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    CHELSEA NEWS | WHO WILL WE DRAW IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER FINAL? | WHY SIGNING AGUERO IS BAD! Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea News video. In today's Chelsea News video, I look at the News regarding Chelsea potentially being interested in signing Free Agent Sergio Aguero from Manchester City this summer as Aguero looks to stay in the Premier League. I also look forward to today's Uefa Champions League Quarter Final draw and who I want Chelsea to ideally face in the latter Knockout rounds of this seasons Uefa Champions League. Let me know in the comments below who you want Chelsea to draw later on today!
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    1. Connor Murphy

      Aguero is finished

    2. Enrique Mendizabal

      George, how can I make donations to your channel?

    3. Chelsea Jamal

      Love it bro

    4. Gregory Allen

      Signing argue to look would of been on the table 5 years ago but now? It’s just not necessary. Great player but I don’t think he fits in Chelsea’s long term plans

    5. Robert van der Spuy

      Aguero is dirty. No thanks.

    6. BigD

      We don’t want Sergio we want halland who’s got a massive future ahead of him! He’ll link up perfect with Werner

    7. T

      Why has this man got a woman’s ring on ?

    8. Thorsten Klopp

      If Aguero would like to come, they should sign him for two years. They might get Haaland as well but he will be choosing between 10 clubs or so, all willing to get him. City's got the money and some players love to play for Pep but as a number 9 it often is hard to please him. I fear Haaland will go to Spain anyway, most likely to Real. Or that Bayern will buy him in 2022 to replace Lewandowsky in 2023. Blues could use another 6. Kante and Jorginho are almost 30. They've got 3 great defensive midfielders but they still could use another one. Dahoud had problems before Terzic took over with Dortmund but Tuchel knows him and he was recognized a big talent about 3 years ago. Paris signed some rather 'mediocre' Bundesliga players while Tuchel was there, so he might really be interested. Good coaches see more in a player than just his market value or popularity. If he'ld like to sign him, he'ld probably know why. You might watch the video by 'paleszhurts', you'll see he's very promising and intelligent, pressing-resistent and got a great feeling for the space and makes very good decisions, and he's still young. He reminds me a bit of Xavi.

    9. pirate king


    10. KingMobile FC

      Can you BELIEVE what the Porto Manger had said. FC Porto manager, Sergio Conceicao: "We are glad we escaped the likes of Bayern and Man City. Chelsea are good side but they are no different from Juventus - being happy for the draw, we will stick to our usual style of play and eliminate them as we did to Juventus." ooooh as a Chelsea fan I just want us to beat his cockey ass so badly thinking they're the best club in the world for beating an out of form Juve. We are not Juvenetes but WE ARE CFC! COYB

    11. Winsome Martin

      No we don't want Sergio he's is too old.. go for haaland he's much younger...

    12. Khánh Nguyễn

      Semi : Chelsea vs Liverpool and Final : Chelsea vs Bayern

    13. Ed A

      Signing aguero is good

    14. stephen henderson

      Replace giroud with SG in the summer. No brainer

    15. Canary Austria

      i just want aguero at Chelsea he has scored many goals against us

    16. GET_IN_THE_VAN

      This is such a tough question. The biggest problem with aguero and this is why pep doesn't play him is that he is lazy. You can get away with being lazy when you are young but when you get older and don't take care of your body and train properly you decay as a player. I wouldn't take him for that reason

    17. Martin Yeboah

      Fortunate and good draw for us but we should not underestimate Porto

    18. John Rohlf

      “I’m a little excited.” says the guy who has neon sign “Yes, guys” over his bed.

      1. George Benson Football

        It's an office pal, not a bed.


      Haaland will go to the Team that has the best relations with his Agent Mino Raiola and that Team is Juventus. Raiola is still the Agent for Juventus Football Director; the Czech (ex-phenomenal Footballer) Pavel Nedved. Remember that for the Future.

    20. steve10 the striker

      what happened to sancho?

    21. Vince

      We can get both strikers...I think Giroud will move on

    22. Siii R

      So the qf and sf draw is over and i have to say: chelsea might win the champions league. Of course chelsea are favourites against Porto and if they manage to go to the semi finals, they will face either liverpool or real madrid, which in my opinion would be semi finals, where chelsea also have a good 50% chance to reach the final. The only problem is going to be the final. Thats the only game where chelsea really needs to overperform, so that they have a chance against bayern or man city. But it would be only one game and if tuchel gets the tactics right and the players have their best day, it really is possible. Lets see

    23. steve10 the striker

      whos here after we got Porto?

    24. ProdiNova Official

      It is Porto boyz👍🏾💙 coyb

    25. Tomas Jensen

      We will play Man city!

