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    CHELSEA NEWS | CHELSEA TO SIGN THE NEW BRAZILIAN YAYA TOURE? | CHELSEA NEW 21/22 KIT REVEALED. Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News video I discuss Chelsea being linked with 20 Year Old Brazilian Midfielder Gabriel Menino from Palmeiras. I also discuss the great England World Cup Qualifying form of Declan Rice and how Chelsea should be going for him this summer. Let me know your thoughts on 20 year old Brazilian Gabriel Menino in the comments below!
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    1. john kureshi

      Google luca caio on yutube

    2. john kureshi

      Brazil have a better right back same age called luca caio his another cafu watch he should be in next world cup team serious player much better than menino

    3. Jemal Ali

      Chelsea better get a new sponsor smh cuz I ain’t wearing that kit 😒

    4. Timothy Hickey


    5. Alx

      declan rice is a waste of money

    6. Likith S

      Last year's FA Cup is OP

    7. lisa martins

      been crying out for Reese to get a little stint in midfield, we can all see it, yessh

    8. Khoi

      Shiny chest

    9. Tom Quinn

      George I when you have just won the champions League your going to look good in anything

    10. Areeb Siddiqui

      Ngl that new kit is utter garbage. Didn't think we could do worse than the current kits but they've actually managed it. The 3 sponsor is horrific and the zigzags are a literal eyesore.

    11. Charles Gibson

      GBFC Selects hasn't been updating for me recently 😕

    12. Wade Will

      Absolute joke of a kit makes my Chelsea lions look like absolute clowns, screw nike

    13. Kgalema Mngadi

      George, can't young Billy Gilmour replace Kante when his career ends? Billy is a top quality talent who is relatively used to the Premier League and integrating him in the squad costs £0 rather than buy someone who will cost millions and may struggle to adjust to the Premier League.

    14. Kgalema Mngadi

      They really are doing too much with that new kit.

    15. Thuba

      He’s like a Jesus Corona but younger

    16. Guggex | Gustaf Eriksson

      While I don't "like" the 21/22 season shirt from the get go.. the back of the shirt really ruins it for me. They could've simply left the checkers pattern on the left shoulder side on both the front and the back.. but noooOoooOooO they had to reverse it for the back.. now it clashes horribly with the sleeves. Hopefully the player version of the shirt doesn't look "as bad"..

    17. Jackson Hamilton

      I’ve had every Chelsea home kit since about 2010... gonna have to hope either the away or 3rd kit is decent cos I am not buying that thing

    18. David Kerslake

      Declan Rice would be a massive advantage for us. At 20 he is a complete power in midfield and he seems to improve consistently with every game as he is showing at West Ham.

    19. Jesse Hitchcock

      Nike still have yet to release a good Chelsea kit IMO

    20. Daniel Son

      should have gone for Rice not Harvetz

    21. Cef fy

      Chelsea should sign Tyler Adams from Leipzig to fill that holding midfielder role

    22. Cef fy

      Teams should honestly listen to their fans for what they’d like to see in the kit.

    23. Batsirai Murapa

      The Jersey is so ugly. I wait for the away one

    24. Ghost A

      I do not buy anything Nike..get woke go broke

    25. Leo Heath

      I am Brazilian and live in Brazil. He is actually known as more of a central midfielder and his second position is RB. Really good on the ball and rarely gives possession away. He’s quite similar to Kovacic.

    26. Tylon

      I have been a fan of Brasil for over 3 decades and have watched him play for for club and country, as you would expect coming from Brasil he has massive skills,if Chelsea can get him don't think he will be loaned out.

    27. Alex Joseph jude

      Maybe he will be good because our captain is of age as well

    28. Alex Joseph jude

      Maybe he will be good because our captain is of age as well

    29. Hamdi Abdi

      How do u guys say Nike Do u say Nikeeee Or just Nike

    30. Paulus Iyambo

      It’s shxt

    31. Nick Mogielnicki

      George, we got this guy named Kante, he’s a pretty good, no make that world class holding midfielder.

    32. Peter Oneill

      Hate the new kit.

    33. Mathias Langseth Brekke

      Proper sweet man.

    34. tony behan

      we dont do well with the early kick offs

    35. Ozy Mandias

      They put a lot of thought into the design. It's a concept jersey. They wanted to represent the Club's current vibe so they acquired a bunch of parts that individually looked great on paper and put them all together out of position so that it ended up sometimes hard to look at.

