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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | Is ADAMA TRAORE A Perfect Fit For CHELSEA FC? HAKIM ZIYECH LEAVING FOR NAPOLI? YES GUYS! In today's Chelsea FC News video, we discuss a supposed Thomas Tuchel target Adama Traore of Wolves. Would Traore be a good addition to Tuchel's Chelsea FC? I also discuss The Athletic's report that Napoli are interested in Hakim Ziyech and Chelsea FC may be willing to listen to offers for Hakim Ziyech this summer. Do you think Ziyech still has a future at Chelsea FC? Let me know in the GBFC comment section!


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    1. Juan Van Oudtshoorn

      Your South African accent 😂😂😂🇿🇦 when were you is RSA bruuuuu 😂😎🤙🏼

    2. Sean Eisenhower

      I’d love to sign traore for depth reasons, but chelsea must prioritize haaland and hakimi.

    3. Junior Mtolo

      White south african accent was spot on!!😂😂😂🇿🇦

    4. Obi Ofomata

      We don't need Adama

    5. Jude Stooke

      Hakim is probably happy to be a champions league winner.

    6. James Kavese

      Big love from South Africa😂 come over please

    7. Tefo Ramokoka

      I want us to go for Dybala

    8. Anas Mark

      You forget when ziyech fuck chelsea club and fans up i hope he's sign in another club in Premier league because you guys need more silence i love chelsea but it's true

    9. Nuggets of Talent

      We don't need that Hulk.

    10. Kusimo Samuel

      We just have to buy Jordan Sancho

    11. Kusimo Samuel

      We do not need to sell Ziyech

    12. Robert Andretta

      Keep Hakim, bring up Tino, and forget about Adama. But of course Jaden is the impact addition.

    13. Liam Dix

      Chelsea might as well just get Mbappe

    14. George Bamete Jnr

      Another goal misser like Timo. Nonsense transfer.

    15. omerta_93 omerta_93

      This is gonna be the dumbest move to sell zyech honestly

    16. pc pc

      adama traore maybe a good back up he was not retained by barcelona there must be reason also azpi is 31 its not that old for a centerback

    17. Emir faizal

      Arguably Adama is the skillful player in the world...7.3 takes on per 90...i think your club deserve to get Ashraf Hakimi and lukaku or kane...thats all

    18. Martin Yeboah

      I think Ziyech need time to adapt we should not sell him

    19. Karan Kumbhar

      Our current formation means we Pulisic/Ziyech may struggle with game time... The truth is the team we built for last season worked well with a particular formation, if we are going with 3-4-3 then certainly players miss out !!!

    20. Kam Private

      So that's Ziyech fault if awkward strickers or midfielders destroyed the chances he created? Between 15 to 20 chances gone in the wind . So he must leave, because of other players awkwardness or selfishness? That's stupid

    21. Morpheus

      Oh come on, We are champions league champions ! And yet we can't even sign an A ranked striker 😤

    22. David Lavin

      CHO shits on adama no debate needed.

    23. Math Wiz

      Ziyech should get the f*k out of chelsea they don't deserve him .. in the minute and half he got to play he still scored in champions league lol.. what a bunch of twats 😆

    24. joshua wyatt

      We desperately need him......I wouldn't say we desperately need him

    25. Youness Direct

      If Tuchel is gonna play 433 or 4231 than ziyech should stay. But if hes planning to play with the 532 system ziyech needs to leave. Ziyech is an total footbal player who fits in a team that plays with ball possesion. I dont get why Chelsea is playing with 7 defensive players while they have Kante the best defensive midfielder in the world. They need to adjust more attacking players to the teamz

    26. Kgalema Mngadi

      If I were in charge of Chelsea Football Club, I wouldn't go after Traore or Sancho. The reason is simple, we've got Callum Hudson-Odoi. He's a good talent who can be improved in order for him to be a back-up for RWB or to be main RW. As for Ziyech, I'd give him one more season. Then, if things don't work out, he leaves.

    27. Cocoberry Free

      Long video about Traore , he is an average player except for his speed.


      I don't think we need a new Striker we have Tammy Abraham, Giroud extended his Contract and MOST IMPORTANT Tuchel will have the time to HELP and GUIDE TIMO WERNER to improve HIS GAME, his off-side problem etc. Thomas Tuchel has Improved many many times in his Career, Aspects of his Players Game that needed CORRECTION and FINE TUNING. And after that these Footballers begun to Flourish. The Guy is a Football Genius and a Master Tactician. He needs time and Space to do his Thing. His Big Problem in PSG were the Superstars Neymar and M'Bappe that needed "Special Treatment" ordered by the Club President. Here in Chelsea F.C without the Superstars, he took a Cohesive Team of very good Players and look what he did in 4 Months. Imagine what he will do next.

