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    CHELSEA’S PERFECT WEEK AND PERFECT MANAGER! CHELSEA and CHILL #1. Welcome to Episode One of a new LIVE series here on GBFC called Chelsea and Chill. It's a series where together we come up with a series of topics to touch upon surrounding all things Chelsea and what perfect way to start the series than after a thrilling week to be a Chelsea Fan. Thank you for all your continued support on GBFC, this LIVE format allows me to really feel like we are at the pub together talking about our favourite club. No time limit, just free flow Chelsea! ENJOY!
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    1. Timothy Hickey


    2. Peter Vowles

      If we can't get Haaland I like the look of Joao Felix with our style of play , great touch , passing and finishing , he's wasted at Athletico. 👍

    3. Jorries Awaseb

      Bro Rudi, Andres, Zouma are all young. They'll be fine

    4. Enrique Mendizabal

      How can I make a donation?

    5. Shady Nation

      No Azpi Slander bro Tuchel will not have that he has the most respect for our Captain

    6. #ARhive

      Rudiger has 21 games with 16 clean sheets this season... Yes one season of consistency with good year under Conte and sarri

    7. Timilehin Olabiyi

      Lets get George to at least 4k likes

    8. Szymon Kisielewski

      I believe brighton would have too big of a competition for billy gilmour. there are a lot of names for this position in the middle.

    9. Jake Eadson

      No CB needed if we keep Thiago Silva. I think we need a tall CDM (Fabinho type player). And possibly a striker, although I think there’s more to come from Tammy and Werner

    10. D H

      Sheffield United are a hard team to play against . Like Leeds but in a different way . We won as after a lot of changes I'm happy

    11. D H

      What live stream I must of missed the boat on this one 😔👍

    12. Harald Brinkmann Thorsen

      Good video

    13. qwerty30013

      Beer stream when??

    14. Isabel Jemmott

      I thought I was the only one seeing the insect behind you then you mentioned it. 🙈 I love this series already, it really feels like you are having a conversation with us. I would love Erling Haaland however I think with the team we have right now fitting him in alongside the team that is still trying to find it’s strongest 11 would be a bit difficult not a bad problem to have at all though. I would also love Declan Rice to come back to the bridge but the ultimate dream is to bring home Eden Hazard. Can’t wait to tune into the next Chelsea and Chill.

    15. Harry Percyvale

      Chelsea has Mark Ghurri, and that is why Chelsea has gone along to depart with Tomorie. Chelsea in real sense need to replace Azpilicueta. TT will by the end of the season make decisions about Chelsea defence no matter if Chelsea wins the champion league and FA cup.

    16. Jamal Natour

      Here's an idea to get Chelsea to be more effective offensively. It comes at a possible small defensive drop off. It is still a 3-4-2-1. From the right to Left. The 3 center backs are: Reece James, and any 2 of the usual center backs next to him The middle 4: Hudson-Odoi, Kante, Mount, Pulisic The next 2: zayech and Havertz Upfront: Werner This way we have all of James, Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic, Mount, Zayech, Havertz, and Werner on the field at the same time to support the attack. I think that James, Odoi, and Mount are solid enough defensively to not cause any drop off.

    17. Joe Hunt

      Most likely centrehalf currently in first team to be sold will b zouma

    18. Kevin Frazer

      “I’m just gonna block yo ass” -George’s American accent. That destroyed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Samuel

      Name of the rap?

    20. Tinashe Chingosho

      That rap was the main highlight..

    21. TimoCFC

      Varane and hakimi sounds pretty good to me 🤔 dont know what to expect from the upcoming Transfer Window because i'm not to sure what we need 🤔 yes haaland would be immense but City and Madrid are BIG competition

    22. Flow Company

      Süle is top.


      Good spoken Let see how it will go till the end of the season.

    24. Kwasi Kyeremateng Jr

      We don't need a new cb. I think we have to map out a system that suites our defenders

    25. Nick Mogielnicki

      Don’t re-sign Silva and bollocks to signing that tattooed wanker Ramos.

    26. Martin Yeboah

      Nice content, George. I hope we can win the UCL this season

    27. James Wilson


    28. Samuel Shaw

      I think we should try to fofana from Leicester every time I watch him he is unbelievable very good on the ball fast and great at the defending he is very composed for such a young age as well. And has proven he can do it in the prem

    29. Shelly Cumbridge

      First only I happy

    30. Nick Mogielnicki

      We should have signed Koulibaly from Palermo instead of Silva.

    31. Anucha kanyakamin

      We can not always play attractive football ppl ok..the most important we won without playing well..anyone remember when Chelsea beat West ham ..that game we won beating West ham not deserving to win..but we won rgt..move on Chelsea fans ok..

      1. Esther koduah

        A win is a win dats wht people only care bout 😝

    32. Nick Mogielnicki

      Please let’s beat Citeh, after that all things are possible. And I like tarantulas under my door even less than Mason Mount.

    33. kuffnation


    34. Daniel Hanson

      I would certainly support some YES GUYS mercy!

    35. Manchwa Miki Ksoo

      Angry Rantman collab

    36. Tony Grinney

      No Euros chat please. Not interested PL is King.

    37. Lotte Petterson

      Can we talk about the "Mason Mount agenda" please? I feel like there is a cult of having to talk positively about Mason Mount and managers having to play him otherwise they get into trouble. If I analyse the games I see amazing performances when Mason is not on the pitch (Everton, Atletico 2nd leg) and then I see him on the pitch destroying the chemistry of the team. His passing is poor, poor decision-making, shooting, first touch and positioning, poor free kicks and corner kicks. Then I am asking myself: Is Mason Abramovich's and media's favourite and TT has to play him to please the boss. Under TT Mason has never impressed in a game and that is because TT has tactics and needs top quality players like Kova and NG with excellent skills. So we need to talk about it: does Mason hold the team back? Because I certainly think he does. He cannot create chances and plays as a 10 ? Ridiculous.