    26. Hiro Chong

      Draws I would love to see 1. Bayern vs Man City 2. PSG vs Dortmund

    27. L. Sun

      Agree with George! Haaland is the only one to go after, if possible.

    28. Fly X

      Inshallah we don't get Bayern

    29. Carol McGregor

      I think we’re going to draw Real Madrid - overjoyed if it was Possible to draw Liverpool

    30. Khutso Mamabolo

      Yes guys

    31. Carol McGregor

      Absolutely not - we’re looking forward not backwards to older players

    32. Ben the Football Kid

      Get City they bottle ut

    33. edward cooper

      Chelsea will get man city

    34. Luar Litar

      Bayern and PSG are the strongest teams among the top 8

    35. Samuel Deptula

      Before you even started naming who you thought we would face, I had a feeling it’ll be psg. Think about out of how many UCL we’ve been in in the past 10 years and how many times did we face psg

    36. Roger Annette

      I think CFC should bring back Lukaku

    37. Filip Andersson

      i want Real Madrid or Bayern I want to see how good touched and Chelsea is

    38. Chelsea Ling

      PSG got into the final because there is someone called THOMAS TUCHEL🔥🔥🔥 In the TUCHEL WE TRUST!!!

    39. Daniel Vinas

      My Predictions Chelsea vs Dortmund Liverpool vs Man City Porto vs Bayern Munich PSG vs Real Madrid

    40. Indra Chaudhari

      FC Porto is like a dream girl right now for the rest of UCL teams.

    41. Gaze Ian

      If we drew with Dortmund, then we can show haaland what force we are to be reckoned with

    42. Shankhaneel Basak

      It was Tammy my boy who gave Chelsea a consolation against Bayern

    43. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Chelsea vi reyal madred🤔🤔🤔🤔

    44. Yupp Dupp

      Dont worry

    45. Nelson McOwity

      Up the Chels

    46. beastgamer004

      I feel like Hakimi is a number 1 for Chelsea rn :) , I mean reece has been pretty poor recently.

    47. Glenn O'Mara-Baldwin

      Dream Draw: Chelsea vs Porto Liverpool vs Dortmund City vs Bayern Real Madrid vs PSG

    48. Duant Verwey

      We Will be playing PSG trust me

    49. The Pandemic Gamer

      What about jesus he can be a brilliant replacement for Agüero

    50. Brandon Heng

      Let's just hope bayern gets city

    51. SENAN

      Tuchel Wants Haaland if Tuchel wants Haaland I want Haaland

    52. James Perry

      only teams chelsea should fear are city and bayern but not PSG. If you watch them this season they have been awful and heavily relied on players like mbappe and navas

    53. STAR LION

      Best in the last decade yes an also most injury prone *no* kun for chelsea E.H is the right candidate

    54. OKOBA Collins

      We don't need Aguero for no damn reason. He's way past it, he's a city reject and he doesn't make us any better. If city is dropping him for Harland, we should be doing same too.

    55. Nithin Alluri

      Yo when is the champions league draw. In how many more hours.

    56. mohamed dini

      We want Haaland-- not Aguero

    57. NCG

      Fun fact: if you control the midfield against PSG you are probably gonna win the game because they only focus on 2 players which are mbappe and neymar. If we draw psg, the only thing we need to do is isolate mbappe and neymar and voila! Won the game

    58. Saracen Seven

      Why cant we have both? Abramovich can afford it with his stolen billions.

    59. Saracen Seven

      The only way Harland will go to Chelsea is. A. We beat Dotmund in the champions league. B. Man City get knocked out. C. Win it altogether.

    60. Arn Gyssels

      meanwhile at spurs..

    61. Edwin

      my prediction chelsea vs dortmund, city vs liverpool, porto vs bayern, real vs psg

    62. Sanni

      Imagine we get porto a portugese club just like in 2012 we got benfica and go on to face bayern in the final and win it yet again.

      1. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

        You sir...are a GENIUS😆 Porto incoming

    63. Jackson Hamilton

      I think George has already mentioned haalands name more than he mentioned havertz last year🤣🤣🤣

    64. Excelsior

      Please no Bayern Munich

    65. PANA KEYS TV

      Aguero is not staying in the premier League. He is going back to play in his home country

    66. OCFootball_29

      My prediction: Chelsea Real PSG Porto Liverpool Dortmund Bayern City

    67. 1 2

      If we get Bayern: we are probably screwed City: i think it is possible, if we play like we played Atlético Psg: i wouldnt like to see this at all, but we have more heart than them, its better to get them than Bayern Dortmund: this would be the 2 most amazing matches of the year Porto: I really hope we get them,no offence Liverpool: it will be harder than we think, but we can do it Real Madrid: Atletico is better than Real this year and look what we did to them..

