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    CHELSEA NEWS | Why Thomas Tuchel and ROMAN ABRAMOVICH Will RUIN Football AGAIN... FFP SCRAPPED! Yes Guys welcome back to a NEW Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News video, we discuss the new from Uefa that they are seriously considering or are about to scrap FFP (Financial Fair play). Could this mean even more money being pumped into Chelsea Football Club by our owner Mr Roman Abramovich? Let me know your thoughts on this story and the Chelsea News regarding Fikayo Tomori and AC Milan heating up their pursuit of the defender in the comments below!
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    1. Timothy Hickey



      Please make a video about Kudus Mohammed, AFC Ajax midfielder. He is just like Corman of Bayern. Please make a video to draw Chelsea's attention.

    3. KJTツ

      FFP please stay we need more mason mounts and Reece James’

    4. Sami A

      Vote: - Andreas Christensen for March's EA SPORTS Player of the Month - Thomas Tuchel for March's Barclays Manager of the Month - Mason Mount for March's Budweiser Goal of the Month (Via the Premier League - Official App)

    5. Nozal laudari

      Does subscription give u money!?? 🤔 don't think so. You're getting the views... just take your money and talk.!! Stop begging please.

    6. Raphael Sanni

      Subscribed ur too consistent 🤣

    7. azubike okoroafor

      This is another rare time we would see an England squad with an abundance of quality only this time they lack a quality manager.

    8. Phil Mitchell

      Video suggestions from phil mitchell Top 10 football films. Talk about all players on loan. Under rated Chelsea legends.

    9. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Will the beautiful Daria go with you?

    10. Triff Ov

      To be honest he deserves 300k because he is the best football channel. The man never lies and is very true with his opinions.🤩🤩

    11. George Coman

      Well.PSG is owned by the state of Qatar ,and City by UAE .It will just ruin football .

    12. Phantomlord

      Not fully supportive of the scrap of FFP. Granted, this decision will favour big teams like Chelsea and will allow us massive recruitment possibilities. However, as you stated in the title but didn't really mention in the video, this decision will definitely ruin football: Although I do want Chelsea to do well domestically and in Europe, I do want competition, where will 'smaller' teams be with this new rule such as Burnley, Palace, Wolves etc.? These teams are already struggling to catch up to top 6 teams as it is. Having the FFP scrapped will even further damage the teams outside top 6 and all competition in football will forever be lost. Remember, both winning AND losing are part of sports. At the end of the day, football is for entertainment, not about 'winning all the trophies' or whatever....

    13. Lyn’s Music

      Tomori in the back Tammy in attack.... So harmonic✨😁

    14. Krex N45

      Benson gang

    15. ACV

      26m for Tomori is a bargain as is. Take him at that AC, or Chelsea will happily have him back

    16. Haroon Khan

      For the good of the career of Tomori and for Chelsea, he should spend an extra year or two on loan until Thiago Silva or Zouma or someone else leaves, because there is a lot of competition and Tomori obviously needs game time! If that doesn't happen then we have to bid farewell to him, so that he can have a successful career elsewhere.

    17. Victor Lezama

      Worst case scenario Chelsea should include a buyback clause in the sale of Tomori, if it happens.

    18. Victor Lezama

      Hey George would you consider making a video during this international break, reviewing how the Chelsea loanees are doing this season?

    19. andre agassi

      Tbh Chelsea already have good young squad to build around for next 4-5 years. Except buying world class striker like Haaland, i dont see us need to buy anyone else

    20. Connor Murphy

      Fair play mate

    21. Kow Kok

      Tomori is our future at least 50mill in the making. We need to have our new icon stadium.

    22. Robert Martin

      Could you do a 6 things we learned from Chelsea 4 Napoli 1 in 2012, that would be a great video,as maybe this year might repeat 2012, I'm not like, you know that mob who always say, this is our year, but you never know.

    23. Roo Lyfe

      We can win FA cup community shield and if we win champions league we can win super cup

    24. Alexa Ojan

      Pls allow tomori to make his name at Milano Milan is one of those great club around Europe

    25. Nelson Nogales Arroyo

      Scrapping FFP is such a mistake!! It'd only allow clubs like City, Madrid, Barcelona and PSG to do whatever they want.... UEFA only cares about 4 clubs.. it's BS!!!

