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    CHELSEA NEWS | Chelsea Transfer Attention ALL on ONE WORLD CLASS STRIKER | Alaba Deal IMPOSSIBLE? Welcome back to another Chelsea News video, today we discuss Timo Werner's turn in form, as well as the Erling Haaland to Chelsea links. How do you guys feel about the dream partnership of Haaland x Werner for Chelsea's future under Thomas Tuchel? I also discuss the wage demands of David Alaba and how it could be biggest stumbling block for him joining Chelsea FC as a FREE Agent this summer.
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    1. Crispin Peet

      We have so many centre backs that could come into the side or onto the bench, Guehi, Ampadu, Malang Sarr doing well on loan at Porto, Tomori. Should we be selling some of these and buying an elite centre half, or trying to develop them into our future starting back 2/3?

    2. Matthew Santos

      Don't mind Christensen staying as a back up player for Silva but don't want him starting. One of Guehi and Ampadu (I think Guehi is better) need to be in and around the first team next season if not both. Don't want Alaba, wage demand too much and his performances in the bundesliga haven't been as good as some people are rating him cos he had a good few games in the Champions League. Id much rather we sign someone like Varane, Kounde or Marquinhos.

    3. Šerif Lelić

      Yooo imagine that..Haaland and Timo together 😯😯😯🤯🤯🤯

    4. Šerif Lelić

      Alaba ain't worth 400k a week..

    5. Šerif Lelić

      I couldn't care less,he will definitely start scoring again! They are fighting for each other,he is still a young ST! 🔵✊


      Pep won't even like Haaland. He is benching Aguero and Gabriel Jesus who can offer more when it comes to building the game....

    7. Krakatoaprods

      Where’s your ‘Yes Guys’ sign George!? 😂

    8. M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!

      Erling Haaland Will Be A DREAM COME TRUE!💙

    9. Rullado TV

      I’m hopping Tomori wins the Serie A so all of us can see how good he really is and Chelsea bring him back summer 2022. We can get rid of the rid rudiger problem once Zouma is healthy but we don’t need to get Alaba nor another CB

    10. Walt Draper

      Chelsea ain't gonna get Haaland when Real Madrid are in pursuit of him

    11. Yoofi Arthur

      The thing about you is I see you don't really know football but you quick to admit you wrongs

    12. Pashkar Moodliar

      Really Chelsea haven't had good strikers in a while. You have to go back to Drogba and Costa.....

    13. ItzSadler

      What about that Netherlands cb we signed can’t remember is name

    14. Deerbra

      Cristensen is better than I thought but still not good enough.


      we cant sign other players yet we haven't developed the ones we have lets be patient and every thing we come as planed

    16. Adewale Smile

      George I don’t agree with you on Hazard cause Robben had the same issue when he was at Madrid and when he went to Bayern he turned thing around, I still believe Hazard can turn thing around either in Chelsea or any other big team in Europe

    17. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

      halland and alaba and any defender tuchel wants and we are gonna win EVERYTHING!!

    18. Muhammad Syazwan

      I agree with george said that erling is looking scary when on the pitch which its gave some scary aura as didier. I think this signing might be the best signing which we really want a striker with great balance between aggresive and clinical. Really wish that we can have again legacy which we have a beast in every role such a scary striker like didier, a magician midfield like frank and a solid center back like john terry.

    19. david james

      So it seems it was Franks fault for our slump because he couldn't find the solution with all that money spent. Players not happy with positions, of form. Now a couple of games ubder his belt he is the one. Please!

    20. Dark Snipes

      U look like timo werner

    21. DavyCrockett888

      CHO better at wing back. Haaland is Giroud's replacement. Tammy is backup for Giroud/Haaland. Werner plays off the striker.

    22. DavyCrockett888

      Christiansen only alright with three at the back. A bit like Alonso.

    23. BlueFacondor

      Please stay the fuck away from Boateng. We DO NO NEED THAT.

    24. Robert Andretta

      I watched Fulham v WHam. Ruben is looking good, and probably should come back. Declan Rice also had a good game, and I’d still like to see him in a blue shirt.

    25. Robert Andretta

      Have you been watching Ampadu? Have a look. I think he’s great for his age with much improvement to come.

