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    CHELSEA NEWS | Eden Hazard to RETURN to CHELSEA from REAL MADRID THIS SUMMER? Chelsea are reportedly interested in bringing Eden Hazard back to Chelsea this summer from Real Madrid. Reports suggest that €60million could be accepted by Real Madrid if Chelsea wish to resign Eden Hazard in the summer transfer window. What are your thoughts on Chelsea resigning Eden Hazard? Would you rather we spent the money on trying to bring Jadon Sancho from Dortmund who are supposedly looking to sell Sancho in the next transfer window?
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    1. Adoga Jackson

      I would like to see Hazard back in the bridge he is our lengend

    2. Ardamannjit S Sandhu

      Yessss want a watch along!!!!

    3. Sheneika Cocker

      Hazard is a good player we is welcome back but legend no frank, joe, clad, micheal, john, drogba, anelka or icon so why hazard so fast be a legend mmmm

    4. Neil Dickson

      he bleeds blue.i named my youngest after him for a reason

    5. Charlie Robert

      I would love to see him back but hes not the same as b4 and we would be better of investing in someone like haaland or a cd

    6. Giraffe Football

      I think Hazard would be good buisness for Chelsea, he's proven he can light up the premier league and is a legend. With regards to Sancho, Haaland whatever, great players but how can you be sure they wont struggle like Havertz is?

    7. Williain Marual

      Thanks God 🙏🙏🙏

    8. awadzi selase

      The young players are okay. We don't need more. Hazard is important is needed.

    9. Robet Y

      Nah. He's been defiled.

    10. mackan2017

      Sancho??? Behave.....🙄👎🏻👎🏻

    11. Danijel Hrup

      Hazard... oh yea that fat, small bastard that plays front left in Real Madrid ( you can have him for 10 millions - cuz He ain`t worth much more ) I heard some people said that He was in TOP 3 best players in the world, where are those people - so I can kick them in their elephant trunk

    12. gerald Investmentcc

      Welcome back home Hazard the blue for life!!

    13. MaD- MullaH

      Don't buy Hazard plz

    14. MaD- MullaH

      Chelsea will sell Ziyech..and he will become abothbSalah.. Dumb azz podcaster 🤷🏽‍♂️

    15. Aa E1

      I hope he doesn't come back 🤮

    16. Harry Percyvale

      Though Hazard was a great player for Chelsea fc, Hazard made his decision to leave Chelsea. Greener grass has not come to fruition! To be honest, many wise Chelsea fans know full well, a player like Hazard will not get back his form "the way it used to be" . Sentimentality has no place where competition on the field is all that counts. Next time players like Hazard gets advice from the like of "Robert Martinez", they should think twice.

    17. Real Madrid fan

      Please take this shit footballer

    18. LiT

      I'm on the same boat. I'll always welcome him back. It'd be surreal to see him play for us but it doesn't make sense. Thought we are building a new team for the future.

    19. WineGodOriginal

      Which channel do you watch the game please someone answer

    20. Jack Malcolm

      Madrid was just a holiday bring him home 💙

    21. M G

      Unfortunately can't share the feelings you have for Jose. Dude's played a major part in our history and there's no question bout that but the way he behaved and things he said about Chelsea when he was United and Spurs manager kinda made the admiration I had for him diminish massively. Mere fact he became Utd manager disgusts me but it is what it is I guess. And yeah, would totally take Eden back even if he would give us 40-60% of what he gave us all these years at the Bridge.

    22. Dean Hillier

      Dont want him. Dont need him. Remember sari's stats with and without hazard. We were better without him. Over paid and injury prone.

    23. 76HabeasCorpus

      I was gutted when Chelsea sold Hazard, he was such a talent, he won us a lot of games and I will always consider him a Chelsea legend. I'm honestly a bit undecided whether I would want him back at the bridge though. Look at Gareth Bales recent return to spurs for instance, hasn't exactly been a glorious return for what was once a world class player, arguably the most "talented" player to put on a spurs shirt. I'd just hate to have Hazards legacy marred by a injury ridden, bench bound return. On the other hand it is Eden Hazard we are talking about here, course I'd love to see him don a Chelsea shirt again but I also wouldn't be too upset if we didn't see him back at the Bridge and we went for Sancho instead. Kind of a win win really.

