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    CHELSEA NEWS | WERNER to LEAVE CHELSEA? | PULISIC IN BAYERN MUNICH SWAP? | CHELSEA DREAM CB SIGNING. Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea News video. In today’s Chelsea News video, I discuss the story regarding Timo Werner wanting to Leave Chelsea one year into his contract this summer. I also discuss Chelsea expressing their interest in Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman. Coman is 24 years old with 13 goal involvements in 19 Bundesliga games this season and could be part of a swap deal with Christian Pulisic moving to Bayern this summer. As much as I do not want Christian Pulisic to leave Chelsea, if his playing time under Tuchel does not improve, Pulisic may look to push for a move away from Chelsea this summer! Let me know your thoughts on all three of these Chelsea News stories in the comments below!
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    1. Kgalema Mngadi

      Chelsea shouldn't buy another centre back. We have enough. Develop the ones we've got and offload Tomori to get a decent amount of money.

    2. Deven Rai

      I think Werner should be dropped, CHo, pulisic and even mount offer more than him on that left hand side

    3. Ultimate Trolls

      Spurs gonna be regretting not getting rudiger now look at him

    4. spider ok

      Werner is to soft he needs to toughen up for the pl

    5. Ernesto Gueverra

      George is going to referee an all boys mud wrestling match after this...

    6. Arn Z

      When Pulisic starts, there will be so much expected from him to show what he can do that it might screw him up.

    7. nossttam121

      Let Werner leave and put Puli on the left wing so he stays, we don't need another Morata.

    8. Jethro Gaitskell

      Coman >>>>>>>>> pulisic

    9. Rob William

      Coman was arrested from domestic violence. We don't want woman bashing cowards at our club

    10. Jemal Ali

      Noooo we need pulisic 😕

    11. John Capo

      HELLO DUMMY quit asking odoi to play in the back - HE IS A STRIKER also strikers do not have endless energy, stop asking them to play 100 yards hold them accountable for the final 3rd of the pitch, they are sprinters not marathon runners

    12. John Capo

      dumb mgr does not believe in wingers all the chelsea strikers are suffocating, getting strangled by their mgr wingers especially fast ones like pulisic scare defenses ( he can play in tight areas ) 4 things happen with good wingers (assists, score, penalties, free kicks) most importantly, they force defenses to scramble which causes mistakes

    13. John Capo

      lampard & Tuchel are sides of a bad coin one is looking at the offense only, the other defense only chelsea has alot of average players (kante & pulisic exempt)

    14. Martin Yeboah

      I want both Werner and Pulisic to stay

    15. Kunal Ramchurn

      This tshirt is very Juventus Georgie

    16. EddyFrmEddy

      If Pulisic played every time Werner did he would of set the prep alight

    17. Aaron J

      The second chelsea hit a run of form, british press making up these pathetic stories. Pulisic I can kind of understand if theirs any truth to the matter, but to say Werner is leaving!! Never heard more nonsense in my life.

    18. Danny CFC

      Werner will stay but I feel pulisic will leave, he doesn’t fit into our system. Can’t play wing back, so if he wants actual game time he needs to leave

    19. David Lavin

      we've 6 top-class CB's no need to splash 120 mill man.

    20. The One

      All we need are either hazard lukaku haaland or sancho

    21. steve scuro

      I thing pulisic will look to go. Tuchtels comments have painted a picture where puli has to believe has no way he finds the starting 11 again. Tuchtel says loves him as sub. If puli plays well, Tuchtel says see this tactic working so this how will continue to use him. If puli plays poorly Tuchtel will say well he doesn't deserve to start. It's a no win for puli. Everyone else at least getting a start here or there so why shouldn't puli believe this.

    22. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Werner isn't going anywhere. Flick wanted him last summer but the board wasn't willing to spend that much money on one player after getting Sane. Swapping Pulisic for Coman wouldn't make any sense.

    23. M•L•O

      This may be wrong but didn’t Pulisic scored 3 in his debut for Chelsea

    24. beastgamer004

      Hey. Timo Wont leave anytime soon, If pulisic doesn't play, he might leave... We don't want 10 more centre backs.. Please these news are ridiculous.

