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    CHELSEA NEWS | CHELSEA in £87MILLION Race For JADON SANCHO | HAALAND TO CHELSEA WITH DORTMUND EXODUS. Welcome to another Chelsea News video. In today’s Chelsea News video, we look at the potential exodus of players at Borussia Dortmund this summer if they miss out on Champions League football next season. Dortmund are currently 6th in the Bundesliga and rumours are circulating that both Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho could both leave Dortmund this summer. Haaland to Chelsea? Sancho to Chelsea? Let me know your thoughts on these two potential Chelsea Transfer Targets for the 2021 summer transfer window!
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    1. John Rohlf

      Expect Utd to slowplay the Sancho transfer..again. Dortmund may take Chelsea’s offer for Haaland and tell Utd to stuff it.

    2. Dawood Pervez

      Haaland closest to Manchester City not Chelsea


      BVB Scouts: Pulisic, Sancho, Haaland.... Chelsea Scouts: Kepaaaa!!! Forget about buying players... Chelsea should hire the BVB scouts.

    4. William Manning

      Haaland and a CB

    5. ARTYAW TV

      Sancho isn't the way forward

    6. kimhouth lim

      it is too great if chelsea bringing both such as Haalan and Sancho if great fully for idol

    7. Amrit Rijhwani

      Cash in on tammy and get Haaland

    8. Chultim Bhutia

      Bro but I think for budget wise I think patson Daka is a good signing man as harland might go to Madrid or psg or city

    9. Chultim Bhutia

      But being we dont have that much of money but we can try Paul from lebgyk

    10. No Thanks

      Bring on Sancho. FFS Pulisic is injured yet again, and honestly I'm over him. Sell him to some other sucker and give Sancho a go.

    11. Corey Terry

      Haaland will get jacked by the one of the Manchesters. We need a Striker tho. Tammy is FA cup king but ehhhhh in Big Games. Giroud is gone. Dybala maybe?????

    12. William Souk

      Sancho no please, Sancho no Please. Sancho no Please GO HALAND>>>>>>>>>>>>> HALAND. PLEASE SANCHO NAO FUCK SANCHO!

    13. Stefan Mitrovic

      I still really dont think we should be wasting money on sancho secure haaland then look for a long term center back

    14. Sam Harding

      If we buy Halland we probs won’t get sanche love them both but we neeeed the goal machine

    15. Gaming Zombo

      Imagine if we get haaland it’s ocer

    16. Soumalya Nandy

      Haaland is fine if we let Giroud go this summer or else it could be the end for talented Tammy Abraham

    17. rob cowgill

      Haaland is a steam roller..Get him I say..

    18. Neesh Pz

      Sancho very good but unnecessary. Haaland is the final piece to the puzzle for Chelsea and would mean total domination of European football.

    19. Cee Why

      Don’t need sancho, how would he fit in with tuchels current system, he can’t even fit in ziyech and pulisic. I don’t think that’s true. Although I’d love to see Haaland coming in partnering up with Werner.

    20. Robert Cowburn

      Haarland definitely

    21. Maror Kuac

      We need Haaland

    22. Tabs

      What a waste of money! He is no way worth that amount. Rather a decent CB or striker for that amount! This ain’t fifa

    23. Chris Victor

      Every top club’s got wealth of great players in each position! And its good for healthy competition.. if we want to challenge for all honors .. get sancho and halaand.. sell giroud.. hakim could leave as well.. because he is not pacey...he just has a left foot.. and the EPL demands pace and strength... he isn’t strong enough and pacey enough...

    24. Rohit Khatri

      I used to find u very fascinating and critical but u r not a person what u used to be ..I was always excited to see ur videos but I tend to avoid it now..u r loosing my respect

    25. Isaiah Probst

      Bellingham has been inconsistent for Dortmund so far (most likely just because of his age). If we are looking at him we should probably hold out for at least one more year.