    36. Owen Davies

      My god I hope that leaked kit is fake 😂😂

    37. young king


    38. pat


    39. zack salvatore

      i think chelsea should sign a young cdm replacement for kante i think eduardo camavinga suits the best

    40. Nick Ortiz

      Sadly the new kit is just awful

    41. ekerete assiak

      Looks like it's going to be Haaland to Madrid, Fabrizio Romano just twitted about Riola in Madrid with the elder Haaland. What's your thoughts Ben?

    42. Scootaa26

      Nike keep shoveling the shit in the bucket, it must be full now. Really must have been having a bad migraine whoever designed this monstrosity.

    43. Rafael Bernardes

      Palmeiras has won the brazilian cup and the Libertadores with a lot of home boys on their squad, and Gabriel Menino showed that he has personality and also is a good player, his worst problem is the inconstancy, maybe it happens because he still young. In my thoughts as a brazilian, I think he needs more time at Brazil to lack this issue, then he’s ready for Europe.

    44. Philip Gehde

      The new kit is bloody awful. Lets just randomly combine two asymmetrical patterns??! Do we not have enough fabric to complete the shirt? wtf?

    45. milavfa fagdas

      We could play conor gallagher in dm role

    46. Robert Cowburn

      Hes 5 foot 9 inches. Won’t be considered at centre back

    47. Shoji Castillo

      This kit looks like two different species shagged each other and made a freak of nature. Oh Chelsea... why you do this

    48. Ben M

      Haaland representatives in Barcelona to talk to Barca president. Who's our second striker choice?

    49. Ben M

      I get the thoughts on Rice, but if he does play a season with European football and does well the hammers will ramp his price up insanely. They can also extend his contract to 2025.

    50. callum Slater

      My first response to the supposed new kit was What the **** is that?!

    51. Andrew White

      Fantastic Chelsea news George love videos 👍

    52. Abel Iyahen

      we already have gilmour to replace kante..... reece is still young ... i dont think we need him

      1. Baroz Noma

        @Abel Iyahen Azpi has no speed that's why he plays center back. We need someone to give James competition

      2. Abel Iyahen

        @Baroz Noma thats true and azpi isnt getting any younger. what are your thoughts on haaland

      3. Baroz Noma

        Tuchel told Marina he needs a right back

      4. Baroz Noma

        Big teams need two good players in every position. James gets injured or suspension what do we do?

    53. Ethan Bryant

      That kit is dreadful

    54. Abhay Kumar

      NIKE is on a mission to destroy Chelsea's kit though I really liked last years home players edition not the fan edition :(

    55. The Blues

      I am still rocking that Samsung mobile kit of Chelsea. It's so good 🥱🥱

    56. Dan M

      I’ve said this on Younes’ channel and I’ll say it again, THE KIT LOOKS LIKE SHIT!

    57. Baroz Noma

      I watched his videos and totally loved this boy, everything he touches turns to goals. Future star ⭐ for sure, very creative for a deep lying playmaker/ defender. Kimmick type player

    58. Mohammed

      Tbh England international games were so boring they always end up playing against the same teams all the time when trying to qualify

    59. Martell Tavares Ozoria

      You need to talk to Tactical Manager about Brazilian players

    60. Z3N M

      I've been saying ... We need an additional right back and a striker.... Cause... Timo is ticking me off

    61. Red Mist

      The new kit looks like someone just sewed two different kits together 😭

    62. reza azimi

      Menino would be a nice RWB backup

    63. James Giffen

      You need a new channel profile picture mate, I’m thinking Chelsea crest in front of the amazing Balinese scenery

    64. Chrislon Fraser

      Chelsea used to do these sort of hit/miss bargain youngsters from around the world, loan them out to see what they’re made of and then either bring them into the squad/make a profit. I’m all for it.

    65. Nelson Nogales Arroyo

      This is Chelsea's worst kit ever!!!! Wtf is nike thinking? Disgusting!!!!!

    66. Paraipan Sergiu

      Honestly i would like Aguero in Chelsea 😀 This international break was so bad for me cause Romania won 1 (3-2 against North Macedonia) and lost 2 (0-1 against Germany and 3-2 in Armenia)....... and i think it's over for Romania...😔

    67. Lucas Johnson

      So Nike designers are just dropping acid while they're designing kits now?

    68. Carrasco Tha G

      I want Chelsea to do more of these signings

    69. Prince Offor

      Lampard knew what he was doing we didn't just just give him time he wanted rice so bad

    70. d9rcy

      I really hope our away kit will be an inverse colour way of the home kit; yellow with a touch of blue. That would look so good

    71. abhinav sekar

      The biggest problem is getting work permit. If he gets one great, if not, let's sign him 3 years later from some french or german side. :P :P

    72. Riise Combat

      Yeah bro. This guy looks so comfy on the ball, price range is good as well... I hope Chelsea management watching this video.... ama start watching Brazil games again.... am gonna be crazy keeping up with these leagues

    73. Adem Kilinc

      Timo Werner missed an clear chance again man

      1. Ghost of the Uchiha

        @Kaizerchiefable wdym

      2. Kaizerchiefable

        he was protesting.

