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    CHELSEA FC | What Has Happened to HAKIM ZIYECH and CHRISTIAN PULISIC? Welcome back to a brand new GBFC video. Today, I look into the current Chelsea form of both Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic. I discuss how they fit into Thomas Tuchel's plans, as well as breaking down the reasons for the dip in form of both influential wingers. Let me know in the comments below what you think of both Ziyech and Pulisic right now and how they fit in under Thomas Tuchel's management at Chelsea Football Club.
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    1. Erich L

      At the end of the day an in form Pulisic is probably too good for Chelsea. His playing style would be used more effectively in Spain or Italy. How many world class players have Chelsea sold too soon? Chelsea will just throw another 200 mil at the problem and make it go away. 😆

    2. E Brisbain

      Thought I was in for a Pulisic bashing session when I saw this video. Glad I was wrong. Tough to keep the same level of interest as an American when he seems to be ignored at the moment. Good insight in this video.

    3. Joe Howard

      Pulisic is washed?!?

    4. Peter Graan

      Lol ziyexh always has that face attitude

    5. Chelsea_Hakim Ziyech

      Ronald Koeman wants Hakim Ziyech to Barcelona aswell.

    6. Chelsea_Hakim Ziyech

      I read, Juventus, Barca, Sevilla and AC Milan want to buy Ziyech?

    7. Jacob Bear

      pulisic needs more confidence but also he deosnt have a spot in tuchels new formation he is an inverted winger at best but tuchels new formation is just wierd

    8. Tarik

      I love how you said how much time can you give someone like Ziyech but on the other hand someone like Werner and Kai who have been dreadful lets all be honest this season and played more games than Ziyech by far cz of his injury are still getting a nice warm treatment by their German manager and fans like you who always says: " Oh lets give Timo and Kai time and trust and they will be world class for us if not this season maybe next season" but never felt to criticizes them even tho they have been hot TRASHH. But Ziyech oh my GOD one bad game after injuries and the whole fan base collapsed on him and start calling him names and wants to sell him or bench him. So lets stop the double standards and be fair to everyone on this team and fix this instead of pretending like we care about racism and favoritism when in fact we only care about certain players and not others !!!! Ziyech deservers the same treatment Timo is getting at the moment !!! you dont kill someone's confidence and expect them to play like Messi.

    9. Tarik

      Just because we played some of the worst teams in the PL in the last 20 days dont mean that we improved. Lampard had a good run until he met the real big teams and it went down hill from there, that test starts next week in the UCL and for almost a month. If you think this current lineup who in times struggled against these bums teams have any chance against Atletico Madrid, Man U and the rest in March then you crazy. Thomas maybe winning the short term games against bad teams but he is definitely making harder to play against big teams with his Favoritism of the current lineup, the reason is some of our most talented players are on the bench, lack confidence and need all the support and game time to get back to top level. Benching the likes of Ziyech, Zouma, Chilly, Kante while helping and supporting Werner is pure BIAS and players notice that shit. And when this bias coach starts losing games next month, he will start looking for help from those guys he benched all this time and they will not play for him and will actually get him sacked by summer which I totally understand from them as they have been disrespected specially that most of them are experienced players like ZIyech and Zouma, Kante who are on their prime. To conclude, Im not mad that someone like Timo who gets all the support from this coach and plays almost every game even tho he has been below average from what we all expected, im saying if Timo gets the patience and support then someone like Ziyech and Zouma deserves the same treatement !!!! Enough with the bias and privilege BS !!!! Peace OUT

    10. Jared Galloway

      Both r mentally struggling with injuries no matter how fit and strong u get after a few consecutive injuries it’s gonna play some mental games Christian has tried to change some ways he played and it’s noticeable he passes more now and dosent endlessly run at players. I first saw restart pulisic when he battled with Semedo all night long at the defeat at wolves hakim needs more time to be confident in this squad then we could see a insane Chelsea future and if we keep tt this new formation benefits many players

    11. DA1 OFFICIAL

      Hudson Odoi will become something great as 22 years old Pulisic is good Ziyech is egoistic but also good Whom should we cash on?…

