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    CHELSEA NEWS | £40m PERFECT DEFENDER SIGNING? | PULISIC WANTED BY BAYERN, LIVERPOOL AND MAN UTD. Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea News video. In today’s Chelsea News, we discuss Malang Sarr and Porto beating Juventus in the Champions League last 16. I also look at the Daily Mail reporting that Chelsea and Arsenal will battle for £40m Inter Milan defender Achraf Hakimi in the summer. Inter Milan may be looking to sell Hakimi due to their financial situation. Could Hakimi be Chelsea’s future right wing-back with Reece James moving into the Back three? I also discuss the omission of Christian Pulisic who hasn’t started a Premier League game under Thomas Tuchel and how Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester United are alerted to Pulisic’s situation at Chelsea ready to swoop in for the American in the summer.
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    1. Kgalema Mngadi

      Christian Pulisic should stay at Chelsea for sure. Do not sell.

    2. Kgalema Mngadi

      First of all, Tomori is gone. We have Christensen, Zouma, Rudiger, Silva, Guehi, Sarr. Tomori leaving could be bad because he is a talent but good because we will a decent amount of money for him.

    3. lugner thelisma

      No, don't sell Puliisic

    4. Abdellatif Difoullous

      Hakimi won't fit with Reece James on the same side?

    5. Magna Carta

      @georgebensonfootball You killed me off at 6:09 ahahaha But I think Hakimi would be a great signing for chelsea his attacking mobility is well needed at Chelsea and his explosive pace is immense

    6. Ernesto Gueverra

      That hair tells me you can't say no to guys

    7. Alejandro Solano Vargas

      It’s a bit unfair for the players, sometimes a think Chelsea just bought too many players.. and in tuchel system they really will have to sell someone :/

    8. J Berg

      Oh wow, quite a change of tune amongst Chelsea fans regarding Pulisic now that he's unhappy and the football transfer birds are chirping! Sadly, Chelsea fans have totally alienated many of his US based fans. The twitter comments have become disgraceful. Quite frankly, I would love to see him go to Liverpool, Bayern, Man U or Juve and watch him become the next De Bruyne or Sallah. Chelsea fans are so incredibly nasty. It's really disappointing and sad to see. It's not just Pulisic, many of the players are harassed. Have you all considered this is most likely the reason top talent flops at Chelsea? Have some respect for the players, they are humans too and without them, you have no communities like George's great SEprom Channel. Not to mention some of the foreign guys are very young and go home all alone especially w/ this pandemic. Let me put things in perspective for a moment and flip the script.. imagine if an Englishman were a top young talent in the NBA or the NFL, y'all would go absolutely mental every game. We see how shitty NFL teams like the Dolphins or Jaguars come to London and they sellout Wembley, it's hilarious. Pulisic has almost singlehandedly revolutionized the game of football in the US and we love him dearly like he's family. He's given our youth the belief that one day they too could play for a top 4 Club like Chelsea in the best league in the world. Now the US has a young core of quality players abroad under 23 in Pulsic, Weston McKennie, Sergino Dest, Gio Reyna, Tyler Adams, Tim Weah, Josh Sargent, Antonee Robinson, Chris Richards, Zak Steffens, hopefully Yunus Musah and Folarin Balogun, Konrad de la Fuente, Matthew Hoppe, Brenden Aaronson, Bryan Reynolds, Daryl Dike, Owen Otasowie. Perhaps not the quality of England's youth, but much better chemistry. Many of them are best mates off the pitch. Sorry for the rant, just felt it was important to share my thoughts. I know it's not just the English fans, the Nigerians like to get after it on twitter too! If you see US Pulisic fans going mental in the comments section or on twitter, just fucking ignore it and have a laugh. Let's just please stop the hateful bullshit, be careful what you wish for.

