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    CHELSEA Q&A | HAVERTZ ROLE AT CHELSEA | HOW LONG WILL TUCHEL MANAGE CHELSEA? | TAMMY ABRAHAM... Welcome to the first EVER GBFC Chelsea Q&A. In todays Chelsea Q&A, we look at Kai Havertz role in the Chelsea team, how do we accommodate all of our midfielders, how long Thomas Tuchel will manage Chelsea, and Ruben Loftus Cheek's future as a Chelsea player. We also discuss the potential of bringing in a New Striker in the 2021 Summer Transfer window. Will Chelsea sign Erling Haaland and what will that mean for Tammy Abraham, Chelsea's Current Number Nine!
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    1. Fat Neek

      George, maybe if you dye your hair red, Man United might lose against us😂

    2. Jason Clapton

      "First of all,he's from Ireland" 😂

    3. Yeeleng Vang

      Tuchel will only get half of next season if he doesn't do great.

    4. Safa Kamran

      If havertz plays cf then Tuchel should play 4411

    5. Yosep Ryan Agusta

      Mason Mount/Kai Havertz situation will be another Oscar/KDB situation yet again. Really guys, I won't be surprised nor will I laugh if that were to happen.

    6. Gary Martin

      Tammy could not trap a mouse

    7. Gary Martin

      Tammy is lightweight

    8. Nick D

      Havertz needs restart at another club, too good not to be playing and not good enough to be playing at Chelsea

      1. wowowowow wowowo

        he just has not played enough for me and when he was playing he does not play on his main role which mount is currently playing .

    9. Ethan Krstinic

      Can I just say that your Irish accent is amazing

    10. Michael Plane

      Miss the sign George.

    11. Florian Steffens

      I‘m sorry but haaland isn’t realistic at all. I don’t see Chelsea spending 120mio or more on him

    12. Tj Brady

      Do you think Michy Batshuayi has a future at chelsea.

    13. Benjil Tan

      can't believe ruben is only 25 , enjoyed watching him during the 18/19 season :(

    14. lahlou abdeltif

      chelsea don t need to look for player the team have very good player the probleme is finding harmony love woorier feeling to win for the team so stop buying try to find right harmony

    15. Kamil Chrostowski

      I think we need world class CB, rather than spending fortunes on a Bundesliga striker.

    16. Why Fhy

      We've also got Conor Gallagher who is looking like he's progressing nicely. I can see him and Gilmour as the sixes in a couple of seasons. Providing we can keep them both. I think we'll see a few players leave and I'm sure we'll likely regret letting them go in time. It's a shame but some of our squad players could be superstars at other clubs. I think we'll lose Loftus Cheek, Tomori, Gallagher, Guehi, and perhaps Tammy. I'd love to see them all stay but I just can't see it long term. Sad as that is. COYB🔵

    17. Keolan Barnes

      Why don't u get a CFC tattoo on the finger

    18. zeal1914

      In England Chelsea just need stylish players who are not tactical or defensive, so if zeyech thinks he is going to get a spot in Tuchels team it’s gonna be hard but I know Rubben loftus is coming to play the excellent role that Zyech is missing, I can’t wait for Loftus to start for us

    19. sol porter

      Love loftus cheek, he's like a workhorse and gives everything

    20. T Spot

      Just my opinion: CP is not hurt. This is just a cover story to justify leaving him off the bench to make room for other players tomorrow morning, most likely Havertz. This is exactly what it looks like, a demotion to the "second" team. It would be nice if Tuchel had the stones to be honest and direct about it, rather than fabricate an obvious fiction. And I will go a step further...this is a pre-emptive justification for why CP will not travel with the team to Atletico. It is a very sad thing, but CP's time at Chelsea is at an end and he is probably better off packing it in for the year so he can be treated right somewhere that appreciates him. My opinion is CP is not injured, he did not have family matters, and this is just a game Tuchel is playing to avoid questions he will not answer.

    21. Chris Rowe

      Just dye the hair red and Pale blue. If Chelsea blue ruins us you have to use the powers of your hair for good

    22. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Why does havertz deserve game time over any of our front players? Because of his price tag?

    23. Piedro Milamanio

      i rewinded the italian accent playernames like 16times 14:50min

    24. Piedro Milamanio

      Younes is the #1 Jinxer

    25. Unkown

      We need a Chelsea vs atltico recation

    26. Tahar Shah

      PSG is better without tuchel

    27. CARD Creation

      Make more QA video George ,nice 😊

    28. lisa martins

      totally insane leaving chilli out like this. All Alonso does is slip the ball to kovacic. ruben will get there. i'm backing him, he is class.

      1. stanlei

        Alonso way more creative

    29. Johannes P

      Tuchel will get us in top 4 stays, gets sacked next season right when owner sees that we cant fight for prem wich is about max2 months in next season

    30. Mr Reality

      RLC not good enough for Chelsea, He's already 25, had never really settled into the Chelsea team, and not consistent enough. I'm hoping he recovers and gets confidence back, but dont see him breaking into a team with Kovacic, Havertz, Mount, Kante, etc.

