Chelsea FC NEWS | If Chelsea FC Sign These 3 REALISTIC Players... WE WIN THE LEAGUE

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    Chelsea FC NEWS | If Chelsea FC Sign These 3 REALISTIC Players... WE WIN THE LEAGUE. YES GUYS! After yesterday's Chelsea FC Transfer News video with Fabrizio Romano, we have a lot more understanding now about how Chelsea FC will conduct their transfer business this summer. Based off of the idea that Chelsea will be looking to bring in two/three big name players, I've come up with three realistic, yet still world class signings that Chelsea FC could sign this summer. Let me know your thoughts on my three and what signings you think Chelsea FC should prioritise this summer transfer window!

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    1. Steven Amoah


    2. Joseph Omollo

      You just nailed it bro.. I have nothing to add.

    3. Ahmed Ali

      Sancho can be another Werner.. I am just saying..but sending Odoi on Loan and getting Sancho is a good deal and win win for both clubs

    4. Ahmed Ali

      Lukaku is not going to be a good signing to Chelsea...Lukaku is not suited for Chelsea style.

    5. Arjun Vijan

      Guys, What are the possibilities of Eden Hazard coming back to Chelsea ?

    6. Muhammad Amirul Harith Mohd Haizal

      Loan abraham and we need a solid striker like kane or haaland or lewandowski

    7. Batkynti Pde

      Haaland and Kane is better stiker🔥🔥

    8. Brendan Giddens

      Varane and Lukaku definitely, but as a cheaper option Hazard back instead of Sancho, don't rate him in the price bracket they will be asking. Bakayoko, RLC, Barkley, Batshuyi, Alonso, Tomori, Abraham can all be sold. Gallagher, CHO, to step up next season

    9. Jordan Ng

      I think Haaland would be good, he's young and a proven prolific goalscorer, however I think it will be hard to convince him to leave Dortmund as they just qualified for the Champions League. Lukaku on the other hand, I think he would also be difficult to sign as Inter Milan just won the Scudetto from Juve so I don't think Antonio Conte would be looking to sell any of his first team players anytime soon. However, I think a striker is needed to finish off chances for the Chelsea team cause thats been our problem so far. I think both are tank strikers and are strong and can hold the ball. I would be happy if we can sign either of the two.

    10. Fabian Agolli

      Thats what we said when we bought in summer 2020

    11. Paul Ogbe

      Correct. CFC pls get this players we are unstoppable

    12. Szymon Kisielewski

      Adding defenders or attackers to this squad will get us nowhere if we will not take care of our midfield.

    13. Jared Abbott

      sell Jorginho sell zooms sell ziyech

    14. jay romeo

      do we still need back 3 George?

    15. Ben

      would prefer signing sven botman instead varane 2 striker kane or lukaku and darwin nunez

    16. Stephen Kellie

      George what about Patric Bamford from Leeds could get him at a good price then look at to buy two centre halves???

    17. kenneth k ngoma

      Our priority must be a striker, holding midfielder and Centre Back

    18. arindam sar

      We should not sign anyone

    19. Abdul

      I’m sorry but you guys are a very average side, don’t matter who you sign your not challenging.

    20. Bob Walker

      You don't think CHO could deliver in the Bundesliga? Comparing players via stats there compared with the Premier League is dubious to say the least, EPL much more competitive. He's as good a Sancho, just hasn't been given the opportunity, as with so many home grown players.

    21. Reuben Fernandes

      Best thing in the vid is the cat

    22. Matthew Tinsley

      Call your lovely Dalmatian Roy Bentley! 😊

    23. Jaydeep Vaze

      Kun aguero! For free is a steal

    24. Tinashe Chavunduka

      I think we don't need a CB right now. Zouma, Christensen and Rudiger are quality CBs with Azpi and Tiago for more experience. For the striker we should go for Lewandoski but if there is any chance for Kane we should take it. We also need a CDM and that's for me obviously Declan Rice (leader, can pass, defend, shoot and is not slow). If we can get these 2 players we are good to go. Gilmour should go on loan in the epl. And one of our CM should be moved on and of coz not Kante.