    9. Fycl Fai

      Achraf hakimi😲😲not even in your best dreams😬you will let ziyech leave and forget about morrocan players

    10. David Mariano

      Pulisic should leave. Doesn’t fit in system. In terms of output no one has been great though George. When you compare that to the mean / with context it makes more sense. Also his injury issues are a problem. You should sell for 40m and see ya later

    11. Conrad Musonda

      Sell Pulisic and get Halaand

    12. Phil Mitchell

      George. Can you do a video of all Chelsea players on lone.. we still have victor moses. U know what I mean

    13. Phil Mitchell

      Pulisic is my favourite he can't leave. Please no

    14. Rico Rico

      Tuchel doesn’t know how to use him! That’s my big knock with Tuchel and as soon as he knows he can’t use or control players on the pitch, he’s gone(PSG).

      1. Rico Rico

        @Charskull Tuchel leaves!

      2. Charskull

        So he wants to sell the players that don't work with his system. Wow its not like every single manager in history is like that

    15. mary dexter

      I hope Pulisic stays, but if he moves on.....I move on with him.

      1. Charskull

        You can piss off then. If your only supporting for one player

    16. cam Merkerson

      LOL players, like CHO, Zyiech and Havertz have all been dreadful attacking. Werner who has the stats is clearly not preforming. Its weird how the offense by many players but Pulisic is always the odd man out. No attacker has been great. Even with Tuchel the attack has been dreadful in terms of production.

    17. Tylon

      Do we really want another Real Madrid reject?

    18. jett rodgers

      If Pulisic leaves then so does half your viewers

    19. Annos Aroon

      We have enough defenders guys what is needed now and lacking is proper number 9

    20. David Daven

      Chelsea is a boring team asf I shouldn't have supported chelsea

      1. Charskull

        Are you stupid pal. We literally fire a manager every two years. Chelsea is a roller-coaster lol

    21. Samir Kharfan

      The thing is Tuchel doesn’t have a set system. I we are playing three in the back up until the end of the season. Next season I think we’d transition to 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3

      1. Charskull

        But why the hell would we change a system that suits the entire back 5

    22. Shoaib Zaman

      You ever just feel like there’s no point buying too many players for the same position. I get competition is a thing but for example look at our Attack we have 3 people who arguably play in the same position with Havertz mount and ziyech and it’s the same for striker we got Tammy werner and giroud. Arguably all 6 of those players would be starting for a top team. But because we have so many players in one position it’s difficult for players to get a run of games and build form and develop or even find form unless there’s massive injuries in that position. I feel like buying hakimi who is really good makes no sense when you got Reece James and CHO who are both doing well in that position. We need to sell and trim down the squad it’s all good having an amazing bench which is arguably the best in the world but I think the team would benefit from having less players we have a big squad. Prime example is pulisic and Tammy not being able to get a run of games to get form or try and comeback from their recent injuries. I’d say we should sell ziyech giroud maybe zouma or rudiger (I’d prefer rudiger) and have youth players as back up if needed. And from then on operate on a one in one out transfer method so we don’t have a big squad problem again and maybe players will be able to find some form and get a run of games to develop .

    23. John Schneider

      he's a different player to what he was before injury, he should stay and fight for his shirt.

    24. Jose Adão Mendes

      Did Puli really play 20+ games????

    25. Jan Ka

      pulisic has to start over werner and ziyech imo

      1. Charskull

        Ziyech sure. Werner never

    26. Ross Mason

      Pulisic is one of my favourite players and we haven’t had a decent striker since Diego Costa.

    27. Tobias Terry

      We don’t need hakami at all

      1. Charskull

        An actual decent winger. He's better than ziyech and pulisic

    28. Ravi Mishra

      No chance to drop Timo against Leeds. He will be nothing but essential for us with his pace. We have to wait for him to start but he is important to us in future games.

    29. Beda Kouao

      Pulisic should stay and is not time to sell him

    30. Samuel Yeboah

      Honestly if Pulisic goes I won’t be hurt at all. Truth be told,Pulisic hasn’t really delivered for Chelsea since he came. It’s injury today injury tomorrow,now Chelsea has to manage his injury in terms of playing. It is really affecting us,when we need him that’s when he is injured . We need a player like Pulisic who can play 15 matches without injuries but here we are having to manage his injuries. Let me ask you this question? If this was how hazard was injury prone would we have gotten the best of him 🤷‍♂️? Sell him and get a player who is great and not injury prone.