    29. Will 123

      Reece James shouldn’t be rcb, bring in Marquinhos. Reece James is a solid rwb and so traoe is not needed

    30. Lamps Bright

      Hakim can leave. He has been poor.

    31. David E Weir

      What news of Lewandowski? With him upfront we would win the PL next season.

    32. Shanta Robinson

      Hakim Ziyech for Kalidou Koulibaly?

    33. Pilapovideos

      Ziyech gives many many assists to werner, pulisic,havest,giroud .. and they missed all of the time Chelsea needs a toop striker needs someone who can finish every assist and every chance

    34. Omar Villagomez

      We should go for Jimenez from the wolfs 😎

    35. SomethingObscure

      I want Adam Traore. Traore will supply so many chances for Pulisic, Werner, and Havertz

    36. Wan Abe

      Get lautaro martinez...🙏

    37. rob cowgill

      Sancho a better option I think..Perhaps this team simply needs more time to gel?..

    38. Eddy Sylverstin

      Lampard should apply for Spurs coaching job since he love to work with the young players from the academy. 😂😂😜😜 Adama is much more better than Reece James and can dribble. hahaha No way Tuchel gonna put Azpi on the bench! Obviously he is not happy with Reece bcos he cant moving forward & dribbling into the penalty box.

    39. John Cheech

      Rat English are funny. Embarrassing these people. Mount is a fraud and if he continues to start we won’t stop exposing u

    40. jamal ouaid

      You are talking rubbish mate. Putting that ad "ziyech for sale" there is too much diplomatic racism in your tone. Traore bullshit player no comparision to ziyech. You guys do you sense ziyech is a threat to Mount that's why you want to find him another club. I am wishing for ziyech to leave and see how chelsea will survive. His quality presence has motivated lots of players in that team.

    41. Anand prakash

      Ziyech is talent player in Chelsea squad so we don't need to sell him....😑

    42. jamal ouaid

      Don't talk diplomacy abt hakim Ziyech. If this player has been treated fairly and given enough playing time he would have been the best chelsea player and no mount would even come nearer to him. Ziyech talent had been hijacked by tuchel by messing up with him since he took over.

    43. Lachlan Gould Sport

      Hi GBFC, Just got me P’s for driving. Thought I’d celebrate by watching the best SEpromr. COYB.

    44. Jideofor.bright Bright

      Adama is good

    45. Stephen Umeh

      Ziyech needs to be another chance

    46. T T

      If Hakim can’t put in the effort to make that right side his own then we need to move him on. Don’t need to lose more of the dressing room on a gamble like that. I think we’ve held onto Tammy too long and CHO not making the Euros is disappointing. Stamp that stuff out Tuchel!

    47. Fath light

      The only way Ziyech can leave Chelsea is when he wants to. There is no need to sell him imo, and i dont see Adama Traore is what we need rn, we need a better Goalscorer more on than anything else.

    48. Bryce Palin

      If we can’t get a true world class striker (Halland, Kane, Lewdowski) just stick with the forwards we have. I’d get traroe as a backup to James and more cover for the three center backs.

    49. Super Minds

      if the sell ziyech this summer my love for this club will never be the same, why do other players get a run of game but ziyech never got a run of games, its really unfair

    50. Super Minds

      ziyech is going no way

    51. Miles A

      Mistake ....

    52. chelseacharger

      I don't think wingers/wide attackers are the priority. We've seen plenty of crosses coming from out wide throughout the season, whether it was from wide attackers or wing/full backs in advanced positions. One of the weaknesses in the team has been converting this service into goals. It's regular goal-scorers through the middle that we need first and foremost.

    53. JM Pomeroy

      Take care of Livramento!! He will be huge

    54. Deriza Putra

      Please just please Keep Ziyech my beautiful Marina 💙💙💙💎

    55. T G

      All chelsea so called 'flops' have turned to be world class players after leaving. Salah, KDB, Matić.

    56. Prabhat Bindal

      Why the hell do we need a winger?

    57. john tang

      I don't really like our club player needing to put baby oil on his body before he plays

    58. Jeff Hall

      What's the best way to watch Chelsea reserved play?

