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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | ROMELU LUKAKU MOVES ONE STEP CLOSER TO SIGNING FOR CHELSEA FC? YES GUYS! Welcome back to a brand new Chelsea FC News video. The latest Chelsea FC News is that with Antonio Conte departing Inter Milan yesterday, Romelu Lukaku's agent has supposedly been contacted by Chelsea FC. This is big Chelsea FC News and Lukaku has always called Chelsea 'My Club' suggesting strongly that Lukaku would love to move back to Chelsea FC. Let me know your thoughts on the latest Chelsea FC News in the comments down below!

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    1. Techie Time With GD Three

      Selling Tammy will be the biggest mistake we have made since selling KDB and Salah. This club loves selling young players before their prime just to be burned later, sometimes I wonder why they hate certain players who obviously have talent. Tammy scores goals just like Lukaku but we got rid of him and now we have to pay 90 million to get him back. Can we stop making the same mistakes over and over again?

    2. Techie Time With GD Three

      Timo and Lukaku up front could actually work very well with Timo creating space for Lukaku

    3. Techie Time With GD Three

      Would love Lukaku but if Kane is available we have to offer a ridiculous amount to Spurs and a ridiculous amount to Kane to get him. Not just because he is a great player but because we need to keep him from going to City

    4. Kamalrul Hisham

      I think Lautaro martinez fit better with chelsea style of play

    5. Frank Zander

      we better sign Haaland

    6. Jay Junior

      Not lukaku plz

    7. Mr B

      I've bitten my nails down to the quick and the game hasn't even kicked off

    8. Grim Affiliations

      Is there any reason Chelsea need to throw money at every good forward player in the world? Why not find way to work with and improve the current squad?

    9. Anthony David

      Now Chelsea is in need of lukaku right, I don't get like we don't value our own product untill we sell them and later guess what we beg to buy them back like Tammy we will beg to buy him later that for sure....

    10. Bob Loveridge

      there are better strikers than lukaku for that amount of money

    11. Muan Valte


    12. Josh Rock

      Conte might go to spurs if that's the case Lukaku will follow him 💯 per cent

    13. Čípr Chippy

      If we can bring Lukaku and Sancho it would be much better than one Haaland/Kane we need wings that have statistics. Our wingers are too poor and non creative.

    14. Emmanuel Chrispher


    15. Steve Northall

      70m no more for Lukaku don’t want Sancho do want Rice so for me Lukaku, & Rice would be good additions for this squad

    16. James Johnson

      Ngl we have a lot of attackers I think we should probably buy lukaku and 1 defender

    17. ksptm4

      Why are we signing this modern day Emile he’s key I do not know. Goes missing, poor form against big clubs, didn’t impress me at United and only looks good in aerie A because it’s serie A....should not be signing him

      1. Abz Da

        I bet you rate Tammy aswell

    18. Anthony Guto

      Ziyech is better more so attacking midfield.We can't loose him coz of Sancho

    19. Sean Nkeshimana

      Ziyech will go nowhere .. Guy has been the number one playmaker at Chelsea, look at his stats. I'm solely against selling him.

    20. Lucho Futbol

      As much as I would love Lukaku back at Chelsea, I don't think he might into Tuchels system because he likes the really quick false 9 player.

    21. Samuel Lopes

      Honestly I don't want Lukaku. He rejected us for United. He was a flop at Chelsea. It's best Chelsea stay away from Lukaku and vice-versa. I know it sounds fancy but I personally don't want Lukaku after his drama at United. You can't get your ex girlfriend back and it's for the best you'll stay just friends.

      1. Jazz Ampa

        I wouldn't stay friends with my ex

    22. Godfred Obeng

      The great king Lukaku is coming back home for real after 8 years? Wow!!!😁

    23. Abdirisak Jama

      I don’t think we need Lukaku he’s not type of English premier league 👎🏻

    24. Adamin

      Man I've always loved Lukaku, I pretended not to when he was at United but I still did, he's a tank and a half

    25. Martell Tavares Ozoria

      Any chance Pulisic goes to Inter?

    26. MakkroHero

      If you could choose would you rather have Lukaku or Kane to Chelsea?

    27. Nick Mogielnicki

      The sun must be getting to you George.