    26. Kazuo Harrison

      HAAAAAAAALAND babyyy

    27. EddyFrmEddy


    28. Neil Dickson

      chelseas new big money signings.havertz.pulisic,ziyech,werner,chilwell.werner is the only one that makes it to the first team and hes shit

    29. cameron gillingham

      Wish we signed sancho instead of kai. I have no clue where Kai will fit in to our future. If we signed sancho we’d have to sell ziyech and Pulisic most likely

    30. gideon osei tutu

      Haaland would be the best signing I need him at Chelsea

    31. Marlon Ramdeen

      Sancho not good enough...he can stay...a waste of funds...end of story...

    32. Red Mist

      Dont need sancho when we have odoi puli ziyech. Haaland is a machine hopefully we can get him

    33. Sebastian Rodriguez

      Bundesliga prospects: *exist* Chelsea: I’LL I TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

    34. Kacheve St. Bernard

      We don't need Sancho Haaland is a must

    35. Kevin Maro

      haaland is the best

    36. Tony Dee

      Dortmund are gonna sell us all their best players 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 deluded

    37. Gilles Renaut

      We have too many wingers, we do not need Sancho at Chelsea.

    38. Johannes Mwetudhana

      Haaland is a no need for sanchooo...

    39. MessieFizzle23

      For me we should have gone and got sancho at the start of the year he’s a chelsea fan and he would of come back to England with something to Prove he’s young so can grow with the players then wen we played city the talk would be about how we let Kev and then sancho go would love to see him Hudson and pulisic on the link up with be sick and we defo don’t want Man U or Liverpool to end up with him I heard a story chelsea would be up for a swap deal pull cash with bakayoko and batshy going the other way as for haaland girude will be going in the summer so would be a good signing for me we need a full good squad and both would strengthen chelsea for me if u hav to take someone off in the game we want to be putting someone just as good on

    40. Andy Michelsen

      Wake up Chelsea fans. Erling Braut Haaland is moving to 1. Man City 2. Man United 3. Real Madrid.

    41. pirate king

      Haland all day baby 🔥🔥🔥

    42. Leonardo Cruz

      Sweet Jesus....... just calm down 🤣

    43. Joel Lambert-wood

      what if we only brought ziyech to swap for sancho and some money aswell as buy haaland 😯

    44. Fredrik Brækstad

      I am Norwegian

    45. Jack

      We won't sign halland ... I reckon city will be going in with a huge bid for him and his dad has city connections.

    46. Aidan Boyle

      If we sold ziyech and pulisic this summer which I don’t think will happen then I’d get sancho and I think haaland we have to throw everything at them

    47. M Alder

      After this summer's transfer disaster CFC should be very wary of signing players without pl experience.

    48. Owen Davis

      I want us to sign Haaland he would be the best fit right now. Sancho isn’t needed at the moment

    49. Matthew Kheyfets

      We can have werner mount Haaland as front four and then cho and Pulisic as wing backs. We need to be clear tho.if chilwell would then get into the team at all...can he play lcb?

    50. Hisham Abdo


    51. Ronald Mann

      I like how you still think you have talent at Chelsea and Sancho would easily walk into Man Utd team. Pulisic is just a pacy player who doesn't see a pass and,let's face it, will struggle to get into your Chelsea squad now Tuchel is coach (tooshi ain't a complete fool he knows poolly is just pace and nothing else). If Sancho goes to Chelsea, poolly will put in another transfer request. He's not up for the fight isn't that yank! Chelsea's front players are just a bunch of speed merchants with very little quality (on the ball) maybe you need a Sancho in there so you have more actual footballers with brains!

    52. Ibrahim Korkis vux Vuxelev

      I dont think at halland will sogn for us. Its normal like this huge player sing for onyher club. I heared today at Laporta will sign Haaland. I think this sign it is almost impossible.

