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    CHELSEA NEWS | Erling HAALAND vs Romelu LUKAKU? Which Striker WILL CHELSEA SIGN? Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News video, I discuss the latest links with Chelsea FC and Ex Chelsea Striker Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku has been linked with a move back to Chelsea FC this summer but Chelsea are still confident that they can Sign Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund this summer. Dortmund have said whoever is to sign Haaland from them this summer will have to pay £154Million. Who would you rather Chelsea signed this summer? Haaland or Lukaku? Let me know in the comments below!
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    1. Kola Aderinto

      Let's for Aguero, he is a natural goal scorer who is already playing in the premier league and knows the system. He has the experience. He still has a lot offer regardless of age and fitness issue. He is fast and explosive, the kind of guy we need. He won't struggle to adapt like players coming from other league

    2. Bafoe Fortyfoe

      I prefer Halland than any other strikers you name please 🙏

    3. Sheeesh

      Zyiech ---> Lukaku ----> league won

    4. Timothy Hickey


    5. marija ivanovska


    6. Turbo MMA

      Go for haaland and if we fail lukaku is the backup plan.

    7. Z3N M

      I dnt want lukaku... I feel he'll end up like pogba for man utd...😕🤔

    8. Georgi Rejev

      We do not need that traitor Lukaku, he had chance to come back to Chelsea but he chose MU before, plus Holland is 21 and better than Lukaku. Lukaku never scores against big clubs. So the answer to that question is clear who we want at the Bridge :)))

    9. lisa martins

      hakimi is a gazelle love him with sancho funny how gaining haaland but losing hakimi/sancho duet=no champions league. think about it.

    10. Kgalema Mngadi

      I don't think Chelsea will sign Lukaku, if they sign anyone. I think it'll be the same with Declan Rice. They won't wanna bring back a player they sold thinking he wasn't good enough.

    11. lisa martins

      rlc back fit pray tt keeps him stay with what we have and improve our game. we are doing well. man city arsenal leicester porto x 2 real/lfc bayern again.

    12. Kgalema Mngadi

      I feel that we need to be more focused on retaining Giroud, then get Werner, Havertz, Abraham, Ziyech and Pulisic on form.

    13. Kgalema Mngadi

      Is it really necessary for us to sign any players at the moment? I think if we can get our strikers firing, midfielders creating more chances and the defense remaining solid, we honestly do not need sign more players. Just complicating things.

    14. lisa martins

      footy back tomorrow xlnt

    15. Derek Simons

      I think we've got a really good squad maybe signing a young striker would be great and Jorginho might leave so we should try to sign either Rice or Locatelli . I believe in Timo Werner we don't need another big name striker right now

    16. Martin


    17. Keith Isted

      Hi I

    18. Kepa Arrizabalaga

      We can sell abraham and get haaland

    19. Caleb Aîrâwn

      Always holland over lukaku

    20. Matt Smith

      I love Pulisic. He's super talented, but we need to trade him (and Werner) to get Haaland. Pulisic is crafty but his defense is bad and he's just too small. He'll be better for a team like West Ham where he can start every game and provide them real value.

    21. Matt Smith

      Werner as a striker has been a failure at Chelsea. He has great pace and some positive characteristics, however, his first touch is terrible, his one v one skills are poor, he is bad at redirecting the ball toward the goal, and his finishing is inaccurate. He is not starting material...

    22. Jack

      There is no contest it should always be Haaland over Lukaku ... But we aren't at the pedigree to sign Haaland at the moment. I mean if money was no object I'd sign Mbappe personally because he is incredible.

    23. Stephen R

      Haaland will be at City next season and always was going to be.....

    24. The One

      If haaland wants over 400k I don’t think we should get him our best player( mount) I think is only on 80k a week so it would be to unfair I rather just get hazard Ollie Watkins or Lukaku I don’t want aguero

    25. Sherif Emera

      If it’s not Haaland then Kane would be the second best, then comes Lukaku.

    26. Alex Lockhart

      What about Harry Kane? I know he’s a direct rival however if we are willing to spend big and fail to get Haalland etc then surely it’s a good idea? He’s premier league and champions league proven. I honestly think it could be an amazing match!? Plus he’s probably keen to leave Spurs to win trophies ?

    27. P. Strong

      We must do everything we can to get haaland! Lukaku is not going to win us anything! Just because he doing well in a Mickey Mouse league does not mean anything! Haaland could handle the PL

    28. Kow Kok

      Do we have any options other than Lukaku?

    29. Alhassan Shiraz

      Yes we'll need lukaku if we can't get haaland

    30. GistTech

      Swoop Giroud for Aguero, Buy Haaland use Tammy Abraham as part of the deal

    31. Football Demon 9

      Is your girlfriend actually from Moldova?

    32. Paul Golding

      Haaland won't happen. City bound just like his dad. I'd have Kakkers back here in a heartbeat. Loves the club as well and has a point to prove and will cost considerably less than Haaland.