    74. Nachi Elechi

      Can someone from Cyprus access the site?

    75. Andrew Smith

      Give me an Adidas or Umbro kit any day. Horrible kit Nike, even the kids don't like it!

    76. Bhavishya Yadav

      Did you see werner's miss ?? How bad it can go I wonder. Why the hell was he trying to hit it with his left foot ? Can anybody explain ?

      1. Chelsea4Life

        Cannot explain it its like hes been cursed or something. Never seen a player that have scored so many goal before go from that to miss serveral tap-ins its crazy. It all started after that 0-6 loss vs Spain.


      The next brazillian legend in Chelsea colours

    78. Noreen Khan

      The kits a no for me😭

    79. Paul sauldondolo

      much love from Africa zambia🇿🇲

    80. Pipebomb HS

      Chelsea will never win anything with mr. Sitter Timo as centre striker

    81. Daveski Nodz

      damn i miss adidas

    82. Evan May

      georgie porgie pudding pie💙💙💙

    83. Matúš Roganský

      That looks like brighton kit

    84. Marek Lindner

      If that's another prima aprilis joke of a video I swear I am about to throw some punches

    85. Brandon Heng

      Kane 🚀 LIKE Haaland 🔋 COMMENT 1 Lukaku 🔥 COMMENT 2

    86. eliot davey

      Declension Rice looks good in a bad team.

    87. Ebong Kingsley Ewang


    88. Stephen Swad

      A right back that can play CM, or wing back. Sounds familiar...versatility key in modern game.

    89. Deerbra

      Timo Werner's mind is gone. He needs therapy. Possibly hypnosis.

    90. SirEEf

      Menino as a back up for Reece and then we´ll see how it goes? Sure, why not. But when it comes to the midfield I´d rather get Rice or give the minutes to Gilmour Gallagher and Ampadu

    91. The Football State

      Quality video as always, cheers mate 🙌

    92. Daniel 989


    93. Dwayne Miller

      How Mr Benson u watch the women team yesterday they were on fire beat Wolfsburg 3-0 in the champions league 1/2 final

    94. AJAY AJ

      It looks like the new kit got chicken pox

    95. Sanchit Mehta

      This guy is very good I have seen him play many times in the Brazilian league. He can dribble, pass, shoot, defend, attack everything. He is very good physically as well that checks off the physicality test in the premier league. He is very versatile as well can play multiple roles which is very important for this Chelsea team: flexibility. Would be great for the team with Kante behind him. Very fun to watch and will be a great signing if we get him.

      1. Baroz Noma

        I agree 👍👍

    96. Fernando Pereira

      As an Palmeiras fan, I have to say that's he really versatile and fast, still not consistent enough,but he improves his performance every game. Also chelsea play in a 5 back and he plays very well in that RWB position. Also he's very decisive and have great passing and dribling, a decent shooting and he can run all day and he plays for the badge. He is class and maybe an amazing signing for Chelsea.

      1. beansprout radish

        @Chelsea4Life i think it’ll be a fantastic signing cause this could go both ways and both would benefit us anyways. one he develops to his potential and we have a top class player or signing him now for 11mil pounds (romans pocket change) and if he doesn’t become a first team player for us, his value would double or triple in a few years because he’s a CHELSEA PLAYER. clubs can’t go to Chelsea and buy anything for less than 20mil anyways. We can basically treat him like a lingard now if he doesn’t become the player we think he’ll be.

      2. Baroz Noma

        Fernando Pereira Can you recommend us a South America striker who plays like Halaand?

      3. Baroz Noma

        Wow you described him well

      4. Chelsea4Life

        Nice dude, its always better to hear from a person that actually watch their matches and can give a fair assessment instead of just watching highlight. Since he´s only 13-20m it might be a good gamble.

      5. Baroz Noma

        @Fernando Pereira Its okay we won't rush him . He will be treated like Reece James, they can grow together they're the same age. But with those through balls I have feeling he will play a lot bcoz he will make strikers score more

    97. JynZ0

      Rice and Mount feels like the return of the Terry & Lampard core

    98. TheCoverCove

      Kits mega bad, god please no.

    99. hmanbatman

      Not sure about those kits

    100. Jay Cee

      Is he tall like yaya?