    26. Amjad GHABRA

      If Tomori doesn't get a regular starting position in Tuchel plan then he will be keen to leave the club. We already have Christenssen and Rüdiger currently in good shape. And We have Sarr out on loan . The problem is that In this case it is better sell Tomori before his contract expires and he goes for free

    27. Jackthecfc

      Join my six a side any keepers at st clairs

    28. sexsex

      UEFA brought this whole FFP nonsense fundamentally because of the fear that Chelsea would use its financial power to dominate UEFA. It was so obvious. I remember when Real Madrid was in so much debt that the monarchy in Spain had to bail them out. No word from UEFA. Then Florentino Perez promised to bankroll the transfer of Luis Figo to real madrid.. UEFA didn't say shit. Then they bought Zidane, no word, then Ronaldo R9, UEFA were silent. Then Abramovich came to Chelsea and bought 6 players, including Makelele, Geremi Fotsio Njitap and Damien Duff for a record 17 million, then the accusation was that Chelsea can never become a continental force as they do not have the pedigree to attract players. But Chelsea made the Semis in the CL in 2004, afterwards, hired Mourinho and when it looked like Chelsea were going to run away with the league and taking down teams like Barcelona in the CL, the whole talking points about finance started. Notice that Chelsea was the only team whose transfer ban was not overturned. I would argue that FFP should be stricter so that teams from the eastern block can compete but now, UEFA realising that all the big teams have some spending power just decided to scrap the rules. UEFA is a fraud org

    29. Harald Brinkmann Thorsen

      Good video

    30. Jacob Clark

      Why don't you do an England 6 things we learn and line up prediction even tho you are a chelsea channel

    31. David Ambæk

      As a Chelsea AND football fan, I think that if rumour about FFP is true, it will ruin the game. It’s not funny or existing to witness the best teams in the world getting better, while the smaller teams are not able to do the same things. Actually, I personally think it was nice to see how clubs like Chelsea, were able to finance there transfers, while other teams struggled and almost got punished...(ManCity)

    32. rosemaryross

      Keep Tomorri he is worth more than any money ac millan can offer I want Chelsea to bring him back.

    33. Martin Yeboah

      Tomori is likely to leave it's really a pity now because am disappointed we are going to sell him

    34. GTD

      6:35 Okay Mr. Benson, lets look at some stats won´t we? :) Period from 2010 to 2021 This is the Balance of some big European clubs listed below (Expenditure/Income and the number of players bought): Mancity -1.169 Billion / 286 arrivals Barcelona -595 Million / 150 arrivals Manchester Utd -956 Million / 194 arrivals Real Madrid -326 Million / 134 arrival Liverpool -335 Million / 222 arrivals Arsenal -490 Million / 205 arrivals Bayern Munich -365 Million / 106 arrivals (lol) Paris -870 Million / 163 arrivals *Chelsea FC* -603 Million / 351 arrivals (the fuck?!) Dear George, the last Transfer ban is just a few months expired and your club already spend 220 million for new players. What Chelsea, City, Manchester Utd and Paris are doing is unbelievable bad for our sport and kills competition. You are far away from being a "well run club", all you do is rely on your Oil-money. Even if you are just the 4th greatest scumbag club in the world, please have a bit more decency when talking about FFP ... Just say "I know Chelsea doesnt give two shits about FFP but we have a wealthy owner and find a way around FFP" Thank you for your time

      1. Ralph MORGAN

        And with income from the sale of Hazard & Alvaro, our net spend was circa £25M

      2. Frazzless

        I don’t think you are as intelligent as you make your self sound, we were big before Roman, city were not.

    35. Chuks Obiora

      If AC Milan can't pay up then we can gladly keep Tomori. Bring back our Roman! It's gonna be a battle with Man City if FFP gets scrapped!

    36. S I

      Travelling before you get a vaccine is irresponsible

    37. Michael St.John

      Maybe you can get into the stadium in Istanbul as PRESS.

    38. Sam

      When I saw the title I thought it was a negative topic. You know how to clickbait George

    39. ammar idham

      Hai.. i think you shud cover some of the chelsea women fc too.. they are amazing! Just an idea for your content..

    40. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Not in favor of getting rid of FFP .

