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    CHELSEA NEWS | The TRUTH On Eden Hazard Returning to CHELSEA | CHELSEA'S BIG £400M HAALAND BOOST. Welcome back to another Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News, we discuss the possibility of Real Madrid selling Eden Hazard this summer if they successfully bring back Cristiano Ronaldo to the Bernebeu. I also discuss the Big Chelsea boost in the pursuit of Erling Haaland. Roman Abramovich has supposedly said that he wants Chelsea to sign Haaland this summer 'AT ALL COSTS'... Let me know your thoughts on these two BIG Chelsea Transfer stories in the comments below!
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    1. Davor Vucic

      Eden is a genius blues forever 👍⚽️

    2. Utkarsh Singh

      Hazard left on a high note, let's leave it at that. Haaland won't sign unless we can bag the Champions League this season.

    3. Steve Goldsworthy

      I think if we were to sign Harland we could well win the premiership such a good striker goal machine

    4. Jake enea

      I think hazard will come back on loan

    5. Philip Gehde

      Can we buy Ronaldo? :D

    6. chelseaboi25

      40 mil jeeez bro wouldnt want to pay more than 15 million he’s in serious trouble with injuries 40 million would be to much of a risk

    7. Why Fhy

      Rudiger has even scored 50% of the goals we've conceded. COYB🔵🔵

    8. The One

      I think every Chelsea fan wants hazard back unfit or fit

    9. The Proof

      Oscar and haz back yes please

    10. firehound

      we won boys COYB

    11. Taonga Chipeta

      I wish Hazard hadn't left. We do miss his creativity but i think Chelsea needs to move on without him. Especially if his injuries are difficult to manage.


      touchel bonus buy in halland dyballa

    13. Yuvraj Sekhon

      who’s here after chelsea beat athletics 2~0

    14. Oung Sokunbandith

      2-0 !!!!!!!

    15. Ghost A

      fugazi galactico

    16. Jack Mc Bride


    17. Carl Olofsson

      We just slaughtered Atletico, I love my life💙

    18. Gary Martin

      Oh yer Eden hazard back tomorrow please

    19. Thorsten Klopp

      We'll see what happens. Hazard is great but too old as if Chelsea would buy him again. Maybe on loan. I have a feeling, Haaland could go to Chelsea. I don't think Werner will join BVB in exchange. They just cannot afford him. But maybe if Bayern sells Coman and keep Flick as a coach they might be interested in Werner.

    20. Chultim Bhutia

      Halaand is not coming bro he will go to bigger team

    21. Thorsten Klopp

      I'm nervous too but now it's 1:0 for Chelsea and Ziyech made it.

      1. Yousuf Films ™


    22. Truth Always Wins

      Tuchel is worse than Ranieri, Tinker Tuchel

    23. Wesley Coulter

      Hazard coming back is a big fat NO for me for example look at bale at spurs his 2nd spell has not worked out for him the same thing would happen to hazard aswell

    24. KEB Business Lines

      my only worry is zouma starting

    25. KingMobile FC

      Rudiger 🔥 My Sierra leone brotha!

    26. Chuks Obiora

      Hazard's best days are gone with his multiple injuries. Let's focus on Haaland please.

    27. Danijel Hrup

      Only 3 or 4 players that came from PL ( where they were great ) became even better in La Liga - Ronaldo, Luka Modric, Luis Suarez and Bale ( but Bale was not consistent like previous 3 )... One can see, that this players still play on the highest level / never mind the years they at

    28. Big E.

      Sometimes you guys have to tell the truth. I love Hazard so much but he left Chelsea when we needed him. He made Chelsea look like a second class team and Real Madrid was the ultimate team to join. He was our golden player but he forced himself out of the team though his transfer was not as bad as Courtois. I hope he feels better and continue with Real Madrid

    29. Timothy Hickey


    30. Ajara Richard

      Yes we need garden of Eden back to revive his career

    31. tibu johnson

      Not going to happen but I would love him to come back

    32. Yusuf I


    33. CtrlClips

      Just get him back. We know how to manage him and that he’s naturally a ‘lazy’ player in training, so let him recover and we’ll see the Eden we all love 💙 I’m probably dreaming but I’d love to see it happen

    34. LOVE YOURz

      i think Eden should stay Madrid after it is his DREAM club after. And there aint no going back for me TBH I love the guy but that would just slow down what we are trying build at chelsea

    35. Amkos Sierra Leone

      Halaand would be a good addition

    36. Amkos Sierra Leone

      Hazard should return bak

    37. Jourdain Lowe

      Honestly, Haland in a deal for Tammy would be an amazing deal that allows him a route back to the club after he's become successful internationally

    38. Dantantin

      george pin this comment if u love chelsea

    39. Dave

      It's clearly been a transitional year if that term is correct. There's this sense of "this isn't the Chelsea for the future." There are plenty of aging players in the team and that has hindered the younger players progressing. I don't believe we need Hazard back. It just creates even more congestion up front. Imagine with a year under their belt how good Werner and Havertz could be. Imagine adding Haaland. Imagine Pulisic finding his form again. Imagine the jump Mount will make/has been making. Imagine Kovacic getting more minutes. Imagine Reece James and Chillwell moving into the starting 11 more regularly. The team Chelsea could field next year, hopefully with fans back, could be incredible.