    12. toddgrabill

      With two 6’s, wingbacks, and only 3 attacking players, I don’t see how Chilwell, Ziyech, and Pulisic get into this team. TT seems to prefer CHO, and Werner gets unending opportunities despite poor form for months. It was bound to click sometime (finally today). And since he didn’t perform as a striker, he’s been pushed back into Pulisic’s position. Mount deserves his place. As evidenced by the first match that set a record for passes, TT also prefers skilled passers, which explains Kepa and Christensen over Mendy and Zouma. The system is working for now, but look at the competition. When Chelsea come up against stiffer competition (Atl Madrid, Man City, Man Utd, Leicester), where are the goals going to come from when you’re playing 7 defenders and only 1-2 true goal scorers? Chelsea spent a lot of money on attacking talent only to leave them on the bench. TT needs to figure out how to integrate them to compete at the highest level. And it’ll make for more exciting football.

    13. AJ Lau

      As far as Pulisic, he didn’t see a single frickin' minute against New Castle. Unsure how he's supposed to prove himself with no playing time whatsoever. That's with guys getting banged up for Chelsea, as well.

    14. FolcoTube

      When players don't shine at chealsea they got sell and they shine i am not talking about hazard

    15. J T

      I want to see pulisic on the same side as cho when cho is a wingback. problem for pulisic has been that James and chillwell won't play the ball to him. only time he sees the ball is when its given away by the opponent and he recovers it.

    16. Timothy Hickey


    17. Nelson Ainomugisha

      Both Ziyech & Pulisic have a preferred position on pitch. Pulisic as a left foward and Ziyech as a right winger. In a 433 or 4231. In Tuchel's 3 at the back system, I'm afraid they will struggle. Surely a pain to see 5 defenders starting in a game against Barnsley.

    18. Nasim Belkacem

      The untouchable Tuchel does not understand anything in football. How does a playmaker sit and play like Ziyech in reserve, even if some matches do not give anything, this is normal for every player that he must play, and his meaning returns a decisive and very elaborate passage and God this coach will destroy the team

    19. Abdelhadi Friguech

      Ziyech is a big player in the world because is not from Germany. Havert and werner are citizen of mister Tuchel ???

    20. Joshua Dickmann

      They don't belong in the EPL. It's too physical for them. It doesn't mean they are not good enough players, but it doesn't compliment their playing style

    21. lisa martins

      Anelka was the same they called him 'le Sulk' But what a player? Ziyech is a wonderful player, it's tuchell, his football is, he ain't played anybody yet. I fvvvkn hate him, he's gonna do another Sarri. but worse.

    22. MR MilinD 09

      Pulisic will surely bounce back,no doubt. About Hakim Ziyech Chelsea's style not suiting. He will flourish in the team who plays fast counter attacking game. Chelsea plays slow possession game. Addition of Prolific Stricker and smart attacking midfielder (not Mount) required. To utilise Ziyechs main trait ie pinpoint passes.

    23. Francis Dika Agbawodikeizu

      Iamzeusfrancix........ For me... I strongly believe in Ziyech, I know he will definitely come thru... I think tuchel should be giving him more game tym. He is highly talented.

    24. Christo 122

      Hakim looked disinterested from the 1st time he put on a chelsea shirt. And I'm not a negative fan

    25. Adam, Badaoui

      Obviously, you don’t know Ziyech! Ziyech does not like to be taken out even at 89th minute. Ziyech does not like to treated as a second class player, or citizen. Remember he told the Netherlands to f*** off because his family was badly treated by the Dutch social services when he was a kid. He left the Moroccan national team when the French coach Herve Renard benched him. My friend, you have to revisit Hakim’s history. He is a strong minded person who hate to be taken for granted and very sensitive to the tiniest detail of racism wether intended or not. Touchel praises Harvezt who has not done much for chelsea so far and put Hakim down saying that he needs to get used to the environment of the premier league. Doesn’t he remember what Hakim did to Chelsea, Tottenham, Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. What is this Nazi talking about.

    26. RMY 100

      For me it look's like Tuchel don't want to play the sign players of Lampard, Ziyach & Ben.

