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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | THE RUDIGER AND SILVA SCRAP | A Message to LAMPARD | CHELSEA WANT LEWANDOWSKI? Yes Guys! Welcome back to a bran new Chelsea News video, in today's Chelsea FC News video, I discuss Sky Germany reporting that Chelsea are interested in Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich this summer. I also discuss the reports that Frank Lampard is currently bookies favourite to take over the Crystal Palace job for next season! Be sure to check out 6 Things we Learnt from Chelsea 2-1 Leicester last night!

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    1. Tuppence Worth

      Rudiger, Azpi and Alonso were sidelined by Lampard but are now regularly played by Tuchel.

    2. A5madal 95

      Frank did NOT fail at chelsea

    3. Rohit Chhetri

      I would not want us to buy another striker for a load of money why buy old striker when we have Werner and Tammy I know they have it in them just a bit more play time and Tammy would also be as important as Mount for the team

    4. Sen 147

      Honastely we don't quite have the pull of City, Bayern, Madrid, Barca etc - so if we can get ANY of Kane, Lewandowski or Haaland I would be over the moon. We wouldn't ever sign both Haaland and Lewandowski though - that's £1m a week in wages.

    5. Mateusz

      LEWANGOOOOLSKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Mark Morello

      Lampard took job at cfc too early&shouldv managed lower team in prem first. Hope to see him back in future. London has too many clubs&Derby games means they win less prem titles.

    7. Mayor Omotayo

      Can you guys stop putting so much importance on players above 30? I mean just go after a youthful striker with many years advantage. Harland is the best option, Period!

    8. Ze_ Abracadabra

      I would gp all out fpr Lewandowski ,give the man a three year contract. By that time, timo will come of age too and improve a lot. Don't go for that chap Lukaku

    9. Nanoman Gaming

      when i heard the songs i sang from home wanted to be there

    10. Michael Hall

      I think Chelsea should sign mbappe

    11. Kevin Holt

      Hold up. Reece and Kai (21), Pulisic and Mount (22) Timo (25). And we are in UCL FINAL! Keep this team long term because they're all fantastic and young. I like Lekaku for next year if possible

    12. Why Fhy

      I personally think that players like Lewandowski who smash goals in on a regs in these other leagues are reluctant to come to the premier league (toughest league in the world) because they could potentially struggle with the physicality. People could then say that he obviously wasn't as good as we expected. They more often than not don't want to risk it. Until a player has been successfully in the premier league I'll always have a niggling doubt in the back of my mind. When they come and do shine, you know that's a real player. I think he'd be a huge success but I don't think players want to risk it. COYB🔵🔵

    13. Seeker_Reaper

      Halaand Signing a new deal can cancel that release clause. U need to stick that in bro

    14. Albn OG

      Damn just imagine Lewandowski and Harland playing for Chelsea 3-5-2 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    15. Jason O Brien

      ahh 😂😂😂😂 fuck off biggest champions league final

    16. Eddy Sylverstin

      Crystal palace will be top 6 under Lampard..😂😂😂 joke of the day!

    17. Simon

      I think Lewandowski as a (pretty elite) shorter term option makes a slot of sense but I think that, if we don't get him this summer, our chances of getting Haaland next year are pretty low. City might take themselves out of the equation by signing Kane but Real, Barca and PSG will surely all get their act together by then, not to mention United. Also, even though he is increasingly the wrong side of 30, it's hard to see Lewandoski entertaining the option of standing aside. He'll go somewhere where he knows he'll be the main man for the rest of his career. With all that in mind, I'm warming to the idea of Lukaku as a decisive, longer-term solution. He's a huge upgrade on what we currently have in terms of scoring goals, he'll also bring a whole new dynamic to the front line and we could probably land him for about £80m (maybe less if we include one of our players) which is good value compared to the alternatives. Lukaku's first touch, consistency and ability to score important goals are all still question marks for me but he does score goals and, almost as importantly, he creates a big problem for defenders, which will create opportunities for Werner, Mount, Pulisic etc...

    18. K Green

      Good shout on Timo. We shouldn’t judge Timo as a striker, he isn’t. But playing up front on the left, with his pace and work rate, I’m sure he’s going to become a very important player for us. When we get an out and out striker the pressure will be off him to score, and will probably help him to score many goals for us.