    28. Marcus Lee

      Lukaku is not for me personally. Too one-dimensional and with plenty of time and space in Seria A, any decent striker can gobble up chances, But in the Premier League he would be snuffed out and nullified and look very cumbersome and pedestrian. It would be Batshuayi Mark 2. No thanks. I would rather go for Dusan Vlahovic, young, vibrant, quicker and also tall and powerful in the air. An intelligent striker who gets in between and behind the lines well and scores goals, and just what you need to beat any system but especially a low block ultra-defensive side.

    29. M Alder

      Not at that price

    30. Salaam Soud

      has lukaku redem himself. I don’t think so. Chelsea is pressure and Lukaku can’t handle pressure

    31. qualzoni

      Am i the only one against Lukaku in Chelsea? come on we need a lethal striker

    32. Salome Quarshie

      We shouldn't sign lukaku

    33. Jayavardhan b

      No thanks I will rather have ings

    34. Louise Jamie

      Typical Chelsea, let someone go for peanuts & buy them back for ridiculous sums! 🙄😬

    35. Manish Tamrakar

      Giroud has achieved cult status among us fans. Last season his work ethic at the second half of the season was exemplary. One season before that, he was winning us European cup. This season too we are grateful for all important goals he scored.

    36. Musah Hamidu

      You are my mentor 🔥🔥I want to be like you 🙏🙏🙏

    37. Jerrymoris1

      Haaland will sort Chelsea out nest season

    38. PhantomOfManyTopics

      Daria is so beautiful. I hope we see her more.

    39. Shaata1 Shagtii2

      Back to home

    40. MacattackasaurousRex

      Please don’t push this agenda. We went down this route before and it didn’t work

    41. vaishakh pv

      Are you in India or south asia?

    42. Chelski

      80-100mil for lukaku? No thanks. 50mil maybe.

    43. Vinit Kanojia

      What about the midfield?? yes we need a proper number 9 but it's the midfield Chelsea need to reshuffle.. Jorginho has to go, not sure how long can Kante keep up his fitness. Hopefully Billy Gilmour and Conor Gallagher get into the mix (if Chelsea aren't going for midfielders), would be great for them to play alongside Kante and Kovacic

    44. SwampyTV

      Lukaku and werner on the same team is such a bad idea. Both have the worst first touches in all of football

    45. Diptarka Biswas

      But I strongly believe Chelsea need someone like Kane/Lewanodski/ Ronaldo they are Big Names and they make a Hell Lot of Difference in a side to Lift the Game of other players in the team.. Lukaku doesn't fit in that group at all. Also Chelsea need to bring in someone who can fit in Silva's shoe

    46. 00STEWART

      We want kane or harland I dont think lukaku is the answer to our striker problems. We need an elite striker and lukaku is not that good in the premier league....he is ok not excellent.

    47. サドボイシット

      Ziyech isn't going, it's his first season, Hudson-Odoi or Pulisic need to leave, one of them

    48. philip olejnik

      Letting Fikayo Tomori go for 25m to AC Milan might be short sighted...and he has blue blood (priceless)..Ian Wright says he was overlooked for England. get Tomori back please?

    49. soczka

      George pls, it is Conte, not Conti. It is pronounced with an e like in keg or in beg. Conti is Bruno Conti.

    50. henry boxer

      WE dont need Lukaku.

    51. Big Burrito

      AC Milan and their fans are overjoyed to take Tomori off of us. they want a similar loan-to-buy deal for Abraham next season.

    52. Andreas Rigas

      Hi, i 'd like to ask you, if anybody knows. Why did Chelsea return 800 tickets to UEFA for the final. Was it that expensive (cause i read about 200 pounds all included , not that much) or is there no interest from the fans ?

    53. D M

      Ziyech better start in the Final for us

    54. Martin Yeboah

      We should sign Lukaku and defensive midfielder this summer

    55. Mr Aves

      Kante need to mark gundo cuz he wil be the main target man and kova should mark KDB cuz he wil make sure that he opem the spaces in between the middfield and mount should Mark Phoden for his speed and chilly should mark Mahrez again for the speed and then chelsea should start whit kai and hakim for the technical tactiks and u wil be destroying City🙏

    56. Edy Herman

      We dont need him


      Antonio heard Jose was coming and he was like, “ Aight Imma head out”

      1. Techie Time With GD Three

        Why would Conte be scared of an over the hill manager who can't win fuck all anymore?