    41. Danny Yousif

      Ohhhh Chelsea Chelsea chelseaaaaaaa❤️

    42. juan miguel mutis

      Bring mbappe

    43. Jono

      I really hope ffp doesn’t get scrapped it’ll ruin football

    44. Stuart Goddard

      I bet George won’t like this

    45. SIMEON

      Love your videos! Always great to watch! I don’t know about you but I’m dreaming of a champions league and FA Cup trophy again haha

    46. Ermal krasniqi

      3-4-2-1 Havertz Werner Ziyech Alonso Kovacic Kante (Cho/James) Rudiger Silva Azpilicueta Mendy This is not forgetting Jorginho, Mount , Pulisic, abraham , chilwell , zouma , Christiensen - we should bring RLC back as number 6

    47. Manchwa Miki Ksoo

      And in other news: No news on the collab with Angry Rantman

    48. Anas Frouh

      We are not going to make it to UCL final there are many other good clubs

      1. Anas Frouh

        @Sam Ladjemi I do have faith in the club that I support but the truth has to said

      2. Sam Ladjemi

        Have faith in Chelsea 👍

    49. John Capo

      YEAH scoring 1 goal a game after spending 200 million pounds on strikers

    50. Presly V

      Ben your a legend.

    51. Siri B.

      FFP and Man City???

    52. Oluwatosin Adedayo

      Hey George,won't it be nice to have Chelseafcw news!!!

    53. Siyabulela Noyo

      I pray Tomori doesn't leave...

    54. Abdew62

      I think that if FFP is going to get scrapped. It would be best if they did it for 1 transfer window, then put in a new set of rules which give benefits to both UEFA and other clubs playing under them.

    55. Noah T

      Fabrizio is coming on boys!

    56. Max football fans channel

      Bad for the environment

    57. Nathan Goodall

      COME ON YOU BLUES!! Why couldn’t it of been a loan move without the option to buy? Gutted that tomori is gonna leave! 😞

    58. kelly yirenkyi

      Tomori can the right side of the 3 CB

    59. Conor McCorry

      The only football channel the Mrs doesn’t mind me having on in the background in the house and therefore the only one I watch religiously, yes guy you are working miracles here!

    60. Mercy God's child

      FFP has come to stay. I don't want it to be scrapped. Chelsea is doing well under FFP rules.

    61. Kems K

      Is that really good news ? City/PSG/Madrid/Bayern can splash money crazy now. They’re more powerful than us financially !

    62. haitch04

      Oooh it's exciting times at Chelsea. As for Tomori if AC Milan want to initiate the option to buy then they MUST be made to pay the full £25 m + any add on's IN FULL, no installments or it doesn't happen and he comes back.

    63. Cef fy

      Wouldn’t getting rid of FFP just give more power to the big clubs and make it harder for the small slubs to have any chance of future success?

    64. Lewis Ehiemua

      Chelsea better not sell timori another sala lukaku debruyn

      1. Joe Hunt

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nice joke

    65. McKyle

      Just when Chelsea are positioned to spend and remain FFP compliant when most other major clubs are struggling with FFP.. FFP is relaxed for all? Gotta love how the FIFA and UEFA establishment bend the rules to look after their own and keep Chelsea from running off with football for the next decade...

    66. Zaza Zizi

      Ziyech was a bargain it's havertz overpaid he doesn't worth that much

      1. Sam Ladjemi

        He'll come good give him time he's only young and England is new to him!

    67. Connor Walters


    68. Tony Grinney

      Presumably the loan deal that Chelsea made for Tomori would include a fixed fee if they want to buy him. If they don't want to pay that then they lose their opportunity as first choice to buy him. They will have to join the queue with other potential buyers. Or even better Chelsea refuse to sell him if they don't get the right fee. However, my worry is that Tomori may not feel he wants to return to SB after being overlooked by Lampard this season. Tomori committed himself at the beginning o the season to fight for a place rather than go on loan.

    69. Jamar Barrett

      Tomori could've been the perfect rcb in a back 3, if the likes of azpi injured or to replace him

    70. James Elwell

      Is there going to be a 6 things for the England games?

    71. Josef 03

      theres no way uefa will scrap ffp, this would completely ruin football

    72. Emmanuel Xzel

      Hope they do not scrap FFP

    73. Magicz Obie

      I have never have understood why you watch this mans channel and don’t just give him a sub surely he deserves if frequent viewer

    74. Nick Ortiz

      I love Lampard but the fact he loaned Tomori out right before getting sacked was an absolutely massive mistake. He deserved game time at the bridge. He kinda screwed us over if we’re being honest

    75. Ryan H

      Sell Tomori 20M buy back 27.5M

    76. Aaron Lewis

      I really doubt that scrapping FFP will make Abramovich start spending more on transfers.. he wants to make Chelsea a profitable the end of the day he is still a businessman and this is the approach the club has been trying to take in the past few seasons.. eventually this was always going to be the plan after spending big initially.. scrapping FFP will only benefit the likes of PSG and City because they have unlimited resources..