    53. Chelsea fan

      No for sancho if he is a Chelsea fan he should look for the best interest of the club we don’t need another winger. With Giroud leaving Haaland in my opinion would be better signing. Also we could always try to sign him later in his career

    54. Brandon Brooks

      the only reason i feel like Sancho would be the better signing is, I don’t feel that Sancho would pull a Hazard and want to move to a Barcelona or Real when he turns 28-29. Sancho is a chelsea fan so he would want to be a Chelsea legend. I think he’d outlast a Ziyech, Pulisic, etc. Haaland i feel would move on after a few years

      1. Brandon Brooks

        Sancho would be the best long term solution and story but i would still take Haaland based on need and potential to be the best striker on the planet

    55. Šerif Lelić

      We don't need Sancho,thank you bye! Erling is welcome! Erling-Timo partnership 😍😍

    56. 217 Legacy

      No to Sancho, yes to Haaland

    57. Keaton morse

      CHO is the boy, we dont need sancho

    58. Reuben Fernandes

      I said this before, last summer, Chelsea had to go for Erling Haaland before he joined Dortmund, still feel they should go for him but paying the price this time. No brainer signing. Still awaiting Kai to get to his best. More than any other signing Chelsea need a new Captain... Especially in the games which need spine and thrust from the back.

    59. Reuben Fernandes

      I said this before, last summer, Chelsea had to go for Erling Haaland before he joined Dortmund, still feel they should go for him but paying the price this time. No brainer signing. Still awaiting Kai to get to his best. More than any other signing Chelsea need a new Captain... Especially in the games which need spine and thrust from the back.

    60. M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!

      Erling Haaland To Chelsea Football Club!

    61. Majid Behbahani

      Hi mate There is an air of history repeating itself in all these hypes surrounding Haaland and may be Sancho too. I do vividly remember you putting so much emphasis on Havertz, look how he turned out to be. So my strong advice to you would be , please don't get your hopes too high, you would be letting yourself and this massive army of your followers down monumentally .

    62. MC Mental

      call me dumb but I don’t think we need Jadon. He is an excellent player but he comes at such a massive price and brings more disadvantages than advantages. We already have 3 amazing wingers (even if pulisic and Hakim aren’t playing at their best) and we can’t guarantee game time for him. We want to develop puli and callum because they are our future and we need to use hakim more because of the magic he provides on his day. We should let Man U get into another transfer meltdown and instead get Haaland before United get Jadon because BVB definitely won’t let go of both their best players when only one of them covers their entire deficit.He is too good to let go and he must be the only player we should really go for this summer. If we can’t get Haaland, we could go for jude as Kante is slowly running out of steam until he starts to lose his world class abilities but he is not necessary as we already have Billy who is a talent. If the board saw the undoubted talent of Kai, they must also see the talent of Haaland and we must go guns blazing for him

    63. Richard Howard

      Fully Gaza.....haaland is a must 😀😀😀 (UTG)

    64. Yasmin Aneesa

      We have so many attacking players who don’t even play. Let’s get a DM to start with. Coyb

    65. Oakley Puppy

      City are more interested in Martinez and lukaku, and I think Haaland would want to challenge himself in the prem so I think we have a good chance at signed him up

    66. Brogan Josh

      Halaand looks like a 5 year old's attempt at drawing a face

    67. Mr Reality

      Honestly, Sancho is completely unnecessary! i'm not even sure if he's worth that much! he's definitely a good player, but 80 million? Could easily pay half of that and bring in Neto from Wolves, who is amazing! A player that would most likely end up going to a bigger club in the near future. Overall, Chelsea have enough players in that position and If there is any area that needs strengthening its the striker position and everyone knows who the ideal candidate is :D Despite all that, I actually dont think Chelsea need to sign anyone. enough cover for left and right back positions, enough central defenders with Rudiger, Christensen, Silva, Zouma. Enough midfielders with Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Gilmour, Mount etc enough attacking players.

    68. Jason

      We should steer clear of Sancho I think

    69. Fitry Hakim

      Callum is our future, not Jadon. Period

    70. FarawayTundra008

      Why do we even want Haaland that will just be another striker we ruin

    71. Virgilio Samaniego

      Sancho too expensive there are others wingers that can be good as sancho and more cheaper

    72. lind lind

      Why don't you buy the whole BVB squad then?!