    27. Tom Stainer

      I want see ziyech play as a cm or acm I don't like pulsic always injured

    28. Kwasi Kyeremateng Jr

      I will still say that we should be very patient with Ziyech

    29. kasozi2013

      It is mad to suggest Ziyech cannot handle the intensity of the prem. Its sad. George this is sad. And trust me come the 2nd leg of our game against Athletico you will be eating your words.

    30. Si

      It will all change when the fans are back in stadium, will make the players realise this is home.

    31. Si

      Yessss guyssss


      Pulisic as lm and ziyech as rm.... Both the players have played in this position previously.... So that would be good

    33. Hamza Bgn

      are you dumb ?!

    34. Steve Stratton

      If Werner could find the back of the net, Pulisic and Ziyech would be in the league leaders in assists. Then we would be having a different conversation. Werner has no goals in last 15 PL games. Should he keep starting? Probably yes. But not Pulisic's fault he creates 4-5 good chances in a game and shots are missed at point blank range. Just a matter of time before Pulisic and Ziyech get back in. And - Alonso should be thanking his lucky stars Pulisic gave him such a perfect ball for his goal. v. Burnley. Otherwise, Alonso would be watching the games with P and Z.

    35. David Anderson

      You guys think when CHO just plays average, you say how great he is. But you are way overstating this, you’re just making a comparison to how bad is was for so long before he’s been on a more positive run. Puli sic has a couple bad games after an injury and he gets piled on. Please, there is no comparison between CHO and Pulisic. Puli is far better, better ability, better vision. CHO is average at best and he gets hailed when he plays average.

    36. Phil Mitchell

      You really read all the comments yh.. when did you last watch eastenders?

    37. Mohammed Wasi

      As an American, I think Pulisic just needs an international break rn where he can get away from everything on his mind and his struggles and go out and score some goals. It'll probably get him back on track with Chelsea!!

      1. Mohammed Wasi

        @Phil Mitchell New York!

      2. Phil Mitchell

        That makes a lot of sense.. what state you from?

    38. Soo

      Pulisics not even that out of form... cmon timo s been out form like 6-8 wks he plays too much

    39. Mohammed Faher

      Chelsea's problem is sacking managers. Bad for confidence . The new manager will be sacked before these good players decide to leave. The way Frank Lampard(a legend) was dismissed shows how players are wary about their legs and feet.

    40. Gert Heslinga

      I get the point. De ligt and de jong are not currently producing. Have they ever? Give the Wizard of London another 6months. After that... I don't know.

    41. Mark Watson

      Pulisic is going through the same thing that we saw from Sancho early in the season. I watch a lot of BVB and can’t help but notice the similarities. He will come good

    42. yous sef

      HZ and CR 🔥

    43. ian jabagt

      Funny this debate was in the non existing categories when Lamparrd was having a good start, I'm talking to you GBF. Ziyech was fine when Lamparrd was the manager, when this arrogant GERMAN manager came in Ziyech is not good enough for Chelsea. Bad news for you: Verner, Kai, were the worst signing ever. Of course they are Germans and Tuchel get the call from Loaf about giving them more time on the pitch. Chelsea fans most are hypocrites. Lamparrd should have stayed. Let's see how well this loser manager who couldn't handle a low level team when they play Man utd, Liverpool, MAN City, Athletico Madrid...

    44. T Spot

      I am a massive CP fan. Thank you for doing this video George. I admit my bias in terms of Pulisic. I am most concerned with the lack of fight in CP right now. CP is always at his best when he thinks he has something to prove and to show to the world. Right now, he looks lost. I think CP is socially awkward, and little wonder given the last 7 or 8 years of his life have seen him move around Europe, away from family and friends, learning a new language, and being placed under the glare of being a superstar in Europe and U.S. But the pitch was where he seems like a fish in water and where he was comfortable and free to be himself. Right now, he is looking awkward on the pitch too. And I have no idea why.

    45. Rick & Morty

      If hakim ziyech was from germany,Tuchel will give him more support and making him playing more.I wish my message is clear

    46. Ali Kadi

      Tuchel wants to destroy Ziyech

    47. Abel Omar

      Hakim Ziyech will leave to other Club that what i wish

    48. Dalwhat

      Mate, if we sell Ziyech in the summer he will become worldclass at his next club the next De Bruyne or Salah. Imagine where we'd be if we still had them.