      1. Aaron Lewis

        @Abe Alno not true.. PSG owner is the richest owner in football.. much much richer than City..

      2. Abe Alno

        Chelsea owner is richer than PSG owner.

    77. archiewall15

      FFP never did anything anyway to influence the spending of big clubs, all it did was stop the smaller clubs from getting to that level. City got done for it there was proof but they had enough money to get out of it. If FFP is scrapped the big clubs won’t change much, all that will happen is there will be smaller clubs that have takeover and try and get to that point and it will be easier for them

    78. Yusuf I

      Obv I am late

    79. Utopian Futures

      Hoping Europe gets independent from oil as soon as possible. Without exporting oil the sales revenue would collapse and those russian and Arabian investors had no money to corrupt Uefa to ignore FFP and to introduce more and more idiotic cups real fans are not interested in.

    80. AJAY AJ

      Mancity are going for war

    81. Chelsea F.C.

      Its gonna be boring without Chelsea's action during this international break.

    82. Andile Artwell Shandu

      Am I the only one who can't get enough of Thiago Silva's video celebrating Emerson goal against Atlatico Madrid 😢🥺🥺🥺

      1. anderson sabazan

        I Watch it almost every day loll

      2. Red Mist

        Wholesome, will definitely go down in history

      3. Shelly Cumbridge

        Only I happy

      4. Michael St.John

        Loved the energy!

      5. Kamto Ezenwamadu



      Let's not get ahead of ourselves now😂. Opinion:maybe we should go for a low profile striker, that's where we've found success in the past

    84. Joe R.G

      For April fools you should do a 6 things we learned, but from a match that happened years ago like the 2012 Chelsea champions league final? I’d love to see you review older Chelsea matches with Drogba, Lampard, Terry and Cech in it

      1. taylor newton

        Goat Idea

    85. Bellonaires FC

      If Chelsea bring tomori back to England will can easily get 40m from him ..

    86. Tim Berge

      Nice shirt George love it mate ♥️🍺⚽️

    87. Rex Mundi

      I love the shirt. Where can I get it ??

    88. Yxng_Tea

      Think Chelsea and chill should be called Chelsea and TuChill

    89. Adam Lovell

      They need to keep ffp. It still has stabilized so many football clubs and their finances for the past 10 years. It ensures that every club does not receive a mutil-billionaire that invests in a clubs ownership for tax-avoidance purposes and they need to be more strategic with man management. A pandemic reducing the valuations of football clubs does not mean that ffp is not working but just an incredible outlier that has taken it's toll on every club.

    90. xCouragecatx

      Should call the series chelsea and chillwell

      1. Hecty Camacho

        I absolutely think we should! Haaland is too far fetched. Let's go for Harry Kane (100 million pounds) and Aguero (free transfer), he still has a good two years left in him at the top flight (he is only 32 years while Giroud is 35 years).

    91. Paddy Ford

      "4 month collab in the making to get some in depth Chelsea news" 9.21 surely he's not gonna get FABRIZIO ROMANO on the channel

    92. Nikhil. S

      Fan from India. After winning the game, the first thing i look into youtube is your player rating videos. Good work George. KTBFFH

    93. albert thomsen

      Do you think Chelsea can go invincible next season? Tuchel has not lost a game yet so I think if there is gonna be a time, it would be next season.

      1. albert thomsen

        @Nxnxshi yeah of course

      2. Nxnxshi

        @albert thomsen nice to dream ay!


      You are the best George 💯💯♥️

    95. Clint Brock

      Can’t sub... thumbnails are score spoilers!

    96. Sheyin Titus

      Football is going to be crazy again

    97. Trevor Zhuwakini

      Good video

    98. TheBelfrindian

      re Tomori: lower transfer fee in exchange for buyback clause Feels like a safe hedge, especially if FFP goes

    99. Zach Pobereznic

      React to old Chelsea games/goals

    100. Liam Yates

      I love George but come on, how do we not often overpay for players🤣. 70M Morata, 72M Kepa, 50M Chilwell, 72M Havertz just in recent times (not calling all of them bad players, just saying we definitely overpaid).

      1. Sam Ladjemi

        Chilwell is worth the money Havertz will be next season KTBFFH

      2. Ice Bear

        Chillwell and havertz will deliver not overpaid at all