    26. Forest Panther

      Tammy, like Tomori, is going to leave Chelsea and have a successful career and probably be more appreciated.

    27. Udit Mathur

      Don't buy him, unfortunately I feel like we kill strikers confidence and move on to the new one.

    28. Ben Cudworth

      Don't chelsea fans understand yet that you can't just sign a team to win the prem- you need to develop the current crop of players you have with the guidance of a top class manager. You've spent enough in the transfer market already, more than any other prem club in recent seasons, have way way enough attacking talent and have a good enough team to win the prem with the right manager to develop the team. It's not all about signing more attacking players when you already have Werner/Ziyech/Havertz/Pulisic etc. top young talents. You need to develop these talents into world class players and a cohesive team instead of living off the rush of signing new players and spending money every season. The sooner chelsea realise this the sooner you might come closer to winning the prem again.

    29. Knuddi

      Giroud is gonna leave Chelsea this summer for free and he is almost 35, Abraham is not the striker that can give us PL or CL title and he has a contract till 2023, sell him yes. Haaland is what we need.

    30. bvb 09

      Well y not Messi ..Ronaldo..Mpappe..Sancho. Neymar maybe we'll win the league 🤔

    31. j4ybo6

      On your video after Tuchel's first match I mentioned Christensen maybe making a come back since he thrived in a back 3.

    32. André Rehder

      About Andreas Christensen JT said: "Believe me, I am sure that he will be a top footballer and one of the future men for Chelsea." - Player of the year at Borussia Mönchengladbach - Smashing it under Conte winning Young Player Of The Year at Chelsea - Played every game in our winning EL-campaign (Making the most passes out of every other player) With completed passes on 93% - He´s 24 Might be our most underrated player at the club. NOT EVEN KIDDING!

      1. Mads Tokeskov Larsen

        I completely agree with you on that. He is now the age at witch Tiago Silva joined AC Milan, and to me Christiansen shows many similarities Silva. It seems crazy that one of the arguments that he is poor in the comments, is that he had a bad game against Barcelona in 2018 when he was 21 years old. And as I remember his primary mistake, was that he thought Fabregas had legs :)

    33. The One

      I'm saying I want hazard back

    34. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Tammy plus 35mil euro to Leipzig to get Werner strike partner Youssef Paulsen. It would be like a Harry and Son.


      Haaland is a must

    36. cold water

      Haaland best stay where he is. EPL team lane ruin players

    37. Eddie

      We need to sign players for our midfield. Like Rice or Soumare or Milinkovic savic. If we can't sign 2, we should try and sign 1 at least

    38. DR23

      We dont need to go out and spend. We didnt even need to bring in Rudiger and we couldve kept Ake. Stop buying players if we already have upcoming players within the team, provided they are capable and ready

    39. some man

      If Haaland joined we would be perfect. Imagine Ziyech being able to give a perfect ball out to him.

    40. sateesh kv

      Despite the results, we are still not there .. When the opposition shows attacking instincts we are still not dominating them..visible from last 15 mins of spurs and major part of Sheffield matches. Rather than possession we need dominance on the pitch, only way to get it is to get our wingers , strikers to get firing goals...

    41. SiimplyOrange

      What I want after the summer: Håland, Upemacano Håland because he could make a real good partnership with Timo Werner. We could sell Giroud and keep Tammy as a bench striker. Upamecano because TT doesent play Zouma and he likes playing 3 atb and as rudiger is getting older we can buy a young centre back who can really learn from an experienced Thiago Silva.

    42. Hannu-Pekka Alamäki

      Haaland is pronounced like the country Holland but with singular L. In norwegian language double A (AA) is same as "swedish O" (Å) and pronounced as O.

    43. Hugo Brown

      what about tomori and Malang Sarr


      Yes 2 Haaland


      Nada lets look internal for a centre back, Sell Christensen, Nada to Alaba costs 2 much

    46. M Alder

      We got no chance of getting Haaland.

    47. Matt Patterson

      I feel like people forget how much Christensen shone in a back three while on loan at Mochengladbach for a whole two years under that system. I feel like he is so much more comfortable in a back three with so much support next to him!