    31. Mamud Soraju

      Pulisic want to go back to his father Jürgen klopp. He loves klopp Liverpool

    32. Jacob Alexander

      Haaland first then other transfers

    33. Winston Chigadula

      Purisic needs full healing. That's why Thomas Tuchel is not giving more game time to him and Ngolo Kante. He is doing right not to involve them much. Same with Hackim Ziyench. Once they are fully recovered from their injuries that have been frequently putting them out of games, they will come back and put up a 100% performance. Thomas Tuchel is a teacher and wishes his best players well, including every Chelsea player. That's why in a very short time he has used over 30 player, no other manager has ever done this in the premier league. Don't sale them is my last advice

    34. Chinenye Eugene

      D truth of d matter is dat pulisic has lost form and we don't have much time for experimating players when we have guys dat can do d job very well.

    35. Hecty Camacho

      Chelsea simply don't need to buy a new center back. We have an assortment of center backs to pick from (Malang Sarr, Marc Guehi, Ampadu, Tomori, etc)

    36. David Shiango

      I love TT but what he is doing to Pullisic is totally wrong, every Chelsea fun saw what the talent the young man has so selling him would be disappointing especially to me and other Chelsea funs.

    37. David Shiango

      George Benson, do you expect Pullisic to score goals while he is just brought in the game for less than 5 minutes? This is unfair to him and yet he was one of our most outstanding players last season!

      1. Charskull

        Outstanding my balls sir. He played at the level his price implied for 2 months last season. He was either average or injured for the rest. And the same this season

    38. Adinasir Mohamed

      Let mectell you this bro Emerson he’s really good if the coach give him chance like christenen

    39. Dan Ellis

      We could use pulisic in a swap deal + money for sancho

    40. Timothy Hickey


    41. Luke Chambery

      Would you do a video -with Kai Havertz heathy, - what is our strongest starting lineup, and who makes the bench.? Please? Just curious. And that sucks about Tomori. I dunno what happened there. I’d honestly just rather see Tomori doing Alonso’s job, even outta position. Just because he’s ours...

    42. Luke Chambery

      GB, yes that’s an outrageous G,&A ration for Achraf Hakimi, but we also have a captain who’s played the best he’s ever played for the club on the left. And didn’t we just spend 93$ (sorry I’m a yank) on a Chilly R/L back that is sat on the bench with another great Youth product named James, for Alonso? And letting Pulisic go would be like letting Salah/KDB go again for pennies. Plus, he’d score against us and celebrate, like both just mentioned... we got money, and players! You just named them. Keep them. Develope them. I hate the media telling clubs to do stuff. That’s why lamps is gone. and a long haired over the hill defenseman who went to Arsenal, (yep Flippin Arsenal) knocked us out the CL and Celebrated and came back. It’s money. But we don’t need it. We want to win. It’s better than $ or £

      1. Luke Chambery

        Real world stuff. But yes, Go Chels. I love you GBFC

    43. Ganesh Kvs

      Man dont do Pulisic dirty. He has been mostly being used as a Substitute at last 10 minutes

    44. Paul Bridges

      I think Pulisic will come good he just needs time. If were not careful with him he could end up like Michael Owen and that’s why he is being eased back in very slowly.

      1. Rodger Murphy

        Or Salah....failure at chelsea superstar at Liverpool

    45. John Capo

      # PULISIC IS A STRIKER the team is mishandling him, quit play him out of position that is not his bag, it leads to injuries and frustrations play him at the left, odoi at the right, make them attack the box relentlessly it leads to goals or penalties

    46. Audio Heart

      There is no need signing a center back honestly there is abundance

    47. John Capo

      hakimi is not a very good player, he is jorginho 2.0 but bigger bad defensively, average offensively

      1. Charskull

        What the fuck are you on. Jorg is a cdm and hakimi is a winger.

    48. E Brisbain

      Pulisic brought a massive fan base with him. Many of us are here watching this because of that fact. At this point it isn’t even enjoyable to watch as an American. Very frustrating. Play him or let him move on. He is better than this. Talking about his goals and assists and 20+ appearances, you conveniently ignore the fact that he gets like 10 minutes in those matches. Hardly a fair comparison. He wasn’t even considered close to CHO before Tuchel came to Chelsea. Not saying he is or is not, but that is a fact.

