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    CHELSEA NEWS | ZIYECH TO BE SOLD 🧐? | CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN TO CHELSEA? JORGINHO LEAVING TOO? Chelsea News is back as we discuss the potential of Hakim Ziyech leaving for Serie A this summer. I'll be posting a new video later today about the form of Hakim Ziyech at Chelsea FC. I also discuss Calcio Mercato reporting that Christian Eriksen is wanted by Chelsea with a potential cash + player swap deal for Jorginho... Let me know your thoughts on these two stories in the comments below!
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    1. Kent Zeigler

      George, ever thought about putting your videos into podcast form as well?

    2. Timothy Hickey


    3. hassan aselman

      Ziyash, I know him since he was a player in Twente, he passed a time in his life, but this did not make him surrender, as he proved in Ajax that he was the first without a dispute, and he confirmed this with Lampard in the first match, but the injury prevented him from completing his distinguished career and now with the change of coach and not participating in 4 matches How will he perform the required performance? Most of the negative comments about him were after the cup match. It is assumed that this match will not depend on him. So I hope that he will move to another club in the summer

    4. Gino touami

      I dont wanna hear about the form of ziyech cause we know he's fit and can adapt in any league and anytime , in any weither or what so ever , just he needs little time to digest and breath out some air and swallowing some deception after his favorit coach been sacked and new coach been taking over , all this things can affect any player for a periode of time ....

    5. Gino touami

      ZIYECH is a Golden boy and the wizard , lucky charm boy where ever he went or played , he let his marks for ever & u will remember this Ziyech will win tittles for chelsea !!! Ive said it 15.02.2021 at midnight 15 min

    6. Henro omo

      Sell him; he is not that good as he thinks of himself.

    7. Pradeep Shrestha

      we need a dribbler who can penetrate between the box so i am glad if we sell him and get some perfect dribbler like Eden hazard

    8. Adeoya Kolade

      Anyone who believes ziyech would be leaving would believe anything in this world, ziyech was crying when ajax did his farewell,he promised his mom he would put in the best in England,,,you think he’ll just leave like that? Tuchel is on a 18 month contract, you think the club will sell ziyech for one manager?

    9. Peter Duffield

      Give Ziyech until the end of the season & see if he can find his form if not, then it would be worth selling or trading him 👍

    10. Dee Eff


    11. mackan2017

      Not sure whereabouts you live but the puff must be really cheap and you’re gorging on it🥳Eriksen to Chelsea???? Why are you even mentioning that rubbish???....there’s so much other credible stuff to talk about🙄And Ziyech to Italy??? Who on God’s earth is gonna buy him?? It’s public knowledge that if he doesn’t sharpen-up in his next 3 or 4 appearances Tuchel is putting him out on loan (in England for sure, and probably a decent Championship club)....HE IS NOT going back to Holland. I’m seriously trying to like your vids but please, in return, get your content up-to-speed and cease allocating more than 5 seconds to crap rumours & poor footy journalism🙄👎🏻there’s already enough of that around without good CFC fans like you fanning those flames🔥Go in the right (CFC) direction......see you at the Bridge (in The Britannia!!!🍺🍺) next season.....let’s hope!!👍🏻🏐💙💙

      1. Abdelmoiz Loube

        Ziyech to a championship club ????!!!!! Wtf are you talking about ?!!

    12. FrankW

      See, the thing about news is that it can be fake. It's fake news people. Ziyech has been injured and barely played games. And no, Ziyech has been dabbing on the biggest clubs in the in the CL including Chelsea. We know what he's capable and for that reason he's going nowhere. The fake news is rubbish.

    13. James Dior

      We can not juge him for just one bad match .because tuchel does not make him in a good condition.

    14. Anthony Guto

      Wizard to go i will cry.Jorginho is now 🔥 than Kante.Better Kante to go for Ericksen coz he can score goals.

    15. Kagiso Mabele

      Ziyech has had a better start to his Chelsea career than Havertz so' should he go too

    16. Charlie Fox

      The vagabond ray yearly trouble because bongo adventitiously attach since a enthusiastic low. like, sedate rhythm

    17. Maryam

      « Ziyech is 27 he’s old .. eriksen he’s only 28 »👀

    18. Calum Barton

      Erikson plus cash for ziyech may work better

    19. Calum Barton

      I think his problem is at Ajax and Morocco he was the main man and he’s come to chels and he’s just another player for us. Don’t get me wrong he’s one of our better players but he’s by no means the main man and I think his lack of work rate and toughness is gonna effect him here.

    20. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Soomali 🇸🇴keep going baro

    21. Ben M

      The mans played like 19 games for us, not being sold.