    24. Charmaine Clarke

      Would be great to have hazard back at chelsea 💙

    25. Solex Wise

      we just want Eden back!! We got his magic 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    26. Ejembi Moses

      No offence but I think robben and Zola have valid claims as most talented players ever to play at Chelsea; Zola brought abramovich and robben sadly was pushed out by mou and see what he achieved at bayen.

    27. Soo

      The hazard move and payment a lil better version of Spurs and Bale, but hazard has been more injury prone can we loan, sell, trade Kai kepa chilwel and I’m an American 🇺🇸 so love pulisic, ziyech Zuma and Tammy... don’t fit his system. Need some time hurting their growth

    28. ketha aakash

      Watch alongside all the way

    29. Moses Adongo

      If he were to be part of this our team it would be dengrous and exciting

    30. Moses Adongo

      Hello he should come back soon please

    31. fiasko Dollari

      No we can't spend 60M on Hazard maybe a loan move with an option to buy. Splash the 60 M on Haaland

    32. ZombaHenry garrotKomp


    33. Ahmed Al fayyadh

      I am Madrid fan, you don’t need Hazard, he is not the player you used to know.

    34. Abhijit Kumar

      No not eden but throgan his small brother

    35. Nigel Bradford

      I would love to see Hazard back at the Bridge but not for €60M as its too big a risk & we would lose at least 1 of our wingers to make room. They are the future of the club whereas Hazard would be a short term feel good signing! As you say, I don't think Real actually want to sell him (or can afford to)! Look how long Bale received negative press (& from fans) but still wasn't sold! If he was to go for no more than €20M I'd say yes, & know he'd choose here.

    36. JKF 986

      It would be bad business for 30/31 year old if we use our heart instead of our mind. Lampard deja vu!

    37. Mohammed Abdullah

      I had to stop roadside while driving to make a comment, hopefully you read this. I really love the idea of Jadon Sancho, but that guy is coming from bundesliga. If you look at Timo and Kai, they are nowhere as fruitful as we thought they would be. That comparison alone make me wanna choose Eden Hazard on loan with an option of purchase. But for the sake of his legacy, it better if he looks at some other club where it's not very demanding in physical attributes. Cheers.

    38. soudre abdoul

      We want only Hurling Haaland

    39. Teddy Donahue

      George, the thing that bothers me is how transfer happy we are. We have invested a lot already in attacking talent (puli, werner, havertz, ziyech), why spend more when these players already have the potential to be at the level of hazard in the years to come? If not even better? We don't need sancho either. Never liked his attitude (there is a reason city got rid of him) and he will just ruin the potential of our current young attackers. We need to develop the hundreds of millions we have already spent on these amazing players. I personally would like to see a new midfield signing, such as camavinga from Rennes, if we really are looking to spend more. We already have such a young squad with so much potential, what is the need to spend more? I want to see the players we currently have hit their potential rather than trying to buy more, because if we dont it will come back and bite us in the ass. I dont want another lukaku, de bruyne or salah situation. As we have learned from this season, new signings dont always instantly solve problems. Back our players!!

    40. soudre abdoul

      Yes watch along 🙏

    41. Robert Andretta

      Would like to try watch along. Thanks.

    42. Lewis Mills07

      You and younes go on a discord and do watch alongs

    43. Hisham Abdo

      you should have the watch along with Younes because he already does one

    44. Oscar Shrestha

      Id buy hazard back for 80 mil even he doesnt play.. just wanna see the king back on his kingdom


      Future of Chelsea 🔥🔥 Haaland Werner. Havertz Pulisic. Mount. Gilmour. Hudson odoi Alaba. Upamecano. James Mendy

    46. I am Sam This is Daddy

      Hazard is one of my favorite players ever, but things haven’t worked out at Real mostly because he is over weight, extremely out of form and old for his position and role on the pitch. A good video idea would be to explain the pros and cons of bringing back a current form Eden Hazard. I don’t see many positives at the moment but am curious what others think.