    48. ekiru kidalio

      Zouma,Marc Guehi,Tomori can be world class if given time.signing Alaba will be ill advised

    49. Jim McCann

      I still don’t think Werner is cut out for Premier League football. His feet are rubber. He cannot seem to keep the ball. He can’t receive the ball under any pressure and he gets pushed off the ball far too easily, or he just gets pushed backward too easily. His first touch, and his touch in general, is still terrible. He may have won that pen, but if he didn’t that touch was far too heavy. He never would have gotten there. And that’s just one instance. He does something like that several times per game and it drive me up a wall. Pulisic, on the other hand, seems like he can receive the ball in any situation and the ball will just be glued to his feet.

    50. sycablyatdespacido

      Werner Håland Ziyech. What an attack that would be

    51. Owen_

      5212 Gk - mendy (possibly donnarumma) Rwb - James/CHO Cb - sarr Cb - upamecano Cb - tomori/guehi Lwb - chilwell Cm - Kante Cm - mount/kovacic Cam - havertz/ziyech St - haaland St - Werner Let me know what you think

    52. Owen_

      Imagine a two striker formation with haaland (pace, hold-up play, headers, finishing) and Werner (immense pace, finishing, overlapping runs)

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        That would be a dream come true.

    53. Chris Luff

      Yeah cos we really need another German league flop

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        Flop? None of our signings have flopped. Werner is already an important star in the team, havertz needs more time and can’t be considered a flop yet. Haaland is already one of the best strikers in the world.

    54. Owen Lynch

      how about Jerome Boatang, there saying its basically confirmed.


      Anyone who demands silly money should FUCK OFF! Greed come to mind here :(

    56. Peter Gordon

      Tammy isn't good enough. Give us Haaland

    57. Miles A

      Nah we don't need him I think we good thanks .

      1. Miles A

        @Chelsea Highlights I fully understand ....and I understand what halaand brings but still feel we have a good team and should work on getting the blend of talents right first before we spend more .....thanks for hearingy opinion.

      2. Chelsea Highlights

        @Miles A He can play as a 9 with Werner in behind. Tammy will be on the bench used as a rotational player. Giroud will leave in the summer and batshuayi will be sold.

      3. Miles A

        @Chelsea Highlights were will everyone be playing who will be playing how does this fit in with our plans ...more spending ?

      4. Chelsea Highlights

        Glad your opinion doesn’t count. Haaland is our number 1 target. He’s top 5 strikers in the world and will become the best in a few years

    58. Richard Grace

      Yes...thats what we need...another striker not like we don't already have like 10 of them.. fuk the midfield being garbage still and being garbage for years now... let's get another striker

      1. Richard Grace

        @Chelsea Highlights how many times have we could counter attacks due to the midfield holding onto the ball and playing kickball with it with tons of side passes or passing backwards? How many times have we conceded goals becauae our midfield has gotten caught sideways passing it back and forth or passing it backwards? Last game our "own goal" came from the midfield passing it backwards instead of moving forward with it... our midfield is garbage and has gotten exposed and shown up soooo many times...and you mentioned kante who has gotten burnt sooo many damn times its ridiculous and had to commit stupid penalties in order to try to make up for his errors

      2. Chelsea Highlights

        Midfield garbage? We have one of the best midfields in the league. Mason Mount is a tank, Kovacic, Kante, havertz, even Jorginho who I don’t rate is playing well. And yes, a striker like Haaland is exactly what we need, he will pair Haaland

    59. Safa Kamran

      I mean Chillwell is the highest paid person at Chelsea

    60. Chelsea Highlights

      ANNOUNCE HAALAND. Would be one of the greatest signings in our history

    61. Gilles Renaut

      To be honest we should not have spent all the money we spent on Kai Havertz and saved it for Haaland.

    62. Dominic Lahoud

      Christensen played well but really what threat was there from SHU , but MU a different story

    63. Moses Adongo

      Timo is a great and talented player

    64. Emmanuel Amardie-Mensah

      Lukaku back up plan?