    22. Irhad Šišić

      What do you think if go for ndidi

    23. Bepo Raymond

      i really hate this news of Ziyech being sold. Honestly he still needs to show us that he is a great player

    24. Brendan Giddens

      Tuchel doesn't rate him and his system doesn't suit Ziyech, personally i think bit early to sell him but no point keeping him on the bench if the system can't accommodate him. Eriksen nah, Spurs link alone....

    25. Aziz Derraz

      It's absolutely crazy for CFC to sell Ziyech. This is his first season at CFC and had bad luck with injuries. Let's not forget what he has done to Spurs, Madrid and Chelsea in the Champions League. Tuchel obviously has his preferences. Its funny how no one is mentioning Chinwell who CFC spent £50m on. Ziyech needs GAME time....

    26. A Ch

      Come on George, What is clear and written on the wall is Tuchel doesn't give him a chance to play nor does he fancy him. Isn't it strange for us to even question the qualities Ziyech possesses?! He is a top class player. Change of management has outcast him, Chilwell and Zouma Clearly Tuchel does not give Ziyech any chances so far... is exasperating!

    27. Adewale Smile

      All of us should stop disrespecting Ziyech, Atleat he was pivotal in our run in the 17 win under Lampard and sincerely he has performed better than Werner and Havertz yet those 2 are always be protected but Ziyech only has 1 bad performance in Chelsea shirt yet every one is on him Let me real and sincerely he deserves a season just like every one

    28. Yung_cxrt

      i’m a massive fan of you but this title is a massive mistake

    29. JB Rap

      This is what I have been waiting for

    30. JB Rap

      Sell him

    31. Adlan Haziq

      i don’t want ziyech to be sold, and i don’t want eriksen either.

    32. Kristjan Stavlic

      Chelsea shouldn't get Erikson not worth it

    33. Pablo Avila

      I don't like ziyech's attitude or play style. Too slow to play as a winger in the prem. CHO is so clear. Also he thinks he's the best player at Chelsea and always acts so arrogant

    34. Damavito

      we don't need to sold Hakim, he's top player

    35. Junaid Golandaz

      If you don’t hear it from Fabrizio Romano, don’t trust it 😊

    36. King K

      If they Will sell Ziyech than sell havertz and werner too they are still rubisch

    37. Ejembi Moses

      Only a stupid coach would think of something like that

    38. Kelvin Adu

      Ziyech shouldn't be loaned or sold because we spent a lot of money on him for him to be a starter. He is class. He is just struggling, everyone struggles.

    39. Jack Hauser

      People forget that at the start of the season Ziyech looked like he was 100% our best attacking signing. Yes he's in a slump right now but worse players have come out of worse slumps than Hakim's. He'll be fine

    40. Younes Ab

      Have first a system and steady squad,then talk about Ziyech talented player in Chelsea team

    41. kingsley imafidon

      Hakim is going nowhere he isn't even going through a rough patch Thomas should change our formation or get the sack wtf favoritism everywhere.

    42. Robin Orljung

      I’m sorry but this is stupid to even talk about. I love GB but i really don’t think that we should sell Hakim Ziyech right now, legit signed the contract last summer. Tooooo early

    43. Daniel Chiadi

      This situation reminds me of salah

    44. mary dexter

      Ziyech is a great player, but his body language from the last game was not good.

    45. Finn Flood

      He needs to Prove his worth.has to produce on the pitch a lot more

    46. Jordan Farquharson

      Chelsea definitely need to offload some of the players we currently have as their role may start to be a little unnecessary. Personally I think Kante is one of the worlds best midfielders, however the football we’re trying to produce doesn’t necessarily need a player like him. I think it would be a good business move to sell him whilst he’s still a top player and look to further reap the benefits from it

    47. sourav rahman

      Love Tuchel but I still miss Super Frankie... Team is doing definitely better at defending than Lampard era but offensively not so much !! In fact Lampard was twice as good in terms of shots per game . Lampard has an average of 10 shots per game while Tuchel has 5 shots!! Anyway ,hope things will get even better. Keep the blue flag flying high 💙💙💙

    48. Emmet Browne

      Chelsea is so annoying. They just bought Ziyech, give him some freakin time

    49. HarryHD1234 GP

      I don’t mind if we sell him because we have players like havertz mount odoi pulisic that can all play his role and they’re all much younger

    50. Alan Douglas

      I do wonder if he fits in with the tactics that TT intends to use.