    33. Jon Cassidy

      Maybe we should thank Joachim Low for stating what we now have the sample size to say is obvious. Play Werner against the high press, play Werner when you want to counterpress, play Werner as a super sub. But stop expecting him to unlock a low block of yobbos. Just not his game.

    34. Jon Cassidy

      Aguero would be a perfect fit for Chelsea under Tuchel. Obv, Haaland is bae. But Aguero's defensive savvy, popping up for an interception here and there, plus his perfect possession, plus his threat in the box. By all means, sign him up. Will be the Thiago of the front line.

    35. Suhail Mohamed

      Have been hearing rumours that Halland doesn't want to come to Chelsea. Do you reckon there's any truth in it?

    36. Alex Fox

      You know what I don’t want haaland Give timo time and next season he will be a danger this season

    37. sheldoninst

      Chelsea are like a kid in a toy store... “toy I see toy I want”... Meanwhile, while they seem to have solved defensive problems, they’ve a plethora of excellent attacking players with at least one of them world class (Pulisic), yet they’re not getting consistent playing together and aren’t able to gel.... bring in Haaland, Agüero or whoever else, and it’ll be the same thing over and over again....

    38. ELIAS CFC

      Mr. GBFC, 3 days without YES GUYS were so boring. You can talk about anything about CFC and there is a smile on my face. I am worried if Haaland will face the same issue at Chelsea which Timo is facing (Chelsea striker curse) :D

    39. Mani H

      This topic is getting so old, for the love of god find something else to talk about...

    40. Nick Mogielnicki

      Fuck Haaland, we’re good.

    41. theletterziscool

      Hang the Stanford bridge sign up above the yes guys sign

    42. stephen Tookey

      A bit late but if Haarland is that good how come Norway 1 Montenegro 0 and he did not score the goal.

    43. Adam Cooper

      Can u do a video on ur outgoings and incomings?

    44. common sense

      Lukako doesn't like Chelsea.

    45. justasoftie

      Why are we not being linked with Harry Kane? I'm sure Kane will be handing in a transfer request after the euros and I think he would be perfect for us. What do you think George??

    46. Lamaran barry


    47. CrYpTiC_

      R u ever coming to live back in England ???

    48. Afroboy Tiller VEVO

      Chelsea need a very strong and consistent CB too..

    49. saied sarvestani

      I think we should go all in for Håland, and if we fail to sign Håland we should sign Aguero and wait for the next Håland. Aguero can help us in the next 1/2 season until we find a world-class striker.

    50. don't cry

      Need some Omegle content.

    51. pat

      Rip Claude and my dad 😢😢😞🙏🏾

      1. pat

        @Music and Football Playlist channel thanks fam and I will try my best 🙏🏾💪🏾

      2. Music and Football Playlist channel

        Stay strong brother 💪💙🙏

    52. David Wright

      Chelsea have needed a striker for the last 2 years they should be atleast 90% done in the signing of Erling haaland

    53. Mubtasim Monzur

      Bring in aguero for free as giroud might leave

    54. Sam Ladjemi

      Mason Mount will become world class ☝ and Warner will take off next season KTBFFH

    55. K M-18

      Claude the LEGEND ❤️ ✊

    56. Prince Offor

      City will take kane

    57. Mason Mount

      2012: Drogba was 34 2021: Giroud will be 34 2012: Young manager gets sacked due to poor run of games 2021: Young manager gets sacked due to poor run of games 2012: Won the FA Cup 2021: May win the FA Cup 2012: Faced Portuguese side in QF 2021: Faced Portuguese side in QF 2012: Faced a Spanish side in Semi Finals 2021: Possiblity of facing Spanish side in Semi Finals 2012: Faced a German side in Final 2021: Possiblity of facing German side in Final 2012: The last time Liverpool lost multiple home games in a row 2021: Liverpool lose multiple home games in a row 2012 is an anagram of 2021 Its all set for us...

    58. stephen Tookey

      I think Werner will come good next season and there is no guarantee Harland will do the same in the premier league, he might he might not Lukaku is proven I think Harland will go to Spain what we need to remember is many players take a season to adjust Drogba was not great in his first season. Plus this has been a strange year all round.

    59. m. delgado18

      What do you think about the rumors of corona going to Chelsea?

    60. Arn Gyssels

      Fully agree on Haaland of course being number 1 to reel in but if Haaland wasn't there getting Lukaku is also gonna be the cherry on the cake for Chelsea, love to see our local Belgian star play for Chelsea again, he is gonna score the goals we need no matter what.

    61. Lotte Petterson

      Hopefully Tammy Abraham leaves, I do not fancy him at all.

    62. David Wright

      Rip Claude from aftv unfortunately it was his time to go wat a loss

    63. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Daria is not British?