    65. Craig Hearle

      How are going to to play with: Hudson-odoi, ziyech, pulisic, Werner, halaand, havertz, and mount. Plus there’s rumours of hazard coming back

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        Havertz will mostly be benched and rotated. Mount can play as a 8 or 10, Werner as a second striker behind haaland, one of ziyech or Pulisic will play the other will be benched and comes on vs tired legs. Hudson Odoi can either play rwb or benched.

    66. Ayo Osin

      He wasn't bloody tested, Chris

    67. chelseacharger

      Haaland's release clause of £63m is just too tempting to not turn down, especially at a time when other big European clubs are not in such good financial shape. Unless Giroud goes on some goalscoring spree for the rest of this season, I think he will be released in the Summer. We can keep Tammy on as a back-up. At his age, he still has plenty scope to improve further and be an asset. We may well have rivals for Haaland's signing from Real Madrid but have they the dosh with that huge stadium redevelopment going on? They and Barcelona are both supposedly heavily in debt to banks. Man City certainly could do with another striker with Aguero's age and injury problems. But is Haaland the type of striker Pep favours? Strike while the iron is hot, Blues. Never a better time to buy.

    68. Jackis Chelsea

      Daaamn Werner-Halland would be soooo damn scary

    69. ThedailydOZe

      We have malang Saar, tomori , zouma , rudiger we need to use these cb they are really good and stop always looking out the club, but I wouldn’t uppercampo or Alba

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        Tomori will be sold, sarr isn’t good enough and will be sold. Zouma and rudiger will most likely stay but we still need 1 more cb if we sell/loan Christensen next season.

    70. boss- khalid

      alaba will cost us 20 m for a year, woooorth it

    71. Paul Monnes

      Cb issue is we also hve malang sarr to come back aswell. Surely we wont loan him out again

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        He ain’t good enough, don’t think he’ll come in the squad.

    72. YURIY V

      Haaland is just a dream let's be honest.

    73. cat castillo

      Christensen seemingly always have a purple patch then always shows he has a huge mistake in him where we all start to question him. I want to see Zouma in the back 3, and use Geuhi in the summer, sell Christensen and Rudiger (which seems unlikely)

    74. H-when

      We don't want mercenaries

    75. Čípr Chippy

      Upamecano - Konate - Sarr Would be epic next generation of defence :D

      1. Čípr Chippy

        @Chelsea Highlights xDDDDDDDDDD

      2. Chelsea Highlights

        😂😂😂 not a single one of them will ever play for us. That would also be a disastrous back line

    76. David Burian

      Christensen is very good defender,i never get the criticism he’s got.Not very strong,but he’s very smart and got good technique. I remember him playing in germany on loan and was superb.All he needs is good run of a games.

    77. lupzee

      make it make sense, why would the best young talent in the world join a team that isn’t even making champions league?

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        @lupzee what? We have the cash. We’ll splash the cash with 100m+ for Haaland. We’re also selling Tammy for at least 40m and some other players. We’re definitely making top 4 and could win the fa cup and champs league. Haaland is perfect for us

      2. lupzee

        Chelsea Highlights ah yes if you win the fa cup that’ll secure haalands decision of playing for you💀

      3. Chelsea Highlights

        Still early doors, I think we’ll definitely make top 4. Who knows we could win the champions league, only a dream now. We might win the fa cup too


      Giroud will probably go your Juventus, so WE NEED HALAAND

    79. Darragh Collins

      I think City all but winning the title this season and their need of a striker is aligning too well, therefore I think City will sign Haaland. Like George says, I’d happily eat a humble pie and be proven wrong by Haaland joining Chelsea!

    80. 15Con

      You need to stop seeing all centre backs as just centre backs. if this system continues then all the centre backs have very different roles, the centre centre back is amazing for players like Thiago Silva and Christensen, the role depends on being a sweeper, reading the game well, being able to be ready for a quick pass back and have quality on the ball. Arguably the worst part of our defence is Rudiger at LCB, Alaba is perfect for that role, he can do exactly what Azpi does on the right and explore space in front of him that Alonso will leave and put in deep crosses or cross field passes to CHO or long balls in behind for Timo, for me Alaba is perfect for us and the system we’re playing. I think the system is why we don’t see Zouma, his quality on the ball to be a sweeper or a centre back that exploits space isn’t there despite him probably being the best defender bar Silva at the club.