    49. Eddy Murphy

      To be fair Cristensen wasnt doing him any favors.. The type of passes he was receiving at bad timings! If u rewatch the match Cristensen caused him alot of trouble.. Thats when i c his arrogance.. Hakim is just fine.. Trust me

    50. Sina Modareszade

      Injuries have played a very important role in these guys lack of performance

    51. Nasim Belkacem

      The Arab world and the other world used to watch Chelsea because of Ziyash. Now, after the departure of Ziyash, we say goodbye to Chelsea, bye with the racist coach.

      1. Jei Marbañiang

        Feel free to leave. We don't need bandwagon fans. We need real supporters who will always be with the team through sun and rain

    52. Aziz Bou

      Ziyech leave chelsea and the PL. Look at klaassen en donny how a trainer with a bad agenda destroy talent. Tuchel dont believe in ur skills. Bye bye magic and chelsea can play German coldstone kick and rush soccer with no magic and run like fools instead let te ball do the work. So they can keep runnen like fools behind the ball. Spain of Italië ur a god ziyech. Dont let tuchel pioson ur mind. Ziyech gone migic gone. Tuchel happy ziyech happy. Leave leave leave a gast as u can. Tuchel hates ziyech

    53. Paul P

      This is like a repeat of 'Hazard, Oscar, Salah, De Bruyne and even Schurrle. The problem with the blues is that we seem to want all of these fancy players, but when we have such a big squad we can't keep them all happy. At the same time - what do we want - do we also want to feel proud of promoting our academy - Hudson Odoi, Mount and co? What about useful players on loan - Gallagher too. Something's gotta give eventually - because someone is going to get disgruntled when not playing. In my opinion, Chelsea don't need any more new players at all. Be happy with what we've got - stop 'spending' be patient and get the best out of our current squad for at least another season.

    54. cold water

      Sorry we got exposed by Barnsley dude .....

    55. Diamond Casting

      Morata had same attitude .. we can’t keep players like this, he is very weak as well. Rather him leave and we both move on .. rather stick with Pulicic as he is proven he can do it in the prem. They need to look at Mason and learn. I have more faith in Kai Havertz

    56. Timo Werner

      Its bcoz of our new formation mount has took it with CHO

    57. unknown ukn

      Ziyech still can play behind the strikers as a attacking midfielder.....I still believe in Ziyech

    58. Irene Ayigbe

      Zyiech is such a fantastic player with a great left foot surely he is in tuchel plans

    59. Red Among us

      Seen this guy before on like 50k subs. Now I just saw hes grown to 178k. Next time I come back he may reach 300k. ..That would be pleasant. Go on lad.

    60. Rox Montez

      Our academy prospects are delivering more than our record signings...but imagine if our signings started delivering plus our academy prospects giving their best, we'll be a much greater team than Lampard, Terry, Drogba, Cech, Ivanovic era...

    61. Quick The God

      With regards to Pulisic, his next camp with the USMNT is going to be a big indicator of where he’s at. Pulisic has always played very well for the US and most of the attack runs through him. Hopefully he uses that camp as a springboard for a return to form in the PL

    62. Ashwin Thomas

      I would be patient with Pulisic and Ziyech. But not with Jorginho, Christensen and Emerson. Get them out ASAP! Next transfer wishlist would be Youri Tielemans, Declan Rice and Ollie Watkins. All three play in premier league and are in good form. There won't be any hype or pressure on them too. (Except Rice maybe).

    63. Shahid Willie

      They will come back stronger

    64. davi abardonado

      It's amazing how many delusional fan boys are in today's game. Pulisic is just trash. Last year simply was an off year nothing more. He is into a full season and can't do nothing. Chelsea are winning without him. He has a horrible shot, he can't finish worth a damn. He is a useless player. I'll give him one more season before I tell you to sell him.

    65. Siyabulela Noyo

      As for Pulisic, 1stly also a winger in a system that suits wing backs...just doesn't fit. More than anything the system is killing these two guys with the exception of CHO, who has hit the ground running and embraced his "new" role.