    40. Rob B

      Rudiger is still not good. He had a good run of form and a few lucky moments where he messed up and got bailed out by Mendy or opponent messing up. In the long term zouma still way better. Just like you get down and want to throw him away in the past he is no where as good as everyone thinks he is atm with a small sample size that is Mis leading. Tuchel has played very defensive and ofc all guys who didn’t play under lampard but now play under tuchel are going to have a high % clean Should you do opposite with all offensive players? Mount, odio, giroud, Abraham, etc all have goals and assist WAY down?

    41. yave

      hazard would kill it here

    42. Bxstxn

      everyone get their filthy hands off my timo werner

    43. Tony Churchley

      Yes it would be great to have Hazard back at Chelsea. He was our best ever player.

    44. Martin Yeboah

      Haaland is what we need this summer

    45. Julian Lyhus

      Hey! An Arsenal fan here but i just want to say i love hazard my all time fav football player, ye i know probably a bit more than henry

    46. fantastiske nikola

      I want Hazard back, but dont think he will be as good as he was before he went to Real

    47. Triff Ov

      I would see Hazard back just because he is funny🤣🔵

    48. tortie51

      No, keep RJ in the side 💙💙💙

    49. yddub bud

      what for? hazard is a shell of himself, always plagued with injuries. if he moves, go to Arsenal retirement home

    50. Jamie Campbell

      Some Chelsea fans are just simps for Hazard. He spent most of his time here thinking he was bigger than the club and looking for a way out. Not to mention his toys out the pram episodes with Jose.

    51. Dave weststand

      Yes, I would love to see Hazard back at the Bridge for the right price. Our team of physios at Cobham can work wonders and once he loses a bit of timber then I reckon they can get him back to fill fitness fairly quickly. He will not have lost any of his skills and I can see TUCHEL using him as a super sub !! So, I believe he will come good, providing we use him sensibly !!

    52. Emmanuel Umoren

      I love Hazard to pieces but he left on a high. I don't want him back lest his beautiful legacy be destroyed. Haaland? I totally want him. Even if all Chelsea fans have to contribute £10 each to get him I will readily contribute my quota!

    53. Lachlan Austine

      We don't need hazard, the prem is the most physical league in the world and having hazard getting hurt in not so physical league will only build up an injury bill. He's good but won't suit our play with youth coming through this season and next.

    54. Samuel Ergando

      We would only take him for 15 mil

    55. tony behan

      Hazard not for me , never works once these guys have left , would hate a poor return to spoil his memory , he was class and thats how we remember him

    56. Lewis Dicks

      I just don't understand why CHELSEA fans can't just move on. HAZARD MADE his choice and left CHELSEA now it seems to be a bad choice we should bye him back. makes me laugh he made the choice he has to LIVE with it. NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN CHELSEA THANKYOU FOR WHAT YOU DONE I WISH YOU WELL WITH WHAT HAPPENS AT MADRID.

    57. Brian Joseph

      Can’t see Chelsea buying hazard back .But would love to see him back in the blue of Chelsea

    58. Christian pulisic

      I cant wait for chelsea vs athletico Madrid like if u feel the same way😏

    59. Giovanni Turco

      I give werner for haaland and a plus cash deal on top for him

    60. ryan

      Honestly don't worry about overlapping content not everyone (me) watches football daily. You guys are all more self conscious about that than anyone else.

    61. Alex Tarazi

      You are absolutely out of your mind. There is nothing like getting another injury prone striker. Eden moved on, Chelsea moved on. Next page

    62. Mr_Rendulic 123

      20 mill 1 year loan for hazard would be great and if we could buy Haland and loan Tammy to a decent prem team

    63. Khalid Rafi

      Any promo offer or free balance for us in GBFC??

    64. Mattias Edlund

      Personally I’d like to see Kai, Callum and giroud up top with Reece as rwb. Then give Werner a chance in the league instead.

    65. Jermaine Larmond

      Werner stays😎

    66. edmond choi

      no hazard please we need haaland


      Defenders don't usually score goals. I'm not a Man City fan or anything Chelsea all the way but then there's John Stones

    68. Ramazan Samat

      I absolutely love Hazard! Unfortunately, it looks like his injuries have finally caught up to him. I would love to see Eden in the blue shirt again - I just don't want it to put a shadow on his incredible career at Chelsea

    69. Daliso Tembo

      Why bring him back?to block our young talents who are struggling with play time? I like him but strongly don't want him back

    70. FW

      pls bring hazard back

    71. Ali Asuma

      Get Lukaku instead Germany league is not strong

    72. Khoi

      I dont think there is going back for Eden Hazard. His game depend on his lower body strength and speed. So with these injuries, it is sad to say, but the best of Eden is gone.

