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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | TUCHEL GETS A NEW 3 YEAR DEAL! | CONTE AND LUKAKU TO TOTTENHAM? YES GUYS! In today's Chelsea FC News video, I discuss the new three year contract that is being given to Thomas Tuchel by Chelsea FC as well as the Breaking News that Antonio Conte might be about to sign up to manage Tottenham... Does this mean Lukaku may end up U Turning his decision to stay at Inter Milan and rejoin Conte in the Premier League at Spurs next season? Let me know your thoughts on these Chelsea FC News stories in the comments below!

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    1. Blue Army SW6

      I choose traore, Declan rice💙

    2. S A

      No one: George: Conty

    3. jacobb

      Will you cover the Euros specifically England.

    4. Dalwhat

      Mate, we don't want Haaland. His agent is a parasite and will be looking to move him on as soon as he needs a bit more money. We don't need a player like that in our dressing room disrupting our chi.

    5. Bernard Jura

      I'd take Kane over anyone

    6. Saptarshi Sarkar

      I think Haaland could be surely signed with 150 million plus few add onns. I think that would be good for business. Maybe loaning Cho or Abraham to sweeten the deal.

    7. Godfred Obeng

      ...but plz relax George, be cool, calm on that beautiful dog. Beautiful dog is happy to be a Chelsea fan too😁💜🔥

    8. Godfred Obeng

      The haters always say Chelsea fans are noisy makers, but that doesn't tickle we the Chelsea fans at all. Much love from Ghana to you and your dog pet😁

    9. Agustin Soto

      😒 Torres was not at the level of lamps, or drogba or terry!!! He was a fcking FLOOP, horrible player if not the worst player Chelsea has ever signed, torres was Timo this season X10000.

    10. Why Fhy

      Chelsea won the champions league. The same day Brentford (closest club to where I live) got promoted to the prem. All that's left now is England to win the euro's. I'm Chelsea to my marrow but I'm gonna be cheering the bees on next season too. Unless they're playing Chelsea of course. What a day 30th May was for West London football. COYB🔵🔵

    11. Harry Percyvale

      Did anyone see Haaland CL semi final performance against Man City? He was anonymous at home and away against Man City! Media has concocted a story "Haaland", hyped by gullible fans that Chelsea need a CF. If Haaland worth 150M pounds, then by the same token, Mbappe and Neymar each worth 500M pounds. There are always unknown players who within a year or two come to fore like Haaland. TT has a great team at his disposal. All TT needs to do is to develop Chelsea's young promising lads and turn them to super stars. Think about it how Mason Mount, James Reece came about. I admit Chelsea needs minimum three top players to make sure next season a success.

    12. K B

      Invite Fabrizio back to talk about transfers

    13. Mark Chie

      Chelsea need a big name striker! And if we cant sign one just after winning the Champions League it will be very disappointing.

    14. Richards Business School

      If I was Chelsea board, I would be trying to find a precontract with Haaland while securing Suarez on the free this summer as his contract permits him to leave on a free this month end. How about that?

    15. deadsheep

      Haaland wont stay beyond 2 or 3 years

    16. John McGibbon

      Easy on the love for Conte, the fact is he now hates Chelsea, haven't you seen his rant on SEprom saying he hoped Chelsea got relegated? - that's out of order - yes he won us the double but he should be booed on his return to the Bridge if he takes the Spurs job - he's a traitor like Jose

    17. Road KING

      We don't want lukaku...he's too heavy & slow

    18. troopa87

      Lukaku to spurs? So he's leaving his trophy ambitions in Milan is he.

    19. Raphael D'C

      DoggO 💙

    20. Henry Mu

      I pray we get Haaland instead of Lukaku. He's younger and fast

    21. Christopher Argueta

      What about lewandowski?

    22. raj roshan

      We are the best team in the world 💙

    23. Isto

      We need to get rid of Pulisic and get a winger that can score goals. Pulisic is very overrated.