    25. Why Fhy

      Considering Tuchel started mid season, as long as we make champions league I'm putting the time he's spending with us now as an extra long pre season. Players are adapting, new targets need to be looked into and I think next season we're going to be a pushing for silverware in all competitions. I can't wait to see any new transfers and our current ones finally adjusted to the premier league. It's an exciting time for Chelsea. I hope we keep Pulisic and Werner. I think we'd regret selling either. COYB🔵🔵

    26. Andrew Andreas

      if chelsea don't win any silver ware . then there will be players leaving . and tomash wants to build strength to be up against teams like city .. united . munic etc tomash is the manager to do this

    27. 1 1

      If we sell pulisic his only replacement is sancho end of

    28. Daniel Hanson

      i need a football therapy / GBFC collab soon... for the atletico game?

    29. Jon Cassidy

      As Keyshawn Johnson would say about Pulisic, just give him the damn ball.

    30. Adem Kilinc

      Werner brace incoming vs Leeds pulisic goal too 3 0 Chelsea win Hopefully but this will be tough

    31. Shamsul Haque

      I believe our rivals are spreading this, especially Man Utd they have very big influence in media and authority

    32. Thorsten Klopp

      I think, there will be a domino effect again this summer. The most important question is, where Haaland will be transferred to. No. 9s are badly missed these days. Every big club will try to sign him. He would be Chelsea's next Drogba (though he's not that good with headers). If they'll have Coman, Ziyech, Havertz, Pulisic, Werner, Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Sancho, or anybody else play on the wing, won't be of much consequence . Don't think, there's much substance to these rumours. Chelsea's got too many good, but no top top players.

    33. Eduardo BNoriega

      I Think Chelsea should keep Pulisic, and let werner go , and one more thing your shirt looks like Juventus :)

    34. Cameron Hendrickson

      Werner has done everything right apart from the final finish also think people over exaggerate some on the chances he misses

      1. Michal Siwik

        Not really over exaggerated. He's missed countless sitters. Such shite finishing for £50 million, morata did more in fact, as he could at least head the ball, but werner can't do that either. And creating chances means fu ck all when you cant finish for your life.

    35. KeyAstro

      Please for the love of god dont sign gimenez. We dont need an injury prone centerback who is getting helped by 10 other people inside the box.

    36. Ayo Osin

      Fake news 100%

    37. abhinav sekar

      Coman is also very injury prone. If we choose to play a 4 in the back formation, Rudiger and Christensen will not cut it, they do not posses the discipline. I genuinely think they should be sold, if we are not going to continue with the current formation. The Werner news is BS, there is much fight in that guy. He will come good.

    38. Sebstine Nyanumba

      Werner should go for us to win trophies. If Timo was taking chances we could have a great chance of winning cl and fa this season and finish 2nd with less than 10 points drift off man city

    39. Celery

      What is it at Chelsea that when these big name strikers come into the team they struggle and then leave and score loads again?

    40. Ryan Brooks

      Werner to Bayern doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with him being unhappy at Chelsea. He is German. There's something to be said for having the opportunity to play for the best team in your country. Not saying it'll happen but its something to be considered.

      1. Angie Wiedenkeller

        Flick wanted Werner last year but the board wasn't willing to spend that much for one player after getting Sane .

    41. Sabin Roca

      Please stop releasing these videos George I'm a huge fan and watch every game preview and 6 things we learned video the second they come out ( I even manually turned on notifications for this ) but I can't stand to watch these videos. You don't need to comment on every story that has to do with Chelsea as just acknowledging some of these rumours is making it worse for the fans and especially for the players. I think there is such a thing as too much news or too many rumours.

    42. mx brawl stars

      I think Wener is doing very well the only thing is that he is unlucky

    43. Sascha _GER

      Werner will only leave when the bosses want him to. Dont panicbuy stars. Watch ur stats lately. How much better one thinks it will be? Nothing is for sure. After a while Players wont join chelsea cos they think they get fired when one is maybe a little better. Destroys confidence

    44. MacattackasaurousRex

      Fuck these rumours man we need these players

    45. ClexXy

      Its not worth going for extremely expensive defenders because you never know if they will be good in your teams system, it would be much more worth getting a few younger cheaper cbs and hope that one become world class

    46. Vir Malik

      Im starting to lose respect for you, why are you posting such bs

      1. Harry Hawkins

        It’s not 😂

    47. Bxstxn

      Everyone get there filthy hands off my Timo Werner -copied

    48. Adjetey Boye

      I know you need to make videos, but please stop reacting to nonsense rumours


      Coman halland odoi Kante. Havert . kessi Chilwel sule rudiger azu Mendy ........