      1. Charskull

        I mean I think cho has been way better than puli this season. Like pulisic never ever does anything whenever he does play

    49. Jean-Marc Louise

      We cannot think of selling Pulisic when only a season ago he was being touted as the player of the year for Chelsea FC. The guy is young and really talented. We know that. What he needs right now is game time to get him back to his best. If this year under Tuchal has taught us anything is that quality players will become good if they are given adequate game time and assurance by the gaffer that he is 100% behind them. We don't discard our best players and this is something Chelsea needs to understand. We mistakenly sold Robben, Mata, Matic, and Lukaku to name a few and they went on to do so well with the teams they are now with. Do we want the same thing to happen again with Pulisic. It would be a travesty of justice if we lost one of our star players especially to a rival club. Chelsea fans will be up in arms if this happens.

    50. ben Roybal

      Yeah he got 25 Appearances. Half of those were coming off bench with ten minutes or five minutes left in a game under Tuchel.

      1. Charskull

        True. But he did start against Barnsley. And did nothing I can remember

    51. David Anderson

      Timo has way less to show, and it’s not like CHO has any stats really on goals or assists. Pulisic needs a bunch of starts in a row to get back to his great class of player. Mount is really the only player that Pulisic should not start in place of

      1. Charskull

        Pulisic can't play loads of starts in a row without getting injured that's the issue

    52. Ökami

      He would have more assists if Werner could actually finish

    53. Dean Kremer

      The squad is so bloated already, another wing back really? We really only need Haaland and maybe one Kante like midfielder which could even be Havertz

    54. Abe Alno

      Hakimi is my fav Fifa player 😂😂

    55. watchinvideos22

      Chelsea players do not seem to look for pulisic in an attacking manner. Alonso is always overlapping and cramping him. My thought

    56. Praveen Dharmavarapu

      Chelsea don’t need to buy a center back. Chelsea have Zouma, Silva, and the Danish Maldini then Sarr on loan.

    57. Thaikodrums -

      25 ten min appearances! That stat is misleading! Break down in mins and it’s like 100 mins out of 800 mins of Tuchel’s Chelsea career.

    58. Brandon Bachman

      Sell pulisic asap.

    59. Viktor Ostrom

      yes yes, hakimi is great and all, but if Chelsea squander their chances of keeping and developing Reece James, I swear to god...

    60. Paul Naftalis

      George I know you have no ill will towards Pulisic, but you are just way off base here. Did you really just bring up his offensive stats? Look at all other “offensive” players and compare based on minutes played before saying something so naive. Players like Timo have been shown the red carpet despite poor performances. At the end of the day Chelsea screwed this up and treated Pulisic poorly from the start. Pulisic was professional about it, but has stated he was treated like a stranger. He still proved himself anyway and earned a starting spot. TT put him on the shelf and forgot about him. No hard feelings, but 100% he is gone and sick of poor treatment. That guy is going to torment Chelsea fans the rest of his career. Add him to the rest of world class talent Chelsea let go...

    61. Rob B

      Sorry bro ziyech has sucked!!! He had a game where the tactical formation left him wide open to split the defense and he did nothing!!! Second while 2 goals and 1 assist is not good you are also playing with stats. Saying 25 many were 10 minute end of game cameo’s that tuchel gives him? How many where games right after injury? Fact is he has not been given a fair run with consistent games to get his footing and no chance under tuchel!

      1. Rob B

        You also know ziyech also only has 2 goals and 4 assist....and when it comes to minutes played they are pretty close? 🤔

    62. Hugh M.

      I'm a little surprised GB highlighted Pulisic's stats for goals and assists, which compared to most of the starting attackers on the team would be better. Maybe we should be more worried about midfielders who will never ever score.

    63. dalo

      fyi its easier to rotate CBs

    64. Topaz Berlin

      Pulisic is going no where, he is just under constructions right. We have CBs and all we need is Haaland.

    65. Tuchelista

      Hey George, just came here to give you stick:🥢

    66. Trublu72 Lewis

      Ampadu starting to perform?

    67. ICOALS HD

      Hakimi will join Arsenal because we have the goat reece james 🤫

    68. Gilbert Lucero

      Why does Tuchel play Werner so much? He's like the guy that brings a bunch of birds home from the pub but only shags one or two.