    24. David O

      Conte is a fantastic manager and he will not settle for a club like Spurs who don't have much ambition !

    25. Dave Buckner

      Agree 100000000000%. Burn the furniture if you have to but SIGN Halland. This is our decade with the youth we have. We cannot be stopped and are only limited by our own stupidity. We will become greater historically than Barcelona and Real Madrid combined. Sign the geezer!

    26. Miyagi Do

      Bensons shirt tho

    27. Canary Austria

      Fam blood who do you think Chelsea is going to get as a striker

    28. Thomas Newlin

      Can you start putting chapters in your videos??

    29. Natraj Sharma

      we were missing u bro!

    30. Khutso Mamabolo

      Lukaku said he's staying at inter mate😭Haaland last op

    31. splifsend


    32. landlordjohn1

      Conte and Levy together will be EXPLOSIVE, Cmon agent Conte completely destroy that club hahaha :)

    33. Aphiwe Skenjana

      I'll tell you what this means... it means Werner gets a second chance.

    34. Nick Ortiz

      Lukaku is staying at inter according to him. If we can’t get a big striker tbh mb we don’t need to sign one. Kai is in great form and hopefully Timo will start scoring. If we can’t sign on of the big boys we should give Timo a chance but if he keeps missing then we sign someone in January

    35. DreamEr

      Since no one is talking about him... ill go ahead and mention it... Chelsea should sign Andre Silva from Frankfurt. Scored more goals that Haaland, with a less attacking squad. He only has about 12 months left on his deal. Would be a steal honestly!!!!

    36. steven foulkes

      sancho , haaland

    37. Tim Berge

      Haaland George we just got to get the boy

    38. rosa7es

      The ending. 😂😂😂 what did the poor dog break?!!! Lmao

    39. Anderson Andy

      Just Sign Jesse Lingard

    40. Debabrata Bhandari

      Now it's tuff to get a CF .. Lukaku is staying

    41. Tim Berge

      We no what we are we no what we are champions of Europe we no what we are

    42. Dan Skinner

      Makes me laugh when you say you need a day off just when I've just finished a twelve hour shift. 🙄😎

    43. David Kerslake

      Chelsea should test the market for Harry Kane & Haarland..Both can be tempted to join Chelsea so why not find out. Am sure Harry Kane would prefer London to Manchester. Likewise Dortmund can be tempted if the price is right, despite what Haarland has said about remaining another season.

    44. callumrk29

      Chelsea are the best team in Europe, I thought I would never say that. And it happened, still can't believe it! COYB!

    45. Daniel Sobolenko

      We need a video of just the pets of Benson bringing us the news

    46. The Yasuo TR

      Buy haaland domiante football

    47. Dinsanga Pachuau

      Hello george, why is nobody speaking about mbappe, is he untouchable at psg?

    48. Anthony Mejia

      lots of players on loan that gotta be released. -kepa +donarumma +haaland

    49. ayumi hamasaki

      Conte to spur is good news - his passion & master tactician. But Conte will have a big revenge on Chelsea ( Roman )

    50. ayumi hamasaki

      1) hope Chelsea will get a profile centre back. ( I would love to have Ben White) 2) DM - decan rice 3) love to get sanco & haalang. 4) build a young sguads - talent from academy if have. But we need to sell a lot of player to fund this transfer....


      The Defeat from Aston Villa in the Last day of the PL I think it helped us a lot in Winning The Champions League. After every defeat under Tuchel we always came back stronger in the next game, with more resolve and greater Desire for Winning. Do you agree guys?

    52. Louise Jamie

      Comedy gold 😬👍❤️

    53. Christopher Jay Richardson-Davies

      What confuses me about Conte an Spurs is he didn't feel he was backed by our club.. not getting his players in the transfer window etc etc... what on earth makes Conte think Spurs would give him anything close to the support he had from our club 🤣🤣

    54. Kai Chamberlain

      Gives me goosebumps thinking of Saturday

    55. Insight 123

      Let's talk about Adama Traore or Hakimi, or both and Kounde

    56. Éric Toga

      Let’s get Danny Ings for a season and get Haaland next year summer.

