC

        Maybe TT was trying to make it to halftime to sub Silva? I dunno

    52. Rohith Raman

      Younes is to blame cause he made that video

    53. Evan Rayyan

      Can anyone give me time stamps

      1. Jes Thomas

        1-0 Pulisic- 33:24 Red Card Silva- 40:44 1-1 Periera- 58:43 1-2 Periera- 1:01:37 1-3 Robinson- 1:35:33 1-4 Diagne- 1:41:07 2-4 Mount- 1:43:36 2-5 Robinson- 2:04:01

    54. terry honeycutt

      Timo can not handle the physical play in the premier league. $ 50 million for “assists”. He is a turnover machine, one small tap he loses the ball hits the ground.

    55. Timo Werner

      Every team ain't invisible but its only 1 bad game we will be back better than ever

      1. Mason Mount

        And you will be back better than ever. Thanks for the assist bro for my goal today

    56. Little Lukey11

      🥺I’m so annoyed

    57. njn brl:re

      Man we are playing against WEST BROM We conceded 8 goals from them this season

    58. S H R E Y A

      What is up with these Thiago Silva performances against West Brom....well life goes on We have to focus on champions league first leg...KTBFFH 💙

    59. horde marketer

      what just happened!!! 5-2? we should not have lost this game! why didn't we change our game plan as soon as we got the red card? it was obvious West Brom would want to attack! we should have stood behind the ball and countered!! I'm very gutted right now! what happened to our defence? it was symbolic to say the list..i'm gutted!!!

    60. Cloudyj Diketso

      Nice try West Brom im still a blue

    61. Alexander David

      Ruined my weekend, i really need control my anger. Can't do anything this is frustrating can't mad either not TT fault. Fuck

    62. Francis Shaqiry

      Unprofessional George.. Don't swear on live streams there are minors... We loose we win we should always keep our emotions in check.

      1. Dominic Fliszkiewicz

        who cares about the swearing,he can do whatever he wants

    63. R Pr

      Charity Fc masterclass, hopefully this won’t be the case vs Porto Coyb

      1. Ghost of the Uchiha

        i hope it does

    64. Michael Plane

      Never ever heard you swear, George.

    65. Modern Soccer

      This game shows that we did not need Ziyec. The big teams have realized that other than Robin who was a different animal, playing a left player on the right doesnt work, he slows the attack down because he always has to switch to his left instead of whipping it in. The likes of Barcelona all like traditional number 7's.

      1. chaifes exsnsd

        Well i said this before tuchel is not the right coatch for chelsea ziyach is a great player he needs to be employed the right way give him his position back plz chelsea have great players make a great use of them i do see why lampard trusted just some of the players we have he was right we can see it now if only we could give him more time im sure it was going to be great

      2. Jayster CFC

        Ziyech had nothing to do with giving up 5 goals

    66. Atinder Singh

      What just happened

    67. Angelo Kyriacou


    68. Alan Douglas

      We were dire. We don't seem able to control the midfield and we can't score goals.

    69. Benjamin Amudoaghan

      😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What happened to us today?

    70. Ben the Football Kid

      Ha Ha Chelsea fans get carried away you are not going to Istanbul

      1. Calvin *********

        Ahh yes... fans are not allowed to hope for the best for their team.

    71. GG Elites

      Up the brom

    72. Adem Kilinc


      1. Parsa shahidzadeh

        @RobinA7 Bro why are you on a Chelsea channel. Your just a hater. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      2. RobinA7

        cry more you tosser

    73. Bobeheen

      This ref was a cheater

    74. RobinA7


      1. Calvin *********

        @prodbywalkz's cholesterol I’m not saying we will, but like I said in the other comment, we have a winnable bracket leading to the final and then of course anything can happen in a one off game. I’m not saying we’ll get to the final, ALL I’m saying is that it’s doable.

      2. Calvin *********

        @RobinA7 Yh and Did I deny that you clown? I was there laughing because of how ridiculous that game was. But if losing 1 game out of 15 means a team has no chance in the champions league then no team has a chance to win it. I ain’t saying we’ll win the UCL because City and Bayern are still in it, but we do have a winnable bracket leading to the final. And then in a final anything can happen. You can’t disagree with this really unless of course you’re a JOKEMAN.

      3. prodbywalkz's cholesterol

        @Calvin ********* you not beating city Bayern or PSG tho

      4. RobinA7

        @Calvin ********* oh shut up you got SLAPPPPED by west brom sat in 19th and were 3-0 down after 30 mins 6 months ago to them. JOKEMANNNN

      5. Calvin *********

        Why you acting like this wasn’t our FIRST loss in 15 games?😂 JOKEMAN

    75. Benjamin Amudoaghan

      I'm actually laughing my head off. It's another Freaky Friday (Saturday) in the Premier League 😂😂. But it's now just settling in that Tottenham are a win away from knocking us off the top 4.