      PL is rough, aggresive, quick and bladdy physical which I think he s finding difficult to adapt. Tht s why he s prone to injury cos its over demand of the body.

    67. Jon White

      To be fair, the lack of service and through balls to Pulisic isn’t helping him much either.

    68. Siyabulela Noyo

      Lots of factors... 1stly Ziyech coming from less intense league to the Epl, 2ndly currently with Tuchel who is playing a system that doesn't suit Ziyech, 3rdly Ziyech is a winger not this Jack-of-all-trade wizard everyone say he is. 4thly the press in the EPL is nothing he has faced before.

    69. Alan Delerue

      People think money buy trophies instantly. First bad spell, change the manager... Now, the problem seems to be the players. Pathetic.

    70. Joe Atkinson

      Don't Mind Me... Just An American Here, Who Sees The Lack Of Appreciation For CP10! Hoping Pulisic Goes To Another Top Premier League Team. He Has To Come Good On The Hype If He Plans To Lead Our USMNT!

    71. Ryder Lowery

      Ziyech needs a game plan built around him, he’s not plug and play like Mount or Kovacic. He’s not scrappy enough to play traditional midfield and not technical for winger. Pulisic is simply not getting the ball, if he lays off the ball to change position the ball never comes back. Hazard did this constantly but the ball was almost always given back to him. I’m hopeful this gets worked out, would hate to lose two world class players because Chelsea can’t figure out how to properly use them.

    72. Milo Cejovic

      Hakim is like a poor man’s tadic. Pulisic is always hurt and his first touch is not where it needs to be for a top team’s number 10.

    73. Christian Meneses

      I fell like Werner havertz and ziyech are all like wtf did we get ourselves into here

    74. Neil Dickson

      not one of our 8 signings hit the ground running

    75. Amiel Insigne

      Yes Guysss!!!!

    76. Riiico

      Injuries have slowed down their performances. They both been extremely sloppy and lazy but it’s mainly due to poor form both are great footballers

    77. Ryan White

      I unfortunately think we have one too many top class attackers. It is hard to play well with low confidence, and its hard to have confidence if you don't play regularly as you don't feel you have the manager's backing. Outside of the striker role for Abraham, Giroud, and sometimes Werner, we generally have 2-3 other attacking positions each game with CHO, Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech, Werner, and now Mount is up there, vying for the roles. Yes with all our games we need some rotation, and yes we need some rotation with inevitable injuries. But that is just too many starter quality players to keep them all in rhythm with regular game time. Lampard had a problem sorting this and so will TT. We probably need to sell one of them.

    78. Bryan Johnson

      With pulisic I think it’s a matter of frustration. He’s had some brilliant runs only to be looked off and ball pushed down the right. Chilly (no hate on Chilwell FYI, love the player) has let off instead of pushing the ball up and making defenders crash on him to free up the LW, be it pulisic, CHO or Werner. There are times to pull it back and regain the shape, but there are many more times where I’ve felt that the offense should push up and force the defenders into breaking their shape. I feel this is part of where Pulisic’s run of bad form comes from, from frustration and not so much bad form. I’d like TT to try him out in a false 9 or possibly the 10 and see if he can’t spark some offense. Just a thought.

      1. Ryan White

        Yes, I have noticed that Chilwell (who I like and has some great strengths going forward and back) does not generally play quick balls or 1x balls when the winger ahead of him makes an early run. Have seen Pulisic, CHO, and Werner make quite a number of fruitless runs with no service.