    57. Musti Forfifa

      Lukaku said that he stays, so it mean we have to keep and build our Front three wich is also good like you saw in the final or we have to buy someone else who is not so promising like Lukaku or Haaland

    58. Insight 123

      Tottenham is going to win the epl title this coming season and only THE Antonio Conte can do that

    59. Insight 123

      Lukaku made up his mind, he's not moving

    60. dj dream

      Harry Kane is the right striker for chelsea 👏 👌 🙌 👍 💙

    61. Jack

      I agree and it's not just because it's spurs but what a massive step down for Conte. I think it's Lewy time or really go wild and go for Mbappe ... Throw £150 million in PSG's face for Mbappe.

    62. THE BEST

      Haaland to Chelsea here we go🤩🤩🤩😍😋

    63. Alexandre Ballenghien

      Let's forget about buying a striker THIS summer, play King Kai up top and buy Sancho pls 😪😪

    64. Donal O'Connell

      I am still celebrating the Champions League win and will be for the rest of my life

    65. Timothy Kariuki

      how about we sign bamford, chelsea old boy and is quite fast and would suit our style

    66. Sina Modareszade

      I'd like to see Patrick bamford back again. His stats this season was mad

      1. THE BEST

        Hell no

    67. Demnore Williams

      What about we signing harry Kane

    68. Miguel Gaspard

      Mbappe I would love to see him at Chelsea

      1. Jack

        @Miguel Gaspard yeah agree with Werner being judged this season. It's a make or break season for Werner. Think he will come good though!

      2. Miguel Gaspard

        @Jack believe with wing backs you need a big striker, that can head that ball an finish . I will judge Werner this season

      3. Jack

        @Miguel Gaspard I think he may too ... I actually think we could have quite a few departures. I really like Zyiech so think it would be a big loss but if he isn't happy then I guess he will have to leave.

      4. Miguel Gaspard

        @Jack think hakim might leave , if we stick to it

      5. Jack

        @Miguel Gaspard I think he'll stick with wing backs and that's probably why we are linked with Adama Traore from wolves. The best thing about Mbappe is that fact he can player anywhere in a front three, he can interchange with Werner, Mount, Kia, Pulisic, Zyiech, Hudson Odoi. What do you reckon?

    69. Soufian Raza

      If not lukaku then Daka could be nice

    70. bronxvideos

      George doing the Tenet symbol

    71. Aslam Bakar


    72. RJ Singh

      Dad is trying to work to pay for your food

    73. RJ Singh

      Champions of Europe . We know what we are

    74. lisa martins

      Analogy.....metaphor....either will do buddy.

    75. K Nanda gopal

      Time stamps please

    76. Justin Maldonado

      Romelo is staying at inter

    77. Sarah A

      its a 2 years with 1 year extension just like his current contract which have been activated (18 months with 1year extension for finishing top4 and winning the UCL).Chelsea are going to add cash+ Tammy for Haaland and will probably include a buyback clause( BVB wants Tammy and have contacted him). Luka is not leaving ITM(released a press statement on that) and he's not a TT type of striker. HK, EH and Lewan were the stated profiles of striker needed. Adama and the Monaco boy are half completed, they're willing to sell Zouma for a new CB. Emerson, Batshuayi and Barkley are leaving. RLC and Bakayoko will get a look at in preseason if a deal don't come in fast, we'll continue with a back3 but will also rotate with a back 4 more often, CHO will be moved up to compete with Ziyech on the right to accommodate Adama or James at RWB so Sancho is not coming. Sule is being scouted also is Maquinos if PSG should sign Hakimi. Rice is not coming, too expensive and it'll be a kick in their butt because they first let him go (similar position for Luk under Conte and now). TT got Roman's blessings the day they met, as long as he finishes top4 while putting in a challenge and wins another trophy, he'll be here longer than expected. He just needs to stay hungry to match Roman's ambition for the club which he already assured Roman of.. Source: believe me I can't lie to you,😇😂💙