    76. VKO

      Anyone saying Tuchel out can fuck off. The players were shite. Zouma shouldn’t be in a back 3 ever again for us, Jorginho was shit, kovacic lost the ball for fun. Absolute shambles.

    77. Fiery wolf Gamer

      I’m fuming Mendy has had a mare alonso is useless Christensen has been dreadfully average Chilwell should be starting Jorginho needs to just go just get out

    78. K'os

      End Me

    79. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal


      1. pete kowalski

        Hows Europa going?

    80. Sami A

      Let's now focus on our match against Porto. Up the Chels.

      1. TY AFTV Merchandise Man

        @Guilted Cliptz who then?

      2. Guilted Cliptz

        @TY AFTV Merchandise Man oh u think I support chelsea🤡😭

      3. TY AFTV Merchandise Man

        @Guilted Cliptz you havent beaten us in the League for 3 years 🤣🤣

      4. Guilted Cliptz

        @saiman Kforay coming from the guy who's team hasn't won anything in 3 years

      5. saiman Kforay

        @Guilted Cliptz salty

    81. Harry Evans

      Absolutley pathetic,what else can you say ? even with 10 men,and 1-0 up,we should be able to have seen that out,its just a pathetic and ridiculous display by us,what s going on ? effin cant stand allardyce and his philosophies (18th century football) but then what does that make us ? losing to an 18th century manager.pathetic

    82. wb

      Well that was interesting.

    83. HYPERZ_PRO

      Disgraceful performance from chelsea, watch when all chelsea fans start saying tuchel out after we lose.

    84. Eiru7senpai

      That's what we get for being overconfident

    85. Steve Northall

      James , Mendy and Zouma worst performances in a Chelsea shirt = 2-5

    86. AFC Rilz

      This is the 1st time I've heard George swear

      1. futfades

        how 😂

    87. vibrant OG

      Timo Werner and Jorginho both absolute Bs today....I can only take one more season of Werner at Chelsea if nothing improves he need to get the hell out of the club and hopefully this is jorginho’s last season at Chelsea

      1. Calvin *********

        @vibrant OG no ones giving him a free pass but blaming him for this game? Come on bro, he was no where near the worst player on the pitch today.

      2. Atinder Singh

        @Calvin ********* lmao i never rated him at Leipzig and not going to rate him at Chelsea for putting in an "effort". Too many restrictions to be an elite striker. Poor link up play, close control abysmal, missed the 2nd highest chances in Europe last year so definitely not clinical. Can't play well in the middle. Works well with a proper no 9 but top european sides rarely play 2 strikers up top

      3. vibrant OG

        @Calvin ********* it’s not about running aimlessly on the pitch that makes a decent striker and a confident ST will score that himself easily...I’ll rather have him put the ball in the back of he net himself than making an assist from that range....He will make a far more mistake against Porto then y’all will get the point..enough of the free pass he’s getting...he reminds me of shevchenko at Chelsea

      4. Khodr Hegazy

        @Calvin ********* i know werner wasn’t the worst but apart from that goal he didn’t do much

      5. Calvin *********

        Wtf are you lot on about? Timo was FAR from the worst player on the pitch today. Mendy, our whole back line, Alonso and Jorginho were a lot worse than Werner. You could see that he was one of the few still trying and he came away with an assist. Stop trying to put this defeat on Werner ffs. This loss had nothing to do with him.

    88. Jim A

      West Ham and Tottenham going above us if they win this weekend..f**k 😡

      1. Seb Palmer

        @Ryan Gatu Liverpool can’t

      2. Ryan Gatu

        And liverpool

    89. David Wright

      Bloody disgraceful show beat Madrid twice and then loose to West Brom

    90. Jonathan Landa

      Zouma werner and jorginho were very poor Kovacic was the only one trying

    91. Evan Galilee

      Absolute horrible performace by so many Chelsea players... 12 h 30 m without conceding and now we concede 5 GOALS! I am in disbelief

    92. Bxstxn

      All good things come to an end

    93. Navid

      arsneal fans you time to banter us

    94. yoel wossen

      Good lads

    95. K Sudheendra Bhat

      Ohh not again😬

    96. Ben Whiting


    97. Simeon Sond


    98. Tøpped


      1. Liam Connolly


      2. Will Graham

        lol grow up

    99. ImSpecial

      Shambles 💔

    100. AFC Rilz