    25. Roman Laucher

      We have enough quality out wide. Hudson, pulisic, mount, Werner, james, we ain’t got no room for sancho bro. No way would Chelsea pay 90 plus for a former player in lukaku. Cheaper priced lewandowski to partner with Werner for two years would be a savage transition and a title winning team fo shoooo. Throw a top quality CM in the basket like a Rice or a Veratti and you have a team stacked with balance, youth, pace, world class ability & experience. Then ship out Tammy, Jorginho and Kepa. Cmon you bluessss 💙

    26. Sandeep Shakya

      Varane ? No way ! He is not at all the defender we need !

    27. Sandeep Shakya

      We need 1 strong striker who guarantees 20+ goals every season, 1 quality attacking midfielder and 1 quality defender.

    28. Martin Nyarko

      Sancho??? What's so special about him? I'll take CHO any day over him.

    29. MangoJuiceMitch

      We only need 2 I think George, so much quality on loan/ academy. For me it’s lukaku and tchoameni. My dream situation would be to sell tomori , Barkley, Emerson & Bakayoko which would cover most of lukaku fees. Then I really hope and pray loftus cheek gets a pre season so tuchel can actually have a look because this guy is quality and his injury came at such a Bad time. I don’t think we need Varane when you see how good guehi has been, surely he deserves a chance. If not then I would like to see guehi on loan in pl, with Gallagher, broja and anjorin also getting loan spells. Either way, whatever tuchel feels he needs then I hope the board will listen and secure these players

    30. Theodoros P. Stylianou

      Kounde is a great option for CB. If we sign either Haaland or Lewa, i will be happy. I dont see Kane coming in. No for Lukaku.

    31. Ayuub Mahamed

      We need Achraf Hakimi more than a CB, then a guy like RJ can play RCB

    32. Alvin .K. Sindowe

      Ask yourself if odoi was in germany would he be a flop??? I dont think so..i think he would be doing what Sancho is doing if not more...england is a whole different animal when it comes to football case in ooint werner and havertz

    33. Lachlan Gould Sport

      Hi George, if we do get a Kane/Haaland I would quite happily pull out of the Sancho race. We should get Varane.

    34. Subham Das Sharma

      Chelsea will become a business club if they sign more than 1 player this season FFS

    35. Lachlan Gould Sport

      Did you call your cat Zola because of the player?

    36. Elias

      I will be pissed if we sign a Cb when we don´t need one (Silva, Rüdiger, Zouma, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Tomori, Guehi). Way more important is a cm/cdm, a winger that can score goals and a Striker so I would go for Rice, Sancho and Lukaku or Haaland

    37. Tee G


    38. Naseem B.

      There are so many things wrong🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️this is the problem with Chelsea FC. Especially the fans. They are never satisfied with the players around greedy for more and more than what they already have. I’m a huge Chelsea fan myself but this is just getting way too far. How are you going to sit up there and say that Callum Hudson Odoi still has yet to fulfill his potential whereas Jadon Sancho technically already has at Dortmund and the signing of him would automatically change things for the RW role at Chelsea positively?? MAYBE BECASUE THE 2 PLAYERS HAVE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROLES ON THEIR TEAMS???!!!! If Callum were to play every game, he’d have that RW spot solidified. But since Chelsea are so greedy for players and Callum hasn’t made an immediate impact, his playing time is drastically cut. If Callum was to leave Chelsea and go to a development farmers club like Dortmund like how Sancho did when he left man city, Callum would be doing the EXACT same thing that Sancho is doing in terms of putting up stats and productivity for the club. In fact, if the roles were reversed and Callum was at Dortmund and Sancho was still at man city, Callum would be the biggest name we would be talking about here. Sancho plays every single game which makes his spot solidified at Dortmund because they actually took the time to give him playing time so he could develop correctly to keep that spot his own. Why can’t Chelsea do that for Callum??? Stop investing into players at his position and stop questioning weather Callum will grow into this magnificent player or not. BECAUSE HE SURE AS HELL ISN’T GOING TO DO THAT RIDING THE BENCH!!! I feel so bad for Hakim Ziyech. He came to Chelsea thinking he’d start every game and mostly play 90 minutes every time with minimal rotation like how it was for him at Ajax. Only to come here, drop in and out of the team and drastically lose minutes so others can play🤦‍♂️this reminds me of how when you’d play youth football and all the kids on the team had to play a certain amount of time in the games no matter how poor or shit they were so the parents wouldn’t get mad at the coaches for not playing their kids.