    50. Umar Merican

      only one season in and ppl are thinking werner is becoming heskey


      just buy the front players who are thirsty for goll like halland coman wellcom


      TimoNow timo nob like torres chelsea must have a new plug

    53. Miguel Smikle

      Thanks for your opinions💥

    54. Max football fans channel

      in my opinion we don't need a center back. we will have six center backs at the club next season. Rudiger and Chris have improved so much they are now guaranteed starters. Azpi is our captain so he can't be dropped. In fact I don't even know if Thiago Silva will be starting. We have lots of promising young Center backs on loan, Sarr , Gehui, Ampdu, Tomoriiii and others so why get another Center back? what do u think george? Keep up the great content!

    55. mikeurgreg

      No disrespect love your videos but you are capping. You find the most stupid reports from nobodies and report on it for here to make a video to get 10 + minutes. Either way looking forward to the next game lineup video and 6 things we learnt.

    56. Rob B

      Remember Werner is the guy who asked to come off the field during a game because the away crowd was “too loud”. He is weak minded....yet he keeps getting chances, not performing pretty much all season, and taking the role pulisic should be playing in.

    57. Blxnk

      I have a feeling pulisic is going to start tomorrow

      1. TheKonsy

        Same. Pulisic, mount and Kai

    58. FarawayTundra008

      So there's been rumors of Ziyech Pulisic and Werner all being sold we seriously want to sell majority of our attack if not the entire offense just because they're not performing

    59. Adekunle Ibrahim

      Now that Chelsea is performing well, the only way they can say bad things about the team is to suggest our players are unhappy and ready to leave... Typical English Media.

    60. pk styll

      If chelsea is spending 100+m on anyone, it should only be haaland

      1. Michal Siwik

        Think giminez would be a great signing and we've got the money sooo.... Would probs also allow us to switch to 4 at the back (as unless we play with 3/5 at the back most of our defenders look suspect) and therefore be able to utilise our attacking players more

    61. Alton Barker

      Wow!! Great commentary. You are the best at that

    62. Milan S

      Signing gimenez would be a mistake... we have great center-backs on loan (guehi, tomori, Ampadu etc) who can be the future of Chelsea's defence. Gimenez would ruin their future at Chelsea...

    63. sedkaay

      Werner is definitely not leaving he will get better with time and next season he will be a top scorer

    64. Ronald Mann

      Pulisic will play against Leeds because the way Leeds play is made for Pulisic (as Leeds have minimal defense and are made for any team with quick front players to make less skilled quick players - such as Pulisic - look good)

      1. RLubin

        In my opinion this sounds like a perfect game for werner based on everything you just said 😂

    65. EDGAR Everything Football

      Long story short neither WERNER nor PULISIC are leaving ✌️👊

    66. Lancani

      I hurt inside everytime Pulisic is linked away from Chelsea. Love the club and the player.

    67. Creatures of the Sesh

      I don’t get why am I meant to give this video a like? It’s just bad news all round about key players leaving from shitty sources and I’m meant to support benson in spreading the nonsense?? Don’t give us a like target for the next video and make me feel guilty for not liking the video when it’s content I am genuinely unhappy with


      I tried to crate an account on gbapp but the verification code is not sending to me

    69. Timilehin Olabiyi

      Just watched an highlight of mo salah at chelsea....cant believe we let him go ....we cant afford to make the same mistake again

    70. Raphael D'C

      So not wit thius, board’s gone mad. 120m? Nuts. Win something, then buy a toy

    71. Arenzo Fernandez

      If anyone is leaving, it will be ziyech.

    72. Al Dan

      Timo must not be benched or sold.. he must play untill he start score.


      please answer to my following comment about the constantly Injured Jose Jimenez

    74. Jeremy

      All the top team will pass pulisic around to get that American bump. It’s a huge market.


      Our Captain Azpilicueta is one of the few Players that they do not get Injured. When was the last time he missed games due to some Injury I can't remember. The same was with our previous Coach Frank Lampard. If you search you will see that for 3 Seasons he did not miss a SINGLE GAME due to Injury. He played continuously in all the Games including Champions League. On the other hand Vincent Company, Bale, Ousmane Dembele and especially the Atletico Madrid Defender Jose Jimenez are constantly injured (that is why Atleti wants to sell him to us, to get rid of him for 120million Euros are we Crazy?). The most important thing if we want to buy a Player is to Look at his Injury History. Loftus-Cheek is made of glass for example.

    76. Andre Otshudi

      Everyone to leave chelsea in the summer

    77. Abe Alno

      Rudi don’t like being benched and fight fir his spot. I’d rather sell him than zouma. At least Zouma won’t cause chaos in the dressing room.

