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    1. Fahad Predicts

      3-1 yessssssssssssss

    2. Sadiq Williams

      How can this make any CFC fan happy?

    3. T Mazza

      Big up my man Tap in Tammy bruv

    4. Aaron David

      Anyone else find it hilarious Werner missed the penalty?

      1. Aaron David

        @i’m tired lol haha naw.

      2. i’m tired lol

        no just you

      3. ikechukwu kenneth

        Werner is cursed

    5. Gianpiero Croci

      Carvalho was a better ball Player than JT....great Player...

    6. Nchabeleng_Ngoanamala Nchabeleng

      What the hell happened to Tomori?????? I was off the internet for a couple months and as soon as I comeback this morning I found out tomori was sold to ACMilan????? Wtf

      1. Nchabeleng_Ngoanamala Nchabeleng

        @Tobechukwu Mbanefo maybe... I just hope we don't sell tomori

      2. Tobechukwu Mbanefo

        @Nchabeleng_Ngoanamala Nchabeleng yeah I think Lampard wants tomori to improve as he's the future of the club, so he can get better at ac milan, I think christensens time at chelsea might be coming to an end, so Frank just wants him to play as much as possible

      3. Nchabeleng_Ngoanamala Nchabeleng

        @Tobechukwu Mbanefo but Christensen is still here????

      4. Tobechukwu Mbanefo

        He's on loan to acmilan, it's better for him cus he's not gonna get enough playing time at chelsea

    7. Bry B

      2-1 😔😃

    8. Chuks Obiora

      Keprosy concedes another goal

    9. Manolo 9Eleven

      Mount gets the armband and he thinks it gives him to be lazy and run around without conviction like Joginho, tf is he doing

      1. i’m tired lol

        @Manolo 9Eleven he still did well and won the ball for us loads 🤣 not as incredible as other performances but he’s been good

      2. Manolo 9Eleven

        @Likith S he improved in the 2md half ,wasn't convinced though I'm the beginning he was 4gtn he was the CM

      3. Likith S

        We could make a fortune if we sell your brains, because it's unused.

    10. Kenny

      Mason mount captain 🔥💙

    11. Chuks Obiora

      It's 4-2-2-2

    12. Chuks Obiora

      2 goals up already courtesy Tammy

    13. Cameron Thompson

      Benson watch alongs need to come back

    14. Derek Rauseo

      Chelsea 2-0 is the score now.

    15. Derek Rauseo

      It's a 4- 2- 3-1

    16. cnt charly` comfort

      i like the way gilmour is linking up with the defence. his confidence on the ball is woow

    17. Truth Always Wins

      WERNER will run into Tammy or WERNER will drift on the left

    18. MKF usual...Mount and the rest...

      1. MKF

        @KingxCousin 17 he is??? how about the rest???

      2. KingxCousin 17

        Because he's our best player

    19. Ayman Z

      4-2-2-2 for the win

    20. jabirujoe

      C'mon George don't bullshit how the hell can you miss the snow.

    21. Kira

      We want to see Kai and timo doing like in the germany National team

      1. SirEEf

        Shoulnd´t have said that. German National Team isn´t doing good at the moment.

    22. n473

      whats the formation? 4-2-4? 4-4-2?

      1. Kira

        Finally lampard gived up on 433

      2. Maks Kałużny

        @Charles Butt 4-2-2-2 is a formation without traditional wingers

      3. Maks Kałużny

        4-4-2, but kinda offensive

      4. Charles Butt

        Looks like a 4-2-2-2 to me