    19. K Green

      Lewandowski is actually 33 in 3 months time and imo too old to be paying big money for. Great player in his prime, but we’re talking about the premiership here and playing in the most demanding position of all. So not for me, unless we get him cheap.

    20. Andrew Smith

      Need to keep the heat on Spurs (just to annoy them) but for Kane that's a 5 year contract. Lewandowski, 32, rolling 1 year contract, not for Chelsea.

    21. cliff wandera

      I love Ollie Watkins... We should really look at signing this guy...thanks me later

    22. Edward Okudeye

      Werner unlucky??? Unlucky is when you hit bar 2 or 3 times, get decisions against you wrongly. Not when you score an offside goal when you could actually have stayed onside, or u score with your when u cud easy hv done that with ur head and then starts celebrating like u just scored the title winning, when you knw that VAR exists to check the goal. I personally was angry with that celebration knowing fully well u scored with your hands. I'm just tired of been frustrated by Werner, even though he does some good work, but those misses though....

    23. Edward Okudeye

      Lewandowski to Chelsea wud be sensational. Harry Kane and Lukaku wud be my number 1 and 2 choice though.

    24. Daniel Weber

      Don´t think LEWA is interessted in a transfer to another club. He praised Nagelsmann and wants to play under him

    25. Val Di Min

      I'm against Lewandowski and Kane and for Haaland

    26. kevx50

      I agree with you for Werner but it’s disappointing that Jorginho is our top scorer in the league all with PKs lol

    27. Suraj Singh

      We must win champions league city have already won premiership

    28. Josue Maciel

      Is Messi leaving Barcelona anytime soon? Fabrizio

    29. Arjun Swaminathan

      Question for Fabrizio Romano: what is the likelihood of Conte leaving Inter, which sounds like the only way that Lukaku is going to leave Inter?

    30. Michael Haack

      Guys, I have to say Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell you see sometimes a bit to much through british lenses. Don't understand me wrong, they are good players, but they do as well mistakes. For me #1 is Folden from the youngsters, #2 Mason, but as well in last Leicester match he did some fail in passing. And I have seen many times rocket Werner started and the pass came to late. Kovac is much more brilliant in this. #3 Chilwell, he is good and sometimes he is doing world class (by they way 24 age), but then he is doing some actions in the game, where I think, is this a 50Mil£ player. I hope when the total team playes next season more constantly, they can save energy, by their play and finally get better results. Don't unverstand my wrong. They are good. But I see the potential, and there is the last mile to go.

    31. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Man like George should support his local club

    32. Likith S

      Tammy Abraham is going to be world class

    33. Jed Ivuso

      As much as we praise Lampard for sticking with Mount and James, we should also criticize him for making Rudiger and Christensen look like crap players

    34. Sipho Lunga

      Let's go for Rebic...if the strikers you mentioned don't wanna come to Chelsea

    35. theimpost

      Palace palace who the fuck are palace

    36. theimpost

      I have come, to clean ze pool...(!)

    37. Rajman Gurung

      Fabrizio, which club do you adore, support most?

    38. Sooby

      Lewandowski to Chelsea would be a dream come true. But I dont think he will sign for us. He might if we splash some money though.

    39. Neil Dickson

      Timo talks like he plays

    40. Jei Marbañiang

      Lampard managing Cahill Can't wait to see it😉

    41. Adam Hariz

      At this point, i'd prefer if we buy a striker from EPL or just give our strikers more time. Strikers from other leagues, no matter how great they are, doesnt seem to work that well for chelsea. Just my opinion though.

    42. Faultier 321

      Dortmund Fan here. Not unlikely that you will be able to get Haaland next year for 75 million... but buying lewandowski? he evened out gerd mullers "unbeatable" record from the 60s of 40 goals in 1 bundesliga season (remember we only have 18 clubs, so its just in 34 games) and he still has one game to go... its the last player that bayern is going to let go, he secured their bundesliga title pretty much alone this year, and remember bayern probably only got knocked out in the CL against paris because lewandowski was injured during both matches... he is jsut a monster, i remember when he still played in dortmund and scored 4 goals in 1 game in the CL semis against Real Madrid... what a wonderful evening that was

    43. Luke Brown

      Why not get both lewandowski and haaland this summer to replace Tammy giroud we don't need a defender this summer

    44. Don Posizione

      Lampard is so arrogant. Trying to take credit for Tuchel's brilliance. Hr left us in 9th.

