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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | EDEN HAZARD SET FOR SENSATION CHELSEA RETURN? YES GUYS! After the chaos of Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea last night, in today's Chelsea FC News video, we discuss Edou Mendy and his potential rib injury after colliding with the post when Bertrand Traore gave Aston Villa the lead. I also discuss the news coming out of Madrid suggesting that Real Madrid are looking to sell Eden Hazard this summer and Eden Hazard prefers a return to Chelsea over any other potential move away from Real Madrid. Would you take Eden Hazard back to Chelsea FC? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Alex Veera

      Hazard I need to return back to Chelsea

    2. NIGHT TV

      No need him...he should go to Ghana. Asante kotoko fc

    3. joshua eden

      Hold on but akthough they are champions and won 5-0 city arent exactly “in form” they lost to us, they shipped 2 goals and lost 3-2 to BHA and the shipped 3 goals and just about won against NEW. Weve played well in the games weve lost

    4. SGRTG1

      I wouldn't mind even if he signed and flopped Hazard coming back would mean the world to me

    5. Castor Troy

      He’s a busted flush. He is going to spend a lot of time injured and he’s slower too. He hardly played at Madrid through injury and their league isn’t as tough physically as ours. The Hazard you know has gone and that’s it.

    6. Lachlan Austine

      We don't need hazard at all, nor willian. Hope kante is okay and fit same as mendy 💙 go the blues !!!!

    7. Phahamiso Molemohi

      You are a football pundit mate✨

    8. Yinka Rowland

      Put hazard in those timo positions and we’d probably be 2nd in the league🤷🏽‍♂️

    9. St pendrobay

      Would still take 2 years of legendary hazard to 10 years of average sancho

    10. Valentino

      Come home son come home..

    11. Amazing Vipul

      In other news, Chelsea legend Willian also seeking blues return 😀

    12. klivegee

      No to Eden Hazard

    13. WHM

      Nothing good will come from old-man-with-creaky-legs Hazard playing for Chelsea.

    14. mpakasa matonge

      Let's get Patson Daka his just 20 million his fast and he is a gaol scorer.

    15. Holaaa Kpassooo

      Hell nooo please , this is like when a woman leaving you because thinking she can found better somewhere else only to found out she made a mistake leaving . he's a legend at chelsea but please let build around someone else we already saw the best of eden.

    16. Sanjay Sharma

      Willian says he wonts to come back if I am the manager I would of said You left the boys you don’t comeback to the boys WE DONT WHANT YOU get out of hear!!!

    17. Isabel Jemmott

      It’s so funny that you and I had the same reaction with the Eden Hazard news, because I said imagine we win the champions league and Eden says in a post match at the Euros lol that he is signing for the champions league winners. 👏🏼💙 Even though I know he won’t be the same he will be great to mentor our boys now.

    18. Dave Vincent

      Certainly an asset we need back to meld the teams attack a no brainer for me

    19. Mo' Jongani

      It's not unfair to compare Mendy and Kepa bcoz Kepa is shit.

    20. Robet Y

      Mendy starts, Kante starts, win Champions League Chelsea 3 : City 2, Eden - thanks but no thanks.

    21. Toyin Lawal

      Opinion....Hazard could be use as a game changer.. Not necessarily taken over the young player's time...he doesn't have to play 90 min...but could be use to win some minutes games.

    22. Mokambemusic official

      Yes yes yes let's get Eden back. Yes all day

    23. David Sam

      True I'm a center back playing football in guyana and I find I play better with a confident goal keeper if I had kepa behind me hmmmmmmm kepa red flag if he playing behind me

    24. Johnny FreeSpeech

      A loan deal seems possible. There’s no way on earth anybody is going to be willing to pay the kind of money that real would want to sell Hazard. Maybe they will recoup a better transfer fee if he goes out on loan and captures a bit of form before selling next summer.

    25. Nathan_SoWavy

      If kepa plays the chance if us winning have gone down they just gonna keep claping shots form all range angles

    26. Micky watnots

      About chelsea being "lucky" why? What about all the games we did well in to get here? I'll give you lucky, lucky liverpool! Only liverpool get that lucky.

    27. PhantomOfManyTopics

      I don't want injured Hazard. I want to see Daria more often on this channel.

    28. Scottyb-CFC  94

      We need a striker I don’t see lukaku making a move back to the blues tbh although I hope he does we need 20-25 PL goals a year from a striker to get in with a chance for title next year

    29. rubenpulen

      Better use the money on rice or sancho please... hazard has lost the sparks 😪 sorry ..