    64. Paradox Ash

      Chelsea isn't part of his shortlist , stop this haaland push . We are just embarrassing ourselves

    65. Paradox Ash

      Haaland doesnt want to join chelsea though. His shortlist is Man utd , Man city , liv , barca , rma and juve

    66. Dan Gamez

      Im moldoavan

    67. Joffrey 23

      we could send tammy to dortmund plus money for dortmund cause he hasnt signed a contract yet

    68. Mr. ZoumaIdini

      you're really believing the indykayla news george??

    69. Sean Mulvany

      in terms of werner he didn’t reach our expectations in terms of goal scoring. but my expectations were exceeded in terms of his goal involvements and his impact he’s had on some games. gotta remember pulisic didn’t hit the ground running, we must give werner time given he hadn’t a better debut season than CP

      1. Sean Mulvany

        *he had

    70. Nick Ortiz

      It looks like Mason Mount got injured 😔😔😔

    71. Notorious DKL

      I don’t think conte or inter will allow big lukaks to leave

    72. Piedro Milamanio

      lukaku doens't fit our playing either... he's perfect for counter football (antonio conte)

    73. Janoy Morgan

      conte and chelsea at court, conte not doing business with chelsea. Get Haaland

    74. Notorious DKL

      Also mino rinola doesn’t like dealing with pep or Man City

    75. archiewall15

      I don’t see city getting Haaland, I don’t think pep will want him he doesn’t fit their system and tbh Man City never spend that sort of money on a player

    76. Rusab Josi

      Halland is the one who make goal goal ..

    77. Nix

      4:54 Have to disagree here George. Chelsea have a history of not participating/ not winning the majority of transfer races they are in. Only reason we got so many talented players last season in Havertz, Werner, etc. was because no one was seriously in for them or due to the lack of funds all across Europe. I just don't see Haaland wearing a Chelsea shirt at the start of next season, but we will see how it develops!

    78. MMAoracle

      Haaland >>>>> Lukaku

    79. Brogan Josh

      I am Belgium but was never a fan of Lukaku. He is eternally suffering from righteous indignation and is always angry at the "establishment". It's gotten tiring after a decade. Bless his soul for finally having directed that anger towards scoring some goals in Serie A but don't want to deal with that energy in Chelsea

    80. Mercy God's child

      NO to lukaku unless we are getting haaland as well lol Dream would be giroud out, abraham out and haaland in, aguero or lukaku in.

    81. Aaron David

      HAALAND! Lukaku failed to prove himself at Manchester United. Haaland is a generational talent. Lukaku probably couldn't do half what Haaland did in Bundesliga.

    82. Mercy God's child

      City is yet to beat Chelsea in any transfer tussles ! It will all come down to player's choice and city.

    83. Om Sareen

      Man tbh do we really need a striker??????

    84. Bahbah Dewsaw


    85. Mercy God's child

      Barcelona manager said he is not interested in signing aguero

    86. Mercy God's child

      No to lukaku and yes to haaland

    87. Martin Yeboah

      Lukaku is looking unlikely he will sign a new contract extension. We should concentrate on getting Haaland

    88. Ed A

      We should start puli next game deserves it he got a motm against Sheffield United and Northern Ireland

    89. Nelson Nogales Arroyo

      Haaland wont come, he wants Madrid and it's pretty much a done deal. Aguero will go to Barcelona. Lukaku with a 100k price is just ridiculous plus he'll renew with inter. We need another striker, imo we should focus on Kane.

    90. Ed A

      We should try for Calvert Lewin if we can’t get those 2

    91. HHH1997

      I just realise maybe timo werner is chelsea's latauro martinez

    92. mateo alejandro arana siekmann

      You can never justify that price, this sport is a business now

    93. R K

      We need Hakimi instead of Lukaku..for Haaland we should eye for ...Roman ur the man.we wining champion league Haaland will be ours

    94. Erik Nordstrom

      mendy james. silva rudiger chilwell kante kova ziyech/odoi mount/kai werner/odoi haaland

      1. Anas Frouh

        Harland is not coming to chelsea

    95. Fahd Ahmed

      I don't think Lukaku will be considered by the board because he was an ex-Chelsea player. Frank wanted Declan desperately but the board didn't allow him to get Declan although he was only sold as a boy. Lukaku was sold when he was a professional player. As much as I'd like him to come to Chelsea if we can't sign Haaland, the board will not make it happen.

    96. 5thDawg

      R.i.p to Claude from AFTV. 🕊

    97. bobbydeazy

      Anything to stop city getting haaland to save the premier League, if they sign him I am out of what used to be a fun sport to watch.

    98. bobbydeazy

      We got rid of Lukaku once we don't want him back he never did anything in prem for Chelsea or United. Its haaland all day everyday and if we don't land him we are fd

    99. Erick Ngandu

      U have bern quiet Benson

    100. Hamras Haris

      20 goals+ assists in 39 games is a decent stat keeping in mind that it's his first season and he's played in the left wing and also played as a no.10