    79. Ahmad Haneef

      Lampard destroy him

    80. Odysseus

      When new omegle video

    81. Marek Jakubec

      Pulisic is league one player right now and his form is worring. Ziyech is just adapting to new coach and formation. Maybe he will not fit into 343. But 343 is on paper not suitable for half of our squad imo, but Tuchel know these things much better than me so i trust him. KTBFFF

    82. Andre Andre

      I honestly think ziyach is too lazy for the premier league pulisic is the most inconsistent player I think Chelsea ever bought

    83. Andre Andre

      Chelsea fans as too much excuses for these player they need to step up and show us what they can do game in game out... not just us fans saying these players are good show us the fans that you guys are good

    84. Ahmed Ali

      Maybe give Ziyech a chance at CAM rather then RW

    85. Moroccan MAN

      thanks GBF For bring up this update about HAKIM ZIYECH and highlight semiotics subject concerinig him. The personality of Hakim Ziyech looks like this because of his childhood trauma and accumalated feeling of racism from some Fans when he was playing with Ajax Amesterdam and others family circumstances . Hakim didicated his time to football when was far away from his mother , when he came to chelsea was tottaly encouraged by Frank Lampard and he was in a good mood inspite of eventhough absent because of his injury but after new manager Thomas Tuchel come with new formation accumalated his suffering, he made him in the bench for three Games with some abscured legetimacy came from the media, and when he come to play again again bursely, we blamed him. this is not fair he can not bear all of this and that is negatively affect his psychology and his intention to leave chelsea team. Hakim Ziyech is going through a tough time we must all support him and encourage him instead off blame him when he played in a few minutes. he is like others players . the new manager must feel him and he is fit in his postion as playmaker either in the the left or right wing no more no less.

    86. Andruw Monterola

      I feel like pulisic is worried about getting injured again, because it seems like he’s holding back his full ability at time. For example he although he had bursts of pace its doesn’t seem like he’s going full speed. He seemed a lot quicker last season.

    87. Alf 99

      Ziyech is bit unadapted to tuchel high paced game but can be good impact sub as inside forward in front 3 and pulisic had one quiet game and now being hated thought he was quality against Burnley and spurs as impact player

    88. Blues talk CFC

      It’s absurd to make a judgment of the game against Barnsley for creative player considering that pitch was dog shit

    89. Kingsley Aimufua

      Nobody is bigger than Chelsea. Players come and go. Coaches come and go. I don't care who goes at this point as far as it's for the benefit of the team and club. Chels till I die.

    90. Ndabz

      As a Chelsea fan I can say that no one else rates Pulisic as high as Chelsea fans do. He is an average player


      Just time they need to adapt in the Tuchel era yes Pulisic n Hakim will come Gd n you are right just going through a bad patch of form yes

    92. Younmuc

      Hakim's place is in a sunny country which offers artists like him to play football why not Barca

    93. Henry Ortlip

      You were spot on today George. Pulisic, if he were playing for USA right now would demand the ball and take at least 3-4 chances a game. He is way to passive, and needs that chip on his shoulder again. He is not a winger, he is a similar player to ziyech where he needs freedom to find space in the attack. The problem and I hate to say it cause I love both the players- they both are too similar, their weakness(for both) is the physical side (they both have small frames). Chelsea with some of the players they have.. put out squads with not enough height and size to balance the team. (Side bar) time for gorginho to stop taking pks. We need our forwards taking pks. If timo and Christian got to score all the penalties they have earned.. well we all know there confidence would be in a different place and a few goals for each of them! As always keep up the great content!

    94. sol porter

      I think zyeich was just overrated and can't handle the step up and pulisic just goes on occaisnal good runs

    95. lamo lmao

      Way too early to completely write Ziyech off. However, I don’t feel a rwb is a good position for him mostly because of his right foot ability.

    96. troy

      They are both hurt. You can tell if you have watched either enough. They are playing at 80%

    97. Anu Sinha

      I think both these players are being hampered by the poor conditions of an English winter. Every game is cold or rainy, and half the fields (especially in the FA/Carabao Cup matches) are full of holes. Put them in a nice day game in the spring on a good surface, and their skill will come through

    98. St pendrobay

      Dont quite understand the over reaction? Both havent really played consistently to establish real rhythm in their games. Just give it time.

    99. C33 Gaming

      I think if they can keep themselves fit, they will be brilliant assets to have in the Club.

    100. FarawayTundra008

      Pulisic, Havertz, Werner and Ziyech cost us what should've been a really good season those 4 were supposed to tare everyone apart and all 4 have flopped this season and have let the club down massively these players were supposed to carry us and the team ends up having to carry them I can't show support to players that don't give me a reason to this season is on them