    30. Martin Pedersen

      Its Hazard for crying out load. I'll just listen to my heart. Bring him back, ASAP. KTBFFH 💙 Kai Havertz is a bigger gamble in my opinion

    31. Hanns

      Playing where you're happy and appreciate is crazy morale boost. He will succeed back in Chelsea

    32. Caveman

      With Pullisic and Zieych and Havetz and CHO and Werner, why do we want eden back? He is 30 yo old. I buy a striker and a good CB we will be dominating in the next 3 years.

    33. edwin enslin

      Hazzard should come back He left chelsea on a high end and everyone respected him for that He wont be the same

    34. Rasheed Hoosen

      It's hazard. We will deal with the other stuff as we go along. Bring him home!!

    35. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Benson lacked the bottle to do a proper 6 things we learned. Just like Chelsea on Sunday

    36. 杰杰JieJie

      i'm worried too, i don't get it why exchanging Azpi and James's position.. we're not playing well in these last few games..

    37. JpF 1961

      I just love all your negativity, in reality you don’t deserve to support Chelsea, people like you with negative vibes always fuck things up. Grow up and remember we support through thick and thin, Muppet.

    38. Rishabh Kukreja

      Chelsea will destroy KDB, Sterling and Man City Attitude On Saturday.

    39. GDO

      Why would we want to bring Eden back and just make fans hate him, because that’s what’s going to happen if he keeps playing like he has been for the last two years? He’s already got a great legacy here, why ruin it?

    40. Ivan Stanojevic

      I hope this is just for the media. I doubt it is that much of an injury if he kept going to the half time. If it was something extremely serious he would've been subbed out immediately, I hope. We need Mendy on goal in the final DAMN IT!

    41. Khoi

      Hazard joined us after winning the CL in 2012. Will history repeat itself? Lets see

    42. Saedon Dengki

      I don't welcome my ex back normally

    43. Sandeep Shakya

      Hell NO ! Hazard loan move can be good and also sign a young winger who comes in can learn so much from him.

    44. Doug Weidner

      Why does Chelsea have to go after a winger, Odoi just sitting on the bench waiting to be developed. Pulisic, Mount, Werner and Havertz all are only getting better. Midfield in shambles without Kante, go after a great midfielder. Don't waste money on Sancho.

    45. spoots1234

      Bring Back Bamford?

    46. plateau lounge

      Hazard is a proven PL player and the best in Chelsea!. It’s Just like Timo Werner having issues settling in PL, but was a proven Bundesliga top scorer. It happens. Bring Hazard back to Chelsea immediately, He will settle well in EPL as what he is used to and will be a threat to all teams. TT will bring out the best in him again.

    47. Nezioo Araujoo

      Bring back Hazard , we can get rid of hudson odoi right>? or send him out on loan

    48. Chris CFC Harvey

      The general consensus from the youtuber videos i've watched is along the same lines as you George, which i agree with too btw! That we'd be better off signing Jadon Sancho as opposed to Eden Hazard, we need to be looking forward & progressing as a club and Sancho fits what we need right now! I love Hazard but i want the decision to be made with the head not the heart...

    49. Maneii

      George's hair is fetus George again

    50. Tim Jobs

      Thank god mendy is not seriously injured

    51. Mehrdad Neshvad

      No he is just going to get injured all the time. Chelsea should do everything to get Haaland and yes Sancho would be icing on the cake.

    52. sars cov

      I don't know why he gets so much hate at Madrid, he's just been unlucky with injuries and is currently out of form. I wouldn't mind this though, Imagine how much he could teach Pulisic?

    53. Oliver Terry

      No. We don't need hazard back he's a waste of space. He should have stayed at Chelsea with lampard. He's past it now. Don't need him

    54. Jimoh Anuoluowapo

      I wish to see hazard here again

    55. Tatenda Bwititi

      This return will not be sensational George. Hazard is no longer the same. If he is lazy like he has been in Spain, he will have a hard time, starting in our current lineup.

    56. Raphael D'C

      Got the bel on!

    57. MatHarty98

      2:20 Although Kovacic’s game wasn’t great against Villa, Jorginho’s was even worse. We’ve gotta start Kova and Kante in the midfield if we are to be competitive against City

    58. Dave Chard

      Pronounced 'Berna-bay-oo' George

    59. richard grace

      Why? He is slow, overweight, injury prone af.... so your going to spend MILLIONS for nastalga?

    60. kruzz RDF

      Imagine the squad tho hazard Sancho mount pulisic Werner ziyech

    61. Nicholas McConville

      I love Eden Hazard, I have already chosen to name my first born son Eden and I can't wait for him to come home. I hate that your lights are swaying lmao

    62. T- Menace

      So the bird on spurs badge is an albatross, not a chicken? Cheers George

    63. Edelcio Gomez

      Hazard is over

    64. shaurya singhal

      Please sign him back I plead you chels🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

    65. Nicole Monkeviciene

      No worries about keeper. We still have Ceck on our books. Big Petr to the rescue, if needed.

