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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | The KEY ELEMENT of CHELSEA FC BEATING MAN CITY IS... N'Golo Kante. Kante is supposedly ready for the Uefa Champions League final in Porto this Saturday where Chelsea FC face Manchester City. In today's Chelsea FC News video, I discuss both Mendy and Kante being ready for the Champions League final as well as the news that Donnarumma is still on Chelsea's radar this summer. I also look at the story coming out that Willian wants a Chelsea FC return this summer...

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    1. Stephen R

      And Kante did not disappoint. Hail King Kante !!! 💙💙💙🏆🏆🏆

    2. Footy Mobile FC

      I wouldn't mind Willian back at Chelsea, tbh he's that guy who would show up when we need him and if he scores, you know your team is finished

    3. Prometheus SpK

      George next time you say no just call me ill go instead of you I never been into a Chelsea game always watch it on Tv since 2012 I was a supporter before that but I was just following Chelsea matches wasn't watching it because it was expensive here to watch but then things changes and I started to watch Chelsea since 2013 I didn't watch Chelsea winning the champions and of course I would love to see them win it tomorrow Come on you blues

    4. C LV

      Mendi is all we need. W e need savage strikers. Puli and havertz can serve balls in

    5. C LV

      Chels 2-0 coyb

    6. Danny Phantom

      George , just wanna point out that GG Donnaruma is just 22 this year. Its even crazier that you mentioned hes been there for 8 years. Stayed with Milan during its darkness , and developed so much

    7. Godfred Obeng

      I pray personally for Kanté and Mendy in a speedy recovery.

    8. juan Sebastian

      Donaruma is goin to Juve

    9. bockarie kallon

      Good replacement for Kepa.

    10. john o neill

      We should definitely go for donaruma, and try sell kepa and cabellero

    11. mode o

      Looking like you are in the tropics.

    12. Dave weststand

      Does anyone know what name George called his new dog.??? Surely it was BLUE....or CELERY.!!!!!

    13. John Lilo

      Mate why are you saying Chelsea vs Real Madrid in the Champions League final 🙈🙈

    14. Kenny O

      I do hope we sign Donna and offload Kepa and Willy.. Great competition for Mendy and doesn't hurt to have 2 great goalies 😉 Up the Chels


      People that are still talking about a Donnaruma free transfer (who will go to Juventus 100%) have not Realized yet what a TOP CLASS Goalkeeper Edu Mendy is. He is 6 foot 6"inches (4 inches more than Kepa and Oblak) and yet however his Huge Frame his REFLEXES are much-much better than Oblak's (of course Kepa's reflexes are non existent hence he never moves towards the Ball and all he does is watching it reaching the Net motionless like a "Sculpture"). But Mendy only in the last few Weeks has shown his true QUALITY with a SERIES OF AMAZING SAVES. He is the same Height as Courtois but he is a significantly better Keeper than Him. One thing that Mendy does (and show his World-Class) is that he ALWAYS GOES FOR THE BALL WITH BOTH HIS ARMS, not with ONE ONLY (this is difficult and that's why very few keepers do it, check it out people). The Reason he does it is Simple. 2 stretched Hands cover more Area and stop the ball much easier Than One Arm. Especially in Strong Shots taken outside the Box. Furthermore, When a Cross is coming into his Area, our Keeper (has the Confidence) to Go TO INTERCEPT THE BALL WHEN the BALL IS STILL GOING UP in its TRAJECTORY TOWARDS HIM so as to have a better chance to prevent it reaching the Head of an OPPONENT. MOST KEEPERS on the other hand, WAIT for the BALL TO START GO DOWN and then begin their move to catch it (they do that because it is easier to Predict the Ball destination after the Cross, (less chances to mess things up). EDU MENDY right now is one of the TOP 3 Goalkeepers in the WORLD, no doubt about it. Those are Petr Czech's words not mine. We are very lucky to have him.

    16. Medie

      10:36 zaha had his best season with palace😂😂 he scored 11 goals

    17. Medie

      We don't need a keeper tf I'm content with Mendy

    18. Rohan Allen

      Zola, that’s cute😊. I named my dog KEPA and every time I throw him a bone he drops it 🤦🏾‍♂️

    19. PDPC Active Solution

      An investigated and a search warrant is issued against you from CFC fan community, Who do you support, Benson? Lol "Real Madrid", I even had to search Real Madrid fixtures just to be sure.

    20. Šerif Lelić

      Willian can f off,he lost my respect when he signed for Arsenal! 💙👊

    21. Rabeeh Abdul Jabbar

      LOL .....Real madrid already beaten in Semis

    22. Muad Jabril

      This guy must be the best football content creater

    23. Wynand van zyl

      Willian! hahahahah!