    58. Joshua Reinaldo

      Lukaku over Lewy ? Really ? Not bad though, imagine Ziyech feeding crosses to Lukaku next season 🥶

    59. Gerrit 01

      every good player on the planet moves closer to Chelsea huh? xd

    60. Shr ek

      You guys know Tammy Abraham still exists

    61. niklas nielsen

      Hakim Ziyech out sancho in. Jorginho out rice in!!!!

    62. Fun Sunny

      He isn't a monster but a Striker Stop calling blacks players monster.

    63. pradeep muthusami

      Sign lukaku and rice... That's it job done!!!

    64. niklas nielsen

      We've already thrown him out once, let's not make the same mistake. Lukaku is good in italy but for a top team in england naah

    65. K Green

      Given a choice between Sancho and Lukaku, definitely take Lukaku. We don’t need Sancho, we need to spend his 80m on a top quality midfielder who can score goals, provide assists in the way old Frank and Ballach did. Lukaku though would be the ideal buy. Pace, power and goals.

    66. Siyabulela Noyo

      We don't need Sancho... remember we also have a skillful magician coming back, who has been unlucky with injuries, CHARLIE MUSONDA...

      1. Jayster of the Famous CFC

        Lol, if Musonda is any good he go on loan to a Prem club and show his potential or remain an Internet myth.

    67. Champagne

      Zidane has left real madrid Hazards biggest supporter........

    68. bobbydeazy

      God please no why!! We already sold this guy! Why would we buy him or hazard back.

    69. P. Strong

      Typical Chelsea! Can’t secure our perfect strikers so we settle for this prat! He is a fat flop and for that money I could think of about 10 PL proven strikers better than him ffs! So frustrating! 🤬

    70. Machamagic

      We don’t need Sancho, let CHO develop, and Ziyech assisting lukaku will be lethal

    71. Joshua Thomas

      if werner starts firing next season and lukaku continue scoring you said Kai and lukaku wud be great but who wud be left out to fit werner in the starting?

    72. Ibrahim Ahmed

      I am surprised, Mr. Benson. Hakim Ziyech is not a player that we need to sell. He has that capability which this team needs. I believe Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea Football CLUB will keep Ziyech, Havertz, CHO, Pulicic, Warner, Mount for years. They are all in a process of building a team. Give these players a preseason. I believe we will get so much better in coming season. These players are score 20 and assist 20 players. Where will you play Sancho? Who will you drop? We will have a starting number 9. We always play double pivot. Plus 2 wing back, 3 defenders and a goalkeeper. We have 6 forward players who will play for those 2 spot. And every player in the list have potential to be elite because of their technical abilities and age. If they don't perform next year, they will be sold, we know that too. We scored 58 goals in 38 games. If I were to give this chance to buy 1 player, I would have bought Haaland. Because He will be a guaranteed 20 plus goals goalscorer for next 10 years. Lukaku will do if there are no other striker among our radar of Haaland, Kane, Lewandowski, Benzema are available. We know we are not getting any of them. For 5 years, I surely hope Lukaku will provide. He have 3/5 years atleast and he will score. My sadness are Tammy, RLC and many academy players who will be playing against us. But I and we all Chelsea supporters should always keep them in our hearts. Wishing the best career to all of them.

    73. Music and Football Playlist channel

      Jorginho out for Rice 👌

    74. Tytalkz & More

      Keep up the excellent work George you’re doing great at it mate! 💪 #Roadto200k

    75. Infold

      George's Ziyech agenda shining

    76. Anas Chaabar

      Ziyech needs a good striker like Lukaku and if he ever leaves the club after getting Lukaku it will be a big mistake

      1. Music and Football Playlist channel

        Nah we don't need Ziyech, doesn't fit PL football, should go to Spain where it's slower

      2. archiewall16

        No it won’t... we have enough good forward players. Ziyech doesn’t fit in unfortunately.

    77. Juan Carlos

      Tammy plus cash for Rice

    78. Miguel Gaspard

      Jorginho need to be on the bench , I think that will be to fast for him , we need cover for the back line

      1. niklas nielsen

        Shitginho should not be in Chelsea at all!

      2. P. Strong

        I completely agree mate! He is pony! Most overrated player I have ever seen!