      1. Yash Mishra

        @Lotte Pettersonlooks like you have not seen Mason play when Jorginho and Kovacic were playing the double pivot. He and werner are the main components of the Team's press. Anyways , no point talking to you as you watch only Chelsea Champions League Games. Keep up with your delusions. Good luck

      2. Lotte Petterson

        @Yash Mishra your facts are wrong. EVERY player has to press and it is a team effort. TT knows that Mason's final pass is not there. The team does not score enough goals due to the lack of the final pass. I would rather hear George Benson's oppinion on this topic anyway and not yours. (Some fans get paid to praise Mount, I know that for a fact.)

      3. Yash Mishra

        Look mate , I think you are discounting the fact that Mason is not a pure no 10. The real job of Mason is to press and then connect the midfield pivot with the attack. So, Frank and Tuchel have both seen this quality and both have used him similarly. Frank switched from a 4 2 3 1 to a 4 3 3 to suit this prperty of Mason for the team and Thomas is also using him for his energy rather than his creativity. The creative portion is either reserved for Ziyech CHO Havertz or Pulisic in the system. I understand that that You may not like a player but get your facts correct bro. P S (not replying to defending Mason, just saw your facts wrong)

      4. Tom Mathew

        Biggest load of crap I’ve read today

    38. JM Pomeroy

      What do you think of Benzema to replace Giroud to add experience in front

    39. German Wolf

      I would personally enjoy a euros tier list, or perhaps a prediction video or something along those lines

    40. Cmdr Cockspur

      Strange performance against Sheffield, looks like we've regressed 2-3 games. Hoping it was just the line-up changes. Ziyech still looks a little, confused?. CHO isn't really good enough, is he?

      1. Elmain Essadiq

        Ziyech started the game at 70 ' and scored a goal so...? Maybe u slept while watching that boring game

      2. I Can’t Think Of A Username

        I wouldn’t say we’ve regressed. We just played players that don’t normally play besides Mount and Christensen.

    41. JM Pomeroy

      what hhapend with FIFA 21 CAREER MODE, I can see only EP1 & 2...

    42. Ansel Biju

      Kepa out

    43. Jacob

      Who else is watching the full thing back?

    44. Nathan Goodall

      Yes - Euro vids George! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    45. Chibuikem Henry

      Dude no manager is perfect but yeah right now tuchel has been class

    46. Trollkrabben

      Why do you live in Bali? :)

      1. I Can’t Think Of A Username

        He went there on holiday but corona forced him to stay

    47. Timilehin Olabiyi

      I have a feeling that Werner's Form will come back after the international break because thats when his bad form began

      1. GDO

        @123 I hope so. After today’s disaster of a sitter he missed for Germany, let’s hope he doesn’t let that carry over to the club.

      2. 123

        He's playing well.

    48. Brihat Gurung

      Chelsea Chelsee ChelC

    49. James Thakar

      Chelsea is the most improve team after the change of manager teams that have good defence always do well in cup competition

    50. James Thakar

      Chelsea will surprise lots of people this season they are capable of winning the champions league & fa cup

      1. Aushaf E-Rabbi

        As much as I hope in the name of God that your words come ture CL will be a stretch. Even I will be surprised if we win the fa Cup and get into top 4 this season.

      2. Henry Bowers

        Chami one league semis and we'll win the cup

      3. Adem Kilinc

        As a Chelsea fan not the champions league

      4. Hisham Ahmed

        Not the Chanpions League

    51. Kiptoo laratia

      bloody stream boys

    52. Jamie Hancox

      Rap Line up 29:26 💙

    53. Jamie Hancox

      Thanks for the great reaction to my Rap!!💙

      1. Emmanuel Xzel

        Sound good

      2. Jamie Hancox

        @wb if that’s what GRM want😂😂

      3. wb

        Can you do a daily duppy😅

    54. Ermal krasniqi

      3-4-2-1 Havertz Werner Ziyech Alonso Kovacic Kante James Rudiger Silva Azpilicueta Mendy

      1. Elmain Essadiq

        @Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop you just don't know the guy yet

      2. Jose Mandela

        What ? Zyach is 28 in prime c mon he cannot sitt he creates alot of chances , and lose the ball 2 but he is the only one that shoot outside box , nd Rudi he cannot be on bench

      3. Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop

        Would be a great lineup against city, but I prefer mount over ziyech

    55. Jackson Hamilton

      So scared in case this international break ruins our momentum

      1. Nya Wavee

        We will be fully rested and fully focused.. dont worry

      2. Timilehin Olabiyi

        don't talk like that...God forbid wont

    56. Yusuf I

      Oh wow I just came and it ended😥

      1. Yusuf I

        @Shelly Cumbridge ?

      2. Shelly Cumbridge

        Not u check not u

    57. Emmanuel Xzel

      The moment you said "YES GUYS" I immediately smile 😊 Love the rap!

    58. RC

      TUCHEL tactics is insane

    59. Mr Emeng


    60. Watchman Ezekiel33:7

      Good Video George

    61. Charlie Fox

      The super trial totally mug because tea immediately note with a tangy weather. perfect, sleepy club

    62. Hamse HazarD

      Wow First Comment!!!

      1. Sean Park

        First like on ur comment!