    78. JynZ0

      Koman looks like a lateral move to me, honestly think Pulisic’s potential is higher tbh We don’t even use wingers 😅 I honestly think Pulisic should try wingback like CHO Alonso doesn’t exactly hug the touch line, he likes to drift inside so why not Pulisic? The defensive duties of the wingback in our current system is minimal

      1. JynZ0

        @Christoph Davis fair

      2. Christoph Davis

        It's too dangerous for him to put extra pressure on his body by adding huge defensive responsibilities. His playing style is direct with huge bursts of energy. He's showed that playing like that is too hard for his body already and he has to figure out how to impact the game without injury. In all honesty, he hasn't found a way to manage that yet. Hence his drop in production.

    79. Rojat Seven

      Pulisic should be sent on loan to Bayern

      1. RLubin

        Not a bad idea at all

    80. Abe Alno

      If pulisic leave only Pedro Neto can replace him.

    81. Chevaughn Garrick

      Chelasea don’t need coman

    82. M Stl

      by the way, my first 11 preview aginst Leeds: Mendy - Rüdiger, Silva, Azpi - Chilwell, Jorginho, Kante, James - Pulisic, Mount, Havertz . What do u think ? :-)

    83. Oliseh Coker

      Too early to start reporting transfer rumor, just making content for videos for content sake

    84. Bradley

      Give me Fikayo, or give me death!

    85. Ina xaaji

      Yea sell werner worthless boi he is he will cost us in big games with minimal chances

    86. Timilehin Olabiyi

      We cant afford to lose another world class player, i think we should keep pulisic and werner please

    87. Shrimpninja

      I Werner leaves, my dad would be enraged. He had just bought me jersey for Werner, 120 USD. It just can’t happen

      1. BOOM

        Don't worry mate

    88. LP-James CFC

      Rudiger is such a Spursy player

    89. Jason North

      Maybe Werner involved in a swap with Haaland to save us money could be a good deal for all involved if he does want to leave

    90. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Chelsea shouldn't.. our defense world class at the moment..

    91. R

      I’d rather sell pulisic then get both haaland and sancho

    92. Kevoh Blessoh

      My opinion..... We've unlocked pulisic potential earlier and we know what he is capable of..........For me he is the player to keep.........we have the best squad right now full of world class players. TT need to work with that and set his mind on lifting the trophies.........

    93. Andile Artwell Shandu

      Look when Chelsea is winning GBFC is growing fast 🔥🔥🔥

    94. a lullaby

      Nah we keep VVerner

    95. anupam das

      Conclusion: the media is shit

    96. Henrique Ludolf Luck

      I wouldn't mind switching werner for haaland + money...

    97. Kumar Khanal

      Pulisic is next big thing.. plz don't leave... leave odoi play pulisic

    98. Jay Cee

      Werner plus money for haaland

    99. Ken Wright

      Drogba didnt set the premiership alight in his first season, then looked at what happened!! Werner is class and will come good

      1. Ken Wright

        @James Giffen He missed quite a few you will find and the crowd were on his back!! But lets hope that Timo comes good mate

      2. James Giffen

        Drogba had bad performances but didn’t miss sitter after sitter

    100. Turboguy99

      Werner hasn’t been bad it’s often harder to get the chances another game he scores so give it this season and I think he will deliver

      1. Turboguy99

        @Michal Siwik yeah again I agree but I think pulisic has been poor when given chances to start. I think it’s just a bit of luck is needed at the end of the day

      2. Turboguy99

        @Michael M I can’t argue but I still want to see Werner succeed so I’d give him time. My argument is he’s doing to hardest hit which is to get the chance in the first place. Even if he had 7 more goals than he has its respectable. It’s a bit of luck also

      3. Michal Siwik

        @Michael M Agreed, as much as I want werner to perform he hasn't been anywhere near good. Put bluntly, creating chances is good for fu ck all when you cant score. And tonnes of these chances have just been out right sitters and at this moment in time he's a flop. I'd give him till the end of the season but I'm not rly hopeful. Also probs would rather pulisic get the minutes considering how good he is when in form.

      4. Michael M

        Are you kidding, werner was bought to score and he's worse than morata right now. I'm sure if Pulisic had the same amount of games and minutes, our team would be unstoppable with 3 goals a game and great up front chemistry.

      5. Le Makak

        100% agreeing, Werner is very good at getting in behind but still has minor dribbling and big finishing problems. Mainly causes by a clear lack of confidence. But the biggest part of his game that is exactly what we wanted from him are the perfect runs in behind, the acting of a "wing/false 9" striker on the pitch and his reading of the game. We'll have the best team in PL once Werner, Havertz and Pulisic get back in form