    39. Charlie Silveston

      Just give CHO game time he’ll come good

    40. Charlie Silveston

      We have absolutely no need for Sancho we’re stacked in that position, will lukaku be good for us? Wasn’t great at United

    41. John Sadlier

      @chelsea this lad is spitting straight facts. Love u bro 💙💙

    42. James Foran

      Buy rice for cb

    43. Tim Berge

      Haaland we have to get

    44. Chelsea Robert

      To capture the transfer targets we need CL football next season is key. Fingers crossed that TT recognises this in his team selection today.

    45. Mollie McNally

      If it were my decision, I’d sign Sancho and get a DM (the area we hurt the most when it comes to injury) and sign the likes of Rice. Game aside, knowing a lot of teammates before joining helps the overall communication on the pitch. Declan Rice!!!🤌🏻💙

    46. Parthasarthy Gaggar

      Don't you think RLC on this system or 4-3-3 can be a great attacking midfielder option. To come off the bench for mount or against teams that sit in lower block we can play with both of them alongside Kovacic or Kante. Also do we really need another CB?? We have Ampadu also coming back. He is great on the ball and has a good passing range.

    47. Nithish Kn

      My dream signings ST- Haaland or Immobile CDM- Dennis Zakaria CB- Tomori back or Sule or Skriniar

    48. The Fragkenstein

      Jorginho needs to go as well with a top midfielder coming in. Probably veratti since he is well tuned with Tuchel.

    49. ItsTime2Rain

      kylian mbappe is the exact player chelsea fc needs young talented goal machine and whats better of all others in the way chelsea playes he is fast the way chelsea plays is fast wingers and middle field to combine a lethal attack they have to be all at the same speed and quality paying alot for him now will stop you from paying 10 years ahead

    50. Chris CFC Harvey

      I like the sound of signing these 3 players as i do agree they would be statement signings but we are heavily linked with Tchouaméni at Monaco & Lacroix at Wolfsburg. Both in and around £30m...

    51. Ali Abotrab

      Back 3 will never win u the title unless u have a prime hazard, we will struggle against teams who park the bus & we don’t need sancho either. Top striker top midfielder to play along side kante & a good physical centre back so we can switch to back 4

    52. Tore Hansen

      3 signings Pau Torres CB Villareal - €60 mil (release clause) Teun Koopmeiners DM AZ Alkmaar - €30 mil and the big one Erling Haaland CF Dortmund - €100 mil + Tammy

    53. Atharva Date

      Chelsea should learn from Liverpool and should go on to sign Calvert Lewin.

    54. Adam Spadafora

      I disagree on sule george, i would take him over varane in a heartbeat. Hes brilliant when healthy, the best cb in the bundesliga, and varane has been carried by ramos for years

    55. Stane Hering

      Haland, Sancho, Varan ... Yes! Kane ... Maybe! Lukaku ... NO!

    56. Qasim Rafiq

      I lost my shit when this guy mentioned Sancho 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    57. Flavz

      no bro please anything but Lukaku 😭😭😭 do not feed that narrative.