    45. Mark Jenko

      Bayern will move him on and go for Haaland to secure the next generation. We should go for Haaland.

    46. Henry Butlin

      Ask fab about the pulisic situation

    47. Onuoha Udeagha

      I've NEVER ever doubted Mason Mount for one moment......never.

    48. Daniel Reyes

      Question for Fabrizio: realistically which player is most likely to come to the bridge this summer ?

    49. Onuoha Udeagha

      Hahahaha...what are the chanting? Is that English?

    50. Notorious DKL

      I think we should go for lewa

    51. matthew welsh

      Would frank come for Tammy 🤔

    52. Jemal Ali

      To have Lewi in Chelsea will be like winning a lottery despite his age 🔥🔥

    53. Bryan Johnson

      Question for Fabrizio: 1. Who do you see leaving the Bridge next transfer and 2. Outside of strikers who’s most likely to come in to the squad?

    54. Raphael D'C


    55. Fletcher Patterson

      Who are the most likely transfers for Chelsea in the next coming year for all positions

    56. VeryChewySnake


    57. SEKDubstepUkzz

      Fabrizio, hope you’re well, how do you manage to get so in the know? Secondly, who is Chelsea most likely target come the summer?

    58. Nashid Travels

      Qn for Fabrizio.. Of all the strikers, who is most likely to be at Chelsea? He could rank them perhaps.

    59. N K

      Don’t worry you will lose to Aston Villa, then Man City. As long as Roman keeps funding for innocent people to be killed. Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    60. Ross Mason

      I would take Lewandowski over Kane. Would anyone agree with me?

    61. Lewis Dicks


    62. Alli Kombat

      As a football fan and obviously a Chelsea supporter, I'd love to see Haaland at Stamford Bridge rather than Lewandowski but I'm concerned about the players that we have currently. Imagine Haaland as a striker, will Werner be a left winger/left forward? Pulisic will be playing as a right winger/right forward? What about Ziyech, Odoi & Havert. Wonder what formation will Tuchel be using with the players he have. Another thing is the holding midfield. Jorginho & Kovacic, no bad but average it is. We need someone like we used to have, Ballack or Essien. A tank version of Kante. What do you think?

    63. Wellington GKT

      Finally you talk about the guy Werner, you've not been recognizing his hard work lately, you only do so when he scores,

    64. Suvankar Sarkar

      Bayern wont give lewandoski to stop dreaming..KTBFFH

    65. Zac McMuffin

      We need to sign Lewandowski, hes so clinical and could be the difference between winning the league and top 4 spots

    66. Odane Williams

      Where r the ratings video ?

    67. suranjan dey

      Chelsea should opt for signing prolific defender and midfielder. With Timo kai mount Pulisic and ziyech, our forward line is strong enough to do the job. Timo and kai will be back in form next Season better than ever. Pulisic will be worldclass player. Now we should sign replacement of azpi and thiago silva and need backup for NG.

    68. Benjamen Iiyambo

      Lewandowski's option would be great🔥🔥

    69. Jackis Chelsea

      No to lewa, no to Kane, as good as this guys are...i still believe in Timo! His numbers are maybe not the best..maybe he won't be that 20+ goals striker next season...but he actually offers a lot to the team and he is one of the most influential players for us..he is younger than both of them and have the time and will to improve himself

    70. Robert Andretta

      So where was your news about Rudiger/Silva fracas?

    71. Thomas

      You: So good, that Lampard put so much faith in Mount. Also you: We need to have another striker to solve the scoring issue because Werner didn't score enough goals in his FIRST season. :D

    72. Miles A

      Love super frank...... However tuchel has gotten out even more from mount its just the little bit of extra experience that has helped us.

    73. Duke Isgrimnur

      Maybe Tammy will go to Palace?...

