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    CHELSEA vs MAN CITY UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL PREVIEW - HOW DID WE GET HERE? YES GUYS! The second of my three Uefa Champions League Chelsea vs Man City previews is out now! I called up one of my favourite Chelsea FC Twitter creators Patrick Larson to discuss his favourite moments of this Champions League campaign and how he thinks Chelsea FC will get on in the Champions League final tomorrow night against Manchester City. Make sure you head over and follow Patrick - his link is below!

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    1. Harry Saratov

      Patrick is a total legend. COME ON YOU BLUES!!

      1. Patrick Larson

        Incredibly kind of you, Harry!!! Thank you, bro!! It was an honor to be on with George!! 👊🏼💙

      2. @CFCMoi11

        I will be back here tomorrow after we win the CL.



    3. Kgalema Mngadi

      Patrick Larson seems very knowledgeable. Loved hearing his views.

      1. Patrick Larson

        How kind of you!! That means a lot. I love Chelsea Football Club and played for almost 18 years growing up! This is an incredible sport we love, and we support an amazing team!! 👊🏼💙

    4. @CFCMoi11

      I feel more relaxed and calmer compared to yesterday. After watching a few Tuchel interviews I'm more than confident that we will beat City and Tuchel is the man to win us more trophies nxt season.

    5. AlphaHelp

      6-0 to chelsea

    6. Timaphei Bradshaw

      You need to colab with pat again

      1. Patrick Larson

        Very kind, Timaphei!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video!! 👊🏼💙

    7. Piedro Milamanio

      Man i'm shaking from the nerves it's insane...

    8. Nadir ARFI

      didnt know fred durst is fan of chelsea

    9. Michael Soule

      hey George am a great fan of Chelsea since 20 years and let me tell you this Timo Werner the most critized Chelsea's player will give us the trophy 2 -1 for Chelsea .i feel it and lot Chelsea's supporters say that too .come Chelsea pride of London .Chelsea one day and Chelsea forever

    10. Anes Kevric

      i dreamed mason lifting that fuckin trophy cmon you bluessssss

    11. stephen fowler

      THE biggest game of the season!!! Yes guys!!!

    12. AFC Rilz

      Can we plz have more vids with Patrick plz😍😍

    13. Benjamin Gabriel

      I'm totally gonna need to smoke a couple joints before the game to calm me from having a heart attack. If we score im gonna go fkn ballistic.

    14. Herbert Acquah


    15. Paul Ndubi

      Hey GBFC, we need one more video today just to settle our nerves 😢😩

    16. Joyce Boaitey


    17. rupesh acharya

      Chelsea gonna win this 3-2 chelsea...yuuuhoooooo!!!!!


      Why are we underdogs in this match?

    19. George Bamete Jnr

      Chelsea 3 and City 0. Pulisic Hatrick. I will return to this comment.

    20. Todd Levins, Concept L

      Pulisic to Start! He got Chelsea to the final!! He f***ing earned it !!!

    21. Jimoh Anuoluowapo

      Yes guys come on you blues

    22. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Daria is an angel.

    23. pat


    24. uclday

      Chelsea 4-2 win

    25. JynZ0

      2-2 Chilwell and Ziyech goal scorers Mount to score the winner in extra time

    26. Abdirisak Jama

      We got this tomorrow, let’s go lads 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    27. Kevin Holt

      US fans have been here. Saw Brazil v US (the game Leonardo Red carded elbow to Tab Ramos). 2 times at Stanford WC. Still jog in my 1994 Umbro. We remember Dempsey''s goal live. Huge fans because Pulisic.. but we know football. We also say Pulisic properly

      1. Kevin Holt

        Dempsey's goal vs. 3 Lions. 😂

    28. Kent Zeigler

      About to see chels play our best game of the season

    29. Dominic Fliszkiewicz

      i'm shitting myself man, COYB💙

    30. Lewis Hourihan

      CTID. Foden de bruyne and Dias are gonna pack u in.