    58. Adam Lovell

      I think we could do a swap deal and cash for tammy plus say 40-50m for Lukaku. Inter are looking to put their books out of the red and so offloading some players will be crucial for them. If they can get someone they pay £200k a week on off their books for tammy being half the wages plus an additional £40-50M to cover their finances, it is a very advantageous deal for inter to pursue

    59. Dayslikedis

      Lukaku is a great ST but to take chelsea to another level we need Haaland or Kane cos they proved themselves more

    60. Dayslikedis

      Instead of varane Chelsea are heavily linked with Lacroix I think he’s wonderful young and a great CB so why not

    61. Digital and Smart Health Research Lab

      My top 3 players that chelsea needs to sign: Marco Veratti (imagine his partnership with Kante, that'd be unreal), Lukaku/Kane, Marquinhos (he scores from set pieces just like JT)

    62. Ryan Majdoub ryan

      Lukaku to Chelsea, not after how he was treated in his first spell

    63. Mak

      I agree with you about Lukaku and Varanne but would prefer Ndidi coming to strengthen the mid field, statistically he matches if not slightly ahead of Ngolo Kante on tackles, interceptions and other areas, so partnering the 2 wouldn't be bad at all

    64. Brian Obinna Arodiogbu

      I wouldn't sign Varane. He still struggles without Ramon. I'd keep Tomori. Sell Jorgi. Sign Rice and Harry Kane

    65. Play Station

      Tuchel out Lampard in!!!!!

    66. Alan Vaughan

      I agree with your first 2 but JS is not who we want ask yourself why he is available, because he is not playing as well this season. Also not suitable for PL that's why he went to Germany in the first place.


      Jadon Sancho Yes, but don't we have too many Wingers/Forwards already? If we buy a Striker there will be TWO spots only in the TEAM for Mason Mount, Timo Werner, Kai Harvetz, Ziyech, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi. Those are 6 players and if you pay 60 to 80 million Pounds for Sancho you can't keep him on the Bench. No we do not need another forward, not even a Striker in my opinion, give a chance to Tammy, Werner and Kai harvetz who can play as a 9. We need some Patience with our Forwards, give them another Season.

    68. david james

      Aaa football ended in the seventys. Today a player goes down in the box like the dying ballet Swan dancer. And all you players pundits, motd, radio t. V and various platforms have forgotten it. You just don't get it. . Can you imagine that in the 70's you got thrown to the ground because your to weak and given a penalty. They would walk of or have a scrap. That is what football was about.

    69. Isaac Mashifane

      I don't see why we need Sancho. Especially when we don't play with wingers but wing backs. And we already have Pulisic and Odoi


      Harry Kane has a LONG HISTOrY with ANKLE INJURIES , how many games has he missed due to INJURY in THE LAST 3 SEASONS? I don't know the exact number but I think they are TOO MANY. In my Universe the INJURY RECORD of a PLAYER must be one of the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS when you consider a TRANSFER. Look at our Captain Azpi. I can't remember the last time he was injured. Some players have tendency for Injuries (Bale, Vincent Company). For others it comes after a certain age. To the most unlucky from the Begining of their Career (see Loftus-Cheek). But Kane has a recurring PROBLEM with his ANKLES. He is not for us. The same applies to Haaland cause his Agent will take him from Chelsea FC after 4 years. My opinion. Loan Tammy for 1 season to a PL team where he will play every game so Marina and Tuchel can see his pedigree and then bring him back to Chelsea FC with a big fat Contract. WE MUST NOT SELL TAMMY ABRAHAM, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, WITH OUT A BUY-BACK CLAUSE IN THE CONTRACT. If we do so, we will be crying the LOSS of ANOTHER ONE SUPER-TALENTED PLAYER. Remember Lukaku, Salah, De Bruyne, etc..

    71. Simon

      100% I'd love to see Niklas Sule at Chelsea. The guy has Jaap Stam/VVD vibes about him, plus he'd allow us to go back to a back 4 now we'd have some height about us. Seems tailor-made for the Prem. As for Sancho, sure... He'd almost certainly improve us but can't help thinking that the biggest difference between him and CHO right now is game time.