    59. charles nkeonye

      The have band Twitter in Nigeria 💔

    60. Tarik

      Selling Ziyech is one of the biggest mistake this club will make, people dont understand how we became good !!! its because of a competitive squad literally no one can name the front 3-4 of any game and that showed u that u had to be on a 10/10 to stay there (Expect for Werner which we all know why he started lets not even go there ) but im talking about Ziyech-Mason-Kai-Pulisic-Cho-Tammy- Giroud. that competition brought the best out of all of them as they were all fighting for a spot. cz u look at Man u and i can easily name their 11 at any time. that sometimes makes players lazy and feel like they are untouchable for example Rashford or Penandes who sometimes i think he wouldn't even start for us the way he plays for Man U !!!! the only reason i would let Ziyech go is if tuchel stays with his 5 at the back then i dont see ziyech fitting as a false 9 or whatever he plays him instead of his natural role that he had in Ajax so then he will ask to leave im sure which would be a mistake still by tuchel.

    61. Toddy Cox

      My personal opinion on Ziyech and his "attitude" is that he gets frustrated too easily. For example, when he presses and the team doesn't, the amount of chances he's created and not converted and when he's been subbed off there were at least 2 players not working as hard as him.


      CHELSEA DEFENSE --> GOSENS, CHILWELL, REECE, TINO, THIAGO, RUDI, AZPI, CHRISTENSEN,GUEHI, SULE, ZOUMA Robin Gosens (backup for Chillwell) Livramento promoted (backup for Reece) Sule (backup for Azpi) Marc Guehi promotion (backup for Rudiger) SELL --> Alonso, Emerson, Tomori (as already done),

    63. Rasa Romco

      Ziyech in a Liverpool shirt linking up with Sadio Mane every week will be incredible. There are official offers from AC Milan and Juventus as well as Athletico and Sevilla but if Koleman stay at Barcelona he may be heading there instead. Personally I rather him stay in the EPL with one of the three top teams.

    64. R. H.F.

      Ziyech leaving would be a disappointment for me, I do believe he has more to show for us, but I would completely understand it.

      1. jamal ouaid

        Wtf moody. Did you notice players not passing to him.

    65. Michael Woodburn

      At this stage I am giving Tuchel a free hand to build his team for next season. If he wants Adama, let him have him..... Tuchel knows best

      1. Vp Football

        Yes but why not the best of the best for what he wants

    66. dozie u

      Agents, lobbyists and sports writers are now recommending players to chelsea. Hopefully marina, cech and tuchel will save us from these hyenas provided we have learnt our lesson having bought overhyped players like drinkwater. Imo lampard's had the best solution- 1. step up players from academy 2. supplement with young world class players 3. Buy experience to teach the young.

    67. dozie u

      Agents, lobbyists and sports writers are now recommending players to chelsea. Hopefully marina, cech and tuchel will save us from these hyenas provided we have learnt our lesson having bought overhyped players like drinkwater. Imo lampard's had the best solution- 1. step up players from academy 2. supplement with young world class players 3. Buy experience to teach the young.

    68. Zen Nkambule

      South africa🔥🔥🔥🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

    69. Eduardo BNoriega

      GET " Jesus Corona" from Porto , better than Traore.

    70. Steve Skeen

      Guh sym unuh cya sell Ziyech 😑

    71. DarthFX

      You’re South African?😳

    72. ikoyo isaac

      Selling Zeyech no way. In the exception of Mount tell me any of our attacking talent that light up the season none let's give this guys a proper preseason for Tuchel to access them with a system them we can begin to reap their value. Let's not be quick to jump to conclusion none of the new signing outside Mendy really perform.

    73. Lillabjorn

      I understand what you are saying about the Traore/Livramento situation. But as think we really need to get another rwb. Maybe not Traore. But someone like Atal or Klostermann and move up Livramento to the senior squad and let him train with the first team and give him some game time in the cups. Other players we should get rid of if: Alonso, Drinkwater, Barkley, Moses, Van Ginkel, Kepa, Batshuayi, Rahman, Emerson, Ziyech (if we get alot of money), Bakayoko, Abraham, Zappacosta, Baker, Brown and Kenedy. I bet we can get alot of money for these players and we have alot of room in the salary area. Targets I want to replace some positions with would be like. Wijndal as a LWB, Rice as DM, Klostermann as a RWB, Haaland as a FOR.

    74. ikoyo isaac

      Selling Zeyech no way. In the exception of Mount tell me any of our attacking talent that light up the season none let's give this guys a proper preseason for Tuchel to access them with a system them we can begin to reap their value. Let's not be quick to jump to conclusion none of the new signing outside Mendy really perform.

    75. Khanya Mngadi

      Hakimi > traore

    76. Sodiraki Georgiou

      No leave him alone Ziyech will come good silly season is upon us.

    77. I am Sam This is Daddy

      Adama Traore would be a huge boost for the FIFA squad....96 pace!?!?