    31. Shoji Castillo


    32. sophia Isabella

      Hope they play/win like their life depends on it.

    33. Albert Vilorio

      I'm not going to lie guys, I'm nervous 😬

    34. Roy

      20 hours left🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

    35. bleu19 innit


    36. Chris Garner

      hahaha...women come and go but Chelsea relationship continues.

    37. andy evans

      I've not enjoyed this week at all.. feel sick with nerves. I can't bring myself to feel confident.. but then I think of Greece winning the Euro and Iceland beating England... dare we dream..

    38. Bautista Pérez Bottega

      COYB💙 Always Believe 🤩

    39. Murud Aran

      Massive game. Chelsea will win because we know how to play when we are the underdog.

    40. Eddie T

      I love that Patrick came to the Uk and became a massive fan of the blues. Great guy.

      1. Patrick Larson

        Thank you, Eddie!! What a kind thing to say! I hope you had a great time watching the game! EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!! 👊🏼💙

    41. Vlad Melnicenco

      2-0 Chelsea german duo will score

    42. Collins Mulela

      I'm very nervous on this game

    43. Philippe Roels

      Excited about a possible comeback of Charly Musonda Jr.?

    44. binbored1453 vidos

      If we dont win getting to the finals is still good, 💙💙

    45. adesuyi abbey

      How 🤔 can someone welcome another fellow in devils 😈 name, that was outrageous George 🤦‍♂️

    46. Truth Always Wins

      Which manager is the better poker player??

    47. Truth Always Wins

      All is forgiven if Werner scores the winner.....

    48. Stanley Chhinaza

      I'm from Nigeria but i lives in Qatar

    49. Stanley Chhinaza

      Chelsea 2 man city 1

    50. Stanley Chhinaza

      Up chelsea

    51. Juan Andrés Herrera

      I’m so freaking nervous... come on u blues 💙😱

    52. Shane Doyle

      Iv been a Chelsea fan since 96 aged 3 sat on my dads lap watching the likes of zola 2012 was absolutely amazing and the same will happen tomorrow and I can't wait I will jump and scream and probably get dumped by my mrs for being loud hahahaha

    53. Shane Doyle

      Did he just say mate im buzzing with a strong American accent hahahaha thats cringe

    54. Gustavo 77

      C'mon Chelsea! From Argentina. 😁✌ Kanté & Pulisic; the key Tomorrow.

    55. iheartkeally

      the collabs are wonderful

    56. Said AISSI

      Hakimi is free, Inter is ready to sell him. Chelsea have only positioned themselves to get a good deal

    57. Rysslass

      And about your outro, football is all about winning and loosing, that's what makes it great, all the positive and negative feelings. With that said, we've lost enough.

    58. Anaxi Kay

      I have never been this nervous my entire life.

    59. Jacob Bear

      Tuchel really about to not start the guy that got them to the final

    60. Rysslass

      I also thought we weren't a technical team until I saw Rudiger do a spinning two foot dribble.

    61. Legend Rayquaza

      10:50 GBPATRICK 🤣

    62. Rory

      We had Ryan Bertrand starting in the final against Bayern, now we have Ben Chilwell.

    63. Legend Rayquaza

      I’m nervuzzing

    64. Legend Rayquaza

      All these final vids are making me more nervous

    65. Pride of London

      Had a dream that recce James injured foden 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    66. Daniel Medved

      if we win this it adds winning mentality to all them young players and they would storm the league next year and create real hunger to keep lifting trophies we are on our way

    67. Always talk Wrestling

      😬 pretty nervous but we can get the result

    68. Cool Suspect

      Chelsea 3:1 City



    70. Iisa Cruz

      Great content George!! Thanks for all the hard work to provide all these insights to the BIG GAME! Blessings to all Chelsea fans the world over from my little patch of BLUE in east Tennessee, USA! GO Get Em Lads!!