    66. Sooby

      No Chelsea please dont buy Eden Hazard he is finished as a player. We need to sign top class players not deadwood.

    67. Dev

      Pulisic for Hazard at this rate

    68. Rory

      I wouldn't mind taking Hazard back, but only on loan, with RM maybe paying more than half of his wages.

    69. Odane Williams

      I thin kings would be a good signing for us. Can score goals n is a cheaper alternative

    70. Rory

      It really sucks that Mendy might miss the CL final, he's been legendary for us this season.

      1. O Sullivan

        I don’t think he is he’ll probably be training today tuchel said

    71. True Yarn

      We will never win anything as long as we have J5 and Kova passing backwards, our attacking players dribbling selfishly with no end result. TT is a good coach but I feel the players are gonna let him down too and we will run out of good coaches to hire.

    72. Chris_Leslie225

      He wouldn’t get in the starting 11 now!

    73. Japheth Ogila

      Get him on a season-long loan. Loan CHO to to create room. Sign Lukaku/ Lewandowski and a DM and we win the league next season.

    74. Paul Watson

      We had his best years and then got £130mil for him. He is now very injury prone and clearly in no form (did you all see him at The Bridge a couple of weeks ago?) a club legend certainly, but time to move on everybody please...

    75. Naseem B.

      NO!!!!! There’s no room

    76. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Totally ridiculous ! He's too old, injury prone and doesn't take care of himself the way a player at his level should. Getting him only for the dressing room equally not feasible with paying him wages. Aside from that I can't imagine Tuchel wanting him in his squad.

    77. Jegede Abdulwasiu

      Even if he is in a wheelchair, I will still want him back. Hazard is made for Chelsea.

    78. Deerbra

      Chelsea attackers haven't scored a goal in 4 games.

    79. Al Steele

      We’ve got Pulisic, Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Mount plus new striker, Hazard has been consistently injured and overweight (even though he was overweight at the beginning of Chelsea’s seasons) and doesn’t look interested. Going backwards is not usually a good idea we don’t know how he is in himself. We need a striker, centre mid, sub lb, striker and keeper to worry about first

    80. Kevin Mckenna

      "I'm gonna sink a load of beers before if Kante can't play"

    81. Caleb Seekins

      I initially thought that a return to Chelsea was off the table, but apparently Real Madrid would sell for under 50mil. For 50mil, that is a massive bargain. I think he's coming home.

    82. T W

      Are you going Porto?

    83. Themotion DJ

      I think recce James should play dm if kanye is unavailable

    84. Oluwatola

      We don’t want him

    85. Vishal Goyal

      A fit Hazard is one of the best in the world. I want him and his fitness to bring their ass back to the Stamford bridge and prove everyone wrong!

    86. Gazimbo

      dont want him back. he was class when he was here but he aint the same player now. that 40 mill would be better spent elsewhere.

    87. Fabian Agolli

      Anyone worries about hazard ok it is fine but the prob now is to focus on final and as far as i see it could be a disaster if they are not focused

    88. Pete Draper

      My heart says yes yes it is . Come home Eden Hazard we need you.

    89. Melissa Menéndez

      Don't care, I'll always love Hazard c:

    90. vic Saltalamacchia

      Why the fuck would we want Hazard are you lot fucking MAD !! we need a striker not another ball player, FFS

    91. Robin George


    92. Matt Mathai

      How on earth would Hazard be useful to Chelsea? He's injury-prone already, and I don't think he's worth what he would cost. Nice sentimental story, but...

    93. Aged Tomato

      Didn't Tuchel say that kante and Mendy are fit to play.

    94. Sean Bals

      I always thought Mendy looked sketchy when playing from the back. Kepa as a footballer is much better, as a shot stopper and presence in the box, I’d give it to Mendy every time.

    95. Harry Percyvale

      Roberto Marines worthless advise let eden experience grass is necessarily not greener on other side.

    96. Chefdawkins

      Would say no but if he can help our current attackers transition into growing some balls then why not?

    97. sophia Isabella

      When he was still at Chelsea he was the only creative player we had, but since he left we have no creative player at all... Would be so glad to see him come back.. He will be welcome back home.

    98. Akiel Simpson

      we welcome back hazard if it happens

    99. José Magno, Jr.

      I just don't remeber the last time anyone has attempted a mid/long range strike against Edou, but I can sure remember four or five screamers on Kepa... particularly in one or two games against Liverpool. Not only I think Kepa has some positioning issues beneath the posts, but I think opposing players simply KNOW how shorter he and his range is so they just feel more confident about literally giving it a shot...

    100. matt el sin

      Why? why? why?last thing we need is another attacking player in bad form.