    51. feliz massa

      I hop Ziyech go to Juventus. Better for him than staying taking cold in the banc.. Mister tuchel prefers verner😃 harvetz 😆 kova👹 mount. There is 2 clans in Chelsea kante. James. odoi. Zouma. Chili. Glimour.abraham This is good clan 👌 the rest 🤔 hakim he destroy the pitch last 2 champions against r. Madrid. Juventus. Tottenham. Valencia. Bayer Múnich and Chelsea. So hakim enough experience than any others player in Chelsea used to play always 90 min. Assist and goals⚽👌1️⃣ pulisic do that? Verner do that? Kova do that? Mount do that? Abraham do that? Giroud do that... Why with Lampard he was good and with tuchel he is not good😅 cause he defend his compatriot verner and harvetz? Till now tuchel plays only with weak team we will see against athletic 23 Feb. Against m. City. Against. United.. Against Leicester. Against south Hampton.. 😭😉 This a good deal. Will see if mount or kova👹 or.harvetz or verner or pulisic can save his as😢👀

    52. Ramon K

      CFC board idiots who also sold Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne etc. BTW did you see what he did to us at the Bridge 4-4 and Ajax only got to the Semi's of the CL the year before. Please ask any Ajax fan about him, he's mustard, its always difficult to play in a team that always passes backwards and to the side and not forwards. Look at that sweet pass in the begiinning of the season to CHO before his injury against Brighton and now we want has been relic Eriksen from Milan. We need to be patient with him and to start playing a forward fast game of attacking football instead of 100% possession football.

    53. Viggo Nyholm

      Did people not see how good he was in the start of the season. Its just a rough patch he shouldnt be sold

    54. Daniel Blake-Morris

      I agree Ziyech does not fit our style, he is out of form and English football is way too physical for a player like him - in my opinion

    55. Amine Rohaimi

      I really dont believe you or Thomas when saying we dont want Hakim to leave.... werner was given alot more passes and chances to improve .... the guy makes one short performance a d you re all over him ...and where are you comments on Pulicic.... was he outperforming in the last game ? Comment on that ...

    56. simpletown323

      Id rather sell Pulisic instead of Ziyech. The man is just injury prone discount hazard

    57. M Alder

      So far our hugely hyped summer signings have been a total disaster. They need to improve and quick.

    58. Amazing Blues

      Ziyech just Sind

    59. Nick D

      you nailed in Ajax success is one thing, premier league another. He is great and can be at the right team, Chelsea isn't that team imo

    60. Arjun Swaminathan

      Bruno Fernandes played in the Portuguese league, dominated and did just fine here. It isn't a matter of English football being too high a step for Ziyech, the problem is he's not being used in an ideal way and might be carrying an injury.

    61. 0.16

      Please no eriksen

    62. 0.16

      Really want ziyech to work out at chelsea but I wouldn’t mind if he got sold well I guess we’ll just see in the summer what happens 🤷🏿‍♂️

    63. Pankaj Bhadoria

      So a player who got injured at the start, then came back and ripped everyone apart. Got injured and Chelsea started dropping points. Came back from injury to a new manager whose system does not suit him. I am sorry but how can anyone say he is not at PL level. He is an amazing player and hasn't really been lucky with injuries.

    64. Abdelkrim Saihi

      I agree with you, Hakim Ziyach have great talent, he just needs time, I think those injuries affected him with his career @Chelsea. I have no doubt he did adapt to premier league.

    65. Rick & Morty

      Ziyech is under the eyes of Juve and Milan....good news for the moroccan star.

    66. Joseph Elfashny

      Watch ziyech find his form and then everyone will say what a signing he was for Chelsea, he’s only had a few games with tuchel and needs time to adjust and find his form under the new management

    67. Rick & Morty

      Ziyech is a great player.He has been the best at the time of Lamaprd.We shoud give him more time.

    68. Hannah Berii

      Loved it George❤️❤️❤️

    69. senthil Sitaraman

      Absolutely not we have some fantastic players in premier league who came from ajax and did well . Bergkamp, suarez , van dar vart to name a few even we can use Eriksen as best example similar type of player had a huge impact at spurs

    70. Harry Percyvale

      All hot and cold business aside, Ziyech is not a Chelsea fc material. As for Erickson, he has failed at inter. I rest my case.

    71. Eduardo J Navarrete

      to the “fans” who r exaggerating Ziyech’s lack of form i wanna say CHILL TF OUT. it’s literally been 2 games we can’t keep treating our new players like this it isn’t healthy 🔵🔵🔵

    72. Nasim Belkacem

      Tuchel problem not ziyech

    73. Nasim Belkacem

      The coach says to Ziyash that the team needs harmony and training, and he forgot that Ziyash arrived before him in England and started playing sports from a young age and played in several teams and was the best players in the Netherlands. The whole team is not mined and is not skilled at scoring a good passer dress, but whoever scores no one

    74. Taha OSR

      3:55 you weren't saying this when he played so well before the last injury. You forgot what he did in the champions league last year to Chelsea and Real Madrid and Spurs they are not dutch teams I think. It's funny how Chelsea fans happy and patient with the German duo and not Ziyech. He doesn't deserve Chelsea. I hope he gets sold asap.