      1. Gilbert Lucero

        Out of two dozen

    69. CFC05

      hakimi is brilliant. would love to see him in the blue shirt

    70. Ad Kads

      Overwhelming majority of those 25 “appearances” are him coming on as a sub in the 70th minute or later.

    71. George

      Chelsea will make another mistake letting Pulisic go 😬😬😬

    72. Josh Sittrop

      We do not need a wing back

    73. KeyAstro

      If pulisic leaves we will lose half our fans

    74. Abdikadar Osman

      Let’s not forget Tuchel signing is coz to get best out of the Germans. Pulisic needs to keep his head down and work harder eventually he get will chances.

    75. The Big Screen Music

      Realistically we CAN’T accomodate all of these attackers! We just can’t... in saying that, is pulisic a better fit than Werner...?

    76. Richard Grace

      Also I'm glad you brought up mister hundson (run to the outside and cross becuase he is afraid to take on defenders head on) adoi

    77. Richard Grace

      Also tuchels "tactics" are garbage... overly defensive while scoring 1goal (or less ) a game with most of them being PK's..... yes that is amazing strategy with all thenoffemsove weapons we have

    78. steve scuro

      This is the no win situation pulisic is in. Team is winning so can't really do much about it though to be fair many others are getting starts in and out of lineup. Not puli. Tuchtel played his words perfectly. Says loves him cause knows his talent off bench. This paints puli in a corner with no way out. If puli comes off bench and plays well then tuchtel can say see I was right and this is how puli needs used. If puli plays poorly tuchtel can say see, this is why puli doesn't deserve to start for me. Tuchtel has covered all his bases and there is no way out of it for puli.

    79. Richard Grace

      Mason mount : 3 open play goals and 2 open play assists in 10more EPL appearances than christian pulisic while playing tje most forward and central position on the pitch outside of the striker yet henis considered "world class".... pease take your stayes somewhere else...... also chrostian hasn't even played in 25 games this season...he hasn't had a single start since tuchel took over amd averages 15min or less a game when he does come on amd alwaya gets places on the right which everyone akd tjeor mother knows he cant play

    80. Marlon Ramdeen

      That would be the dumbest decision ever to sell Captain America....sell Tammy Abraham....or Jorgino

    81. Ethan Sleight

      I don't get why tuchel doesn't play pulisic morr

    82. Jackthecfc

      If we get 50-60 mill it’s a good deal

    83. El mustafa Hafdoune

      Haland or worner, ziyech or worner. But i prefer haland and ziyech in chelsea. Ziyech must Change chelsea to atletico madrid.

    84. Ben Pooler

      Sarr having a very good season? He's 18th in matches played on the team with only 8.

    85. Chelseafc House

      Chelsea 1 leeds 4 Yup, you heard it from me first. Good luck chelsea, I'm rooting for us regardless

    86. Jim McCann

      If Chelsea let Pulisic get away it's going to be a big mistake. What's the one thing that Chelsea can't seem to get right now? Goals. Pulisic is so positive and creative when he gets the ball but in the games that he's come into, his teammates haven't really been able to get the ball to him. And don't give me this, "He's been in poor form." I won't have it. The system he was in during Lampard's last weeks was abysmal. Players would only ever pass backwards or sideways. The only way we could score was from crosses from the wingbacks. And that does not benefit Pulisic. And now that there's this new system, Timo is getting chance after chance and we're seeing very little improvement, but then Timo will do one good thing in a game, and he's given all this extra rope that Pulisic has not been afforded. However, I'm not one to try to fix what isn't broken right now. I'm terrified that the first game Pulisic starts will be Tuchel's first loss. I'd much rather wait until Chelsea are down by a goal or something in the second half, and sub on Pulisic then, maybe for a CB, and change formation to something more attacking. Because even though he's gotten 30 minutes before in this system, it seems like it's been when Chelsea are letting off the gas and just start defending for their lives and can't keep possession, and thus can't get Pulisic the ball.