    73. Andrew White

      Harland be fantastic Chelsea signing in summer won for future years great video 👍

    74. Tafari Imara

      Please stop trying to make jokes, they are all so cringe!

    75. darian somerlee

      Werner in where he is playing is good and haaland up front would be unbelievable

    76. ImJustKish

      Unless we sell a Winger we shouldn't go for Sancho. Haaland would be a great signing since giroud will probably leave and Tammy isn't signing an extension

    77. Magna Carta

      George i would be amazed if we did get Haaland into Stamford Bridge but in my opinion I think as a club we need to think about the defensive positions and how we can improve at the back and the money we have at the club we should use to invest in some good yet solid defenders such as the centre back role.

    78. sol porter

      I don't want Sancho

    79. Shahid Willie

      Haaland all the way

    80. Pipebomb HS

      Big money move at cfc=flops.

    81. Barnabas Muhanda

      Harland is like Drogba speed Physicality Shooting power we need him and also bullying Defenders lol

    82. Nick Pethick

      Definitely haaland

    83. Tim Berge

      Harland and timo we would smash the premier league next season 100per

    84. CARD Creation

      Sancho is not considered at all considering wealth of attacking option but chance to get haaland should be priority to almost any top club to get him including Chelsea, such as big figure, future superstar 😎

    85. Mohit Mathers

      E H

    86. Cameron OReilly

      Haaland to the bridge has to happen, please god let it happen, with all our players missing chances, a clinical striker is just what I need for my mental health

    87. Oliver Elvis

      Chelsea don't need Sancho 😡

    88. Johnny Caldicott

      Do a video of players we need to seek please

    89. Calm Mind

      Lets get Erling Haaland. He will literally make Chelsea win almost everything. Haaland is the missing piece of the Chelsea puzzle. We don't need Sancho coz we have many wingers.

    90. Jan Ka

      i love sancho, we should have signed him last summer instead of havertz but right now we should give our players in that position like pulisic, ziyech, cho and havertz a chance and sign a proper striker first because thats what were missing most, someone to convert all the chances we create

    91. Kent Zeigler

      Pulisic and CHO are our future so I agree we can’t be spending dumb money on Sancho (as much as I’d love him at the club). Haaland on the other hand would be brilliant. I think we have a problem with too much talent at some other positions and I don’t want Chelsea to become a club that just doesn’t develop players if they don’t fit immediately. That being said Haaland and Tammy could be our strikers for the future after Oli goes off to Milan or something.

    92. Carl Akselsen

      My friends from Bryne is bestfriends with Erling Haaland, and they are saying that he have told them United will never happen because of his father. But they don´t want to answer anything about rumours to other clubs.

    93. Jakub Rogala

      Gimme both of them, because honestly if Ziyech and Pulisic won't comeback in form we are almost out of wingers. CHO on the right, Sancho on the left and good thing is that both of them can play on both wings. Haaland... well I like him a lot but ffs we have Abraham and Werner, two young strikers with a huge potential. But yeah fuck it, both of them in the team we still have some money in our wallet😅😅

    94. johnnyk sar

      Yes, we should get Sancho and maybe shift Werner the other way, if we can't afford to pay the full 87m. As for Haaland, he defo is going to either Real Madrid, PSG, Inter or Juventus. We don't need Haaland , we already have Havertz and I think Havertz could be as good as Haaland in the false 9/striker position.

    95. Gary Martin

      Do you know George we have so many fringe players with contracts . Let’s sort out this first .

    96. J Noslen

      We don't need Sancho, I would only take haaland and a CDM and then focus on selling some players

    97. johandi sagala

      Haaland YES Sancho YES It's simple because we have CHO

    98. Emilio Elizondo Alvarado


    99. Meltrikz

      You shouldn't forget that Lewandowski turns 33 this year so Bayern needs to look for a new world class striker in the near future. If Haaland stays for another season he could end up being a Bayern signing in 2022 when Lewandowski is turning 34.

    100. Emilio Elizondo Alvarado

      Haaland and Sancho were amazing yesterday! But we have good wingers so we should probably just get Haaland!!