    75. slim

      selling ziyech would be the biggest L in out recent years

    76. George

      Please Chelsea, don't sell Ziyerch 🙏🙏

    77. Jose Mandela

      Is a desgrace to be fan of chelsea lol .... our time should be build around zyach he is a cam a nr 10... havertz is big shit really big more than kepa... Werner al lest try ..... but zyach have some bad game so know ppl want him to goo lol .... what bluffs me is the fans that want him to go lol if he go he will be back anew destroy us again... tuchel I am sorry but he is shit manager how could he wit all the talent we have use 3421 how ??? Pep ,or klopp wouldn't do that ..... zyach should be our nr 10 .... ou big error was buying havertz who don't play shit and ppl still find excusses ... lamps was shit manager but he go because Werner and kay didn't perform when he have tried everything to make them perform more bc kay who still shit joging like sorry kay is slow as fuck for premier league

    78. Fransina Shigwedha

      How would we want to sell ziyech he is probably the best passer

    79. Razi Shirazi

      I feel like ziyech should get some more game time

    80. Adam Roberts

      they do it for the clicks just like you dude

    81. A.N

      You really think Abramovich is jist gonna sit there amd watch ziyech leave the club after spending that money😂😂 chelsea fans mann we do t jave patience hes not gonna score hatricks or give 10 asists every game rrlax have patience he will get familiar with the pl and do well

    82. Richard Bluue

      Hakim will stay regardless... He will bounce back stronger.

    83. Y T

      I am a Liverpool fan and wish if we can get Ziyash to play for us ASAP. He is a world class player and Chelsea doesn't deserve him. Period!

    84. yeri dennimmus

      Everything you said Is just fake news.

    85. Jake enea

      I think we can get 50 million for ziyech.

    86. mrbighimselfup

      Ziyech, just doesn’t seem to be a good fit for me, looks too casual on the pitch doesn’t seem to have the energy to get behind the ball when we lose possession. As for Eriksen, no thanks have we forgotten how it all ended for him at Spurs...

      1. Kagiso Mabele

        How many games has played for Chelsea to be making that judgement

    87. K M-18

      Jorginho isn't going anywhere, TO HELL WITH THE HATERS. Jorgi is a great player right now, Eriksen is no longer the player we knew. Jorginho stays!!!!

    88. RJ Singh

      As much as I don’t him to go, if he does we could get hazard

    89. cold water

      That’s the most stupid shit I’ve heard in a while but ok. J5 can go . Ziyech came played very well had an injury and played well then injury again then lampard sacked and all of a sudden he’s not good? Wtf man smh

    90. mike lee lee

      Fake news.

    91. tony martinez

      why not sell timo? he has terrible first ball touch, been struggling so much. But now that the coach is german he doesn't worry to make first squad. I think it's better for ziyech to move to moderate climate this london move is bad for him.

    92. Anaxi Kay

      I don't think Hakim has been as bad as some people might want to suggest. Chelsea as team hasn't been fantastic for the past few months so it's unfair and harsh to single out one player for criticism. There's absolutely no reason to consider selling any of our new signings especially a player like Hakim who hasn't played much yet. Talking about the premier league, I don't think it's too tough to adapt. The only difference between the premier league and the African cup is the intensity and speed. It's a more physical competition and we've seen Hakim thrive in it. Patience is needed.

    93. Dave Chard

      Ziyech should be a great singer as he has legs like a canary.

      1. Dave Chard

        @mental monkey In the Dutch league.


      Ziyech should be CAM in our current system. He work passes through the middle and usually even when he struggles he makes two or three plays out of nothing. Ziyech has that spark and should not be sold we saw his talent earlier in the season.

    95. Anthony Eells

      I have not been all that impressed with Tuchel. I understand that there are excuses since he still just recently took over and is still getting familiar with the team but Frank went unbeaten through what was it? 17 games? against this same competition with a style of play that was just so much more enjoyable to watch. Frank had clearly lost the dressing room by the time he was sacked but Tuchel has done little to inspire me. He's scraping out wins and draws against teams that Frank's Chelsea obliterated.

    96. Jenny. O

      If anyone is being sold it will be timo

    97. joe simpson

      Why are we giving up on players after six months? Henry wasn't very good in his first season at arsenal. Look how that turned out ....

    98. Yng Dave

      Ziyech isnt leaving

    99. Ethan Evans

      Weve just bought the guy for god sake.

    100. Josh T

      How can you blame Ziyech? He plays our strikers in several times a game and they just cannot finish, the players he is playing with are not good enough , let’s get a good striker and we’ll see what he can do