    47. Vincent Luongo

      Kevin De Bruyne, Hazard, or Drogba most talented player ever to wear the Chelsea sweater?

    48. B C

      Nah - you are all wishing for something that will never happen. Stop looking back...

    49. BlueFacondor

      A lot of people don’t trust that Real Madrid medical team. There’s a reason Ronaldo bought his own medical team

    50. Philandre Chung

      Yes it would be great to see Hazard come back but he would jus push some great player with alot of potential like Pulisic and Hudson odoi out of the team and plus we really want a next left-foot winger in the team and I think that Douglas Costa would fit that roll perfectly.

    51. Barie White

      What’s happen to eden hazard with the injuries after years of abuse of tackles reminds me of kaka. Absolute world beater at Milan and was often kicked like Eden and move to Madrid at 29 like Eden and just get Injuries

    52. Abdillah Ambadar

      I personally love him to wear the blue shirt again, but, I also do know what most our fans are. Eden will be mocked by the fans, once again, like Lampard, if he is not playing like the first time he arrived. So I hope the idea Eden coming back to Chelsea won't be fulfilled.

    53. Bourre

      Keep the news coming. This is how I keep up with Chelsea news over in the States

    54. Gary Johnson

      IF this was going to happen. Surely the medical department at Chelsea would be told this whole deal depends on your professional skill and judgement. Not only that IF you tell Roman that his injurys are easily repairable and then weeks or months later Chelsea get a second and third opinion from different professional doctors and find out all along Eden Hazzard"s injurys were life finishing on the first examination and the medical department Messrs up or failed in any way. The Medical team she be sacked and then taken through the legal courts and banned from working for life being exposed via the media for the Charlotten medics they are. Even if which I'm sure happens players fake there medical examinations A GOOD medical team should spot a finished professional player in minutes of testing.

    55. DBaleni Football Channel

      Hazard return to Chelsea Issa NO for me. There is a new generation, we are learning to love the new guys and we should MOVE ON.

    56. Dean Kremer

      I think its a bad idea...the squad is already bloated with players in his position and he would take another spot away from Pulisic/CHO/Ziyech who have the potential to match the old Hazard and be better then the current

    57. Maryam

      I think its over for eden as much as i love him


      Hazard if they do so be it not in favour, We have alternative sources n depth already I believe he is not needed

    59. kadane hamil

      Jose will always be a legend. I think he will win the premier league for Tottenham. I pray that he doesn't though

    60. kadane hamil

      George I'm sure I speak for everyone here. Up with the live match reaction

    61. kadane hamil

      Could you commentate in the watch along please

    62. Shahid Willie

      He is always welcome

    63. Witchy1423

      People say that Thiagos so old but they all forget how Ronaldo the exact same age

    64. Griffin Hamel


    65. Jaimzofficial

      Hazard for £50mil would be insane.. let's think about it.. maybe hazards legs are too used to the cold winds of london and northern France.. the warm weather in madrid is making my man a jelly baby

    66. Jaimzofficial

      Jason sancho has too many characteristics that would disrupt a dressing room

      1. Onuoha Udeagha

        Like what?

    67. Jaimzofficial

      Hazard is a proven and respected premier league player.. he could walk and make players fall over.. in Spain it's a tough job with the mentioned current state to start over again


      I would take him back but its all about

    69. R S

      “100mb up isn’t too bad” you living in 2050 or something. Bloody 40mb in insane if you’re running a 50 person company.

    70. Robert Griffen

      Do a watch along

    71. Ayo Osin

      Hazard's days are number. So sorry 😞

    72. Deleo Ax30

      Who else thought Halaand after he said Dortmund not Sancho

    73. Alfra7

      I love hazard ! But I don’t want him back at all

    74. anotherpotatohead

      Hazard left Chelsea on a high. Let's keep it that way.

    75. Dimitri-Tariq Harris

      Plus he was kinda a panic buy cause without Ronaldo Los Blancos have never been the same without him with/without Eden Hazard

    76. Dimitri-Tariq Harris

      Eden Hazard is a Chelsea hero. If hecomes back and plays well just like before he might become a Chelsea legend. He is a good player and should ha e never left.