    74. Brensyl Blake

      I definitely do NOT think we should get Lewandowski. He is good, yes, but he is 32. How long will we have him? Nar

    75. brian marona

      we have leadership in the back with silva we have a leader in midfield in jorginho (kinda) we need a leader and a confident one in the attacking third and i believe we need lewandowski, lukaku or kane not even haaland

    76. richard onya

      Am happy to see George Benson live in the Stanford bridge again for live video.

    77. Ahamadu Kazembe


    78. Esteban Pinto

      What are the odds lewandowski actually commits to chelsea ?

    79. ãÿ çârämßā • 37 years ago

      Question for Romano: Which striker is the most likely for Chelsea to sign?

    80. chris kates

      I honestly think lukaku would be a mistake

    81. Wayne Finkman

      Hi George new Sub here. can you please ask Romano whats the likelihood Lukaku coming to Chelsea and also Chelsea interested in buying Nicolo Barella from same team Inter Milan, how true is that? Thanks

    82. Ajit Kumar

      Question for Fabrizio Romano- 1- Can we get Hazard in less than 30 million euros? 2- what are the plans for improving our midfield specially in terms of scoring goals? 3- In coming years who might be potential replacement for Thiago Silva?

    83. cracked swayze

      question for fabrizio: who are the players you can see singing for chelsea this summer?

    84. Piedro Milamanio

      As long as we don't buy Lukaku

    85. Paul Gainer

      We should definitely try to get Lewandowski on a 3 year deal

    86. Thaikodrums -

      I would like to publicly apologize to Toni Rudiger. Homie has proven to be a legit enforcer in our defense. He looked like he was on his way out at the start of the season.

    87. bluntman

      bring in Lewandowski, leave Abraham in the club to learn from him, and we're set for 10 years

    88. Foluseke Olusanya

      We can bring Robert L to help build the courage of Timo and other striking forces we have. We should not give him anything more than 2 years at all.

    89. Vp Football

      Lewamdowski or Kane and Verrati is a must !!! All world class and have experience what we need in a young team

    90. Piedro Milamanio

      I just love when Reece James and Antonio Rüdiger manhandles players

    91. Peoples Ambassador DM

      Lewandowski to chelsea? Wow sounding good but we need a midfield like bayern .. them fellas are brutal.. we need fellas who master playing off each other that was bayern under pep.. the entire team played with precision their passin their handling of the ball they had pace.. hmmph ive seen chelsea on bayerns level maybe twice or three times this season other times its melt down in ball movement...i dont think lewandowski will come chelsea in a midfield that dont master playing off each other... hmmmm im interested to see wat will happen...

    92. EE EE

      I'm just sad we did not get thiago silva at age 30. THE DUDE IS A CAPTAINNNNN

    93. Vp Football

      Chelsea will sign : Lukaku Verrati Varane

    94. Ajit Kumar

      Lewandowski/Lukaku and Aguero will be best suited


      Guita Aarons Cahill Dunk Mitchell Millovich Elneny Eze Willian Abraham Zaha Palace next season

    96. AsthmaU

      To FR, Is it true that Chelsea will replace Tuchel with John Terry in 2022? With Declan Rice attached.

    97. Golam Muhaimeen

      I think the focus should be on Timo's development as a striker in the PL. I would rather get Aguero on free for 2 years to be that insurance when Timo's form drops and also to mentor him.

    98. leogriev

      Signing lewendowski would be massive. Yes he's old but he's a pure and intelligent striker. Plus he's more affordable than Kane and Haaland. There are other strikers chelsea could go for that do not require them spending over 100 million. Benzema would be a smart transfer, we saw how dangerous he was against us and he's still performing in la liga. Based on price and actual availability I'd think chelsea should chase players like Dybala, Ronaldo, benzema, immobile, and vlahovic. Yes, even Ronaldo, considering Juventus situation and fact they may not have CL football next season. I'm chelsea could pay 60-70 mil and bring him in.

    99. Lee Stewart

      At 32 I'd pass . For that money we could snap up some one that will be in place long term not just for 2 years .

    100. alex hope

      Fabrizio, are there any suitors for Jorginho and is there anyone with enough sense at Chelsea to sack him off