    73. Ibrahim Ahmed

      He is going through surgery again. If he recover from all injuries, We will always welcome Hazard. And we will never sell Werner, Pulicic, Ziyech. Rather Haaland and Hazard ( fully fit can give 3 more years) are must sign if we want to win anything next year. Why not buy Ronaldo?

    74. LightRay

      4am kick-off squad! ✋🏻 yes, I'm also in South-East Asia, not very far from Bali actually.

    75. Solomon Koronge

      Must win

    76. Janoy Morgan

      Dont want back Hazard at Chelsea, if he cant keep fit in a less physical league how will he in in the most physical league in Europe? Hard to say it but Hazard done he can go retire. who is Hazard gonna start over in his current form and fitness? we are building a team for the future, no stupid regression. Werner not going anywhere he will be at chelsea.

    77. Tatenda Bwititi

      GB do you ever comment or respond to our comments? has anyone ever gotten a response on the comments section from GB except for the mentions in a few vids and the question-and-answer episode he did a while ago?

    78. Tatenda Bwititi

      Hazard's time at Chelsea has come and gone. let him remain a legend. Surely it should be wishful thinking that he would be the same as he was if he is to return. Injuries and new managers have changed that narrative and already we have enough people fighting for positions at Chelsea right now. I don't think we have a place for him in the starting 11 unless his work rate improves.

    79. Urban G.

      I would give 90mil€ and Tammy for Haaland.. Our strikers: Haaland, Timmo, Kai:)

    80. Kudzie 321

      GB FC selects.... My country is blocked man👀👀👀

    81. John Rohlf

      Return to Eden? Never go back. Haaland. Price demanded is tulip time. Pass. Wait for the market to get realistic.

    82. Dan Skinner

      George,think it might be a good time to do a video on our loan army with a put in next season squad, loan out again or sell on theme. I'm thinking that there's alot we can move on Barclay, RLC, Batchuai etc.

    83. Neo Ren Jie

      I've been wanting to ask this for a long time. Why do you crop your video in and out randomly? Seems like a lot of work but doesn't add anything.

    84. Nxnxshi

      2-1 chels! 🤩💙

    85. n473

      i feel like george thinks he and yan are above younes, but tbh i like younes the most. put some respect on younes’s name 😤

    86. lupzee

      the fact that chelsea fans still have any hope of getting haaland is so funny😂

      1. lupzee

        nah i’m a united fan but george is a class youtuber so i watch all his videos

      2. I dont get it

        Aw look, the closet chelsea fan is back

    87. Ryan H

      Hazard had a plan with Roman they was gonna let him go to real for 2 years early chelsea a lot of money then while he’s there just treat it as a 2 year holiday in madrid and after he can just come back home


      Where is your link to your game

    89. deepak moharil

      0-0 is safer😁

    90. Om Sareen

      George do you think halaand and werner can play together and what would this mean for the wide players/wingers?

    91. Mr Reality

      I love Eden Hazard. like every other chlesea fan, did not want him to leave, but was excited to see him light up la liga and face players like Messi. As a Chelsea fan would always welcome him back! but doubt the board would invest in a player who seems to now have some serious chronic injury concerns.

    92. Chinnock channel

      Hazard will always be injured a Madrid , because he has been a privilege prince of Chelsea, he didn't have to train that hard always the special treated , but at Madrid he has to train hard everyday n his body is just not used to that continues hard training

    93. John Hadlow

      I've always believed in promoting from within, as Liverpool did way back when. Sad about Frank not getting the time. So if we had Eden back to teach the younger players, that would be great.

    94. Joydip Dey

      I would love see hazard in chelsea back again and retire there. I also want this for Azpi and kante as well. It still hurts to see JT, Frankie playing for other clubs.

    95. Izdore Theo

      Tbh i dont fancy hazards move back, no offense i respect th Belgian for wht he did to us over those yrs bt times have changed n so is th prem! I guess if madrid wants to get rid of him then he will jst have to find another club....

    96. bobbydeazy

      Haaland is the only signing we need, we need someone who can sign goals we should break the bank everthing else is good enough at this time just ideal another leading CB.

    97. Chinnock channel

      Rudiger passes the ball left foot n right foot

    98. Vayne Irisu

      I prefer bring back Oscar , because he said he want to retire at Chelsea 😁

      1. Dave weststand

        There's no way Chelsea will resign Oscar !! Not going to happen .!!!!

    99. Cmdr Cockspur

      Hazard is finished. He'd be a better fit at Arsenal. Chelsea should be looking to the future, not the past.

    100. Lewis Davenport

      I would swap Werner for Haaland all day long