    24. yotam luhila

      Zola ❤️

    25. Just Smile

      come on George. Manchester City our tough opponent in the Final 😂

    26. Rob B

      Seriously you just be smoking some good stuff....if Donarumma comes in he only signing if he is promised starting spot period. Competition with mendy??? You are funny

    27. Rob B

      Bro they don’t have places there to watch animals why you are gone?

    28. Allan Gichuki

      My friend Zola 😍😍😍😍

    29. G sixk

      willian should go to shaktar, heaps of brazilli willi's there

    30. Odane Williams

      Donnaromma is 22 not 24

    31. Love Ayinde

      It is against City not Mardid 🥰🥰Love you Berson !!

    32. Pro- Ballers

      Donnuruma sounds like a courtois 2.0 with a worse agent in raoila,would rather keep mendy and bring up a youth keeper.

    33. syuk

      Now with conte leaving inter,we had a better chance on signing lukaku for 69m😍💙

    34. Chris Junker

      The reason we will score goals and win is because City will be coming at us and not parking the bus. If we score first expect Chelsea to win by 2 goals!! COYB!!

    35. David R

      I can't go to the final, I got a puppy 😂

    36. Abraham Kotey

      Why donarumma are we sacking mendy, I think he is better than donarumma

    37. Brendan Giddens

      Mendy is our number 1, a loan for Kepa might be good for all parties to try and keep his valuation up. Who do we have in the youth setup as a suitable backup, we have Cech for an emergency. Area we can save money and free up wages for other areas in the squad.

    38. Bruno Reighner

      The won't be a deal between donnarumma and Milan. He pissed Maldini off.

    39. Omar Hijazi

      Donnarumma is 22

    40. Nick Bosa

      Benson mate what are you doing. "Real Madrid in the champions league final this weekend". You have had an absolute stinker by the sounds of things.

    41. Miyagi Do

      Bro Mendy's doin great dont overthink it if it ain't broke don't fix it

    42. Miyagi Do

      R u stuck in Indonesia

    43. Miyagi Do

      Zola 😂

    44. Flow Company

      Your clothes in the back are disturbing.

      1. Footy Mobile FC

        Then look away, simple fix init? 👍

    45. usertiger

      United lost lollll

    46. Bellonaires FC

      Chelsea can win it , As long has Kovatic doesn’t start , will can’t afford to give away possession in a dangerous area , Kovatic is one man that is guarantee to give one or 2 chances for the opponents to score us , it happen in many games. Will should stick with Kante and Jorginho and another thing Aspi shouldn’t play as wing back and Kai must start , because his the only player that look like scoring ..

    47. Michael nwode

      Yes Guys..We are playing M’City

    48. d BaRcA

      We need Ziyech To

    49. Jky S. Zombie

      Hazard, willian , courtois 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    50. Salome Quarshie

      We have to bring back Nathan Baxter and Jamal Blackman from loan for kepa and Caballero

    51. Kuristofa G

      I swear, it's the Chelsea floggers why we lose some I'd our matches. Chat2much man

    52. Philip Gehde

      Midfield is pretty much set with Kova and Kante, as is our defense. But do we start Werner after shambolic performance against Villa?

    53. Chelz Med

      Man this guy is my half, loves Chelsea, loves animals💙🤣🙌

    54. pat

      Yeah Real Madrid didn’t get knocked out 😹😹😹😹😹

    55. CRYPTIC So

      Kova needs to play with Kante. Idc what you have to say about Jorginho. Jorginho brings no ENERGY. Man City midfield won’t have a struggle when he’s on the ball. Kova on the other hand has the ability to get forward and past players. He brings ENERGY that we’ll need in a final and he can ACTUALLY RUN 😂

    56. Fatima Dumbuya

      Allah (SWT), I thank you for the privilege of training The Chelsea Team. I thank you for each player and all the individual talents you have given them. Watch over my Chelsea Boys now as they prepare to compete in The Champions League Final. Almighty Allah I ask You to bestow The Champions League trophy in the hands of our Captain César Azpilicueta.

      1. Footy Mobile FC

        Ameen 🙏 Beautfiul Dua 🤲

    57. Mercury

      Donnarumma is 22, not 24

    58. David Vihan

      Bro I'm a Chelsea and your fan but I can't participate in the GBFC select because my country is blocked 🥺🥺. I'm from Uganda and I would like to win.

    59. R S

      If kante isn’t fit for the match I’m just watching a replay of the 2012 game on Saturday.

    60. Tamilore Blackman

      Chelsea have a bad habit of treating players like it’s fucking FIFA and as happy as I am to be in the final it sucks the ogs like David Luiz and Willian won’t be here and honestly we don’t even deserve to win it I almost hope we don’t so Tuchel can get sacked dat racist shmuck bring back Mourinho

    61. Sam

      Conte is leaving inter! Lukaku here we go

    62. Tamilore Blackman

      Imma say it like dis willian would or could have been better then hazard if he got to play on the left every manager kept him not because of his goals and assists but because of his play making and work rate he was the mason mount before mason mount we should have never sold em he only went to arsenal cus Chelsea ain’t give em a 2year but brought in 36 year old Thiago Silva

    63. Chris Garner

      It's the last game and the most important the risk is worth the reward for both Kante and Mendy. Btw, new puppy is not a good reason for missing a huge match but being locked out away from you home is a good reason...enjoy the match!!!