    77. Preet Talajiya

      I am so excited for watch alongs George !!! Let's GO :)

    78. Jean-Marc Louise

      I wouldn't call Hazard a Chelsea legend. A legend is one that loves the club and will remain faithful to the club until the club no longer requires him. Hazard doe not fulfil those criteria. He left Chelsea because he wanted to. He made up his mind long before his contract wilted down to a year. He could have been the highest paid player at Chelsea, but he turned his nose up at it because he wanted out. Lampard, Terry, Drogba, and Cech are legends. Not Hazard. he's only coming back because Real Madrid no longer wants him. For me I'd rather we spend our money getting Sancho.

    79. Tom Prince

      Me and the lads just hit div 5 on pro clubs :)

    80. Koroz

      He is legend but he isn't what chelsea needs.

    81. leadfarmer

      Give it a rest

    82. Hannes Cfc

      Would love to see watch alongs!

    83. FW

      let him in he did some much for this club

    84. PoISoN x BRUIN

      When you look at this Chelsea team and try to analyze what pieces are missing that are preventing them from being a team challenging Man City for the Premier League as well as being a Champions League favorite, I think the most obvious positions are a world class striker and a long term world class center back. As much as I love Hazard and rate Sancho, I don't want to see the club invest any cash into wingers as I don't think either signing really does anything when you have Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi already. Both have shown signs that within a few seasons they can truly be world class players. I'd rather see Chelsea go all in on one position next window, even if that means overpaying slightly, to sign Haaland. Before Tuchel changed systems to a back 5, I had prioritized Rice as a key signing because Chelsea lacked a physical, defensive minded holding midfielder (I think Rodri is the prototype of that position and has been huge for City). However, with a back 5, I think a pivot of Jorginho and Kovacic is world class. Having a back 5 behind them makes it easier for them to beat a press with more angles to work on diagonals, as well as providing a little more defensive cover, and I think they are as good as any tandem at controlling a game. You can knock Kova for his lack of finishing but his ability to drive play and turn out of trouble is elite. This is all the more reason to go all in on Haaland. I think this window is the time to address the need for a world class finisher with the top available center backs being players on the older side.

    85. Marc Armour

      No hazard has had two fractured ankles since he left,, also we have that type of players at the club now,, if Warner doesn't improve we need a top striker Halland and a top centre back,, that's it squad complete....

    86. Ricardo Blue

      He's had more injuries than scored goals for Real Madrid. The Madrid fans think he's their worst ever signing. Have him back at Chelsea for the correct price £30-40 million sounds about right.

    87. Shafik Khan

      But we have pulisic😔

    88. Atharva Deokate

      Eden hazard should be back 🔙❤️

    89. Daniel Kolb

      Watch along for sure!!!

    90. Siim Tõkke

      Lampard could have lost all of the games he managed and he would still be Chelsea's legend. Not managerial legend, but still a legend.

    91. Fin Berry

      Mendy chilwell silva zouma James kante kovacic havertz ziyech hazard Werner

    92. El Rubio

      Teo new wingers would be mental,i would love that,buttt if we do i think signing are done for this year,we cant keep buying players

    93. irf36

      idk about watchalongs. it means less people watch younes' watchalong, but also that means younes is more likely 2 read my comments lmao maybe u could do collab watchalong?

    94. El Rubio

      Eden was the best premier league player in his years in a blue shirt,no matter his form,we all want him back and he will perform

    95. El Rubio

      Eden back at the bridge would be out of the world,and yes,please bring back watch alongs!

    96. Kassell Lewis

      As for me hazard can stay where he's at..he left us when we had a transfer ban..and he also is playing for his "dream club"

    97. chris smallears

      Eden back would be emotionally fulfilling and I think he would play the role of Giroud, Azpi and former Pedro ie bringing experience to the pack and leading by example

    98. Ridwan Abdi


    99. Tobias kharlyngdoh


    100. LKH

      Love to see him come back but will he be that good for us again.