    31. KG

      Alonso is surely good in the Wing Back role but is Chilwell not as good or better? And much more expensive? If they really think Alonso is better than Chilwell and plan to play him there, then they should sell Chilwell who has value

    32. KG

      I really think it’s possible Havertz is struggling to come back after Covid. It hits everybody differently and maybe it’s just affecting him long-term the way people have been suggesting. I’m no professional athlete, but after I got it and mostly recovered it took a long time to get my stamina back and be able to even breathe properly. I could see how it could really mess up an athletes ability to run and train.

    33. Have That

      Those players who puts 100% efforts on the pitch whenever given chances deserves to be in the starting XI...i don't want to see backpassing tactics

    34. LegacyHighQ 69

      I have know Ben since the early fifa days and am still a massive fan keep it up Ben

    35. Ross Mason

      What do you think of Alonso’s future George, by Ross Mason the Irish man?

    36. george chibuike

      I think Gallagher is better than Cheek in pecking order

    37. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Ruben Loftus Cheek is better than Havertz. Put havertz price tag to one side please. He belongs on the bench. Ziyech has done a lot more than havertz and pulisic combined this season

    38. Genes Mng'anya

      Love from Tanzania.....and I really love your Italian accent

    39. Robert van der Spuy

      The biggest issue with CFC is that the board/owner buy players not the manager.

      1. Alan Delerue

        They spent 185 million on Kepa, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta and Baba Rahman. They lost a fortune! Worse, it became pretty obvious nobody was interested in buying Jorginho, Rudiger, Alonso, Emerson, etc... It's clear the board is pressing Tuchel to use some of these players, hoping to recoup some of their value. Now, we have Chilwel, Harvertz, Zyech and Mendy warming the bench...It won't work for long.

    40. sexsex

      Conor Gallagher too.. great player for West Brom

    41. Timilehin Olabiyi


    42. UNC0 [Under Construction]

      You actually didn’t do bad pronouncing the Nigerian name lol


      How about RLC as a striker

    44. Moses Adongo

      We need Ruben in cfc

    45. Sedou Doumbouya

      That Scottish accent is better than gilmour

    46. Harry Akanni

      Love the Irish accent George 🇮🇪

    47. yave

      Lila hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    48. kenneth k ngoma

      We have a good problem in our hands, our Loan players are doing very fine : Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Guehi, Tomori,

    49. Official rozay

      I think tuchel should try ziyech in lwb

    50. Jamie Campbell

      We will play the formation that wins games. Not a formation to accommodate employees. Its a football club not a hospitality club for men with huge egos.

    51. kenny jordis iracaniye

      congratulation to odoi who is doing his best now odoi is best than zyech what do u think guys?

    52. jennifer hermawan

      can havertz and mount play together?

    53. fa elger

      ....George...Haaland will not come to Chelsea...He won't leave to a Team that is a step down in football terms but a step up in Money? That's the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he cares about, don't forget his father is his manager who had THE WORST of histories with the PL. Also EVEN IF Dortmund should miss a top 4, the CHANCE to play high-tier CL remains far HIGHER at Dortmund than at Chelsea. Let's not pretend we don't know Dortmund is searching a Coach for next season cause they're led by Mr.Nobody atm....soooo...yeah. I'm actually POSITIVE that Haaland AND Sancho will BOTH stay at Dortmund for ANOTHER season no matter the outcome of this one. why? because they BOTH NEED to leave Dortmund on the HIGHEST of high notes they possibly can. Because they BOTH are trying to build a legacy. And you cant build a legacy as one of the best players ever, if you leave the club that made you big for 100s of millions while it's burning down cause you didn't play good enough. That's just WAY out of what their pride would allow. ESPECIALLY Haaland.

    54. Imraan Kaka

      Could u pls do a video on players that could potentially leave Chelsea FC at the end of the season

    55. fa elger

      ,, .....could lead to a club like Chelsea CAPITALIZING on the FINANCIAL STRUGGLE of Dortmund.."

    56. Shoji Castillo

      George and Yan's bromance is like Jorginhos and Kovacic ... Georgyan 💙😅= Jovanovic 💙🤣

    57. MB Nobody

      Erling Braut Håland Please!!!

    58. My Angels

      Let's be honest who on earth do u think will pay 173k per week for him. If he goes it is good for chelsea. He is on chelsea books while on loan. Trying to get him playing again. I find he is more suited in middle of the park rather then hanging wide right or left.

    59. T. Olsen

      Its quite simple, Chilwell, Ziech, Kante and Pulicic has´nt been playing very well. They are great players but they are off form. Its up to themselves to improve.


      The biggest question really though is when the next Q&A will be?

    61. Adeoya Kolade

      Timileyin olabiyi Yoruba Nigerian name sorry you couldn’t get it 😂🤣🤣

    62. Destiny Obioma


    63. Muzwidzwa Innocent

      Billy Gilmour is my Favourite Chelsea Player.

    64. Ashadh Zareen

      We don't need halaand. We have timo

    65. DavyCrockett888

      Chelsea always seems to do badly at about Christmas time.

    66. Vincent Hathway

      Try just being the natural you.