    64. Rohan Nakade

      Please upload the video daily. I m hungry of Chelsea content. Cmon gbfc you motivate us more. ।।comeon youbblues we need a brace from timo

    65. Evans Donkor

      George we love to participate in your GBFC SELECT but my country has been blocked out ...can you please do something about it

    66. freddie parker

      Am I the only one who noticed he said Real Madrid and not Man City

    67. Edward Okudeye

      Donarunma will not agree to come to Chelsea to be no.2 goalkeeper to Eduard Mendy. That's Italy's no.1 goalkeeper

    68. TUCF TV

      Did my boy said REAL MADRID?

    69. ניל רוזמן

      Where can I see the game in London ? Place for Chelsea fans

    70. Legend Rayquaza

      The animals too cute

    71. Legend Rayquaza

      We should get Donna and Mendy backup imo. Donna is too good

      1. Vp Football

        On a free why not

    72. Pyae Phone Thaw

      Live reaction pls George

    73. Legend Rayquaza

      0:11 real in the final?!

    74. Pete Coles

      Donnaruma is 22

    75. Dave Buckner

      Vs City we should sit back 11 behind the ball and play counterattack for first 60 minutes using Havertz as a holding striker who can beat up their back line physically. Have Werner make a few penetrating runs to exhaust them. City are OLD, so lets wear them out for 60 and then put on speed in the final 30, subbing Pulisic for Havertz and CHO for Werner. Only take what the defense gives for first 60, then hit them in the face with both barrels. If, Werner is gassed, put on CHO on right and Pulisic on left. It will be a Pulisic or CHO move that creates the goal scoring opportunity for Mount. My prediction is 2 to 1 Chelsea, with first goal from Mount assisted by Pulisic and Pulisic creating penalty finished by Jorginho on second goal. GO BLUES!!!!

    76. bradley gouldthorpe

      Real Madrid??? 😂😂😂 George had me tripping then 😂😂

    77. Dave Buckner

      We need to get Kane. Halland is prob unavailable. I say Kepa, Tammy, and Jorginho to Spurs plus cash for Kane. Then, we sign a world class replacement for Jorginho. We need a finisher.

    78. Ankit Jha

      Btw George Donarummas only 22

    79. Prabhat Bindal

      11.13 George we face city in final cmon george you are already high🤣🤣

    80. You Suck

      Donarumma is 22

    81. Gamer42Go

      Lmao why he still in bali? Its been over a year

    82. Anirudh Kalikiri

      We r playing city in the final not real Madrid 😂😂😂 Benson do be living in 2018

    83. Aaron

      Donnaruma is a rat, made Ac milans changing room a mess. I would never change Mendy for him, since Mendy is a true leader.

    84. Eric Rerrud11

      I’m happy with Mendy for now

    85. Amir Jay

      Hey George, Donarumma’s 22👌🏾

    86. benno's football crib

      Lol you said Chelsea vs Real Madrid in the CL final

    87. T Mazza

      I wouldn't take Donaruma Mino Riola is not worth the trouble

    88. Anthony Mejia


    89. Jan Vlček

      There's nowhere else Donnaruma or can go it's either us or BVB I think.. every other top club in Europe has top tier goalkeeper

    90. Stuart White

      George,you make it sound like a 'given' that EVERY chelsea fan should dislike spurs because they dislike/ hate chelsea,well it's just not the case,I just see them as a london rival, period !! Talk to me about man utd,talk to me about the dirty scoucers ( red ones ), talk to me about 'dirty leeds' you're talking dislike!!! 😊

    91. Abdul Younis

      No to Donnarumma He is not better than Mendy. Donnarumma only thinks about money.

    92. Sydney Sitwala

      Lol. You said we're playing Madrid.

    93. Joel Kirkup

      up the chels!!!!

    94. Joshua Thomas


    95. Robert Heeralal

      Willian to Chrystal Palace

    96. Abdoul Jalil Abdourahamane

      I'm always worried about having Mino Raiola players un my club

    97. Chris Colyer

      Donnarumma is of course No.1 if he comes in. Would be an amazing coup on a free. Mendy’s been great, but he’s not world class if we’re being honest.

    98. Official S.O.Praise

      For me I'm good with mendy 💪

    99. James Johnson

      I wish we were playing madrid batter then 3 times in 2 months why not

    100. mike okol

      Bruh u said against “Real Madrid in the final” twice 😭😭😭