    79. johnnyk sar

      I don't think we need to sign another striker next season season, what we need to do is sell or loan out both Werner and Tammy and then sign either one of Jadon Sancho, Ousmane Dembele, Paulo Dybala or Joao Felix, depending on whichever of them is available and affordable. I think Havertz and Giroud can both be our strikers next season, so we can give Havertz more playing time. As for the midfield, I think Chelsea should bring back Loftus-cheek, a midfield pivot of Kovacic and Loftus-cheek would be lethal and exciting to watch.

    80. Gruffles

      How about a straight up Tammy for Declan. 🤪

    81. john tang

      I still remember how Lukaku missed all those big chances when he was in ManU and Chelsea. Sorry I can't agree with getting Lukaku

    82. Gruffles

      I always thought Lukaku was like a mini Drogba. I was sad when he left Chelsea.

    83. MuirysFIFA

      Definitely want Lukaku!! BPL is ours

    84. archiewall16

      I really hope we sign lukaku, he’s the deadly goalscorer that we need so badly and it wouldn’t be so expensive like Haaland or Kane.

      1. Abz Da

        @Davor Vucic when he was 18 he carried West Brom scored like 20 goals in the prem with shit players around him

      2. Davor Vucic

        No we did try once it did not work. I don’t think that will work out. Sorry he is not good enough.

    85. Evander Romeo

      Man city will win no way pep will b beaten three times

    86. Paa Kwesi Banafo

      In this COVID-19 climate, Chelsea SEpromrs keep throwing these figures around 80 for Lukaku, 90 for Rice and 82 million for Sancho as if these figures are chicken change.

    87. Ramzey

      Oh how I wish I could make my channel as good as this and put Africa on the map, great stuff George Benson🔥

    88. Miniturtleman

      We need a world class midfielder as well, kante is 30 and when he’s injured we look weak in the midfield sometimes. We also need a defender someone who’s used to leading and knows how to play in a back 3 or back 4 if we change formation. If we sign wayyy to many attackers there’ll be many players who are unhappy with the playing time and I’m scared that it might start becoming a problem.

    89. NagaBi Lo

      George you said and I quote "I will do everything I can in my power to go to Istanbul(UCL venue back then) if Chelsea qualify for final". I hope you have made all arrangements to go to Porto.

      1. Jesus Garcia


    90. Abishek

      Zizou is done as Real coach 😳 wtf is happening in this world.

    91. Vic Thor

      Isn't Tammy better than Lukaku was? We need Kane or Haaland rather than Lukaku

    92. Dom Rok

      Sancho over Ziyech? English bias I suppose 😆. That area is not required at all rit now in the first place. If Sancho arrives.. no problem at all.a quality young player for sure.. but advocating such English bias agenda rit now over OTHER MORE IMPORTANT POSITIONS SUCH AS Striker, CDM, CB OR MAYBE EVEN LEFT BACK is just plain waffling. Nwy cheers.

      1. dechdrg d

        @Rokhasekhoyi EXACTLY.. this man's a little biased 😂

    93. Paul Sharma

      I don’t want Giroud to go man 😭😭

    94. Lars-Audun Olsen

      Or Odoi is a cool funny lovlyjobly name for the dog.

    95. Kishan Patel

      Nothing beats a "yes guys" and a UTD loss

    96. Larry Newell

      For me, get R. Lukaku, D. Rice and bring back M. Guehi.... To go, Giroud, Abraham, Zouma (some on loan players)

    97. Michael Woodburn

      Get Lookaku and Sancho, then we go in for the AC Milan goalkeeper Donnaruma on a free transfer. Then we start looking for a center back and a holding midfielder..

    98. Paul Sharma

      Would love conte to come back in the future

    99. Abhay Kumar

      After signing a striker we need a midfielder who can replace Jorginho he is way too inconsistent imo and btw what happened to Lewandowski's rumors' ?

      1. Abz Da

        @RaoulCFCTalk bro I ain’t spending over 50 million on this guy let’s just get a dm from the french league

      2. RaoulCFCTalk

        Declan Rice is definitely who we actually need former academy player for us and has a great leadership

    100. Sachin Rathee

      Ok sell Tammy and then buy him back for £80 m after 4 years. That's the Chelsea way !!

      1. Abz Da

        Tammy is shit tho

      2. ScoopMeisterGeneral

        If he comes back twice the player then it will be absolutely worth it.

      3. gaganjot singh