    71. Cool Suspect

      It's been my day off from job and you've kept me busy with video after video. Keep doing the good job master. Tomorrow is our biggest win

    72. John Herrmann

      GB ! thank you for ALL of the coverage ... Even more would be better ... your "balance" in assessments is greatly appreciated !

    73. shadley cloete

      Riyad Mahrez... He should not be overlooked

    74. Chelsea4Life

      Patrick sounds like a top guy.

      1. Patrick Larson

        Thank you so much!! I had a great time...thanks for watching and supporting GBFC!!! It was an honor to be on one of the GBFC previews!! 👊🏼💙

    75. PoloBear

      Had a dream we won 3-0 and a City player got sent off early. Was so pissed when I woke up hah!

    76. Yusuf I

      George Patrick

    77. عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques

      Both teams are incredible players and are the same chance for winnig the game. The Better head coach betwin tuchel or GUARDIOLA will won the champions league cup.

    78. Rohit Panda

      We absolutely love the work you are doing ahead of the Champions league final Mr Benson 💙

    79. Mchacho Richard

      Patrick is mint of a gentleman

      1. Patrick Larson

        Wow!! I’m humbled your kind words! I hope you enjoyed the video! 👊🏼💙

    80. Said kafati

      Start Havertz over Pulisic

    81. moses njoroge

      4 -0 Chelsea Tim Mason Pulisic. Rudi. Header

    82. Alan Douglas

      On a rational level, it will probably be Man City, but who knows!

    83. CuhprisuN

      I want to start Pulisic. Why? Because say we don’t and we go down and our attack was stale since and Pulisic comes in and changes that. Then you’re stuck with the “what if” he started from the beginning. And I don’t want to think of that.

    84. amitai fish

      we can do this come on u blues 💙💙💙

    85. Kian Mondesir

      Come on you blues💙💯

    86. Tshwane Mashaba

      If we lose good forbid. Ill still be proud of my boys and im not gonna cry like in 08 as this more of a foundation than a house warming... but if the players cry then im gonna cry, im man enough to say it😳😂 Anyway we win tomorrow🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Come boys! You got this💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    87. K M-18

      George has been crazy today 😂✊

    88. Hassan Qoslaaye

      We`ll win insha Allah✊💪💪

    89. Manish Pradhan

      Patrick is a humble person. Hope his prediction come true

      1. Patrick Larson

        What a kind thing to say!! My score prediction (as usual) wasn’t right, but the most important thing was to get that W!!! 👊🏼💙

    90. Nikhil M

      Man Benson you never get the team right bruh🤣😅

    91. 4073 Jacob R

      Yooo keep the videos coming!!! We all need your company!!

    92. You Suck

      Why does eveyone believe that’ll we’ll lose? We’ve beaten them twice already this season! Anything is possible

    93. H-when

      We've got SUPER FRANKY LAMPARD !!! He knows exactly what we need !!!

    94. mery castro

      I had a dream " Free at last , free at last " First american to score and win the champions league and the USA finally earned some respect in the world of football ! This is a defining moment for football (soccer in America) Similat to Beckham coming to the MLS . Go Chelsea ! America is behind you !

      1. Sooby

        Really hope your words come true. God bless Chelsea. KTBFFH!!!

    95. Esteban Delgado

      Come on you BLUES! 💙

    96. Eef dg

      Does everyone just forgets that we didn’t even play against a full Man City? We didn’t even play KdB

      1. Legend Rayquaza

        They didn’t play against Kanté 💪

    97. Suraj Singh

      Walker will get red card

    98. Hoy B

      Loved this George. Patrick...what a guy! And you're right, whatever team tuchel picks we need to fully back them. no time for any negativity.

      1. Patrick Larson

        I’m very grateful for your extremely kind words!!! It took the whole team to pull off that amazing victory!!! European Champions!! I hope you enjoyed celebrating in some way!! 👊🏼💙

    99. Harman Swani


    100. kparobo Utoyo

      3-2 chelsea Mason mount x TImo werner x Ngolo Kante