    81. Patrick Kelly

      Nah, just because Christensen can play in a 3 CB role against a spurs side that looks like a shell of what they were and a last place side doesn't mean he is our Long term replacement... C'mon now, we got Kurt and also Tomori on loan as I am hop Milan don't buy him

    82. King Of Everything

      Chelsea is 100% in talks for Haaland. Will he end up at Chelsea?? Tough to say, just because City, Bayern and Real Madrid will bite hard for that boy. But I believe he would love to play in the Prem, so either City or Chelsea would be the move for him. More logically City, but who knows. Chelsea has the best project right now in the world of football so he might be persuaded to play for us!

    83. Harvey I60

      Danish tart

    84. Harvey I60

      I’m not hearing it about Christensen too weak he’s had his time and bottled it never seen someone go over pussy challenges when he’s a cb

    85. Shehu Gbamgbola

      Ben, I am not a skeptic but sometimes I just have reservations when we get overly excited about some players. I like Haaland and I think it will be good to bring him to our squad, however, looking back to players we are head over heels on getting and eventually got them but they found it a little difficult to adjust to the squad. We were all so excited about getting Kai Havertz who I believe is going to be very good for us but right now, he has found it difficult thus far to settled. Remember we got Morata and he struggled and people crucified him and he went to Atletico Madrid and did fairly okay and now he his doing relatively well in Juventus. If we hadn’t gotten Havertz and we struggled the way we did under Frank, we would have been shouting on top of our voice that had it been we got him things would have been different. My question is, should we be looking on how players can fit into our team or just buy based on their performance in their current team?

    86. oussama azzzouz

      george is called mr bs pulisic iosnt here cuz of family like ziyech wasnt fit right

    87. Rejiskii

      Gorge, AC is that one defender chelsea needs to let go but sells everyone else. He strikes me as an odd one. Yes he can defend and yes hes prone to some VERY silly errors. But i dont see that as the most annoying part of hs gamw. 1. Hes too soft for a cb in my opionion, 2. He keeps on looking for the easiest pass tho play. 3. He doesnt pose a threat in neither boxex. dont know if ive ever seen him score tbf. and 4.Idk if u guys realize but, AC DOES NOT TALK!!! like ive watched this guy be a defender and not that. no organizing his defense when defendind setpiece or ntn hes o=always being the one taking instruction on positioning etc. The answer is Zouma

    88. King Of Everything

      George back in England?

    89. jeran joel

      Ampadu, tomori, alaba 3 CBs or Marc Guehi

    90. 900 IQ

      Oil money club

    91. JamoJokester

      It would be an unbelievable signing for us, he’s exactly what we need

    92. Luke 56

      I really love alaba however 400k a week is def too much and to be honest, it’s ok to not get him. You mentioned guhei and ampadu, but we also have Xavier mbayambu or however you spell it lmao from Barcelona and I think he’s gonna be raw

      1. Chelsea Highlights

        Xavier is years away still. Won’t be in the first squad.

    93. Abua Andrew

      What is really happening to Kurt Zouma? He was playing really good before Lampard dropped him.

    94. Sonata Ch.

      Haaland said it before that he'd play or leeds united like his father did. I don't see him joining us. If not leeds, man city is his 2nd option. Its almost 0% chance he'll join us. But if he does, it'd be good.

    95. tdizl

      Didn’t know we were going on a safari with that shirt mate 😉

    96. dd ee

      man u fan i think timo is one of the best players in chelsea

    97. CFC05

      i dont understand. why a striker? and why haaland? we dont need him. this guy is so overrated.. we dont need him

    98. Cavvac Cavvopouloc

      I don't believe that haaland will come... I think that we are full in that position from starters and will move for a striker to fullfil girouds place... My guess is that we will move for a top class center back and for a fast and technicaly gifted winger

    99. Alex Joseph jude

      Haaland is pretty good play but apart from let give broja a chance because in my look he is better than Abraham or going to be better than Abraham

    100. CWE

      Roman said if we finish in a CL place he’ll try his best to get Haaland.

      1. qwertz ü

        @Prateek Chauhan source: just trust me bro

      2. Prateek Chauhan

        Source ?