    78. rob cowgill

      I completely agree that Chelsea should offer a truckload of money to BVB and try to land Haaland..Dortmund should know that his destiny is the EPL so, appeal to their sense of reasoning and offer a ton of money.. However, if that fails, I believe that Sancho would be a great fit for Chelsea..As far as immediate needs are concerned, a quality CDM would be nice for depth reasons..An upgrade in wing speed wouldn’t hurt either as the wing backs proved a bit vulnerable to the long ball at times..Otherwise, barring injuries, this team looks fairly sound now..

    79. archiewall16

      Havertz is Chelsea’s long term project, he is a generational talent that we need to put all of our trust into. We either need to buy a striker or a winger, either one of them and use Havertz and mount with that player. Then I’d sell Ziyech unfortunately and Werner and Pulisic can be rotation. I’d also buy a centre back and let go of zouma. Then we can sell RLC, barkley, Emerson, Ampadu, Tomori, Abraham, Giroud and use that to invest in a midfielder like rice or Tchouameni and loan out gilmour.

    80. usertiger

      We are linked with Edmond tapsoba which could be very good

    81. Shingirai Kambarami 12

      GBFC keep on giving us good news

    82. Andreas u L

      Spurs celebrating 60 years anniversary next year. 60 years without a league win

    83. nocap

      Why are Chelsea fans saying Spurs doesn't have a trophy mentally when they bought theirs

    84. Lewis Garwood

      Bayern had players in there primes too, they were clear favourites, don’t tarnish the work that Di matteo did to win the UCL

    85. Rohit Panda

      Why can’t we just pay for Kane? If Conte is coming to Inter he would love to get some money to spend. All we need to do is pay 15-20 mil more than what City want. Or we could give them some of the players Conte brought in like Zappacosta, Emerson/Alonso & Bakayoko plus cash. Conte surely won’t mind getting 3 players he knows plus 100 mil cash.

    86. Bailey

      All I’m sayinggg last time we won the UCL we signed a generational talent with the initial E.H

      1. General Grievous

        Also another generational talent with the initials C.A

    87. Leon Flint

      I highly doubt that Lukaku will go to Spurs. Yes Lukaku has a great relationship with Conte but I doubt Lukaku would leave a title winning Inter to go to Spurs who haven’t really been competing for any trophies

    88. @CFCMoi11

      Love how easy you're to understand. At least a SEpromr that isn't trying to be complicated. Keep up the good work Benson 👍

    89. Indra Noviandri

      I am still optimist that Lukaku will be back to Chelsea...

    90. Ebong Kingsley Ewang

      Get andre silva. Fantastic striker

    91. j8nnt

      If we can’t get a top level striker would Ivan Toney be a viable option?

      1. Kelechi149

        Imo he is too raw

    92. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Giroud is a beast for sure

    93. Peoples Ambassador DM

      We need to use giroud to fight for premiere league title wit other front men havertz pulisic mount...

    94. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Id like giroudd to stay... his precision confidence and finishing capability id like to see giroud shine some more in this team thus season. He hasnt been utilised enough under tuchel...

    95. Deriza Putra

      I would say buy Lewandoski

    96. 杰杰JieJie

      totally agree, Tuchel brought out everything from the players especially those Lampard benched!

    97. ahmad maliq

      2012 was really won mostly by the leadership of the senior players, almost feel like the end spectrum of that era. 2021 actually felt like the win that will start a long dynasty...the mix of potential and experience are immense. Most importantly, at the helm is a really special leader.

    98. Mihailo

      Lukaku wont go to spurs... simple as

    99. Masilake

      I don't think we have to break the bank for a striker. We've got one of the best recruiting minds in Europe, look what they did with Mendy. We can look for an up and coming prospect that can fit into Tuchel's style of play

    100. BLASTz7249

      Mbappa would look nice in a Chelsea shirt 👕