    68. ngaite vera

      Tammy Abraham got the consolation goal

    69. dandy sumitro

      aguero injury prone, old , slow and giroud is better than him right now

    70. Prashraya Shahi

      I don't mind city at all🤷🤷🤷, they always bottle in qf

    71. MaldinisMiddleFinger

      Do watch alongs with louis beneventi..

    72. zack salvatore

      Nah we want haalamd and kessie

    73. Abhishek Gadag


      touchel bonus buy in halland dyballa big bos roman

    75. Matej Repák

      I'm open to every team, except City and Bayern. I think PSG might be interesting for us. Tuchel knows them really well and we might have an advantage because of it.

    76. Kris G

      City will get Porto ...

    77. Adam Hakimi

      We just need a clinical striker. That's only what we need!!!

    78. Franco1974 Igwe

      I hope is Porto or Dortmund

    79. SS 0718

      TBH I can see a Chelsea vs liverpool/bvb and psg vs liverpool/bvb Then Bayern vs real madrid and city vs porto And semi finals to be city vs Bayern And psg vs Chelsea if we win hopefully And Bayern vs Chelsea final Hopefully we can come this far COYB 💙💙

    80. mff mff

      Anyone will be ok for Chelsea. We can beat anyone. Our defence becomes a force.

    81. Keith Playle

      If Aguero can't get in the City team what makes him good enough for us? Not another reject who is past his best, pllllease.

    82. Elorm Katsekpor

      Go all in for Haaland. If that doesnt work, snap up Aguero

    83. James Gillatt

      Would actually like Chelsea vs Real Madrid I think it's overdue 🤔

    84. Ryan Blues

      "Bayern Munich and Manchester City are the two teams, if I could pick my dream draw, I would try to avoid them in the Quarter Final..." Damn it...we are drawing either of them...

      1. Ryan Blues

        @Shan Char True. On team spirit part, I think Tuchel has his trick. Plus it's UCL quarterfinals and so on, Tuchel won't let the team feel any kind of complacency but instead all out in every game. I trust Tuchel.

      2. Shan Char

        @Ryan Blues that won't be helping on final. Right now we can't say who is better among them but if Chelsea anyhow reaches final they will have to face the best one also the winning team there will gain a lot confidence because of big matches. Say if Bayern win against psg and man city. Bayern's confidence will be the highest and in football having good confidence helps you a lot too.

      3. Ryan Blues

        @Shan Char and we avoid them both~ 😄😄

      4. Shan Char


    85. iam asifur

      I also think in same way we are going to face Madrid.... Chelsea vs Madrid City vs Dortmund Bayren vs liverpool Psg vs Porto

    86. Mohammed Ijas

      I know we're in a good run of form.. But we shouldn't underestimate any team.. Juventus underestimated Porto and look where they are now... We cant underestimate real.. That team won 3 ucl In row and they still have the same core.. They have been here and done it thrice they know how to handle the pressure... So we need to be very focused and give it our 200%..which ever team we face.. Bring it on let's give them a game and a half.. But I won't be happy with facing any of these teams in the qf

    87. Apil Tiwari

      tammy abraham got the consolation goal GB

    88. Niba Tansie

      Being honest, for the sake of Haaland’s career, he should go to city. Will score a lot more goals there. And will be in trophy conversations a lot more than Chelsea atm. Again, just being honest 🤷🏾‍♂️


      As long as we avoid Bayern, Real and Liverpool, I'm okay. Bring the rest on.



    91. Jay Kinqston

      Let's not Aguero is on a free transfer...

    92. Robby Jarvis

      Hey GEORGE do you believe we could of made it this far if Lampard was stil at the helm mate??

    93. Dave Foster

      We won’t get halland we have haverts and Werner

      1. Dave Foster

        We have to many forwards

    94. Marco Marcussen

      Dont underestimate Madrid, they have the mentality, expirence and they are still world class especially in the midfield

    95. Itz_ Ire

      Hi George

    96. Paul Pattaya

      Chelsea v Real Madrid. Eden hazard back at the bridge. Bayern v Chelsea final .... Again.

    97. Kaylin Morgan

      Not only Europe.... south africa listening to you TOO George

      1. Bonga Nzimande

        Yes mate

      2. Reece Loeve

        You love to see it

    98. Tatenda Bwititi

      except for bayern and mancity, give us any mountain. they dn't want to play us.

    99. Ronny Morts

      I can see Giroud and Tammy leaving this summer. That leaves room for both Agureo and Haaland

    100. Tatenda Bwititi

      Mancity and Bayern should play each other so one of one these giants can be eliminated.kkk.