    67. MC Mental

      Chilly and Hakim are quality player who we can’t afford to lose. Tuchel will find a way to play them eventually but they have to be patient. I also don’t want to see Tammy go too. One of my fav players in the team and he is a great player for his age. I don’t know how you would pick from Timo, Haaland and tammy but i wanna see that choice be a thing

    68. Priyansh Arora

      alonso is 30 even if we play wing backs are future is chillwell

    69. Luke Devaney

      Not a half bad Irish accent😂

    70. keanu bopage

      Who remembers his search and discard with Simon back when George’s name was hurder of buffalo or something like that

    71. Ibrahima BA

      The sub-title is killing Thomas "Tuchel" name🤣🤣🤣

    72. Yusuf Sulaimon

      timiliyin olabiyi lol your pronounciation 😂 😆

    73. Abdy Hamiid Liiban

      So sad that You haven't answered my Questions

    74. Without The Mask

      Tuchel is literally raising the stock of the so called "senior players". That's it. Chillwell is better than Alonso. Zouma is better than Rudiger. Ziyech is going to feature more. He can't play WB but he can play in the attacking midfield.

      1. Corey Nixon

        in this formation rudiger is much better than zouma. zouma lacks the football iq and ability to play that long ball between the lines

    75. Rasa Romco

      Worried about Ziyech?! SMFH English people are just funny, HZ will be forcing his way out of this club to a better team this summer (Barca, Juve, AC Milan or Even Tottenham ) and I will revisit your channel once Chelsea suffers three straight defeats this season to listen to your analysis...Cheers

    76. Sioa Dawanincura

      If we sign halland, I hope Tammy leaves. He'll become one of the "ones that got away" developed in the chelsea academy.

    77. Tylon

      Real Madrid will take Tammy.

    78. Daniel Moffat

      that scottish accent aw naw ahahahaha am buckled

    79. Cathal Brosnan

      That Irish accent was absolutely spot on

    80. Emmanuel Udobong

      George are you going to show us your girlfriend

    81. parmaman 85

      It's easy to why Havertz doesn't fit - he was a board signing.

      1. TY7 TY7

        Most of Chelsea signings since forever has been the board signing

    82. TheRealGDMstr

      Lol first of all, more than a thousand comments and he picks less than 1 per cent? Quite peculiar but then you think maybe he picked 10 amazing questions that he can really go into detail about. Then you see the second “question” and your like, omg😂. But it’s all love GB ! COYB

    83. Max football fans channel

      lets not think too much about the future…

    84. Presly V

      Ruben is over. Mid table player

    85. Blue Army SW6

      Bring on haaland move to Chelsea agenda at this channel 💙💙💙 like havertz and Werner enthusiasm transfer moments

    86. Nkem__ 28

      12:36 How long will Tuchel last at Chelsea? With the way Chelsea are going, he will be sacked after his first loss

    87. Daniel Stephenson

      its amazing how a new manager, is a new ingredient, that changes the whole recipe completely...crazy.

    88. Ciaran Seoighe

      Next video idea best Chelsea 11 during premier league era

    89. Paul Bridges

      It’s true George don’t dye hair blue again

    90. Ben M

      Chilwell is an incredible footballer. He's got pace, can play a ball into the box beautifully and is pretty strong getting back (probably better than alonso). I have no idea how you'd think he couldn't play wing back. I'd imagine Tuchel is training him into a WB at the moment.

    91. United States of Chelsea

      Blue mustache 100%

    92. Jeff Hall

      Honestly, I think the biggest obstacle for Ruben is how good and versatile Conor Gallagher is looking. I think if someone offered them $30mil for him, they'd take it in a heartbeat. I think they'll get offers for Ruben and Barkley this offseason and we'll probably see them go for a combined $55-60mil (to different clubs obviously) and Conor Gallagher comes back hopefully for good.


      With all the plethora of midfielders we have, I still feel that we don't have someone with the qualities like Fabregas(Someone who can dictate the play and create something out of nothing). Gilmour has the quality to reach that level but we will have to nurture him.


      What do you guys feel about Gallagher's chances of breaking into the Chelsea team?

      1. gay boy

        hes not gonna even gonna get on the bench

    95. David Lavin

      my favorite 3 players have to be Ziyech, Zouma and CHO

    96. Beau Bridger

      For me, if we stick with 3 at the back, we can sell jorginho and either buy a replacement or promote Gilmour to the 1st team with Kovacic because Jorginho and Gilmour are similar players. We can sell Loftus-cheek and mount can play as a 10. Cash in on Kante, he's the wrong side of 30 and we could still get 40 mil for him, he has served well but with 3 at the back we don't need a tenacious enforcer in the middle, hence why Gilmour and Kovacic would be better. And if we want an enforcer we could Zakaria or my preference, Kessie. All that tireless running has worn N'golo out, "it's time to go" Claude of AFTV.


      dye red hair if we come second

    98. Markus Ionescu

      Loft is cheek won’t start in a team where Ross Barkley is his competition

    99. Andy B

      Sign up to George’s onlyfans now to see him “holding Yann up against a wall and telling him he’s a naughty boy” (his words not mine)

    100. Henry von Bonsdorff

      Love it when you do the different accents, you gotta do it more