    87. Wynn's World

      I hope they don't sell tomori

    88. Charged Eden

      Pulisic is the only one we saw that plays like hazard, we will regret if we sell. Come on captain america

    89. Sam Ballard

      If captain America goes then who do you think is going to be the next number 10

    90. Moroccan page

      We Moroccan fans don't want Hakimi in chelsea 😉

    91. Yusri Zaimy

      Tuchel trust in Timo but not Pulisic when Pulisic is a Premier League proven. If Pulisic is gone I want Tuchel out

    92. Rory

      Mbuyamba, Sarr, Guehi & Ampadu, the future COULD be bright, if we give them all a chance.

    93. Jack Smith

      Critics: “Pulisic had only 2 goals and 1 assist in 20+ appearances.” The appearances: *30 seconds in the 90th minute* 🥲

      1. Jack Smith

        It’s cause they put the bar higher for Pulisic than they do for Ronaldo and Messi combined while the bar is low for other Chelsea players, so when both are doing only alright it’s easier for them to see Pulisic as worse. In one game he nutmegged a defender and got a penalty at the same time and Chelsea fans were like “Pulisic was shit today he didn’t score.” He’s put in the 80th minute a lot expecting to knock in 3 like he’s not coming in cold off the bench. But Timo and Havertz and others are over here missing open chances and the response is “oh wow. They’re really improving. They’ll be great in a few months to a few decades. Can’t wait, keep playing them.” And when Pulisic asks what’s going on, all the coach says is “it’s unfair.” Essentially nothing he does will get him playing time because there is no objective measure set for him to succeed and gain that playing time. No matter what “it’s just unfair.” Screw that. Pulisic to Man United or Liverpool. He can take his perfect hat trick, his speed, his ball control, his ability to go past 3 defenders like nothing against the Liverpool league winning defense and set up a goal, all of that can go over to Man United or Liverpool.

      2. terry honeycutt

        Timo has been given free reign to continue to underperform. Uh?

      3. ben Roybal

        @Jan Ka because he's German 😆

      4. Jan Ka

        werner has 1 tap in goal in 19 games so why is he starting over pulisic?

      5. E Brisbain

        EXACTLY...Why do people misrepresent that fact!?!

    94. Rahat Chowdhury

      I have a proposal ,how about Tammy+40 mil = Haaland for us.

    95. Chandler Shurtz

      PULISIC leaves I unsubscribe

    96. edelamora87

      I just want Pulisic to get playing time, so hopefully he can play wherever he goes

    97. John Rohlf

      Hakimi would be perfect for TT tactic. Pulisick(sic) cant play on the PL level with those sick hammies, especially in cold weather. Bayern would be a better choice but inSane as its left winger.

    98. Big Baller

      Pulisic having a number 10 curse.

    99. Sean O'Reilly

      How many goals/assists does CHO have compared to Pulisic? That's a lame argument. Tuchel hasn't even given him a chance and yet Werner gets start after start. Ziyech has gotten two starts, what are his stats? Just give him a chance. Chelsea haven't scored more than 2 goals in any game under Tuchel.

    100. George Fleck

      Here's the thing with Pulisic. He and Werner are competing at the same position. Tuchel has said that he needs to build Werner's confidence. Which i agree with. Werner is no where near his form of last year in the Bundesliga. At some point if Werner doesn't start finishing better, than Pulisic will be given the chance. Or if at some point we change from a 3-4-2-1. Let's be honest here, our defense has been outstanding, but the offense not as much. Although, we have looked better offensively these past few games. Just like for Werner, it's going to be hard for Pulisic to gain his confidence back if he is playing less than 15% of the total available minutes in matches under Tuchel!

      1. Ryan White

        This is it. It isn't injuries anymore. CP is recovered. It is that Werner cannot play in the middle as a #9, and because he likes to drift left, Lampard and Tuchel play him on the left. Well, that is the spot where CP is world class. CP is good on the right, but class on the left. For whatever reason it seems Chelsea has committed to Werner in that spot. Its the most consistent selection from Tuchel in attack. Chelsea is building around it. I would prefer to see Chelsea build around CP on the left. He scored last year in the PL league (192 min/goal) at more than double Werner's rate (405 min/goal). But Lampard and Tuchel have put CP on the right to accommodate Werner.