    78. Ricardo Alves

      I never look anymore to ur channel u don’t know what u Talking about u a shame of our chelsea fan u talking shit. So u want to tell me havertz is better than Ziyech please because he made that winning goal if Ziyech didn’t score against Atlético Chelsea wasn’t in the final and haverrz couldn’t get a chance to make that goal hakim Ziyech kicked with Ajax all the best teams in the world out havertz was playing for Bayer Leverkusen so please u don’t have 0000 clue. Mason mount was playing for vitesse arnheim why didn’t he get the best player award in Holland but Ziyech did. Any idiot make a Video about football and we are the biggest idiots we watching them If Ziyech doesn’t get a chance he can not proof himself I as a chelsea fan believe in ziyech and when he leaves we gonna regret

    79. SamuraiCB

      Can’t believe people are entertaining zyech leaving and having adama in the team.. dude is shit let’s keep it real, runs the ball off the pitch when there’s nowhere else to go. Hakim is a genius, adama is forest gump

    80. Ekko Don

      although game time is important, why would hakim leave chelsea who just won the UCL and seems to be on the right path to win more trophies to go to an average napoli team who wont win anything major or probably anything at all, ziyech heading in his prime years now that wouldnt be the best move, unless he just wanna play football no matter where he is and doesnt matter if he's winning trophies, id rather state my claim at chelsea, we know he's confident and super talented to do so, all big teams youll have to fight for your place. there's a bigger chance for chelsea to with the prem and ucl again than napoli winning their league and zero chance of them winning the ucl because theyre not in it. ziyech will be here next season even if he's unhappy at the moment because this move would make no sense on a players perspective

    81. Nicholas McConville

      With James' quality in the final 3rd of the pitch I don't want to see him playing in the back three yet. We also saw two games in which TT put Azpi at wingback and James at RCB and we desperately missed James' energy down the wing in the loss in the FA cup final.

    82. PJ McNamara

      Keep Ziyech, he's one of the classiest players at the club. Adama reminds me of Victor Moses but much less consistent and spending 50 plus on him doesn't make any sense.

    83. Bototo Said

      The only player to sell is timo and bring lukaku

    84. FarawayTundra008

      I don't want a beefed up Iwobi that signing would be on par with the Drinkwater signing

    85. Petrus Bouwer

      Thanks for the South Africa accent bru❤❤🙌🏾 you making my country proud

    86. MATRIX Lomachenko

      How about just play odoi when other teams park the bus ? First 2 games of tuchel was motm

    87. तानु


    88. John McGibbon

      Traore is a headless chicken on steroids, he is not Chelsea quality, Come on TT we can do better than that!

    89. Sa'ood Williams

      I think Hakim deserves another chance in the squad.

    90. Deep Bhavsar

      Our 3-4-3 need only 3 forwards & Mount is the guy who will be picked up in every match by tuchel, now we need just 2 forwards and look how many we have got, so it's good to send Ziyech & Hudson Odoi on loan or sell to get them more gametime also 👍

    91. Jarom Nelson

      Chelsea need to trust in their academy players rather than rolling the dice on unnecessary signings. No need to have unused players like Drinkwater, Barkley, Zappacosta..

    92. Neo Ren Jie

      Ziyech and Pulisic are so lightweight. We don't need another Sancho. Traore will be a great addition. RLC to replace Jorginho if possible.

    93. Anthony Mejia

      Ziyech + Hakimi would and I hope it will be a dangerous duo on the right side 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. Alton Barker

      No need to worry about A. T. as our manager knows how to bring out the best in his players. A.T. the Wolf's player will step up to help us get back to back Champions league trophy

    95. Afshin somani

      So basically benson doesn't trust adama would increase our quality, even when he is recommended by tuchel, but instead wants a guy from reserve with no epl experience to be a backup? It's about time we as chelsea fans back tuchel with the players tuchel wants! instead of creating our own agenda

    96. Golam Muhaimeen

      Calvert Lewin for Tammy + cash. That's the best striker deal Chelsea can get this transfer window imo!

    97. shula kasongamulilo

      Traore would be so good for us.

    98. Youssef MERZOUKI

      ZiYECH is a TOP player. He is A football artist 🎨 He unquestionably deserves to be playing regularly at Chelsea or any other TOP team in the World !

    99. Abdirashid Yunis

      Ziyech is a quality player but moody just like Ozil but I just wish he stays for many more seasons.

    100. deadsheep

      PLEASE PLEASE stop calling him ZiyeCK!!!! its ZiyeSH!!! its aSHraf hakimi, not aCKraf!!!!!!! how many times do i have to comment this?! :/

      1. deadsheep

        @Jazz Ampa What bs? Are you saying i don't know how to pronounce names in my own language?

      2. Jazz Ampa

        Maybe you should get a job? The one that pays you for your BS!