    72. Charlie Pomeroy


    73. Jacob

      Marquinhos is my first choice for a CB

    74. Takadiwa Mushiri

      our CM/CDM area needs a serious upgrade, we need more agility, pace, strength &drive especially from deeper areas. tbh l think we have over-relied on Kante this season &its high time we buy his replacement/partner. Players like Verrati, Tchouameni &Declan Rice would be great signings. no need for a CB but def a CF Lukaku needed

    75. Anthony Randi

      I wish you asked him what his opinion is on the future of Tammy after the season. Also wished he named all the players who he expects to be gone after this year. Otherwise great interview with the biggest journalists in Football.

    76. Aiden Corrigall

      Could you do a video on tchouameni we are linked with him and about to sign him

    77. Tajay Watson

      We only need a striker

    78. imHazard

      I don't know if its just me but we also need a cdm to play in a 2 man midfield considering billy is still relatively young. Also because Kante seems to be getting injured a lot more often

    79. Mark maco

      Timo bakayoko won't be missed for sure

    80. Daniel Medved

      Callum needs to go to Borussia on loan itll help him raise is game with more gametine

    81. Mark maco

      romelu Lukaku no thanks, he's not world class

    82. Nathan Chibuchi

      I think those three signings are good but have you thought about Zapata?

    83. HWoodModelling

      You are just delusional...

    84. Steve Silk

      Kane praising Kevin De Bruyne recently strongly suggests a City move for him. Lukaku for 80-100m , no thanks. Aguero?, Lewandowski?, Calvert-Lewin? better options? Varane 👍. Do we need Sancho when we have Pulisic, Mount, CHO, Havertz ? Maybe Valentino Livramento could be given a run out soon?

    85. lisa martins

      sule is too slow varane? he was shit v chelsea and you want to replace worse quality for what we already have.

    86. lisa martins

      lukakus signed a new inyer deal

    87. lisa martins

      'offload'? why not dump? when i think of all Rubens recovery. it's sinful.

    88. Mauricio Rodriguez

      Why you said tha Lukaku will be happy to come back to Chelsea. He already did that he is happy in Italy and his time at Chelsea was a nightmare for him. I don't believe he is coming back

    89. Peter Peter

      Lukaku will be a fine signing for us

    90. Wigan Bin Mon

      Ruben Loftus Cheek having to go would be ashame he's never been the same player since that stupid friendly in America were he got injured just before the 2019 Europa League Final, really good potential before that happened

    91. ko ko

      I think for George's dog Edou would be a great name!

      1. Lachlan Gould Sport

        You could call him Frankie, (Lampard).

    92. Khoi

      I would rather Rice than Sancho tbh

    93. Esteban Quirós

      Marquinhos over Varane

    94. Paul Caruana

      First and only GB vid I've disliked... what is this talk on Lukaku.. disappointing.. Haaland or Kane all day long.. and to say Man City are out of our league is nonsense.. we get Haaland or Kane and we'll be Premier champs for seasons to come.. Sorry Georgie Boy

    95. Rob DaMal

      I usually agree with your content but you are totally off the mark in regards to Chelsea buying Lukaku. Lukaku! Really? I'd rather stick with what we have than spend £90 million on him

    96. KING

      Perfect signings would be kane/lukaka/haaland, verratti/sancho marquinhos/varane/kounde 1 from each would be the Perfect window

    97. Jorge Ospina

      Man we just need Duván Zapata from Atalanta, and a creative midfielder, a #10 a maestro like prime James Rodriguez Juan mata or Fábregas,, it can be Marcus Thuram from gladbach

    98. Jahenoor Rahman

      Another cesc type midfielder is the 🔑

    99. Yinka Rowland

      Why is everyone forgetting malang sarr🤷🏽‍♂️

    100. BlueFacondor

      Inter have to take out a huge 242mil loan in order to sustain their costs from this past year(yeah, they're having it rough). They need to sell the likes of lukaku in order to pay back the loan in 3 years. and 33 million for 31 percent of the club. THey need money now.